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Hey /b/ros

Im moving to Cambodja for a year in 2016

Any tips


Must knows

Must see


Anything is welcome doing a long trip throughout asia !

Hit me up !
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Hey bro are you stealing jobs from locals, as a paid """volunteer""" experience or are you working in a fake orphanage?
Actually no. Im a physical therapist and osteopath going to work in a medical clinic. Earn 4000 dollars a month. So... just traveling and experiencing food and culture.
Do they use us nurses or nurse practitioners? I used to live in Vietnam, and traveled all over the region over 4 years. Recommend ha nang in North Vietnam, dating an educated local for companionship and travel, motorbike trips into mountains, and Burma. You will get used to the cost of everything. I would try to stay away from the seedy underbelly of sea, but to each their own. Cambo really bummed me out compared to the rest of the region, but I vhalk it down to psychedelics and genocide museums. Ankor wat is A+.

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Just booked flights to Cuba from 11th - 25th Jan. From the UK.

What is the best way to get around?
Any must see locations?
What will it be like for vegetarians?
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Vegetarians don't exist in Cuba because vegetarians are stupid

you should get jacked
Internet is impossible to find
Hope your Spanish is good

JK we know it isn't, you're English
So besides the 'critism is so edgy' teens, any real advice?

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Rice Paddy.jpg
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The title really says it all guys. I'm going backpacking for 25 days through Vietnam starting the 28th of December. We're flying into Hanoi and from there, the country is our oyster. Our only set trip is to Phu Quoc for three days before we fly back up to Hanoi and than back to the states.
While we've decided to leave most of our trip unplanned, what are the must see's?
Which places will give us the best bang for our buck?
Has anyone ever biked for a duration of their stay there? We want to bike but we aren't sure where we should/if its worth it.
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You come at a wrong time my friend. Vietnam in the summer is a lot more fun seeing how beaches and tropical weather are our strong points. That being said:

1. Northern Vietnam: go to Sa Pa up north and climb the Fan Si Pang. Hanoi's winter is pretty nice, just rent scooters drive around and see shit for yourself, try plenty of street foods too. Go to Quang Binh for the caves and stuffs. Hookers are cheap in Hanoi

2. Mid Vietnam: Hoi An is overhyped but if you're into the old dynasty side of Vietnam then give it a shot

3. Southern: Ho Chi Minh...
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North: Hanoi (desu i thought it was way better than Ho Chi Minh), Ha long bay (it might be foggy), Sa Pa & the mountains, Ninh Binh.

Middle: Hue & Palace, Danang for beaches and royal tombs, Hai van pass (rent a motorbike, its amazing).

South: Ho Chi Minh, Chu Chi tunnels, Mekong Delta, Floating markets.

That's all the major stuff i did when i went to Vietnam in the summer last year, weather is good all around but Ha Long and Sa Pa might be foggy (though they weren't for us...
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I know, I wish we could've chosen to go in the summer, but we both start our full time jobs in February and this is out last hoorah.

Thanks for the advice in the North. Is it worth it to get suits made in Hoi An/Da Nang? We read it was the best place overall.

Why would you say its better being white? My travel companion is light skin lol. What street foods would you recommend? I already love Pho, but that's in the US of course, so I'm sure its completely different.

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So /trv/ I'm going to Budapest, this january for a week, with a friend. How are the people? Any advice on attractions, places to eat and places to go out? Thank you.
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Book a massage a couple days in advance at Szechenyi, or there won't be one available the day you wish to go.
Musts: Terror House ~3hrs, Hospital in the rock possible in the evenings when doing fisherman's bastion and castle buda. Some of the best klezmer music restaurants need a reservation too, so plan ahead for that experience.
Cool I have looked those places up, they all seem worthwhile. What about the people? How do they feel about foreigners?
When it comes to tourist, Budapest is like most of other big cities. There would be many hospitable people, some who hate tourists, most do not care. There is significantly less English spoken than in Western Europe, but when you're there for a week, you probably won't really notice that.

Note down the Király utca-Kazinczy utca area as well for food, drinks, bars.

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floral background.jpg
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I am interested in doing a one year Master's degree in Australia. Excluding tuition fees, how much should I have saved up before moving?
I am a Singaporefag with Aussie citizenship.
I am a bit worried about not getting used to the culture there and ending up depressed and miserable (for some reason, this seems common amongst immigrants in the west).
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The depression is usually the result of being disconnected from friends, family, and familiarity.

The specifics of how much money you'll need, you'll probably need to take up with a spreadsheet over long, painful hours, but I doubt that the living expenses are proportionally/PPP more than Singapore.
>The depression is usually the result of being disconnected from friends, family, and familiarity
Travellers on /trv/ tend to be having the times of their lives abroad though.
how can I quantify it?
I work part time as a bartender and I get by, anyone with a full time job can make it with a bit of discipline

alcohol and cigarettes are disproportionately expensive, public transport is very cheap

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Hi /trv/,

I stopped by a while back asking for advice on where to go in South America. Tickets are now booked! I’ll be heading to Colombia for three weeks in January, I can’t wait. I am really excited about all the possibilities the country appears to offer from jungle in the south, to mountains, pacific coast and Caribbean beaches! Sorry for the guide book introduction, but I cant wait and it is the first time I’m heading further south west than Mexico (I am from Denmark btw).

