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I am going to be visiting Sevilla, España for a week this coming December.

We will be staying within the city, so everything will be walked to. Does /trv/ have any recommendations of places to visit, or tips so I don't get myself in trouble?

I have a decent knowledge of Spanish, while its American Spanish, will I have any troubles communicating with the Locals.
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Sevilla is a great city, but you're missing out if you don't have a small trip to Granada. Other than that, go to the cathedral, the Reales Alcázares, the Hospital de los Venerables, the Plaza de España in the park, and the Metropol Parasol is pretty cool too.

You should be ok with communication, but know that the accent in Andalucía is very different to what you may be used to hearing. Lots of people speak English anyway.
Also, eat all the jamón you can, it's God's gift to Spain
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Ciudad Romana.png
3 MB, 938x1814
Italica, city of Baetica (Roma)

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How would you recommend British Columbia as a place to visit?

I'm from Scotland, where they cut down all the native forests centuries ago, so the number of trees there seems attractive to me.
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Bumping for the sake of knowledge.
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Afternoon op. I'm from England and have been to bc once and plan to travel back next May however I'll be heading north to Alaska "anchorage and Fairbanks" I found the scenery around bc very plentiful however staying in the busy cities of bc are bloody expensive. Stay away from Vancouver not much to see there. Are you interested in snow sports ? If so bc is great place for said activities. If you are just looking for long walks/backpacking on tails them just hit up national parks they have so many in bc and have trails that you can follow via map and marked...
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It's a great natural setting, but there isn't much for cultural attractions.

People tend to like the mountains and ocean more than the trees.

If you got the money, fly to Edmonton and then take the train through the Rockies to Vancouver.

Other than the south western part around the coast, and the area between Kelowna and Kamloops, there's hardly anything. Some of those places on the map have 1000 people.

Thoughts and experiences with AirBnB? I'm going to be taking a road trip in a little bit and it seemed like a great way to meet locals and room for cheap. Pro/con: stories; critique; all accepted.
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I know pretty much nothing about it -- were I to be planning to find lodging with them, I'd e curious about insurance issues...
Vastly superior to a hotel but the good ones are not cheap.
Look for a host that has time to hang out.
Find one that seems to have similar interests.
The host is far more important than the actual room.
Ladies if a host seems to be single and male with no mention of a GF, that means you probably can hook up if the chemistry is good.
Guys do not really hook up with female hosts. Sorry , thats not how it works.
Cons: asshole neighbors force your host to threaten you to kick you out

Hongdae in Seoul, we were playing music at a moderate volume before going out and immediately our host texted us we should keep the noise down.
A few days later an apartment two stories up does a house party with blaring music, laughter and screams for hours.

We (my gf and I, both early 30s) are staying at the Aria. Should I even bother trying to tip the check in clerk in an effort to get a complimentary upgrade? I've read that the check in line at Aria is long and slow, and then they have an online checkin system that moves much faster. We land at 12:05, and the fighter weigh ins are at 3pm, so we're going to be in a bit of a rush.

I've read that California medical marijuana users can use their recommendation in Vegas, but I've yet to read solid instructions on how to go about it. Can someone please explain...
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>muh medical marijuana
Lmao at your life
>Lmao at your life

You dont wanna play the "my life is better than yours" game with me. But thanks for the bump.
It might be different for you, but I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in December 2012 and that weekend after I graduated me and a buddy drove out to Vegas for a roadtrip. Pretty much right at the same time you'll be there.

I was shocked at how empty Vegas was in December.

I know they throw big Christmas and New Years parties but early to mid December the city was almost a ghost town.

Of course you're going for a specific event so things might be different.

Also, we were both expecting to see girls our age a fair bit, but for...
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File: Bali-temple.jpg (569 KB, 1600x1066) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /trv/, I'm headed to Bali next week. Any advice on what to do/what to skip beyond what I can find online?

Ie: any neat, unplanned things that you would recommend to someone going?

Inb4 Real Travelers™ lambast me for going in the first place
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OP here - one more thing, I'm not a bogan on vacation, I've been traveling in the region for several months
How long are you going to be in the area for? Going anywhere else in Indonesia?

