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Staying in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a week.

The visa on arrival requirements say this:
"Visitors must possess minimum US Dollar 500 or equivalent of Foreign Currency in Cash or Credit Card."

I have $265, a debit card (not a credit card) and a bank statement showing I have something over $2k.

Would that be ok, or is a credit card a must? I could also make up the difference using GDP, but I know I wont need that money.
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I don't think you really should be worried. Few people travel there so there isn't that much accurate information on the visa on arrival. I can give you my own experience though.

>fly to Dhaka last year
>be prepared with things like letter of invitation from local
>border guard actually doesn't care, he just wants me to fill out the form and to see the name of my hotel
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You white?

I would not worry too much. Granted, I haven't been there for 20yrs.
Are you still alive OP?

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Hey /trv/, I'm moving from Detroit MI to Tempe AZ in a little over a week. I'm 25, 10 boxes and a bike packed and ready. I already have a place to stay, job lined up etc. I'm just concerned about the long drive alone. Has anybody else made this type of long distance relocation? Did anything go wrong or what would you have changed?
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Long drives are fun. Bring good music, snacks and just cruise.

Pull over and nap if you feel you need to. Drink coffee. There's not much more too it then that.
Pretty much what that guy said. If you're not tight on schedule, then check out some places. But get plenty of rest, and if tired, always pull over. Podcasts are great too.
Get your car serviced before the big drive.

Get a large thermos and fill it with coffee every morning.

Try to hit the big cities in the late evening and get a hotel on the outskirts

Don't be afraid to detour for a day if you want to see something on the way.

t. moved from Nova Scotia to Texas

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Hey guys,

Long-time /trv/fag. I live in Michigan and am going to get the heat shield on my motorcycle (pic related) repaired over near Detroit this coming weekend. I'd like to take a short road-trip by myself and avoid the highway. I've been to Chicago three or four times but never Toronto. Which city should I visit? Is Toronto exceptional enough to warrant the drive or should I stick with Chicago? Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I don't really care where I end up, as long as it's sort of interesting and won't be too hard...
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Toronto is certainly worth visiting if you're never been. I don't think it's really worth visiting if you're not even going to really stay one day, though. Toronto is kinda ugly on the whole (like all Canadian cities), and more of a city that rewards exploration. I don't think you'll really being doing it justice or be all that blown away.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is certainly pretty. I don't know how much time you have, but you could do a circuit around Lake Simcoe, or go to Kawartha...
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>Canada's day weekend
>QEW one of the busiest in world

avoid it m8. toronto is alright, its a lot safer and calmer and more hipster than chicago or michigan. scenery leading to it is shit compared to michigan though.

t. lived there for five years

niagara on the lake has a more scenic route too.
True, dang, I actually managed to forget about Canada Day, lol.

Still, that means there will be all kinds of little town fairs and stuff going on. No trolling, if you tell people you're American and came to see what Canada is all about, I think you'll be treated pretty well. Canada Day is less bombastic than 4th of July though.

I'm not in Toronto at the moment, or I'd suggest grabbing a beer.

File: Palace_of_Brussels.jpg (961 KB, 1187x784) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any Belgianons and/ or Christianianons here to help me out?

In August I will be flying from Munich to Tanger to backpack through North Africa.

Now my problem is that to get the cheapest flight (which is a 70€ difference to the next cheapest...) I had to pick a really unlogical flight plan, going first to Kopenhagen, spending about 12 hours there throughout the night and then going to Brussels for another 24 hours and then finally to Tanger.

Now I know that sleeping in either of those cities in August is hugely expensive, but I definitely could use something...
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Ayyy, you could've slept on my couch in Brussels. But I've just booked an August-October trip to Indonesia. Sorry bro.
Are you sure that one night in a hostel is so expensive? I reckon it'd set you back 20-25€.
Which is like 3 nights of equal comfort in Morocco...

Thanks for the offer though! Im sure Ill find something! Have fun in Indonesia!
What are your exact dates?

Can you post your itinerary for North Africa?

I plan on hitchhiking from western europe to Iraq.
>inb4 join IS
I'll pass to Greece on the way, but every kilometer into Greece is 2 kilometers extra to travel. Can someone please compare places to visit according to how far north it is. I'm looking for culture and nature, not into visiting bars
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Nowadays most people tend go in the opposite direction
Go to Agio Oros, its thestern peninsula of the 3 next to Thessaloniki.

The whole peninsula is owned by the church for 1000 years and has 13 monasteries.

