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2 MB,
Any Australian travelers here? Have you done Eastern Europe?

How long do you reckon 5000 AUD would last you in eastern europe? That is excluding flights.

I plan to spend as little as possible, but not to the point of camping or eating from garbage bins.
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USD to AUD is about 1 to .7 right now, so multiply those numbers by about 1.4

If you stick to the cheaper cities in Eastern Europe, you can spend $30 AUD a day and have a decent amount of fun in addition to subsistence food and shelter
I did the same thing 6 months ago

I wouldn't expect to get a hostel for less that 10 euro a night, and you would probably want to spend about 20 euro a night

flights are expensive as shit, consider flying to the country with the best exchange rate then busing to your destination

I was super shady when I traveled, but I wouldn't recomend it

the real struggle is booking a return flight, booking one in advance is essencial for saving money, but that means your budget has to be pretty solid

best ways to save money are staying at hostels with cooking facilities, because after a few weeks you'l be sick of picnic food
bring your own cereal everywhere, scrambled eggs will keep you going
wash your shit in the sink/shower

the czech republic is cool, I liked poland personally; france was really expensive
turkey was the cheapest, but their exchange rate is less than stable
Thank you! This site looks super useful. I'mma dig into it.

That's one of my concerns, really, whether to book my return flight or not. I think I will be able to save a bit of money if I can couchsurf or get good airbnb deals.

Part of me wants to plan and make a booking for every place so I'm secured, and stretch out my budget for 2-3 months, then return home to my job.

The other part of me wants to just wing it. Buy a...
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138 KB,
lol. This is probably one of the worse travel shows I've ever seen. Everyone this guy meets just seems incredibly annoyed by him in mere seconds , and this guys "jokes" all fall incredibly flat.
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Havent seen that one.

But i raise you rev runs around the world.

Basically they go to amazing places and act mildly disfunctional and highly annoying.

The one i just watched they go to Switzerland and rev run decides to go on a diet as the whole family visits choclate shops and eats fine cheese and meats.

Also they are late for a boat ride and the boat takes off without them. Best part
That dude on the right looks so fucking unhappy to be there lol.

Oh, btw, I don't suppose you know where I could get this image but without the words? I need a new dub-check pic and this looks perfect.
I will never understand why people wear those fucking things around their neck

and that guy looks incredibly annoying

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9 KB,
My dad is planning on paying for (presumeably) most of my vacation for my 30th birthday. Id like to go somewhere other than vegas (like my brother) to go and just relax, wonder around take in the sites and indulge in my usual sexual degredation. Any suggestions where to go? Not portland or tahoe because ill be going there anyway within the next few weeks. Granted im not sure of the budget im alloted, but i can split the difference. I live in california so something in a neighboring state area would be apreciated
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Not enough info, silly.

Do you hike? Do you dine out? Do you like museums? What kind of sites would you personally be passionate about when you tell your Dad your biggest desire for a trip? Do you want to see San Francisco? Do you want to rent a car and drive up a coast? Do you want to tour estates? Seattle's underground city? Natural wonders? Redwoods (prolly gonna die soon), but maybe you want to go hear music every night in New Orleans and stuff your face all day. Where in CA do you live? Why don't...
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I live pretty close to San Francisco, yes I hike and dine, i'd love to check out museums, but no personal passions, I live by the coast so probably not that or tour estates. I've been to the underground city, I live right by armstrong woods. And maybe something out of state. I'm pretty centralized in Cali (in the north bay) so i'm pretty close to just about everything

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Where i solt go to my Honymoon in July?
Whe like a beautyfull beach an somthing to visit...
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this should be right up the alley of someone as useless and lazy as you. enjoy the most boring vacation on earth.
Somthing cheaper?
Divorce your wife

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Going to mexico in a momth, will be staying in a fairly nice resort. Would it be a stupid idea to try and buy weed in mexico, or will nobody really give a shit since their supreme court is trying to decriminalize it?
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by doing that you'll be supporting cartels and narco, is that what you want?
Buying weed is easyy as fuck, but you'll get a high price for shit quality in a tourist area. Anyway, just ask vendors or cops on the beach if they sell pot

File: Edinburgh.jpg (676 KB, 2048x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
676 KB,
Things to do in Edinburgh?
I'm going for a weekend with my sisters.
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Visit castle
Visit Holyrood
Climb Arthur's Seat
Get pished
>Get pished
come again?
get pished = get pissed (with scottish accent) = get drunk

File: CQcZ3-MXAAAGZ-4.png (156 KB, 600x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll help you in whatever you need to know about my country. greetings to all friends

te ayudo en lo que necesites saber sobre mi pais. saludos a todos amigos
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What parts of Argentina is worth visiting? Buenos Aires? Patagonia? Anything else?
¿Es fácil para mi como estadounidense vivir en Argentina y enseñar inglés?