I don't have too much advice that I can give you for Bali unfortunately. I went there with my parents for a few days, and we were definitely on the main tourist path. Some of the big draws are the temples like the one you posted, and it really shouldn't be hard to get that organized.

If you've got 4-5 days to spare and you're the more outdoorsy type, I'd really recommend hiking Mt. Rinjani. It's...
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Pick not related. I was so sick on my flight.
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yeah, i often get some motion sickness

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I'm 20, currently taking TEFL courses and I have another 4 months to go, but I have already been receiving emails for job opportunities mostly based in East and South Asia.

Have you ever met a woman teaching English abroad? Are they treated differently? Less/more likely to be hired?

I ask because I'm the only female in my class, lol. I don't wanna sound like a feminist but I also don't want to be laughed out of a classroom in Japan, Egypt, etc.

Otherwise, I'm pretty pumped.
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Many women teach ESL abroad. For younger kids/kindergarten, etc. you will be actually favored over men. I worked for AEON (a big language school company in Japan) for a year. The other foreign teacher at my school was a woman. Most Japanese English teachers in Japan are women. You are creating things to worry about.

You are only 20. Do you have a bachelor's degree? If not, that will be the biggest impediment to you being hired rather than being a woman.
I will also say be careful with the job offers you have coming in. You may or may not know, but ESL can be a very scummy industry. People are often exploited and taken advantage of. This is not so much the case in Japan, but it happens often in Korea, China and elsewhere. If you don't mind where you are placed, I'd highly recommend trying to get a public elementary school job in Korea (The public school jobs are great--if you keep an open mind and just smile and play the dumb, interested foreigner card always--everything should go smoothly). The public school foreign teacher program was scaled back massively a couple years ago, but I think it still exists in some capacity. There are only elementary school jobs available. Bluntly speaking-- single white women are the most in demand for elementary school jobs. They will be more competitive than they used to be, because of the cutbacks in positions, but if you can get a job they are quite good. You get a free apartment, a decent paycheck. Basically very comfortable and you can save lots of money. Especially if you are not a go out and party kind of person. I was in Korea in a public junior high before Japan, and it was great.
I have an associates in communications (in which I plan on further completing online) and a certificate from the Harvard Extension School, also took 2 years of Arabic at a language school in my city.

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Traveling to Germany,
What can I see in Berlin if I have 6 hours to wait for the bus from the CBS?
Anyone wanna accompany me later in a week in Berlin?
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In 6h you can see all of the main sights and get back to the CBS. Take U2 subway line to Alexanderplatz, then walk -> Nikolaiviertel -> Museumsinsel -> Babelplatz -> Gendarmenmarkt -> Checkpoint Charlie -> Potsdamer Platz -> Tiergarten -> Reichstag -> Brandenburger Tor

And you're done. When will you be there?
8.25 am
Bus to Hannover at 2pm
Also gonna be there 7.12 till 9.12
Also, forgot to mention, idk how much time getting the baggage and stuff will take, so if this walk is exactly 6 hours it is probably too long. How long is this walk?

Noob here who has never really done much travelling.

Wanting to head to the US for my first trip to get a taste for it. There are a few main things I'd like to see, but I'm struggling on finding things to fill in the gaps. I'll have about 3 weeks free in June where I'll be in the US east coast and I'd like to do as much as possible. Is this enough time? Any recommendations?

I've heard that Niagra Falls is best viewed from the Canadian side... How easy is it to go from the US into Canada and then back to the US?

Pic is my travel map so far
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Can you clarify whether you are looking for additional cities/stops between the three you show or things to do at the three locations you are planning to visit?

I've only ever seen the falls from the US side, and an excursion boat in the middle, and they are pretty impressive whether or not you go into Canada. Since I've never crossed the border there, I have no info on how the process works. I would guess it is as easy there as anywhere, given the number f folks visiting the falls and wanting to see it from all sides.
How are you traveling around?
If you have citizenship in one of the right countries, it is pretty easy. The US allows citizens of the 38 visa waiver countries to make short trips to Canada or Mexico, counting the time spent as part of the allotted 90 days. Canada lets citizens of many countries visit without a visa, if visiting by land

On the other hand, if your citizenship is from, say India, things may be more difficult.

