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Fly into cairns work along gold coast to sydney then to melbourne from there
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Budget: Australia is expensive. Not as expensive as Norway, but about as expensive as Japan. I wouldn't recommend hitch-hiking (it's not impossible but not very common either). Enjoy the beaches, but either do you research unless you want to only find the crowded tourist-trap beaches or go during the weekdays when they're much less busy (unless it's a particularly hot day, then it will always be busy).
Me and my girlfriend currently living in Melbourne, St Kilda. Always looking to meet new people if you come here (from UK)

so how true is the stereotype that american chicks are easy to get if you have an accent. anyone have experience with this?
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In any non-overly religious country, being foreign is a multiplier for how well you do back home. It also increases if you know the local language

Point is if you can't fuck girls back home you won't fuck them anywhere.
Pretty much yes. You won't get laid for your accent alone but it'll put you in a position to get laid if you're not autistic

t. American
I lived in the midwest for 1 year and I got laid with an 8/10. I have no idea how, I am fucking ugly and a little overweight but I am British, so I guess maybe there is some truth?

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Hello /trv/

Looking for jungle survival tips.

In about two weeks i will be going to papua new guinea for work (geologist, mining exploration). I will probably be there for about 50 days +/-. Will fly into port moresby, then take a small plane into the highlands. Will be living in a field camp which has been built by the client (with showers, cooks, cots, a fuckton of aussies etc).

The study will involve hiking for most od the day every day, and we will have local help to haul equipment (way cheaper than bringing field techs from the usa).

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Information I've got from friends who have been there - one of them multiple times.

After a few days hiking, everything will be wet. Everything. Also, don't expect paths or wildlife. Local guides/porters may try to catch and eat any wildlife you do come across. There's rebels - but they might be chill (moreso than the military) depending on your ties. But, given that you're in the mining business, I'd avoid them - the mining industry has only brought them misery. Indigenous population...
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>a fuckton of aussies

Shit mate there's no survival tip for that

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I need /trv/'s view on the world, I'm an average American civilian that doesn't know a whole lot about the world but only in history, but I want to know what things outside of the US can be allowed and what customs I have to follow and what major points in history made the country what it is like today, and a thing that the country allows that the US does not allow and which country that doesn't have a problem with Americans and which are the most peaceful to live in. I love the USA but I want to know what the other half of the world is like, so If you can...
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>I love the USA but I want to know what the other half of the world is like
>other half
It's a saying, doofus.
No, it's not.

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you know when you're walking through a neighborhood ever so often and you smell the best smelling flowers or cologne fragrance in existence? do you guys have the name of one of those?
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i know tide detergant the expensive kind is really good but it wears off. i know this particular cologne is good so here is one from me, OP.
oh and this one is only 10 dollars.
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this stuff smells pretty good.

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Hey /trv/, I'm currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and will be heading to Taiwan soon.

I'll be there for a few weeks and am pretty psyched to explore.

Anyone been before?

I'm more interested in being outside major urban areas and getting into the wilds. But I DO have a love for HK and that uber-dense urban madness. So a balance of both appears to be on the cards.

I'm particularly seeking tips regarding:

1) Accommodations in Taipei. Hostel tier def a plus... don't have much in the way of $.

2) Hot springs...
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bamp. infox plz?
Was there for Xmas 2014 until early 2015.

My girlfriend was studying there, so she could speak Mandarin which was really nice (she isn't a local though).

When she arrived she couch surfed, so definitely feasible.

Hiking... we just did Taroko/around Hualien, Yangminshan and Alishan. Most of it day trips and rather tame, if I went back I would tackle Yushan for sure. Either way I enjoyed them all.

Seaside town? mmm Keelung is a short train outside Taipei. Doesn't get many tourists,...
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Thanks for the bevy of info! Some really interesting sounding nuggets there. I'll do some research on what you shared and may come back with more questions :)

So I have 14 hours to spend in Budapest and almost no money. What are some cool free things to do there? Of course I want to walk around the city and see the architecture, but are there any free museums?
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Speak Hungarian?
The thermae maiores under the overpass leading up to Árpád bridge in Buda is free to visit, a pretty under the radar sight but well worth the fifteen minutes of travel from downtown Budapest.

Also, there's two open air amphitheatres nearby, one at Aquincum and the other in Nagyszombati utca.

