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Hey Travel, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what I could do in Seattle from 9pm to 7am. Preferably something close to the airport.
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I feel you, brother. I had 2 layovers recently in the same time range. On the bright side, you can just use language to get around. I was at a foreign airport in a backwards country (Turkey) and I knew I couldn't get around with English. Sorry I couldn't contribute much, but ask around the airport, it will get you somewhere.
Yeah, my flight isn't until January so I have some time to figure it out. Thanks anyways. :)
Get a hotel room and sleep in a real bed, as opposed to a seat in an airplane?

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I want to buy a boat in Siem Reap (for example) and travel down the river to Ho Chi Minh (for example) and I'm wondering about a few questions:

- Pirates, kidnapping and all those kind of hostile encounters with people, how aware should you be about that if I stick to the main route/river all the time?

- Water, Food and fuel, will I find that in the harbours and in the villages all the way down or will it be really hard?

- How big of a boat should you buy? (I want to be able to paddle if I run out of fuel)
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From the sounds of it, you don't know shit about boats. That makes this a bad idea.

You can definitely get what you want in villages though, that won't be a problem. Literal highway robbery was a problem in some parts of Laos once but it should be fine these days. I've never heard of it happening on the Mekong but I guess it could while you're moored. More likely a local kid seeing what loose stuff they can carry off. Get something with lockers for valuables and fuel.

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You're right, I don't know much about boats but how hard can it be? What is it that you specifically need to know about boats apart from to be able to fix minor repairs and to pilot it?

24 hours, didn't see that coming. As you problaby understand, this is just the very first topic and idea I'm having but I want to make it real.

Please tell me your general feeling and knowledge about this!

My dream is to be able to stay on some river system in the rainforest up to 2-3 months....
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I'm very used of being outdoors so don't take me for a fool, just saying.

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Post a pic of you took of a bad/dangerous area you traveled through.
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File: 20141231_173553.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sees black people
>"so bad/dangerous"

>sees graffiti
>"hey that's not supposed to be there!" *nasally white voice*

>experiences night
>"mommy there's no nightlight out here"

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I'm spending August-December in either Canberra, Australia or Salzburg, Austria for college. No one from my school has ever done Salzburg, and the people who visited Canberra just partied on the beach. Anyone have advice? I want to do Austria, but everyone at my college pushes Canberra. My room, board, and plane tickets are fully funded either way.

Any helpful info on:
Cost (local pricing/expenditures for visiting sites/exploring)
Ease of regional travel
Cheap/free things to do/explore
Any other helpful info?
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I went to Salzburg for one night a couple months ago. It was nice there, but I noticed there was alot more homeless people there than I had been seeing in Germany.

Also I swear to god that the buildings did not go straight up, they were like fucking lopsided. It was tripping me out the entire time.

There are the ice caves and the salt mines you could go check out. Ive never been to australia though. The whether is probably better there. However if you are in Austria you could go explore other parts of Europe on your weekends. You luck bastard, you will love either...
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dude fuck Canberra
I know, man. It's just hard because my advisors are like NO NO CANBERRA IS COOL (they do a koala-holding photo op, who fucking cares) but I don't want a college frat experience or go abroad just to show off in Instagram photos. I wanna be immersed, explore, and do my own thing. Maybe I just answered my own question, lol.

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521 B,
Will be in Stockholm roughly tomorrow morning. I've got 7 hours for touristy stuff. Not too big on buildings.

What are the must do's?
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Old town is pretty nice to walk through. its probably too cold but i kayaked for a few hours around the city which was alot of fun.
Visit ljudskogen
Visit Rinkeby.

