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The only thing that's made me happy recently is travelling to exciting places and having 'adventures'. Nothing too crazy/dangerous, but just something that distracts me from normal life enough to make me feel like I'm actually living, rather than just getting by. There are just a couple of problems at the moment:

1) I'm trying to work towards a 'real job' right now, so I don't have much time/money. This summer might be my last chance in a while for prolonged travelling, so I want to make the most of it even if I am poor. Does anyone...
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Also forgot to say - if anyone's interested in posting about their budget adventures in general (i.e. not specific to UK/Europe), I'd be interested in reading about it. I try to learn from anybody who lives the sort of life I want to live.
I wanna just drive around and travel the world.
>Where to find likeminded friends
I fucking wish I knew. Me and my ex spent at least 3 months every year for the past 4 years hiking through the Himalays, backpacking through S America or island-hopping in Thailand and now we've split up Ican't for the life of me find someone to replace her. That's the one fucking thing I miss.

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Post 'em
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I have a dumb question...What program to you use when you make these, I mean, the transparent background turns to black on Paint
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>Consider going to Times Square for NYE
>Read up on what to do and expect
>"You have to get there by noon, and there are absolutely no restrooms"
>How the fuck does that work?
>Read that a lot of attendees wear adult diapers
lol, WAT?
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MC Public Urination, whad up
From what I hear, there's not even enough space to piss either.

It sounds downright inhumane, like on the level of some kinda civil rights violation. And the city ENCOURAGES this?
If you want to be in times Square for that shit, you'll need to do some major planning. I'd personally suggest looking for a restraunt that has a view of the ball, and getting tickets for their NYE party.

From what I've heard on /trv/, most ESL teachers return after a year or two as the pay is not that good. Based on this article the pay seems pretty good though: http://www.besudesuabroad.com/2014/06/teaching-english-in-hong-kong/
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Bumping for interest

Your cited article is mostly bullshit, a best-case scenario with at least one significant omission. You'll notice that she claims utilities cost nothing (bullshit), spends only US$10/day on food (bullshit, unless you plan on eating the cheapest, unhealthiest crap every day), doesn't drink or go out at all (YMMV), and doesn't pay to commute (YMMV). She also conveniently ignores income tax, which does exist in Hong Kong. If you have a normal lifestyle and don't live like a monk (if you do, might...
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Yes, you can, but if you want to make a career of it, you have to approach it with a professional mindset, as you would if you were a teacher at home. The rewards and possibilities in some ways can be greater internationally though.

So what I mean is - yes, first, jump in, get what experience you can get, even if everything about your first postings aren't great. But consider professional advancement - maybe get a proper high-level teaching (and not just TESL/TEFL) qualification in your own country later on - and when you're more experienced be discriminating...
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I do not know any German and my parents want me to study in Germany because its cheap (this idea is being pushed by monetary reasons). Does anyone have any sort of advice, experience, or knowledge with this?
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You need to enter:
>a bachelor degree
>a C1 diploma in German and a full International Baccalaureate
>highschool diploma wit at least 4 AP classes (Math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography) and a C1 diploma in German and pass a admission examination on the same level as the German Abitur.

Else don't even think anout it.
I already started my first semester at college in Virginia. so, pretty much I shouldn't follow through with even applying?
For a master it will work as there're English courses. For a bachelor you need to be fluent in German or get into a exchange program (6months max usually)
Finish your bachelor.

I have a dream, /trv/. My dream is to fly to America. Specifically, to eat. I've watched lot of clips on youtube of people in America eating massive meals that you can order in random restaurants throughout the US. There seems to be hundreds of places you can do it, here in Australia, there's hardly any. I've been following Randy Santel on youtube and watched a few Man vs Food episodes, I think it would be sick to do. My problem is that I don't know how I could begin setting something like this up. I think I should also do stuff other than just go and eat...
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Ive always wanted to do a roadtrip and do all the foood challenges. unfortunately im broke unifag.

i would love to help you my friend but i dont think i can. what i can tell you is this

get on couchsurfing.com

lots of good people who like putting up random strangers (done this a few times, its pretty sweet and totally free)

be careful

United states is a very strange country to travel to because you can walk a few blocks in the wrong direction and end up in the fuckin murder capital...
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Those big meals are an interesting novelty but you wouldn't want to do more than one a week. Hell, I wouldn't want to do more than one a month. Tbh, the portions in American restaurants are huge already even for me a Canadian.

