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Hey 4chan

I just got a job in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm moving there this February... I'm a 23y/o male American. What should I expect? What are some cool things to do?
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Swiss from Zurich here,
Some general tips:
1. don't try to live in Geneva. Almost the whole canton is owned by Russian/Middle Eastern Oligarchs and rent even for small apartments is exorbitant. Try Lausanne and it's suburbs like Morge (direct rapid train connection to geneva)
2. You don't need a car in switzerland. get a train/public transport abonnement, it's cheap and reliable. The whole Geneva - Lausanne area is one big traffic jam on work days. If you need a car there is the thing called...
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Be humble or you'll make enemies quick. We're chill and hate people bragging all the time.

If you like weed then enjoy, it's really good, not too expensive and almost legal. Be kinda careful but I smoked a lot in the streets, outside of pubs and at the beach and never had any trouble, the most you risk is a 100CHF fine.

Try to save money and not spend it on bullshit like tons of people do. If you got a decent pay you can save 20k a year.

It might feel depressing at first, but don't...
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Get your income tax situation figured out before you move. Even if you live in the canton of Zug, but work in Zurich, you will be hit with the Zurich tax rate. I have no experience with Geneva, they are likely totally different. You are still on the hook for American taxes, but you do get a good portion of it exempt for being an expatriate. Talk to an international tax lawyer and get everything set up.

Aside from that, plan your weekends. You can now spend a day and night in a European capital for cheap. You...
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Elo /trv
I'm planning on cycling from the tip of Scotland right down to the cliffs of Dover this coming summer, with a good friend of mine.
I want to get a feel for this land that me and my ancestors have called home before I reach out and touch the world. I'll be spending two months on this journey so I have every chance to see what I want and not rush myself.

So my question to you is what little facts and tips about this land are oft forgotten? Any little villages that haven't been touched by time? Any must see's and do's?
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i'd reccomend the new forest where I live, its got quite a few of those little villages you're after, see burley for example.

i can recommend you some nice pubs and stuff all along the south coast but all of the places i know are by the sea, and presumably you're gonna stop when you reach the sea.
I'm really excited about the new forest, one of the most recent places I've read about and it sounds fantastic

Think we're going to hit Devon then ride along the coast to Cornwall

Please do, I love a good pub
well if you're going to the new forest you might as well stop off in bournemouth. My favourite place there is a bar called chaplins/the cellar bar in boscombe. Good food, good beer, great atmosphere, live local bands every night, i believe it got voted the best bar in the country at one point, though i don't know if that can possibly be true.

unfortunately actually in the new forest i don't know what to tell you, everyone will basically just go to their local so off the top of my head i can't...
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Hi, Im a 19 year old girl researching ways to teach english in China.
Im actually just wondering if anyone has any experience and would like to share?
How did you get the job, whats it like teaching in China, what do i need to make look out for etc.

Hope for some replies, thanks!
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Everyone I know that has taught English in China has always said they had a blast, up until their contract ended, they wanted to get a new job, etc. Every single one of them said their last 1-3 pay checks were with held and never paid out. Literally every single one.
Go to university first, 4 year degree minimum (Education preferred but not required). However I know people in Australia who only finished Year 12 and are teaching in Europe so who the fuck knows.

I'll be real with you, TEFL teachers are a joke. You're pretty much a clown/babysitter, you aren't a linguistic expert nor are you typically educated in education itself if you do a degree not in education. I haven't done TEFL but it interested me and I looked into it; shit pay, no respect/terrible reputation from retards who can confuse than & then.

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ironic how in the sentence where I am ripping on improper grammar I end up fucking up my sentence.

Any recommendations on what to do in Arizona?
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go rock hunting
I am from Europe and have no gun.
go to LS


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Sup guys, brokefag here, I don't know what to do with my life. No job or school.

I want to walk from California to Vancouver, no money in my pockets. How long will I survive?

Feel free to share similar experiences/stories
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File: white offender.png (541 KB, 616x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
white offender.png
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commit suicide by cop
This trip is gonna be my suicide

I'd rather experience this trip and die in the process, rather than blowing my brains out.
Fuck dude, that's bleak.

How long you survive depends at least a good amount on you. Just like your current situation at least somewhat depends on you. Why do you have no job or no schooling? I'm not saying you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, but no matter the hand you're dealt you can always, ALWAYS make your situation that much better through your own determination and will.