I'm planning on studying abroad next year. I can choose between Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. Where is the best place to meet hot girls who are dtf. I hear Germans are kinky.
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I was not studying in any of these countries.
But with b. Trips i am every second week in these countries.
I have bad news for you, none of them quality for what you are looking.
In germany, the woman are, well, its a matter of taste. Switzerland - more or less the same.
Sweden - oh my, you do not want to be there.
Sorry, that is only from my experience. I do not want to make this absolutely for all woman.
My personal oppinion is: the best and most kinky woman are in the east. That is for sure.
In your case, i would pick south of Germany. Bavaria, Munich...
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German girl here
Girls here are either konky, yes, or quite prudish and both will be pretty spoilt when they come from middle class families.
As for Swiss girls, a friend living in Switzerland said those girls are like the even more stuck up and spoilt princess syndrome version than German girls.

Can't say anything about Swedish girls except for tge fact that most of them are atheists and kinda easy according to a Swedish Chad I've talked to but yeah, he's a Chad
Go to Berlin.

Cheap as fuck, amazing nightlife, intelligent people, lots of drugs.

I had plenty of 3soms while i was there with my gf.

File: Vatican_City_map_EN.png (2 MB, 2888x2230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where exactly is the entrance to the museums? Where do I queue?
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There's a casino in the vatican?!
At the top of your map. You can't miss it.

Note -- if you have extra dough, look into a night tour -- it is WAY less crowded. In the daytime, in season, you can hardly see the art and artifacts for the crowds.
How do I get there from St. Peter's Square?

I'll be there about a week from now; I'm guessing it won't be busy.

Will Norwegian Air or other Euro budget airlines care if my hand baggage is half an inch longer than what is allowed?
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If you're a guy, maybe. If you're a grill, you can take the cargo hold of the fucking Titanic on the plane with you.
NA probably won't. Ryanair and easyjet might.
flying domestic with Norwegian I never really had to put hand baggage into any sort of measuring boxes.

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any travel experience in Tibet as an American. Is Tibet a safe place? I know it is a "conflict zone" with minor rebellion towards the government of China. Is it possible to enter Tibet from Nepal as an American?
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Definitely possible. Know some people who did that. But be prepared to pay an amazingly high amout of money, that is if you wanna be safe.
Why so high? And what are the safety concerns?
OP you can visit Tibet if you join a guided tour provided by a government licensed travel agency.

This is the only way you can enter Tibet if you are not Chinese citizen. They check for identifications at airports and train stations for flights/trains going to Tibet.

If you are only gonna visit Lhasa, it's pretty safe. Tons of Chinese tourists go there every year. No unrest, riots or whatever. It's just a normal tourism city.

The rest of Tibet is unsafe, not because it's a war zone,...
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Anyone has done sailing?
I want to sail across the Atlantic from Britain to the Caribbean. Preferably alone.
How much sailing experience would one need to do this?
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>tfw you're not on her boat
I remember the shitstorm she caused a few years back

Do you have any sailing experience OP? If not better get started.
>I remember the shitstorm she caused a few years back
she married now
>Do you have any sailing experience OP? If not better get started.

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Planning a trip to Thailand with a few friends (Bangkok & Pattaya).. Thinking of going beginning of March. Ive read the cool season is a good time to go (Nov-Feb) and was curious if March might be a good time as well.
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March is OK. Tourist numbers (just barely) starting to dip, not more than a little rain (the 'mango rains,' which coincide with the advent of mango season, are showers which sometimes occur in March). But March is also the short, steep ramp up to the hottest time of year (April is almost always the hottest month), so if you're not used to warm, humid weather the climate may not be all that pleasant--expect consistent high 20s-mid 30s C, mid 80s-mid 90s F, and sticky. Bangkok weather is never that good...
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Depends what your after.

I've been to pattaya around the same time and it was a ghost town compared to "high season". If party atmosphere and girls (a lot of girls) is what you're after; I wouldn't recommend it.

If a nice relaxing time, without the hustle and bustle and crowding of falangs is what you're after; go for it - provided you can handle the temperature,which is stifling
Low season is an excellent time to go to Pattaya. "Low" really just means opposed to "High", which gets insanely crowded.

Trust me, you won't regret going in March. Then again, you won't regret going at literally any time.

Sawse: I go to Thailand every six weeks.

