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Anyone is here on Tenerife?
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have been there last year. pic looks like puerto de la cruz? one of the nicest places i have ever been to... loved the way up to the teide. will be coming back soon! you live there?

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Do you have any advice for a 19 year old hoping to make money off his laptop and to travel a lot of the time? Or am I just being unrealistic with myself. Is it better to just go place to place finding jobs?

Is it too expensive to maintain the "travel life" and work online, should it just be a cheap place like SEA and go from there?

Has anyone managed to achieve this dream of mine? I'm not materialistic, i'd rather spend the time I have on earth to see as much as I can. I'd only settle down when i'm older (around 26-30) I've lived...
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Wish I could offer you something more substantial OP, but when I was traveling through SE Asia, I hung out with a German guy who had been doing this for 6 years. He was really fucking bizarre, but he worked remotely in either programming or IT and relocated every 3-4 months. Your area of study is definitely useful here.
how did you make 200 $ / month OP ?
I am currently doing this in SEA, but I would not leave home unless you have at least 1000 bucks coming in each month + money for the ticket.

Protip: If you are a babyface young 'un that isn't completely ugly, the bad girls will throw it at you for free, unless you are stupid enough to say that you are willing to pay. Wear a rubber.

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Hongcouverite here,

I'm taking my gf down to the states next week to visit family in Seattle for a day. We're seeing my relatives on the 23rd, and I've already been down to Seattle a few times with my gf so I want to go down to Portland and do a bit of exploring for a couple days. I booked us a hotel for 1 night in Vancouver WA so that we could spend 2 days down in Portland, 3 if I can find a better deal on hotels for 2 nights, but for now, it's looking to be only 2 days of exploring. For 2 days, what would you say would be the best places to visit in Portland?

I know 2 days is not that much time to spend down there, but it's mostly just something for us to do before we visit family. As much as I love outdoorsy type things, and I'm seeing a lot of that in the searches I've done, we will probably avoid them as I doubt the weather will be suitable.

I mainly would like to try do some things that are "unique" to Portland that I wouldn't really get anywhere else. I'm not looking to spend an extraordinary amount of money as I'm pretty strapped for cash going into the holidays. But just a few interesting places for us to visit while we're down there would be great. We will be there pretty early in the morning as we're leaving from up north at around 4-5am.

Any recommendations?
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I have lived in Portland my whole life. Definitely check out the Hawthorne district, that is what most people think of when they think of Portland. Go to any McMinnamins establishment (though McMinnamins is a PNW thing, not exclusive to Portland) Eat at food carts, fuck restaurants. I'm only 20 so idk anything about bars and such but I hear Portland has great bars so definitely look into that. If you like book stores, check out Powells, it's honestly one of the best book stores in the country. Downtown is cool but be prepared to interact with a lot of homeless people...
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I am going to either Mozambique or Tanzania, but cannot decide which. Which of these countries is more fun, striking and unique?
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or any east african country

One of my best friends is volunteering in Tanzania with the Peace Corps and he loves it. Seems like people are friendly, the wildlife is amazing, and the daily cost of living is low.
bumping for you

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Hi /trl/

I am going to Cuba for Christmas vacation (1 week). I was wondering how much it will cost daily and if there is anything I should know about traveling there ? Should I contact my government and let them know ? Do I need shots ? It's my first time leaving the country I'm a travel noob.

Thanks in advanced for the help
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Where are you from?
Get your visitor card that is stamped on the back by a travel agency...

There are 2 currencies in use the CUC for tourists 1 CUC = 1 USD and the CUP currency of the locals you can also get but only use on markets or local shops. 26.5CUP = 1 USD

Budget depends on what you have already paid for and what you plan to do. Usually about 30 CUC will be good for food and getting around per day.

If you are american bring euros that will last for your whole trip. USD get a penalty...
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Amazing thank you anon.

I will be traveling from Canada. I have paid for the resort and flight. I am bringing my partner. I'll get 500$ in Cuc before going.

Should I be worried about spiders or anything ?
No problem.

If it's a resort there's usually not much left to pay for most of them have food included. It's activities and that can be anything just take US prices as references you might get off a lot cheaper but yea. Keep a healthy reserve anyway.

>Should I be worried about spiders or anything ?
Not really, just the usual stuff:
don't drink from a fountain use bottled water for everything and the other thing are mosquitoes just bring a repellent...
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Is Dubai worth visiting? I am debating making a VERY long pit stop there for about 5 days on my upcoming trip. Its really the only Middle Eastern country I would feel 100% safe taking my wife to which is one of the main reasons I am debating it. However I feel like it lacks culture compared to alot of countries, which is something I do enjoy when I travel. Spending money and trying to look rich is not my cup of tea.
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I was in your exact same situation and decided against it...

Only advice I can give you is to consider the opportunity costs, anon. What else would you be doing with your time/money?
I'd recommend a stop over in Bahrain. What do you mean by culture. There is metropolitan stuff to do in Dubai, like plays and such. There are souqs and things too. Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar are just as safe and easier to access the culture in some sense, because it has a lower ex pat pop. Qatar is still pretty high, but not as bad UAE
>However I feel like it lacks culture compared to alot of countries

very true. I wouldn't bother. or cut the trip to only 2 or 3 days. no need for 5.

