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Airport thread anyone?

What's your local airport? Best airport you've been to, and the worst?

My local is Leeds/Bradford. In fact, not long ago I lived very close, to the point where planes would be flying ridiculously low over my house and drowning everything out. It's a standard provincial British airport, so nothing special, but you can go pretty much anywhere in Europe from there now, which is good as it saves me having to slog over to Manchester. Jet2 are based there, and they're always expanding by the year.

Best airport was probably...
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I'm within an hour of Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham so I don't really have a local one. Favourite would be Changi, most disappointing was Vientiane although the restaurant was really nice
my local ones are istanbul ataturk and sabiha gökcen. atatürk is nice, sabiha is a pit of despair for me because i always end up being there way too early, i'll end up having my flight delayed (curse you, turkish airlines) etc. but i hear the lounges are really nice.

i recently flew to trabzon airport which is a beautiful regional airport, just one runway with the black sea directly on one side. very nice. photo related
Worst airport?
Far and away CDG in Paris. Design is terrible, staff are rude and condescending, you have to take buses to get around the airport, random construction half-heartedly going on, detour signs that lead to nowhere, and, to top it all off, they lost my luggage on a connecting flight. I'll never fly through Paris again if I can avoid it.

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So lets talk about booze and travel. What's your favorite drink when traveling? Do you guys seek out locally made alcohol or drinks that are popular in the given region when you travel there? What drinks have you tried abroad for the first time and then started drinking them when you got back home?

I don't usually drink sweet alcohol drinks, pretty much drink beer 90% of the times I drink any alcohol but when I went to the Caribbean I totally loved all the mixed drinks they made there. The mojitos there were so much better than the ones I have back here, maybe...
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Real absinthe in Spain. I usually smuggle a few bottles back stateside. Porto wine I had in Lisbon was awesome. Wines in Italy were great, and there was this crazy wine in Italy, I think it was homemade, it was at some dude's house. You'd be stuffed, drink it, then be read for the next course. Ate for hours.
Also, for Thailand, though Chang seems to be the farang beer of choice, I much prefer Singha. My first time having a Strongbow was in Spain, but too sweet for me to drink regularly. Only have drunken it when abroad, though not just Europe. I'm American, if I haven't mentioned. I drank Dahl's beer in Norway and took a Dahl's glass home from the bar/club. Which is another habit I have. I have a Strongbow glass as well. In fact, almost every glass I have either came from a bar, restaurant, liquor gift...
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I think Blue Frog is my favorite thing I come across. Long Island Ice Tea has nothing on this. This is a very popular club drink in the Middle East, at least in the countries that allow alcohol (Bahrain/UAE). The youtube video saus it's from Serbia, but I don;t know the actual origins. There is another variation called Red Frog. Bluw frog is essentially a bunch of liquors mixed together, but you can't tast the alcohol so you get pretty fucked off...
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Hey guys, need some help from any Germans here.

I have this sick ex-airforce coat with shitty old shoulderboards I put on myself. It is the thickest and best jacket I own and I'm planning a trip to Europe, including Germany.

Basically, all I wanna know is will I be legally allowed to wear this with all the anti-military laws? Shoulder boards will be removed if it's necessary.
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Yes, you will be able to wear that. Jesus. Does it have a Swastika on it? Does it have an SS Totenkopf on it? If yes, then you wouldn't be able to wear it.
I wouldn't out of courtesy, though. A lot of people take that seriously, at least in America. I've seen people get punched for shit like that. At most a field jacket or something, but if you come off looking military and aren't there might be that one dude that shoves you around.

No, nothing like that. The closest thing to any insignia are the boards and they don't even properly match it.
Just triple checking though, I don't wanna get in legal shit abroad.


I've never had a problem here, being an Aussie and all. But Germans may be different, and from what I've heard, the only way people actually get offended is if you claim to have served or wear medals that would imply you have. Which I will definitely...
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Hey /trv/

A friend and I are planning our third roadtrip to the US this year. We have a two-weeks possibility this oncoming february. We don't know how is the situation in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. We also consider driving from Miami to Houston.

Any advice on good winter itinerary ? What roadtrips have you taken ?