No destacaré en público si tengo los ojos azules y pelo moreno, ¿verdad?

Y claro que hay buen senderismo allá. Es lo que me emociona.
OP has been jailed by the Junta, sorry.

File: 20150910_071043.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
I'm considering traveling to Copenhagen in March or April. I've never been to Copenhagen or anywhere else in Denmark for that matter, so any tips would be useful. Best hostel to stay in, restaurants, sights, bars and so on.
I have spent some time in norway before, is the price range in Copenhagen as high as in oslo for example?
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Little cheaper than Norway, not by much though. Awesome night life, cute girls, and a suprisingly beautiful city. Would recommend.

I'd be going with my SO who isn't into clubbing. Could probably talk them into going to a place with good music though.
File: Tivoli-gardens.jpg (465 KB, 1024x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
465 KB, 1024x681
Check out Tivoli Gardens in the center of the city.

It's one of the oldest amusement parks on Earth and its wood coaster is the oldest in Europe. It's so old in fact that a park employee has to ride each train and manually brake the train at key points in the ride. The park was also one of the inspirations for the design of the original Disneyland.

File: scandinavia.jpg (31 KB, 666x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Spontaneous trip time!!! Alright guys I was just sitting here and suddenly I said fuck it and decided to start planning a spontaneous trip. I need your help for suggestions and planning. First a little background info: I’m a 25 year old American Male based in Italy. Really open-minded, like trying new things, open for anything really, not a picky person, adapts well, loves food, cultures, chatting with people, meeting new people, getting to know new places, exploring the world, learning from people, having fun and relaxing.
Here’s my idea so far: I’ve been to Denmark...
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CONTINUED: So I’m a bit confused and clueless on how many days I should spend in each place. I am traveling on a tight budget (Scandinavia is very expensive from what I hear) and I plan to do Couchsurfing the whole time, so I must keep that in mind when choosing which places to go to. I prefer to avoid museums because they eat up a lot of time and cash. I prefer to get out there meet locals really get a feel the place, its people and culture. I’d rather spend my money on food then museums, but if there’s a must do or must see things, then I’ll consider it. So what do...
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I'm from Sweden and I can honest to god not say what people are looking for here, but if you like our culture, go ahead.

I haven't been much in Norway so I can't comment on that, but you will not need much more time than you have planned out for Sweden. I will say that you need to go to museaums, many of them are subsidized by the state and thus aren't that expensive to visit.

Connecting with locals could be hard. As you may already know, swedes and scandinavians in general are notoriously bad at socializing with strangers and hard to reach.
How many days should I stay in Stockholm and Gothenburg? I'm think of allocating 10 days in Sweden, can add a few more if needed. What museum do you recommend or what do you recommend doing in Stockholm? I know Scandinavians can be hard to break, but I'm a really easy going guy and I'm good at making people feel comfortable, so I'm sure I'll manage something. Also I will do Couchsurfing, so I'll try to get in touch with a few locals at least. And like most people around the world, give them a few drinks and they open. When I was in Finland it was the same thing. Hard to get people to open up, but once they did everything was fine.

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Going to be visiting family in Poland this summer. I plan on being with family for about a week and then dedicating the rest of my trip to visiting Budapest, Prague and Vienna. I've never visited any European cities besides Krakow so doen't really know what to expect. How many days should I dedicate to spend in each city. How much should I be looking to spend for transport? Any recommendations for good spots to visit?
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Been to Prague and Vienna. I'd say around 5 days for each city would be a good amount. I think Budapest is more of a 3 day city but I haven't been yet.

From Poland to Prague take Polskibus. You can get really cheap fares. I took it from Prague to Wroclaw for something like 20zl. From Prague to Vienna and then to Budapest just take trains. They're all fairly cheap.

>good spots to visit
Uhh, there's a ton in each city. Just look up on wikivoyage on what...
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Budapest needs more than Prague i'd say, went to both of them last year, 5 days in Prague was fine and 7 days in Budapest didn't feel like enough. also visited Vienna for a day and i wish i'd had like 3-4
>Been to Prague and Vienna. I'd say around 5 days for each city would be a good amount. I think Budapest is more of a 3 day city but I haven't been yet

what makes you say that Budapest is a 3 day city if you haven't even been there yet?