If you do end up going to the States just pre-plan a few restaurants that serve big portions and visit them along the way. Just don't make this the focus of your trip.
The US is a big country. Decide where you want to fly to, and then research what foods/restaurants you want to try while you are in that city. Many different places have their own regional flares, or specific items they are known for, and deciding what you want to try most can help you.

My friends and I decided to do a Deep-dish pizza tour of Chicago, where we went to the different pizzerias and got a pizza from each place. We planned on going to 4 but we only finished 2 before we got full and had to take massive shits.

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So I'm getting conflicting information on the topic of bringing girls back to your hotel room in Vietnam.

I'm not talking about prostitutes, but regular girls. I had a friend tell me it's illegal to have a girl spend the night in your hotel room. Now I'm reading through some forums about the subject, and some are saying it's illegal while others say it's a thing of the past.

Does anyone here know if this is true or not? I couldn't find any concrete evidence.
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been to vietnam, I suspect the hotels strictly forbid if because they are worried about brothels and the police shutting them down

also Vietnamese girls don't really lay it down, if there are Vietnamese sluts I didn't see any

I did take a girl back to my hotel room, nothing out of the usual happened
Well I brought girls back to my room with no problem. One hostel made them scan their passport and sign some shit but that was the eception.
What about Philippines?

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Allright yanks. Gonna take my first trip to the states next spring w/ my gf. Gonna stay in NYC for a week or so, then spend 1 or 1,5 weeks on the road and fly back to the old continent from Miami. Around 3 weeks long trip.

What do you recommend for the road trip? What should we see? What should we avoid? Best cities? Sports to see (baseball)? etc. etc.

I read that is wise to take a train from NYC to Philadelphia and rent the car there (cheaper and easier traffic). Is this true?

We're planning on taking a short one or two-day hike at some of the national...
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>also extremely into fighter jets
You've probably already had this in mind but
USS Intrepid
and try visiting the many decommissioned/reserve supercarriers in dock along the coast.
Can't go on obviously, but just seeing them is amazing.

Thanks for the tip! Where can I find out which carriers are in dock and where/when?
>Washington D.C. and Kennedy space centre (also extremely into fighter jets, because autism).
Well, make sure while in D.C. you do both air and space museums. The original is on the Mall with the other smithsonians, but the newer one is near Dulles airport (and a little trek to get to) and still I hear only 5-10% of the total smithsonian hangar'd plane collection is on display given space limitations. Udvar Havy has alllll the famous cool planes, from enola gay to ginormous test...
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I'll be leaving to NOLA in a few days and just wanted to inquire about any good spots to hit, hidden gems, or neat hotels. Planning on being there for 6 days and will be with my girlfriend and money is really no issue. Thanks guys!
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Bourbon street a shit. 0/10, only go if you run out of better things to do.
Stay out of my city.


If you do come don't be one of those faggy tourists who complains to the natives about how dangerous it is. No we don't want to live in your peaceful suburb.
Ignore >>1059273
Bourbon Street is cool enough, go if you've never been. Sure it's touristy and shit, but whatever, if that's your type of thing, you'll still have fun.
But by all means, see more than the French Quarter, because there's so much hit. Hit the World War II museum, City Park, etc. Don't be one of those lame tourists who only comes in NOLA to get drunk. You can get drunk anywhere.

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Hey /trv/elers,

I'm going on vacations to Cancun tomorrow. I have already planned to go to Chichen Itza and Tulum as the highlight of my trip, and I'm staying at the Grand Parnassus hotel. I'll be over there for about 6 days, which isn't that much, but I'd like to make my trip a little bit more exciting... Any tips?

While I have an interest in Mexican items, I'm also interested in shopping for American merchandise while I'm there, since the dollar is so high importing anything to Latin America's become a bitch, and Cancun...
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sorry to burst your bubble but Cancun is mainly about chilling on the beach while drinking, pigging out at the hotel buffet and going out to night clubs
Ve a Xcaret, Isla mujeres, y como dice el gringo, relax.
Not OP here
great Im going during NYE and NY so that should be fun time

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Hello /trv/.