I last visited about 30 years ago.. At the time, the crossing was easy for a US citizen, and the view from Canada was superior. Things could have changed since then.

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So me and my friend want to travel around UK.
Destinations: London->Glasgow->Belfast->Dublin->Cork
We have many places we wnat to visit but can someone recommend us some places in
Central england we should visit?
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depends when.

if summer, peak district.

nottingham as a city is good night out plus all the robin hood stuff in day.

stratford upon avon is swamped with tourists
I'd look into Derry (Londonderry, or in recent PR stuff Legend-Derry) in addition to or instead of Belfast. You get the same sense of the history of The Troubles, in a smaller and I thought more enjoyable setting.
At the start of the June if I pass my school leaving exam

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Hey guys, due to various unpleasant circumstances I'll be in New York on my own on New Years Eve.

I've ended up staying in hostels for that week and don't know if I will meet people I can hang with so want to prepare by finding stuff I can do on my own that will make the best of being in NY on NYE.

I'm determined not to let shitty circumstances ruin what should have been an amazing time, so could anyone give any suggestions?
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Any bus station will do.
New Year's Eve isn't any different than any other evening.
I have some vague memory that a bunch of people gather somewhere in NYC for New Years and watch a ball drop r something. Maybe look into that.
Yea that's Times Square and it's totally packed for about 18 hrs before with no toilets or places to sit or eat. I don't intent to do that

I thought New York was meant to be a great place to spend NYE?

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If you give up a job, there is no guarantee that you will get it back. Today's job market is saturated with degree holders and the company will just hire someone else.
It's also expensive to go backpacking like this. Chances are these backpackers have to work in shitty jobs in coffee shops and retail. Surely their jobs back home are better? At least they can live with their parents/friends to cut expenses. Living on minimum wage is tough and living in a hostel full of strangers is also dangerous.
And what are they going to do when they return to their home country...
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My brother went backpacking from Texas to Canada going west to California, then moving up. He got his job back because he was a forklift driver for 4+ years and they needed more drivers so they gave him a tough time, called him a little bitch for leaving and coming back and resumes his life working at the company.
It can be tough to find a job after leaving though. Unemployment rates are high.
They are but if you are qualified enough in a certain field or fields then it won't be that hard may take a few months but eventually you can get a job. Unemployment rates are high for numerous amounts of reasons. You don't have to work for the same company for whatever your specialty is. My brother could've worked for many other warehouses but he chose the one he worked at before. If they didn't hire him, that sucks,but he could've checked around to other companies that probably are hiring...
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Does anyone have question?
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Come on guys!!
I am expert in 2chan.
Why do you say so?
I want to conversation with foreign people.

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I'm having trouble coming up with trip ideas.
>leave from nyc
>only 4 days

That is my criteria. The only ideas I've come up with so far is New Orleans, but then it would be around Mardi Gras time and that could be a problem because we hate most of the public.

I also thought maybe some all inclusive to a nearby place, say Bahamas or Dominican..

Anyone got some ideas?
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I just got back from New Orleans a few weeks ago and DESU I didn't like it. It's pretty damn small and a lot seedier than Vegas (a lot more blacks in New Orleans versus just a lot more white trash in Vegas) so naturally I feel safer in Vegas. Maybe I picked a bad time of year but I really didn't enjoy NOLA.
why does it always feel like I have to drive into the fucking country to get to Newark but then there are photos of it where it looks like it's across the street from Manhattan.
LOL, Which direction are you coming from?

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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Travelling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while...
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Is the Robot Restaurant worth the price? From the videos iv'e seen I feel like it could be easily missed but it has really good reviews and part of me feels like I should go for the experience.
How hard would it be to get shrooms? Do I have to go through those sketchy Nigerians in Roppongi?
I've heard it's worth going to at least once. Everyone knows it's a overpriced ripoff, but a fun one at least.
gonna relay this one again

Anyone been to EA Gun bar? It's just bb guns and liquer but im still curious about the age limit. Their website doesnt mention anything about it.

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