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Sup /trv/ So i am planing to go and study english on Australia (My boyfriend lives there)
I presonally think i have a medium-hig/hig level of english. So gonna travel there to study. Now how's the economical situation there?
I bet i have to start working there along with my studies.

>Image non related. But wonder if anyone else have noticed this shit on an airplane?
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>noticed this shit on an airplane

uhh no smoking has been pretty much standard forever on the internet
Expensive as fuck. Pretty much everything is stupidly expensive but rent and alcohol most of all.
On the other hand, local wages are pretty high (minimum wage of $21/hour, higher on weekends etc) and it's easy to find work if you've got even basic skills. I did some bar work when I was over there and it was great, good culture in most venues and almost $30/hour pay.

Where are you coming from?
Mainly studying english and getting experience on my main career (Gastronomist) Also visiting my boyfriend for a long period of time.
You realized there's an ash holder right underneath the sign right?

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Hi all. First time poster long term lurker here.
After years of thinking about travelling and not doing it, i've finally jetted off on an adventure.
Im spending
>1 month SEA
>1 month India
>1 month Nepal.
>I'm young male white etc

I'm one week into the first part of the trip and I just wanted to give/recieve some advice.
So far I've been Phnom penh, Siem Reap, Bangkok, and am currently in Ayutthaya as I make my...
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But yeah, most of the stuff I've learnt so far is probably quite self explanitory, and obvious to anyone who (unlike myself) has half a brain.

Willing to take absolutely any questions, as I'm not to sure what else to say about the rest of my journey.

After SEA my flight from Bankok is to Chennai, where I was planning on using the 3 weeks to make my own way to Dehli to fly out.
Then the flooding happened. I'm now considering flying directly out of Chennai airport to somewhere less ravaged, any suggestions?
>Yes I'm...
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If a monk tries to bless you then says you owe money - scam. Monks ask for donations, and generally from locals not whiteys
If a tuk tuk driver takes you somewhere you don't want to go, refuse to buy anything from the place and they'll eventually let you leave.
Don't buy anything from street kids. It's the same marked up imported crap they sell in the foreigner markets, and it encourages the kids to skip school.
In fact, dont buy any of those shitty knock off tourist trinkets, these help neither the economy or the people you buy from. If you want...
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>giving travel advice after 1 week in SEA

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Which airline is the best and why is it pic related?
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That's not IcelandAir
I've only flown United and American. United's 737 was nicer than American's in terms of features but I enjoyed my flights on American more.
You clearly enjoy being constantly late and treated like cattle. Good for you, OP.

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Hey /trv/. Trying to go back to Mexico to live semi permanently, I figured at least for a start a job teaching English would be a good way to keep myself fed/housed. I'm fluent in Spanish and have done informal English tutoring to ESL uni students so it shouldn't be hard to get a job once I have a certificate. Which leads me to my 2 questions:

Which certification should I go for? TEFL, TESOL, what's the real difference? I'm having trouble finding info on how the different certs are distinguished from one another.

Also, what's the fastest way to get certified? Since I actually have no home in the U.S. I'm currently staying at my parents house which is far from ideal. I'd love to limit my time here to like a month, and get to Mexico asap. Are there some reputable online courses anyone could recommend? Then I could move down like immediately as long as I have my laptop with me.

Thanks for any help!
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Has anyone currently on here done international English teaching and, if so, which license did you have?
I don't know much about the ESL stuff, but in my experience the paperwork for working in Mexico as a foreign resident is a bitch. My job has taken me down there for two long extended periods. Due to various contract structures, the second time required our partner organization to be the one paying me, and everything we had to file had such long wait and processing times, and was so needlessly complicated, that I ended up getting paid under the table.

They really do not like non-Mexicans working in Mexico. It's way worse than getting into the US or even Canada.

>mfw I realized I wuz technically an illegal immigrant in Mexico for 3 months

So I'd really recommend making sure you've got a position lined up ahead of time and starting all the red tape bullshit before you go.
See I've heard a very different tale from people I know who work/have worked there. They say that as long as you're not doing any government or big corporate work, it's very easy to get by without your work visa, working "illegally" and nobody gives a fuck. Actually, everyone I know who did teaching over there did it without bothering to get the visa.
It sounds like yours is maybe a bit different of a situation where the company you work for has to keep everything "above board".

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Hey /trv/, just moved to Vancouver from nz and was wondering if it's this bleak year round and if buses and the sky train are my best bet or if I should.invest in a beater of a car. Also curious about housing. What are some okay areas and so on and what's a reasonable rent rate for a single bedroom place?
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may to september gets really sunny and nice, afterwards it rains all year and is cloudy.

i rent for 800 single bedroom, in a residential house, i think apartments are a bit more expensive

transit is pretty easy unless you have to travel frequently and often. parking is really gay here, expensive and hard to find spots

also traffic is annoying in the morning and after work.
I've seen a lot of basements for let. Is that a thing? Also does that 800 account for power/water/net etc?
Yeah. Vancouver is really trying to increase density, so a basement suite is really easy to have.

Do you have a job yet? You don't need a car if you live by transit that goes by your work. Getting a bike is good idea probably.

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Post them!
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Also, will be going to London in January and
France in June or July
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Why do we change maps like every week

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Are you guys not annoyed and depressed by the fact that you can only travel around this tiny dot and you were born to early to get to see the wonders of the galaxy with your own eyes?

Travelling the world looks boring to me
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Will it ever be enough? One day we'll wish for inter dimensional travel, then we'll still be wanting more
>Will it ever be enough? One day we'll wish for inter dimensional travel, then we'll still be wanting more

No, I think I would be entirely satisfied by interstellar travel, hell I'd probably be mostly satiated with interplanetary travel within this system.

