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Hey, I wanted to know what that is like? I'm 19 and going trough a marketing dec in canada. When I hit university I would be able to get a degree in esl. Was wondering how was that like? Teaching abroad? You have time to go places and all? Anybody has experience with that? I'm still young and thought that would be a wonderfull thing to do in my 20s...
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Bumbooty bump
desperate bump
I'm also interested in working abroad and teaching english was a thing that sprang to my mind. I don't speak english as my native language so is there any chances to get to teach english? And if so, which countrys are most likeable places to get a job from?

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Here's the deal /trv/,

I'm an aspiring zoologist looking to get a volunteer/internship position for my eventual resume. While I've already sent emails to hundreds of organizations and projects across the globe, I haven't had much luck. Does anyone here know of some good opportunities to **shudder** work abroad? Yes, I know the phrase is cringy beyond measurement, but I need a good resume.

My checklist is simple:

1. The less "white", the better. I ain't no elephant orphanage faggot.

2. Has to involve hands-on work...
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My ex and I really enjoyed working with Free The Bears in Phnom Penh. Probably not what you're looking for though (I'm guess it would be too white)

She was a vet student and I'm a med student so we got to do some cool hands-on work (assisting the evaluation, investigation and management of a bear with a fractured hip, minor dental work) but most of it was unskillled labour (sweeping up shit, preparing enrichment activities, preparing meals etc). Really did feel like you were significantly helping...
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14 KB, 236x214

Hey man, that sounds exactly what I'm looking for- I'll check it out! Even if it's run by white people, it sounds pretty legit.
Never heard of 'Free the Bears,' but I'll chime in that anything you can do that is in any ay helpful to Cambodia is well worth doing. Great people who have been handed the short end o the stick way too many times.

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I'll be staying in Germany for a few days with my bf after attending Wacken Open Air. Where in Germany should we stay considering we've never been before and will only have 2 full days? No car so preferably somewhere close/ easily accessible by train from Hamburg (arriving/ leaving from Hamburg airport).
We're interested in historical sites like castles, ruins, mountains/hiking/ cool nature views, and food. bonus points for non touristy explorable castle ruins/ old military bunkers.
I've been looking into this but it's been difficult trying to...
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If you're interested in historical stuff you may visit Lübeck. Not that far from Hamburg and some interesting stuff from the middle ages and the hanseatic league.
Nice looking town but seems to be no cool old castles or mountains.
Yeah its mostly dug up old houses from the hanseatic trade organizations. Gives you good insight in day to day life in that time.
>no mountains
You have to go further down south to see those. Maybe a day trip to saxony (especially Dresden) would be something for your consideration.

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Anyone here have a job that demands or allows for international travel?

I'm studying international business because Im fascinated by culture but I have no idea what my end goal is other than I want to travel.
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Try Logistics, Supply chain, or something related to Maritime operations. Global trade and ports is a good industry.
Consultant in a big company. Hard to get in, but you get to travel almost every week.
This - worked for PwC for a while, went to China, HK, Taiwan, Israel, the UAE, Saudi, and a few states in the US.

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What are some of the best rural areas? I wanna experience the non non.
What an ugly OP pic

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Do you think five and a half hours is enough time to leave Sciphol International, see some of Amsterdam, and return for an international, non-Schengen Area flight? I'm flying from Chicago to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to New Delhi. I'll be arriving at AMS around 7:15am and leaving again at 12:45pm. I've passed through AMS quite a few times but have never had the chance to see the city.

I won't have checked bags and am a US citizen, so visas aren't necessary.

Does this sound workable?

>deboard, pass through...
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I've been to Schipol / Amsterdam many times and think this is definitely doable. You could probably even stay in the city for 2.5 hours. But you should take a taxi, at least in to the city -- since you're short on time, if your ideal starting point for your city tour isn't close to the train station (and it's unlikely to be, as that area is shit tourist tier level) it's a lot more efficient (time-saving) to take a taxi. IIRC, fare is about 50 or 60 Euro,well worth it if this is an infrequent opportunity for you.