If you have depression, it sucks. I'm sure it does. Start doing physical exercise....
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File: greece-zante-navagio.jpg (238 KB, 900x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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American Here.
I'm graduating university in May of this upcoming year. My buddies and I want to go to Europe for ~6-8 weeks. Our goal is to party and have fun.

I am looking for "Party Capitals" on the beach (think Ibiza, Mykonos, etc., pic related).

What options do I have? For now, I'm thinking Ibiza, Mykonos, Split. What other places have great nightlife yet are still beautiful and on the beach?
Should we look into some mainland cities also?

Thank you very much!
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City i'd say Budapest for sure ! It's beautiful, cheap, has attractive girls and cool clubs and bars.

Obviously Ibiza is the ultimate I'd you are into that sort of thing but beware it is expensive to the point of insanity. €10-15 for a bottle of water one of the super clubs.
You'd be better off somewhere like split to be honest, will be cheaper than Ibiza and more beautiful
>going transatlantic just to party
waste of money desu

File: TravelAlert-614x201.png (6 KB, 614x201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I saw the US Government released a warning for US Citizens traveling to Europe due to the terrorists activity recently. I already have tickets to go to Italy in like 25 days, I'm going regardless of the warning. But I'm just wondering what stuff I can do to make myself not be such a "American" over there just to avoid being a potential target. Any advice is appreciated.
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im going feb 9th... going regardless
what warning
Tell them your Canadian. There is way less hostility towards them.
why are you acting so shocked? Highest alert is where its at all the time, really. Check travel.state.gov whenever you're going somewhere if you want to know what (the US state dept) currently is the warning status of your trip destination. It's a pretty useful website by region, city, and might list things like crime against tourists, from gypsy stuff to cafes or things to be aware about. It also lets you register yourself much as you would a float plan or hiking thing, just so someone knows where you are.

I'm going to tell OP if you want to look like a local, wear a european brand of something, like your shoes or some adidas crap, or else look a touch more fashionable or slightly more businessy, as is the norm in Italy. American slob-comfortable and casual wear isn't typical of a local. They'd have on fashionable pants or a sweater over the shoulders. Women wear skirts, not shorts and sleeveless isn't good for visiting churches.

I think you'll be fine in Italy, but the usual warning to think on your feet, avoid crowds/demonstrations, sports gatherings, and such. Fanny packs/man purses are more common than backpacks. Avoid it all, if you must, by wearing something under a jacket when in crowds.

If you were a policeman or someone with some kind of training, you'd not sit with your back to a door when dining or in a store. Awareness always is just what you do to avoid being a crime victim, and applies to terrorist stuff too.

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Hello /trv/. So i got 2 and a half weeks off work during christmas and new years and i was thinking about doing a UK trip (i live in Romania). Im starting in Dublin. Ive been told that the weather is shit around that time so i wont be going for much scenery.

Anyway, i was wondering if anyone can give me useful information such as cheap/good hostels, main things to do and see, daytrips you can take or anything else on these cities im considering:

>Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and London

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make sure you go home.
The weather is always shit, just do outside stuff anyway. In winter there's snow sometimes, in spring/summer/autumn it rains all of the time.

Also leave more information on what you like.
Also, you're essentially asking for an all-round tour of the GB and Ireland - nobody's going to write that for you.
>cheap/good hostels
Premier Inn, there's one in most towns

Instead of the cities you have, I made some edits:
>St. Ives
St Ives is a beautiful town in Cornwall with Lands End to the west and the Devon national park to the east.
Cardiff is the capital...
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Does anyone follow cuba dave here? Hes a carribean sex traveler and he is being detained indefinitely in costa rica for talking about prostitutes on the internet. Pretty fucked up that these third world countries can hold you indefinitely for such a bullshit charge.
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Where can I see his work?
Probably that website on his shirt
Nevermind website is just about his jail situation now

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is going to brazil alone a bad ideaA?
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It depends more about the person who is travelling, than the country...

But Brazil is big as a continent, where you think to go?

Protip: I`m brazilian
im going to rio and brasilia
Nice locations

Your age, male/female?

File: Europe_countries_map_en_2.png (620 KB, 1473x1198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry if this has been done to death. Going to Europe next year, (I know a lot can change between now and then) to Rome, Florence, Berlin, London, Madrid and Barcelona.