Recently my family decided to go on a trip abroad, and we are currently going over possible destinations.

Since the people going are my aunts (2), my uncle, possibly a cousin or two and my father, I started thinking about going places that are both a little less known but also family friendly; Full of sights and places to see and visit.

After a little research, I decided on northern Europe and Baltic Sea area; More specifically, Latvia, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Denmark, Greenland, Norway and Sweden.

I would like to hear your opinions...
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Hmmm, that is in Russia, but it DOES sound nice...
Go to Stockholm by far the best city in northern Europe
In Sweden and Denmark you can do great with only english
I dont know about the rest
Norway is really beautiful

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Can anyone recommend some plastic surgeons abroad ? I was hoping to get the surgery done locally but $8500 is a bit goddamn much for me.
I've also never been out of the country before so this would be killing two birds with one stone for me.
I was aiming for something under 3k total.
Sorry if this isn't the right board , I was torn between /fit/ and here.
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Forgot to mention the only place I'm hesitiant to go to is india , because most of the sites look like shit , and don't show their work at all.
Thailand, best for cheap quality medical tourism. Just look at the ladyboys
I actually typed this surrounded by Thai chicks, only two "appear" to have gone under the knife,outside of breasts and sometimes nose, it's hard to tell

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Hey /trv/ planning my first trip abroad for spring and was wondering what your oponions are on hostel dorms set ups. Do you prefer mixed or private dorms? 2-12 people dormitories?
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I prefer six bed mixed dorms. Eight in a pinch. Too small and it feels like you're in someone else's hotel room. Too big is obviously a problem.

Mixed because the odd babe in a bra and panties spices things up and I've seen a few tits and gotten laid once just from waking up while some chick was getting changed. It's no bad thing.

It's also a decent way to meet chicks. You've seen them in underwear, they've seen you in slightly less, it breaks the ice and everyone knows...
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Always mixed rooms so I can steal some of that sweet used panties the girls leave behind when they go do some sightseeing
Well i was gonna go mixed but now I'm worried girls are gonna steal my man panties, thanks

Post your favourite street/neighborhood in your city
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>favorite street/neighborhood in your city

Pretty much the opposite of traveling since it is just over a 10 minute walk for me but if you're in the area you may find something to enjoy nearby.
Bit sentimental, maybe, as it's the first place I lived in London - but, wow, what a neighbourhood.

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sup ks fag.

I don't live here (but I visit very often) my favorite street in Kansas City is Walnut St or Grand Blvd in downtown, don't really know why desu

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So I'm in the early stages of planning a 4-6 week trip to Scotland, and I'd like practical information that I may overlook in the process.

I'm not big on culture, and my grand plan is to do several of the longer hikes through the country with breaks to distilleries and towns in between. I also don't want to carry a ton of hiking gear so I'll probably do the old man thing and sleep at hostels, bothies, or B&Bs.

So far I have 2 trails that I am definitely doing:
1) West Highland Way (94 miles)
2) Great Glen Way (73 miles)
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In the West Highlands, maybe visit Oban. It's a much more interesting town (cathedrals, big folly on the hill overlooking the place) than Fort William, where the two trails join. The train journey between Fort William and Oban (there are usually three trains a day, and you have to change at Crianlarich) is often described as one of the most scenic in the world - so try to do that in daylight hours. From Oban you could cross by ferry to the Isle of Mull , and then maybe on to other islands (eg Iona)
I love the route from Loch Lomond to Oban to Fort William (Ben Nevis) to Mallaig to Skye. It's absolutely stunning. And Skye itself has fantastic hikes. There are some great hiking options in Cairngorms National Park too. The shorelines of the Orkney Islands are very dramatic as well.
Just off the west highland way you'll find a distillery called Aberlour in the village of Aberlour, highly recommend this and the mash tun inn is an excellentp lace to stay, a little expensive but worth it. also Dewars world of whisky in Perthshire and springbank distillery in campbeltown are a must see.

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