Pic semi-related: roadtrip from last year
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Why Miami to Houston? Sounds like a pretty dull route. Drove home from Houston to NC once after a plane transport foul-up, it was not vacation-worthy.
How bad is it ? We wanted to go south to have at least decent temperature !

It's either we go up north and deal with it, but then we're afraid that roads are going to be either closed or messed up, or we go south but to me it seems a bit dull as you say. However as we're from Switzerland driving in the US is pretty cool for us anyway
Flat and empty through Texas, flat and slightly less empty otherwise. If you do that route, do your research and find stops that interest you in plenty.

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I have recently acquired my first relatively stable job which I am going to work hard at to save for travel.

I currently live in Queensland, Australia and have never been out of state let alone overseas (except when i was a child i went to new zealand breifly but that doesnt really count)

Where should I go for my first real holiday?
How much money will i need?
Should i go alone or with friends?
Is holidaying/travelling good?

Please tell me your stories and provide advice.

Thanks :D
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It's always a good idea to explore and travel your own country first.
Drive across Australia Mad Max stlye, find bandits, deliver water etc.
OP here, im thinking of doing a Contiki tour, the asian ones are actually cheaper than the australian ones (including flights). like i could do a 9 day tour of thailand/bali islands etc.

Mainly thinking of going on contiki because i would essentially be going alone. (no friends that i could see myself travelling with)

Is contiki good?

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Heyo guise,
I'm going to spend 1 Month in the capital of the (Islamic State of) Iran.

Gerfag, will meet and stay with locals mainly.
It's 70/30 % artsy project-work/vacation.
So, for the free-time: What do when in Tehran?
Has anybody been there? (Highlights for photography, anyone?)

Normally, I go for food, weird/strange sceneries, nightlife, getting lost in big cities, females, music - in no particular order.
For the beautiful iranian chicks, I'm pretty much out this time, because gf, also Sharia-law in Iran makes it kind of a very...
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Azadi tower(برج آزادی, Borj-e Āzādi,Closed Saturday,Open 8am-12pm&2pm-6pm,6000rial entry)Azadi metro(blue/2,yellow/4)SE exit then walk SE.
4th Golestan Palace-Negar khane(art gallery),Ivan-e Takht-e Marmar(Marble throne Veranda),Emerat-e badgir,Aks Khaneh(Historic photograph gallery)(کاخ گلستان,Closed Tues,Thurs,Sun,Open 9am-3:30pm,total cost of tickets should be 17,000rial)Panzdah-e kordad(red/1)E exit then walk E&take 2nd street N to the entrance.

carpet museum of iran(موزه فرش ایران,Closed Mon,Open 9am-5pm,25,000 entry)&Tehran...
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emamzadeh saleh( امامزاده صالح,likely free entry,Open Sunrise-Sunset)Tajrish(Red/1)W exit then walk W&take 2nd street S

Sa'd abad museum complex-Nations art Museum,Kakhe malakeye madar,White Palace,Green palace(Shalvand palace),the museum of fine arts(کاخ سعدآباد,8am-4pm,Total cost of tickets should be 16,000rial)Tajrish metro(red/1)then taxi to the museum complex,see the sights and then return the same way.

Reza Abbasi museum(موزه رضا عباسی,Open 9am-5pm,Closed Mon,25,000 entry)Shahid Sayyade Shirazi metro(light blue/3)then...
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Okay.. that's a lot of details, thanks man.. greatly appreciate it. Other than addresses: Any experiences? Underground-Tips? Food-Tips (Special Restaurants, locations)?

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Anybody know of any good language guides or software I could download to learn Arabic? I've heard mixed things about Rosetta Stone, just curious if you guys knew any alternatives.
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أنا لست الأمريكية

The most important phrase to know in Arabic
figure out your purpose, dialect or standard? standard for news, dialect for travel and conversation.

Rosetta stone is ok for news, but not for dialect. For dialect you can find some decent stuff by just searching online or getting a phrase book.
Preferably both. I plan on saving up and going to the middle East as my dream trip. Unfortunately, it probably won't be for awhile what with how expensive it can be. In the mean time, I'd figure I'd learn how to talk the talk before I walk the walk, so to speak.

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Greetings, fellow travelers, I will be in Las Vegas and San Francisco next month, and I am wondering if I should just get me a rental car that i can return at SFO, instead of returning it at LAS and entering a plane to San Francisco.