What are some stops that should not be missed, what is the most awesome thing...
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There are some awesome mountains surrounding Bogota, where you can go hiking (paramos).
Also, if you go to Bogota, don't miss going to Monserrate (a church on the top of a mountain, quite popular place)
The list could go forever, I'm trying to address the points you mentioned. Talking about thw street vendors, be sure to have someone from the city to advice you where to eat. Better be safe.

PS: I'm from Bogota. Whatever you need, just ask.

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I am in Croatia right now. How do I score with Croatian girls ?
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Have good logistics; stay in a place by yourself in a good location. That's half the battle.

After that start approaching
Basically the same way you get girls at home.
But I don't

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Hello /trv/ I'll be in L.A. in a few days for the first time. What do I absolutely need to see/do? And is there any place you guys would suggest a weeb to see in L.A.?
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>celebrity death tour
>watch Chinatown so you can more fully appreciate how grotesque development was
...also, I imagine it's possible to troll 3rd tier entertainment people with requests for interviews or talent/casting submissions. Getting a troll meeting during your vacation would be a great Life Story.
Since you're a weeb, go to Little Tokyo. Great little restaurants and it has a Kinokuniya bookstore. Also it has a figure store tucked away in the subway part.
Something not many people know is that talk show tickets are free. I know Conan and maybe Kimmy Kimmel tape in LA. There is a long queue to get tickets but it's an interesting experience if you can come by them, I saw conan and there seemed to be quite a few open seats

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britbong here
going to the university of texas in austin next year, i've never been to america before and have no idea what to expect, how can i get the most fun out of a year of american uni?

also what is the deal with frats and should i join one?
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If you want to get beyond Austin (which is nice) you'll need cash or car. You can pay for direct flights to LA, Chicago, NYC and Miami. You can drive to New Orleans, AZ/Grand Canyon, and farther to Las Vegas or the Mark Twain areas according to your interests. The economics are going to be weird so I suggest you make as many friends as possible.

If you want to backpack in the /trv/ manner as an American would on Eurorail you can do that airplanes. However, if you want to experience the AMERICA and our national legend, you'll need a car. This is going to be terribly...
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i am a student, i don't even have a car back home, getting a car is totally infeasible, i guess i'll just have to make friends with someone with a car

having said that, my accomodation has free food, so i might have a shitload of extra cash
How big are your balls and what is the degree impact of the classes you'd be taking in the US? Our professors typically seek to minimize student interaction so if you pick your classes properly you can spend several weeks on Greyhound or similar buses.

This is probably the stupidest thing for travelling imo. Sure you will be comfier having all your pockets empty, but this is so ridiculously easy to steal that only needs a sign saying "pls rob me"
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Isn't the idea that you keep it hidden inside your clothes?
Yeah, OP is a faggot that doesn't read instructions.
You me I'm not supposed to throw it over my shoulder and go about my day?

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Where can I find the addresses to these type of wall murals, and which cities have them? I am going to be traveling the US next summer and I think it would be cool to find a bunch of these in as many cities as I can to take a picture of myself in front of them.
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I know Austin, TX has one too
Seaside, OR
Chapel Hill, NC

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I'm going backpacking in Europe and the sticky recommends a camping stove. It makes sense, but will I be able to use them in hostels or is this just for camping areas in Europe? Anyone got any insight in this? Thanks
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Camping areas. Hostels typically have communal kitchens to use
Don't bring a stove if you're going from hostel to hostel. If you plan on camping then bring one.

be careful with german hostels, most of them are pretty old/ haven't been renovated in a long time and many usually don't have communal kitchens so always check for that online. i'm a german geology student so i've seen quite a lot of hostels here on my field trips though most of them were more in the country side.

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Is it possible to enjoy a two night stay in Paris on ~200 euros? I impulsively booked the trip a while ago but now that it's approaching I'm really short on cash.
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If the hotel and everything else is already paid for, 200 Euros should be enough.

Except you plan on doing cocaine and hookers of course.
i wish i had 200 euros to burn in two days. if you can use it wisely that is a lot of money
I don't have a place to stay yet, just coaches there and back. I assume a hostel will be ~£15/night.

I've never been to Paris before, I just want to have a look around, soak up the ambiance, practice my French and get drunk with locals in the evenings.

Anyone have experience traveling to Russia(specifically Americans)? I was planning on going to Moscow and/or St. Petersburg this summer and I was wondering what others think of the situation and if anyone has any tips. Is it a good idea? What is the possibility that I'll be given a tourist visa? Any help is appreciated.
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I forgot to mention that I can read and write Russian, but I only know some basics. I'll also be accompanied by a native Russian speaker.

You'll have no problems especially for those 2 cities. They're full of tourists and nobody will care where you come from as long as you have a VISA and you're polite
So what seems to be the officer, problem?

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Hey /trv/ Im solo traveling berlin for a week and a half. Anyone here who want to meet up for some beers or go clubbing? Also looking for tips on what to do besides partying. My main intrests are music, synthesizers, modern history, graffiti etc
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when are you going to be in Berlin?
I'm going to be in Berlin for NY if you/anyone wants to get a beer. I've only been to Berlin for a weekend once before so I'm no expert. I went pretty hard that weekend so I only know a couple clubs.
Would've done it, but I'm in Israel from the 30th.

There are plenty of museums in Berlin. You could go to the Historic Museum which is right "Unter den Linden" near the Cathedral. Also if you are interested in GDR-History you should visit "Stasigefängnis Hohenschönhausen" or the "Stasi-Headquarters" in Lichtenberg. For Grafitti you could just wander around a bit or take the U1. That line is elevated, so you can look outside.

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