Women cannot go there, its an ancient law though.
thats heaven on earth

they have a whorehouse every kilometer of the way, cheap, young, clean.

the law of no women is the perfect excuse for married men to spend a couple days away from wives when travelling in through eastern europe.

but you find this information anywhere, its an ancient secret

Hey /trv/. I will travel around Europe soon. What are some good travel photography tips? I don't want my pics to be cliched. I also want some non-cliche pose ideas (am female).

Thanks! I am not going to post this on /p/ as my phone is new and I don't have any nice photos to upload.
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File: 1466373015158.jpg (115 KB, 960x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so you're not really asking for tips on how to take photographs of things you see. you're asking for tips to photograph yourself, and things happen to be on the background.

I've only got one tip for you: don't be fat, bitch
Try to limit the amount of photos you are taking. The more you take the less meaning each one has.
I disagree, I prefer the girl on the left because of that beautiful red hair. I'd love to tongue her firery crack.

I've always had this question, is Finland part of Scandinavia? Upon research, I found out that Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
The reason why a lot of people think Finland is a part of Scandinavia is because all of the four countries are also known as "Nordic countries" if you add Iceland to them.
What's your input on this matter?
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You have literally just answered your own question. What is it you want from us ?
I mean the history of Finland is different than that of the other countries, just like their language isn't a Germanic language.

But I think that if you visit those countries, especially as an American I guess, you're not really going to notice a bigger difference between Sweden and Finland than between Sweden and Norway

File: trajets_Canada_en.gif (46 KB, 750x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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American here, thinking about taking a train ride across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto, through Montreal, Quebec City, and finally Halifax. I've never been to Canada before (except Niagara Falls but that doesn't count) but I'm somewhat familiar with the country, and I've also never rode on a train before, so I'm thinking it could be a cool experience.

Would this really be the trip of a lifetime? Which cities should I stop in? I'm personally very interested in seeing Quebec and everything east of it, like Nova Scotia. Would it be worth it?
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Forgot to add, reason I'm not doing this with U.S. trains is because I've seen mostly everything the US has to offer. I'm bored of the US. I've been to all the major landmarks in every region.

I would be a 19 year old male traveling solo. Other option would be doing the entire trip on my motorcycle, but I don't know if I have the stamina.
Train from Winnipeg to Toronto was one of the worst times of my life. Fuck all to see and takes forever. Best part is stopping every few hours to let a freight train pass. Rails aren't continuous welded either so is a constant clunk-clunk-clunk.... forget sleep
Well, I would be in my own cabin.

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how do you guys deal with the cold when traveling?

I suffer acutely in the cold, and I'm not sure if it's that I have the wrong gear, or I just wander around in the cold like a fool

also struggle with the weight of carrying coats/shoes/ice shovels etc

I'm set for china, but I'm going to be in the south and southwest
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wear a coat.
Wear many coats
engage your core
control your breath

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I've been already here for one week, have visited: Zurich, Geneva, Bern and couple of little towns.

What else can I do during my last 4 days here?
Any recomendation from a Swiss anon? Much appreciate it
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Get your ass down to Lake Como and the Italian parts of Switzerland.

Or go visit a Romansch-speaking town.
>Go to Schaffhausen and visit the Rheinfall. It has high water atm and you won't get a more spectacular view of it.
>Go to Herisau, from there to mount Säntis. beautiful view all around and great hikes if you're into it
>Lugano or Locarno are top notch as the other anon suggested
>do the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Davos or the other way around

other suggestions depend...
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stalk the German National Team, their basecamp is close to the Swiss border

(seriously though, south-eastern France seems to be really beautiful)

File: czechmedicalmarijuana.jpg (47 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My friend and I have both been to Prague separately in our lives, and we both decided to drop by again, but together this time.

The reason? We want to get stoned as balls again, meet cool peeps again and have a blast. But, the problem is, checking the hotels for this summer (mid August), all of them seem expensive as SHIT. We won't really be that financially empowered, but we expect to put away around 100 to 120 euro both (so 200 - 240 in total) for accommodation with food, if possible. Tho we haven't even decided yet if we're gonna go via bus or train...
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Go to a hostel, bruh. In Holešovice (literally on top of the C line), you can find a hostel with a bed for 200CZK (7€) a night. It is close enough to the centre so that you just get on a tram and go get some weed.

Sources? I'm Czech and I'm in Prague tomorrow for uni.
P.S.: I'll look around and if I find some Czech sites, I can translate/link them here.