After a quick look at prices, it should not make that much of a difference, and even if it does, I dont really mind spending a few hundred more or less.

so the question is - is it worth it? I am an European, so driving through the US for a while seems kinda interesting, just for the sake of it, but I am not sure if that particular...
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You're right about not seeing much of the drought from a car window. And many people consider that stretch of highway as one of the most boring/worst in the entire country due to the road being straight with little in the way of scenery and lots of truck traffic.

The northern route across the Sierra Nevada through the Tahoe/Reno region is very pretty. If you combine that with the Death Valley idea you'd be able to see the eastern side of the Sierra, which is spectacular. There's nothing in Europe...
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>How to best get from Las Vegas to San Francisco

The best way this time of year is by plane. You're right that the route through Yosemite is already closed; too bad, as that's the nicest way to go. The drive down the coast (on the Pacific Coast Highway) is quite nice, but isn't quick. The drive through the Central Valley of the state is quick, but not nice. Death Valley really is worthwhile; winter is a good time to go as it's not so incredibly hot then. I suppose...
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>And many people consider that stretch of highway as one of the most boring/worst in the entire country due to the road being straight with little in the way of scenery and lots of truck traffic.
good to know!

As far as I see it, I can choose from three somewhat close options with the highway 5 being the one you dont reccomend.

what about 99 (east, going through Fresno) and 101 (west)?

the long way across death valley and the Sierra would probably mean that I have...
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It makes sense, considering the content of this board. It would also be beneficial to conversation (e.g. I could ask an anon with an Estonian flag what their opinion on Tallinn is)
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No we are world citizens.
Also try eating grub worms, they full or protein.
No, we are not.
Is there even such a thing?
That was kind of a meme, but IMO this board should be divorced from the shit on /pol/ and now /int/, if your nationality is relevant to your post just mention it.

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0 B,
Im a norwegian girl, planing on going to Taiwan next year to teach english. I don't have a college degree, and I'm not from en english speaking country. Does anyone have any experience getting a job without this? Possible to still get a work permit?
Would getting a TEFL be a good idea? Thinking of doing a 120 hour TEFL course.

Also if anyone has experience teaching in Taiwan, it'd be great to hear!
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Hvorfor et bilde av rompa di?
is pic related?
I lived and taught in Taipei for 2 years.

No, you can't get legal teaching jobs. You can't get a work permit and residency card (ARC) from the government unless your passport is from an English speaking country (US, UK etc..). There is no way around that. Also you're meant to have a degree too but I was never asked to show my original degree, only a scanned copy or sometimes never even asked. It's easy to provide a fake or photoshopped version of your degree.

One method: try and find an (illegal) cash-under-the-table job. It's not a great idea but possible. Since you won't have an ARC you'd be teaching on a tourist visa and you'd have to fly to Hong Kong and back every 180 days to renew it (tourist visa is 90 days, extendible to 180 days). I knew a few people who did this. I have to say they never made much money...

You could enroll in university there and get a student visa (and ARC) which would mean you wouldn't have to leave the country every 180 days. You could then teach (illegally) on the side. University in Taiwan is pretty easy, not much work. Most students I knew barely ever went to class. I don't know about fees but it was either cheap or they had scholarships. There are also modelling jobs around if you're white and attractive but these are pretty unstable. Most foreign models are students and model part time and don't make much money.

Being white and female (preferably blond/attractive) will be your main advantage though. Also helps to know people there and network as much as you can.

tealit.com is the main site for jobs. Why not just apply (with a picture) and see if you get any replies?

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What's some great travel gear?

Backpacks, luggage, shoes, gadgets, etc...

bonus points if you don't look like an ass with it.
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when I started I had so much shit, and my bag weighed a ton, it was like hiking getting anywhere

all you really need is water, enough fresh food for a day, a few clothes, some kind of gps enabled internet device, ear and eye covers for sleeping and an umbrella

I took a clothes line when I was backpacking and some bag locks

buy a pillow for the flight, and throw it out, then buy another one for returning home

bring condoms, your medications, pick up panadol when you get there

I had a full medical kit and a swiss army knife, and never used it in three months
I had a sleeping bag, never used, as well as those anti bed bug sheets, never used. I had a water bottle, but I bought bottle water most of the time so It was unused, scan proof wallet, unused (your call)

I took a money pouch with cash and a passport, It was so damn uncomfortable and a nuisance; but some people I was with had their passports stolen, so I'm undecided on that count
A decent pillow is good, makes sleeping on buses, trains and in airports much better. Get either a miniature version of a normal pillow (comfy but bulky) or an inflatable pillow (shaped like an actual pillow, fuck those U-shaped things).