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What are your worst survival experiences? How'd you manage?
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Flat tire in the middle of Death Valley with low gasoline and middle of the night around Teakettle junction. Maybe not so close to death but still a horrible experience.
All my survival experiences have been good. Better than my death experiences.

My brother and I were rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon. Hung around on the top for a bit, took pictures, viewed what little of the Strip you can see from up top. It was nice.
Getting down wasn't as nice however. We were never in any serious trouble, but going up is always easier than going down. There were a few spots were we had to kinda convince ourselves to jump down, or I'd have to carefully get down, and then help him.

I didn't hear it, but my parents just hung...
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Man that little guy really hates cabbages

/backpack/ general? I'm traveling around south america in february and I need a bigger pack. Hoping for around $150
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No I'll be staying at hostels mostly. I'd just like to be able to keep like 7-10 days worth of clothes and everything else I need on me in one convenient bag.
Off topic but if Backpacking another country a good way to lose some weight?
After a while you're going to get tired of carrying more stuff than you'll really need to use. If you're staying in hostels just go full hippy and bring half to a quarter of that and wash it in the sink.

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So I'm a Californian. I have never been abroad but I feel like I have a need to travel somewhere.
The problem is I know no languages other than english and I'll be traveling alone as all of my friends have jobs that don't allow them extra time or money.
So I don't know where to go.
My question is what would be a good destination for me to begin?
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what do you like? cities? towns? wilderness? food? beaches? what time of year will you be going? what is your budget? how long? are there any cultures you're interested in? how far do you want to push your comfort level? give us a little fucking help here.

>only speak english
not a problem. i only speak english and have been all over. most of the time you can find someone who speaks enough. plus learn "yes", "no" and "thank you" in whatever language and that will get you miles of goodwill.
I like cities and Wilderness. Budget would probably cap at 3k a week although I wouldnt really want to maintain that for more than 3-4 months. I good mix of expensive and cheap would be ideal.
My comfort level needs to be pushed, that's kind of the point although I wouldn't want to go somewhere that I could easily get lost or robbed.
Anytime of year really.
>budget 3k/week
>3-4 months

you really have $40,000 to drop, or do you suck at math and budget planning?

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Eurofag going to NY, any tips?
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donĀ“t go
stay at home
play videogames
Well how long are you going?
What kind of things do you like?
What do you want to do?
That's such a retarded map, holy shit... Uptown does not exist! There be niggers!

Is it because they can't get used to the local culture? People say that the pay is not that good, but surely it is better than working in retail/fast food restaurants in the west? Don't most ESL schools pay for your accomodation and flight tickets?
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Think of it as a paid vacation and not an occupation. Except in rare instances it is not a job to build a life out of. Further the longer you do it, the further back in your career path you'll be left.
>Except in rare instances it is not a job to build a life out of
Is it true that you only save very little money each month? What about teachong at an actual primary school/kindergarten?
And surely teaching ESL abraod is better than, ugh, retail and catering in the west?
Because most people view it as a gap year gig which is really what it should be.

>Is it true that you only save very little money each month?

It depends on the country and job. Teaching in public schools in Korea is a very good deal. Or at least it used to be. The government cut the public school program back drastically but I believe jobs are still available in elementary schools. I saved about 10,000 dollars...
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So where should I go? I've got an intense desire to go somewhere within the next month, I'm looking for somewhere that's cheap in terms of hotels and food, I don't mind if the flight is slightly expensive just if the place is quite cultural and cheap. Looking for the overall trip to be under 1000 GBP.

I was thinking thailand, really interested in going there but I want other suggestions.

Anything really exotic or obscure out there that one needs to see? Apologies, I know how annoying it can be to tell someone where to go
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I'm in the same boat, OP.

It's ironic, because the two places I'm considering most are Peru and Thailand/Cambodia.

Would have to do Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Machu Picchu and ayahuasca in Peru.
Have you considered Morocco? It's fairly close to the UK, cheap enough to fly to, cheap as shit once you're there, and radically different from the UK. You could easily spend a month there with roundtrip airfare for under 1000 GBP, and that's if you made no serious effort to be thrifty
Hm, I'd like to but I actually have an Uncle who recently went there and said it was shit for some reason, I'll find out from him what he has to say.

What do you suggest to do there?

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i have ben thinking of traveling to india for a year or 2.

Specific areas?
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lol wat
Designated shitting streets.
Go someplace nice.

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Thinking of moving, because I hate America. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking Estonia, somewhere out of my comfort zone.
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Grow the fuck up.
You can't just pack up and move to a foreign country because you feel like it. Going to live in Europe is very difficult as a new worlder because visa restrictions on people from those countries are very tough. If your just some 19 year old angsty kid who dropped out of college and wants to live somewhere else good fucking luck, these countries want skilled workers not wage slaves, they can get those from the 3rd world and poorer EU countries.
well I'm an EU Citizen so...

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Hi, I will be driving into Toronto Canada via Michigan. However, my passport will not be here in time for me to go.

Will my original birth certificate and my Driver's license be enough to cross? I am not staying long, just a few days with a friend.
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troll or retard?

in case retard, sorry bruh, you fucked.
I already googled the question and looked through tons of post, both with conflicting answers. Can you just answer it?
you MAY get into canada with the right dl. you will NOT easily get back into the us.

if it arrives while you're in canada have someone overnight ship it to you to save yourself from embassy hell.

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