>inb4 some retard says "just do drugs!"
It's not the same, it really isn't.
I'd be satisfied with just this galaxy

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I'm getting a SUV soon that I'd like to use for extended travels, by myself. I plan to put down or take out all the rear seating and turn the back of it into a little camper area, with space for a small mattress or sleeping bag, window covers, some shelving, etc. What people do with vans, except in the limited space of a SUV.

Any recommendations on what I should try doing here? Recommended vehicles?
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I've always had the idea of doing that with a proper 4x4. Set it up for proper offroading, throw a solar panel on top, a fridge, laptop charger and cooker in the back and then just drive off INNAWOODS and set up by some remote lake until my food runs out and I can't catch anymore then head back to work. Rinse and repeat.
How would you get the power for the fridge?
I would suggest a late model ford exclusion or Chevy Tahoe and extended bed where it is either flat or the hardware that hold the rear seats can relative easily be unbolted. You might also want to think of a used cargo van, yeah creepy as fuck but cheap, easy to repair, and incredibly versatile to make the interior fit your needs (rape) or otherwise

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It's high time we had one of these threads.
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This is a /pol/ thread just waiting to happen.
Countdown to Syrian immigrant pics......
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>not including a bare template like a faggot

And yes, I agree.

Where I went
What I expected
>picture of beautiful blonde women
What I got
>picture of a bunch of arabs setting a flag on fire

Just don't people. We already "inb4'd" it.
File: 1449377858886.png (786 KB, 1208x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 1208x472
Wish I was kidding. Athens is the only place I've been that really, truly let me down.

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Anyone ever been to Everest? Interesting in climbing it someday?
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I chose Annapurna instead of Base Camp when I was in Napal, heard it's a more attractive hike.

Definitely going to climb it one day though. I've already got 15,000 saved in my 'Everest account' waiting for the day I graduate.
It's on my bucket list, towards the end as do I expect it to kill me.
Doesn't it cost like $100,000 in training, gear, sherpas, transportation and other things involved to climb Everest?

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Sup /trv/

Have any of you made it into or tried joining the French Foreign Legion?
I've given myself 6 months to train and git gud before I go to Paris and knock on their doors next July. I'm hoping to start my life from scratch because I'm sick of the third world shithole that I live in (India) and sick of the people around me and sick of the consumerist society in general. I understand that the training and the combat will be brutal but I'm craving for some action in life. All the adventure and the French overseas territories I'll get to...
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its France, it ain't shit compared to the other ones, but it isn't bad from where you are, enjoy the upgrade
Can you do 50 pushups
60 setups?
Two miles in 12 minutes?
5 pull ups?

Why not your military?
Why the Legion instead?
Why do you want to join the Legion.

You need to want the Legion. You'll eat at a deficit for a month or so in their training and run about 5km every day. Most of the running with up to 40kg weight.

Also I hope you like cleaning (corvee) multiple times everyday and are willing to go to Africa or do jungle training, running nearly everyday there, and probably...
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parlez-vous fran├žais?

Anybody ever been to Papua New Guinea?
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Yes and I got shot
20 + years of military /Security work and its the only place I was in fear

>Afraid of some jungle men with outdated rifles and machetes

Man the fuck up, the bandits never go anywhere near security guards because they know they are well trained and will shoot at anything that they see as a threat. I got no idea where you have worked before, but i can seriously think of dozens of worse places than PNG.

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I'm staying in Los Angeles for a year. I visited a few places, went to some clubs/shows but I honestly have no idea what I should do here.

what are some cool experiences I shouldn't miss or places I should visit?
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>you need to get out of LA
LA is a cesspool of shit. Leave as soon as possible
I would definitely make the drive or fly to San Francisco for a few days while you're there. Tons of awesome stuff to do.
>Beautiful views!
>Really cool, unique events to attend and places to go!
>God tier coffee!
>Near some really fun hiking paths!
>Really good food!

File: language_is_key.jpg (68 KB, 1616x976) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm torn on a language to dedicate myself to.
I'm 20 years old, and it's now or never to put a language in my tool kit.

My father and some family live in Toronto, Canada, and I have taken 3 years of French in high school. I'd have a bit of a head start learning it. Though, I do not love French that much. I wouldn't really want to go to France ever, and I don't find speaking French fun.

I think its cool sounding and really different from English....
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Maybe learn a language you have the most interest in and plan on using one day. I'm trying to learn Korean so when I go back next year.
Pic related
You can learn more than one language.
From what you've listed I would absolutely rule out Korean. You seem to have no real motivation or reason for speaking it. The only people who think South Korea is a cooler Japan would be... Koreans and maybe some Koreaboos. Japan is bigger, has more stuff do and see and is generally just more vibrant and culturally interesting than Korea. I have stayed in both countries for work and can tell you with confidence that this is the case. I like Korea, especially Korean food, but it is more bland than Japan. Korea is a great place to live, but it's not a good place to...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Just seeing who all on this site is out here. If you are living,visiting, does not matter. Post something about yourself and lets see how many of us are out here.

Currently residing: Angeles city
Duration:2 months
Reason: Myself, i just separated from the military and figured this would be a good place to relax for a few years.

Also pic related. The view from fields avenue towards Mt Aryat.
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im trying hard to decide where to go for two weeks

Thailand/Vietnam or phillipines

I've been leaning towards vietnam since i grew up around alot of viets and never disliked a single one, But on the other hand i hear the phillipines is much cheaper then vietnam/thailand.

Would you happen to know if that is true? (assuming you have been to either of those two countrys)
I'll be in phi in two months. Planning to spend a week at least in Angeles.
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I was going to go found a cheap ticket but couldn't book it. Tell us more, where u at what u do, how the girls are, etc...

Dying to know

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