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Going to be in Amsterdam for the next four days. From what I can tell rijksmuseum, van gogh museum, and the Anne frank house are must sees. I also plan on doing the Heineken experience thing and at least walking down the red light district at night to see the atmosphere; anything else I should check out? Also looking for tips on Dutch food I should try.
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>Dutch food I should try
You absolutely should get some krokettes from a FEBO store at 3am, you haven't done Amsterdam until you've done that.
>Also looking for tips on Dutch food I should try.
- Stroopwafles. Preferably fresh, at a stand. If not available in the supermarket. It's the one everybody loves and descibes as the food of the Gods.
- Patatje Speciaal; fries with ketchup, mayo and onions
- Herring; Yes, Haring. Dutch style. Raw. By the tail. With onions and pickles.
- Bitterballs; get them in any decent snackbar or bar
- Drop; Dutch licorice. You'll hate it.
- Stamppot. The epitome of Dutch cuisine. Mashed potatoes with (over)boiled vegetables. Read up on all the varieties. I recommend Stamppot Boerenkool met worst (mashed potatoes with green cabbage and smoked sausage)
- Pepernoten. Peppernuts. It's the time of year. You will love these.
- Oliebollen. Oilballs. Also seasonal. It's basically a ball of fried donut dough. It's amazing. With powdered sugar and possibly with raisins.
- Frikandel Speciaal. A sausage made from every part of the animal they couldn't use elsewhere with mayo, curry and chopped onions.
You won't believe the queues at the Anne Frank house.

File: wa mountains.jpg (60 KB, 650x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wa mountains.jpg
60 KB,
im planning to move to washington this summer, but not yet sure where exactly. this is sort of what im generally looking for:

>a place thats unique & not basic cookiecutter crap
>some kind of art or music scene
>access to pretty nature
>not too small
>fun stuff to do & explore
>cool shops
>a place where i might meet interesting people
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File: Bellingham.png (7 MB, 2294x1524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bellingham. Small enough to be cozy but it's not boring. Easy access to Mt Baker and the islands. Cheap bus ride to Seattle or Vancouver. Lots of good restaurants, breweries, bars, music, etc without being pretentious. Only difficult thing might be finding work, depending on what you do.
great to hear positive things about bellingham, its one of the places ive been most strongly considering.

the others are:

(seattle if i could find anything affordable)
port angeles
port townsend

the ones lower on the list are not really as much what i want, but not completely ruled out.
File: 1443965550216.jpg (227 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm also thinking of moving to washington. The weather and the proximity to nature is very appealing to me. Is there lots of work there? Im going to be taking a trip there sometime early next year around feb or march. Anyone recommend any cities? Will be there for about a week or two. Just a short trip. Thanks in advance

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Her in shangdong.jpg
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I'm feeling pretty desperate right now, I recently broke up with my Chinese girlfriend here in the UK, the holiday is round the corner and I need to get away from here. Almost everyone in this town is flying back home.

How dumb an idea would it be to use some sort of dating app to connect with someone across the waters? I've never needed to use one of these apps before but I don't want to fly in blind to a country I don't know without making sure theres something waiting for me.

Has anyone used tinder with much success abroad? How about others...
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Give yourself some time, dude.
Well, you should give yourself some time. But if you don't want to be alone - how old are you?
WeChat is actually decent as a dating app. Chinese use Instagram for prostitution I think, just look at Chinese hashtags of Chinese towns.

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Ok /trv/, I need help from any korean or people who lived/visited Korea.
I'm from Brazil and I'm going to Seoul soon, but I'm having a hard time with the WON currency and I really need to know if it's possible for me to exchange BRL for WON in Seoul.
Do banks or money stores accept BRL (the brazilian currency) there?

I want to avoid double conversions.
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I live in Seoul. I really doubt you could exchange Brazilian currency easily except at the airport.

Your best bet would just be drawing local currency (won) using a bank machine from your account back home. Best to do this at the airport as well since not all Korean ATMs take foreign cards. If you really need to bring cash for some reason, then exchange into USD and then change that into won.
I see, thank you very much for the info
By the way, do you know if ATMs accept debit cards? Or only credit?

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