Obviously Western Europe is on edge at the moment, but what is it like on the ground? Is there visible police/security presence?

Im not a total pussy (haha), Im still going to go but I think a visible police/security presence would ease my fears a bit. Seeing a totally keked city with no cops would be a bit strange.
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Yes there is a visible police presence. Europe is SAFE, I'd even say it's safer than big American cities.

Rome - absolutely safe. Beautiful city, enjoy.
Florence, same.
Berlin - I live there, and you couldn't find a nicer place.
London - cool place I guess
Madrid & Barcelona - wonderful. Enjoy the amazing Spanish food.

You don't have to worry in any of these places.

>a totally...
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what he >>1052358 said

also, western europe is not on edge ... it is totally fine and normal in the western europe
at least what EU concerns ... obviously i'm not talking about countries east from the Schengen Area border

File: 720px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png (35 KB, 720x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am going to Brazil for 2 weeks with another person and we leave Friday. We're going to Manaus, Rio, Sau Palo, and to see Igassu Falls. I have everything ready to go but just need some info from a local or someone who has been there:

-Is it safer/easier to take a Taxi or the train in Rio or Sau Palo vs just using Uber?

-I know Rio isnt the safest place, but will I be ok at least running around duing the day to typical tourist areas?
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1) we are in a midst of a corporativist war between Uber and taxis, and the first ones were ultimately forbidden in Rio. I don't know about São Paulo
2) Stay strictly in tourist areas, don't be a gangsta and walk always with some R$ 150 in your pocket. If you are robbed, give it to the thief (you can face serious problems if you find a thief without money)
Even staying in the tourist areas during the day what is the likely hood of being robbed?
OP again. I also just remembered we're pretty much staying in Copacabana the entire few days we are there. I hear thats a more safe zone.

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Americans why do you ask how someone is doing if you dont really care?
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>Why is a culture derived from forced ass kissing and glib customer service so shit?
Because it is.

"How are you?" ≠ "Hello" know the difference
Well if someone says they're doing good then yeah, end of greeting. If they say "not well" or anything like that then it works as a way to push past formalities and address any issue the person has or, if you're both friendly, dive straight into conversation.
This exactly. Most of us do care. The ones that don't are usually really cynical about small talk.

What does the rest of the planet usually say after "hello" when they don't have any pressing matters at hand?

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Best and worst airlines you've flown with?

Best for me was KLM. Excellent service, and free food and drink. Monarch were pretty good for a holiday airline too.

Worst is probably Thomson but I always end up flying with them whenever I go on holiday. They literally have no service apart from drinks. No meals. No inflight entertainment. People think Ryanair are the worst but I've been lucky enough to only fly with them to Dublin so I've not been on one of their planes long enough to experience just how bad they are.
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Best was Etihad Airways. I'd rank KLM second for me. Better than the German airlines I've flown in. American/US Air ways have been the worst. Delta most meh. Not horrible, not great.
Best: Turkish, KLM
Alright: Aeromexico
Worst: AA, United
yea my best was probably either KLM or Icelandair

KLM in flight entertainment is really good and theres so much free food and drink

Could we have a Singapore thread?

How is this country as a western foreigner?
Do you have to be a manager in finance to afford a one room cup ramen lifestyle or how bad is the living costs?
How is culture? How is night life?
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Culture is a Smörgåsbord of indian, muslin and chinese, with some thai sprinkled in there. Its kinda like Canada in the sense that you're in Singapore but nothing feels Singaporean culturaly speaking.

Nightlife is shit, beers are like 14 dollars each and clubs close at like 12-1, BUT all coffee bars and food places (all of which serve alcohol) dont close till like 4 am, so getting drunk and eating is one of the better activities to do there IMO, since the food is literally out of this fucking world.

Groceries are expensive, not sure about living arrangements...
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Cheers on the proper smörgåsbord spelling and thanks for the reply.

14 dollar for a beer? Are we talking fancy pub or even dinner restaurant with friends kind of place?

Is there anything to do aside from beer, work and food?

I've been looking to get a new job and found a place there, but it's not finance so I expect salary to be low. What would you estimate is necessary for survival there?
Country is boring as fuck. It's one giant corporation. Enjoy the sterility.

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