Unfortunately I don't think I'd be willing to pay quite that much for a taxi. Is the train station in a particularly bad or boring area? I'm not at all familiar with the layout of Amsterdam city and only started toying with the idea of leaving the airport today.

I'm not planning on participating in any organized services. I'd be happy just walking around, soaking in some architecture and sights, maybe getting breakfast, and heading back to carry on with my next flight.

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Oh, and I almost forgot to ask: what would you recommend doing in the short span of time I'll have available?

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When you take a photo when traveling, how do you pose? Do you do the same pose? Do you change it up?

also, travel photo thread
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Peace sign and slightly closed eyes.
And the photo is taken with your ipad?

Are you talking about taking a selfie? I don't. I hate selfies. I take pictures of what I am there to see, and I'm not there to see myself.

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Hello all. I'm leaving to Guatemala next week and will be there for NYE. Does anyone have advice?

My boyfriend has family in the capitol and we'll be traveling together. We might have a car to use at least part of the time. Places we definitely need to go? Places to avoid? Thanks.
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Also planning to go to Guatemala but in February. If you are gonna be based in the capital you can definitely visit Antigua and even the Atitlan lake quite easily. Also the Chichicastenango market on thursdays and sundays
Find the kid I've been sponsoring through Child Fund International and let me know if he's real.
Is he white? Are you white? Not /pol/, but certain people attract crime there.

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chinese kids.jpg
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I am currently working in China and the government is supporting World Language Week. A few years ago they began teaching World Language (Esperanto) in a few schools. There are children all over the newspapers, radios, and televsion. It's quite odd.

I looked it up on google and found this video:

Is Esperanto a good language to travel with if you already know English?
Anyone ever heard of it? I am not sure why Beijing is pushing this on us. (I am in Shanghai)
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You can use English everywhere you go. If someone can't talk in English, they aren't worth talking to.
I work in Beijing and nobody is learning it.
It's more like a "meme" language because they are running out of ideas. Beinjingese like to teach odd stuff to their kids.
5 years ago they were crazy about billiard, every rich kid was learning how to play billiard.
They still play that in Hong Kong. But unlike Esperanto, only a few people actually bother learning it in some obscure universities.

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Thinking of moving to Japan and doing remote work/contracting (programming), currently live in UK and have UK passport etc
Already have tonnes of experience in programming but I really hate where I live and just want to experience life in a different part of the world but where its still relatively modern and has some kind of functional legal system and isn't corrupt.

Would it be tough to get a business visa as a contractor or as a startup? Are there parts of Japan where the cost of living isn't ridiculous like in Tokyo? I would rather not spend my entire...
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Easiest visa in the scenario you are describing would be as an investor or business owner. That requires you to prove you would have some net positive impact on the economy and not just a kid with a laptop doing oddjobs. However, that can be expensive to demonstrate and document in order to secure said visa.

Have you thought about job hunting for a british/American/ canadian firm that will:
1. sponsor your visa
2. May assist with relocation costs
3, pay for benefits such as insurance

I mention...
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why not china ?
Never really considered but I heard the government are repressive and corrupt bastards

The country seems nice from what I have learned but the people have really been fucked up by gommunism

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Hello guys! Im visiting thailand in a month with my gf! We will stay there for 22 days! We will arrive in bangkok and then we think visiting chiang mai is a good option! after chiang mai( probably 3-4 days) we are going south but we cannot decide where to! Can you recommend me a good itinerary? We arrive and depart from bangkok! Also, What budget should we consider as "safe" ?
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900 euro
go to Chiang Rai and Pai instead of Chiang mai
take a bus instead of train from bangkok - if you got money enough just take a plane its not that expensive

street food cost about 1 - 3 euro for good meals
beer is 2 euro for 33 cl
hostel are 3 - 20 euro / night

south i dont know , so much things to see and do everywhere in thailand
als o, dont bring your girlfriend
you'll have pussy enough there that will be 3400 times tighter than your girlfriend
just leave her at...
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>beer is 2 euro for 33 cl
In shitty bars on Khao San road? Seriously, I can't imagine how anyone can stay more than 10 seconds there without his eardrums exploding.
>als o, dont bring your girlfriend
>you'll have pussy enough there that will be 3400 times tighter than your girlfriend
Good advice maybe if OP is 50+ years old, because nearly all entertainment in Thailand is oriented at this age group. If...
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the fuck are you talking about