Try to minimse the number of chargers and electronic gadgets your have. It's good these days since most things can charge via usb. If you're only going to a few places it's easier to just get an adapter for that country than one of those big universal things.

Money belts are a controversial topic but they are undeniably useful in certain situations.

It seems to be impossible to find shoes that are comfy enough for long days on pavement, sturdy enough for day hikes and decent-looking enough to not look out of place in social settings but if you find such a thing please let me know.

Cheap plastic ponchos are much lighter and smaller than actual raincoats so they're a better option if you don't need something durable.

Water filtration devices are largely unnecessary since bottled water is everywhere. I've honestly never been anywhere where I couldn't get it. That said it doesn't hurt to have a few water purification tabs if you're in some isolated area where the water is very expensive.
I found out that bringing large zip lock bags are great. They don't take up much room and are perfect for keeping your clean clothing separate from dirty clothing.

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Which is better: Hard or soft luggage for travel?
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soft luggage only has three advantages

it's light
it's cheap
it can be folded up when not needed

hard luggage has the benefit of keeping you belongings from being broken (probably the biggest concern), allows for more security because they can't be slashed, are less likely to break, provide more protection from water or other liquid contaminants

the only time I'd recommend soft luggage is when you are carrying something one way
Baggage handler here. We prefer hard luggage with 4 wheels. They tend to last longer and instead of having to throw them to the other side in the plane luggage compartment, we can simply roll them.
I like hard-case, myself. Airport staff are nigs (whether literally or not) who WILL throw your shit and drop it like they just don't care (which they don't). Recently took a trip with Aer Lingus and I had the luck to have a seat right above the cargo loading door. I saw my hardcase suitcase (100% sure it was mine due to distinctive orange string I tie to the handle) fall off the top of an over-stacked trolley, and then watched as the fuckers threw it hard on to an empty trolley, then again as they tossed...
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aurora borealis.jpg
6 MB,
Besides Principal Skinner's kitchen, where would you guys say is the best place to go if I want to see aurora borealis?
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the land of ice
What is there to do in Iceland besides skiing, drinking and seeing aurora borealis?
I've never been there actually, but waterfalls, see vast untouched landscapes, glacier hiking

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Amerabro here, my family and I are heading to Vancouver over the thanksgiving holidays, any Canucks out there that can give me any inside info on Vancouver. Places to see good restaurants, attractions, any areas to avoid things of that nature. What should I expect going to the Pacific northwest?
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>who is the semen demon
Claire Abbott
It's the southwest actually.
Vancouver is hardly the Great White North
Visit Yellowknife my friend. Go on a bear hunt and you will learn why it is called Yellowknife
>Bears have yellow blood if you stab them in the right spot

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Hey all, British guy here. I've been "privileged" enough to visit Kansas a number of times as my wife is from this wonderful state. I shall be returning in September 2016.

It hardly seems like the most exotic place to visit, but this is my big vacation and damn it, I'm determined to enjoy it. Last time I was out there we had a fun time exploring ghost towns and abandoned settlements in the east of the state. That was - genuinely - fun.

I will be based in the city of Manhattan during my stay, but will also be spending some time in Kansas City...
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you could get sucked up into a tornado
KS fag here what exactly do you want to know?

I pass through a few small towns on my way to college twice a week. Have you been to Council Grove or El Dorado? Both towns have great historic districts and nice big lakes close by for outdoor fun. Have you been to Junction City? It's close to Manhattan and has a cool downtown. Also there is a state park just north of Manhattan called Tuttle Lake. Big ass lake with a cool dam and nice forest and parks surrounding it.
Also have you been to Kansas City before? I go there quite a lot during the summer and can recommend stuff if you want.

My I live on a 20 acre cattle ranch 45 mins outside Topeka, if you haven't been there before I would recommend it too. The state capitol building is beautiful inside and out.

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