How much do you want to spend a night? Also, how long are you planning to stay?
Shit, thanks man! Linking should be enough, we'll have google translate help us along the way, no need for you to stress yourself xp

We haven't really decided on a definite amount of money or time how much we'll stay, but we're thinking a week is gonna be more than enough, something between the 8th of aug through to the 14th. I'm supposed to start working soon, and I'm planning to waste at least half of my first pay on this (as the old Serbian saying goes, the first batch always goes down the river), and I think that'll be around 300e or so in total. My friend is gonna rely on the power of his mother's wallet and good will, but I'm pretty sure that he won't go without at least 200e totes, including travel and shit.

(btw, we're from Serbia, in case I haven't said so, and I have heard myths that there are international trains to the Czech republic from here, but probably with a change of train. Do you have a train that goes from/to Budapest? Since that seems the most logical place to switch rides, and I have no idea how to create that query on your train time table websites xd )

Speaking of hostels, my friend is a wee bit paranoid about them, mostly because they go for the 10 bunk bed in one room kind of thing to keep the prices down, and he doesn't want us ending up in a room who's gonna mind us getting high before going back to bed. xd

Speaking of which, I do remember being fully relaxed w/o any need for paranoia of the authorities when I was smoking a spliff (or well, that's what the dealer guy told me to do, anyways), but is the law for smoking/possessing any different from a country that has it illegal, or is the law a bit more loose? I was always confused about that, and I'd like to be sure.

Thanks a bunch for your help, man! Hope you do amazing things at uni today. 8D

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Traveling mistakes thread

>staying in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
>12:30 am
>wanted to go a nightclub but my friend didn't
>decide to go anyway
>head toward bus station, near the border of san telmo/la boca
>read a thousand times previously that la boca is dangerous, but don't care since I've never had any problems
>see a group of 8-10 teenagers...
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Also I'll post one for my friend who was with me on the trip

>get to buenos aires
>keep passport in pocket
>lose it 2 days later
>spend a good $200 getting a new one at the embassy
>frantically rebook all flights
>go to prague
>go to that big ass nightclub thats actually not that good
>come out at fuck in the morning
>try to go to the kebab shop but kebab shop is behind the strip club
>"you want sex yes?"
>kinda yeah
>have no cash
>they have a cashpoint in the strip...
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>was a particularly naive 18 year old
>trip through yuroland
>first part of the trip through France and Belgium alone
>meet up with friends in Rotterdam to travel in Netherlands and Germany
>this is the point where it goes to shit
>all they ever want to do is smoke weed, play guitar and do nothing in hostel rooms
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Anyone tried couchsurfing as a substitute for hostels, air b'n'b, etc?

How'd it go?
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Never used but am considering.
Either couchsurfing or some other network.
It looks like couchsurfing.org is requiring members to pay a fee to use the site (not create an account) so I'm looking for alternatives.
Oh wow, didn't notice that.
I also wonder if they let you use it right away, or if you need to build up a rep or whatever.

Let me know if you find anything better
Anyone else?

File: whitestag2576.jpg (907 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are some must-do things in Portland? I might be traveling there for a few days. Any quick recommendations would be appreciated greatly.

As an aside, is Voodoo donuts really all that? Just want the inside scoop.
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voodoo is overhyped shitty grocery store donuts and you have to wait in line for three hours to get them. pass
>that dum sine

PortLand does not even have zebras.
voodoo's hype is based off their gimmicks (i.e. cap'n crunch donuts) and not the actual quality of their donuts. i was disappointed. and the wait was unreasonably long.

File: _ sjabloon.png (89 KB, 1224x1092) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
_ sjabloon.png
89 KB,
Hello friends

I just got back from a long trip though Latin America. Pic related.
Ask me anything, I suppose.
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What was your method of travel? Did you generally backpack but fly between regions?
How long was the trip?
What was the best part? Worst part?
How was Morelia?
File: IMG_20160405_134752.jpg (621 KB, 2880x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I flew a few times, but everything from Asunción to Lima i did by bus. I got on two overnight buses in Argentina and Bolivia, and one in Cuba. I hated it. When I arrived in Cochabamba at five am in the pouring rain without having slept I swore to never do it again.

I was gone for a total of 7 months.

I liked Bolivia and the southern Andean departments of Peru the most because of the native people. My favorite destinations were La Paz, Potosí, Iguazú, Cusco and Morelia.

No bad parts, but Cuban...
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What was your budget and how much did you end up spending?

Have you gone on any long trips like this before and how did it compare? Trying to choose between SEA and SA.

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