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China General

Old thread is at: >>1030719

General info:




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


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US international student here

i'm looking for a part-time translator/teacher job, a couple of UK students told me they got such kinds of jobs through classifieds on thebeijinger.com

i'm terrible at finding jobs even in the US, i always manage to pick the ones that are scams or they just hired someone. what are some things to look out for when doing my job search?
Always get paid in advance for tutoring and translation work.

honestly, that seems like a hard condition to get, especially when i have no certification other than my US passport. not even white, either.

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I want to travel europe in the summer, I have about 5 weeks of free time. I'm Russian-Canadian and will be starting my trip in moscow.

I also need to spend atleast 3 weeeks in London for family reasons.

I'm not very outgoing but I like beer, technincal stuff, casual outdoor stuff and bicycles.

I'm shit scared of airplanes so I'd like to stick to buses or preferably trains.

I'm not on high budget so I'd like to use hostels.

Please advise how I can make the most of the trip.
I'll be going in June-July
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oh, and I've never been to Europe before.
Well Moscow is preeettyy far away from the rest of the continent so you're probably going to have to take a plane.
Also, since you only really practically have 2 weeks and spend some of that in Moscow, I suggest you just pick one general region where the cities you want to visit aren't too far away from each other and stick to that for the Rest of your trip. E.g. Northern/Central Italy or Southern France or Northern Germany+Holland, orSouthern/Eastern Germany + Czech Republic and Southern Poland.
No, I don't really need more times in Moscow.
I meant 5 weeks from the day I leave moscow.
Thank you for the advice though.

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Im going to study aborad in sweeden for about 2 weeks in between may and june, it would be helpful for me to know (stockholm)
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
>suggested restaurants and places to eat
>historic landmarks to visit
>dangerous places not to visit (please dont troll my life is on the line on this one)
>good night clubs
>things i can do in america...
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Fellow swede here!
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
if a policeman sees you drinking alcohol outside, he will just take it away from you unless you are >20 y.o
Bars and restaurants = 18yrs to buy alcohol
Systembolaget is where you get alcohol >3.5% but you need to be 20 y.o to enter/buy
>historic landmarks
really? none that I would say are worth the visit.
>dangerous places
stay in the light?
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>dangerous places not to visit

despite what you'll read on this website there are no dangerous places. even the "wild no go zone" of Rosengard in Malmo is completely safe

Bars can have induvidual age-limits, some may not accept people under 21, some even as high as 25, depending what clientele they want. But yes the legal minimum is 18.

Also they can and will throw you out if you look too drunk. They are very tough with serving license here, and the rules says they can't serve to someone who is "visibly intoxicated". So don't be surprised if that happens.


Don't listen to the other...
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What cities in Euroland are best for gay nightlife?

In contrast, what cities worth visiting are homophobic enough that I should probably avoid acting faggy? (I'm no flamer, but I'm not the most heterosexual looking either)
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Are you worried that people will give you a dirty look or that you will be assaulted?

Big difference , you can go anywhere in the US and be safe from the second but in parts of the south you may get a few sneers.
I would stay out of any place with crazy religions like the middle east or africa
Berlin, Amsterdam, maybe Copenhagen.

I was there last weekend, saw some pretty faggy shit there and nobody cares. Most nightclubs have regular gay evens.
London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, plus the Greek homo-resorts.

Most homophobic, the further east and south you go generally speaking.

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