OP, I'd say spend 3 days in Vienna, 3 or 4 days in Prague, then the rest of your vacation in Budapest. 3 days is just a really short time for a city so lively, so diverse (not in people but in atmosphere, architecture,...
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File: 2MonthsInWorseAmericas.png (2 MB, 985x1073) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
qouick , someone tell me how much I will need to do this
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Do you know how much time you would save yourself not being a retard and looking this up on your own?
I'm asking the experts on /trv/ for personal help. I can't find that on google

File: Europe_regions_minimal_cities.png (514 KB, 1500x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can /trv/ help me plan my trip around Eastern Europe for this summer for 3 weeks with my girlfriend?

So far I have this rough itinerary starting/ending in Ukraine but I would like suggestions for stuff to add or tweak, especially in the empty spot between Prague and Kyiv.

>Kyiv (mandatory) - 4 days
>Lviv (mandatory) - 2 or 3 days
>Krakow and Auschwitz - 3 days
>Zakopane - 2 days
>Prague - 3 days?
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that's not even around eastern europe, it's more like poland and friends. so yeah, broaden it further.

go to bosnia or croatia at least for some southern slavic vibe. or just hungary for some spas and stuff.
To be fair, Poland and the Czech Republic are central Europe. Why not see more countries? Russia is the epitome of Eastern Europe, Moscow or Saint Petersburg would definitely be something interesting to see. It's hard to suggest anything because you didn't state a budget or other restrictions or say what you enjoy doing. For example based on how much you like hiking you could extend your stay in Zakopane to three days or reduce it to one if you don't plan on walking up the mountains or just doing the basic tourist trail.

Do you have to limit yourself to...
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Thanks -- I'm looking at a budget of maybe $2,000 (not including airfare).

I'm traveling with my Ukrainian girlfriend and she does not have much money/does not want at all to visit Russia.

We also don't want to travel further west than Prague and are considering visiting the Balkans and Romania next year.

Other than that we are open to all suggestions.

hello. i am sick of my own country and looking to migrate to a far more developed country such as US or Canada. I am thinking of becoming a police officer and living in peace until the day I die.

What are my options? I graduated from law school in my country and have no skills whatsoever. I have no intention of studying again and working as a lawyer. I would settle for a peaceful, average salary job. What should I do?
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Well for job prospects, the US is going to be needing police. They're quitting/retiring in droves. All the guys I went to HS with are hitting their 20yr marks and getting the heck out (racial tensions). It's just not the rewarding job it could be.

Where you come from is important as to who is going to take you with open arms with your immigrant idea. The law degree means nothing in either country because there's an abundance of them, so your degree itself isn't a ticket. If you could get...
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I know law degree means nothing I gave that information so people who are willing to answer could know that I have no useful skills to make use of. Too bad.

What about shipping/captain/maritime training? I never said I didn't want it. Or did I?
Canada is the easier country to immigrate to.

Go there pls.

I'm off to Amsterdam for a few days in March with some friends. Apart from all the vice, is there anything you recommend going doing or going to see?
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I'm going in April myself. The couple days in Amsterdam will probably be for the major art museums, bike rides through parks, canal tours, and shit like that.
If you don't mind traveling outside the city, about an hour south of Amsterdam in Kaatsheuvel is a place called Efteling, the best amusement park in the Netherlands and one of the best in Europe. The park is independently owned (not part of a chain), but it has a God-tier appreciation to themeing and detail on par with Disney Parks. They have a respectable roller coaster assortment, too.
Don't forget the music. Shit's... unique.

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east europe dont get lost.jpg
729 KB,
I'm in the early phases of planning my first solo backpacking adventure. I have only ever traveled with my family out of country when I was younger, and with my friends in country (Canada).

I will be going solo, the only obligation I have is to be home in Late August 2016, and I have a budget of ROUGHLY $5,000-$10,000 (would rather not be broke when I get home, but it's an option.)

I want to go to Eastern Europe.

So far, I know I want to see: St. Petersburg(ferry from Helsinki), Prague, Budapest, Kiev, Bucharest, and maybe Warsaw or Krakow. In...
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OP here,

I am going to take this ferry to St. petersburg, to get around applying for a Russian visa

How should i pack a backpack with clothing? Helsinki will probably be cold as fuck,and Romania(being later in the trip, summer months) will be significantly warmer

Is it worth it to go through the trouble of getting a Russian visa and seeing Moscow for a few days??

I don't know too much about Eastern Europe, but I have been to Krakow. I would absolutely go there. It's got a lot of culture. There's a neat castle and town square. It has decent nightlife if you're into that. The famous salt mines are really close too. I liked Krakow much more than Warsaw for what it's worth.

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