Anyways there are a couple of threads about Eastern Europe and Budapest up on this board right now, look them up and see if there's anything to your liking.
If so, try chatting with locals. I find it rewarding to talk with strangers when visiting a new place, especially if they are from there.

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>be me Canadian
>almost done double major in forensic sci/french
>want to master's abroad
>maybe somewhere in UK

So obviously you would need a student visa to do a memster's abroad. Now say for example I wanted to get into policing in the UK, would I be able to get a work visa? Looked up the requirements for policing, commonwealth citizens are allowed as long as they have have a visa. End goal would be to become a citizen.

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yes, for commonwealth citizens usually there's not a lot of trouble. right now there's some discussion about this in british politics but i dont think they will curtail cmnwealth rights
Is that the whole EU referendum youre talking about?
>master's degree
>going into policing

for what purpose

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23/m/UK here

On a £6000 budget (roughly $8646) how long could I go backpacking around south-east Asia/India kind of area in hostels and such? I've heard you can live off £5 a day in Vietnam. Everyone in the UK seems to be going either SE Asia or Australia, are they worth the hype? Is it actually better travelling alone and is it easy to meet friends in hostels and such?
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I went there with 4k£, sure you can live off 5£ a day but you better count on 10/15£ average. Even eating local food (1£ meal) and camping, something is gonna go wrong so plan it ahead.
Get your own motorbike make everything cheaper if that's your concern. But it also make everything more exiting and unique (here was my concern).
Alone is ok, I went to cities went I wanted to meet english speakers, but I'm happy to be on my own for days. If you can't handle it, forget about Asia. The all country side is quiet and awesome if you enjoy that....
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I live in a small town in the US with no jobs. I have $500 to my name. I have no job experience, have never worked. I want to start traveling. Would it be possible? I figure I have nothing to lose. What are some places with good job prospects?
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There is nothing more liberating than having nothing to lose. Of course you could lose your life so your statement isn't completely true. My advice is catch a greyhound bus to your nearest major city whether it's Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta or New York. Stay in a cheap hostel while you search for an apartment. Use the hostel to make connections for jobs or roommates. McDonalds will hire you if all else fails. $500 will buy you maybe 3 weeks. Good luck.
What is your level of education?
High School. The closest college to me is like 45 miles away and my car is 34 years old and barely runs.

Hi anons,

I really need to prove a point and I know that you are a good source to rely on!
What are the non-generic crap "hacks" out there for travelers?

usefull things like: charge your phono on a flight mode to charge it faster
or pillow case + puffy jacket = awesome pillow that you wont need to carry around..

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>drink own piss
>get a longer EU visa by swimming to Lampedusa
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>Have a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport
I've never traveled via plane before, but I think 12 hours gives me enough time to leave the airport for a while and do some fun stuff in Amsterdam, r-right?

Can /trv/ offer some suggestions?

I thought that I could maybe fuck a hooker and see Anne Frank's house, but I'd like to do other stuff as well.
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Should be plenty of time to do both plus more. Train from Schiphol takes 15 minutes to the centraal station. Budget an hour waiting in line for tickets to Anne Frank if you can't reserve them online. You can fit in the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum visit where that picture was taken.
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Take a bus to Museumplein (which is the open field in your uploaded pic, plein means square) which is the southern most part of the inner city, where there's still stuff to do.

From there you can walk north to the National Museum, Leidsepllein, Rembrandtplein on the east). Further up north are the streets with all the shops (mainly Kalverstraat), eventually Damplein and Damrak and at the end of Damrak is the Central Station. From there, take a train back to Schiphol.

Additional info:

- get...
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It depends where you're coming from. If it's a long haul flight (from the US or Australia) then forget it; you'll be too tired and once you sleep you won't have enough time.

Don't forget that most airports are outside the main part of the city so factor travel time to and from in to your plans, plus you'll need to plan to get back to the airport at least a couple of hours before your flight leaves, just in case you experience any delays.

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Hey, I arrive in Bratislava tomorrow and am wondering where else I should I travel in the country. I'll be in Bratislava for 4-5 days (I like to travel slowly) before heading east. Where would you guys recommend?

I was thinking maybe to choose 2 from Poprad, Kosice, Banska Bystrica or Banska Stiavnica but I'm open to other suggestions.

Where would be good at this time of year? I want somewhere cheap and fairly easy/accessible to travel to and around. Thanks!
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Bump. Anyone? I arrive in Bratislava later today. Thanks!
Hey man I guess I might be a bit late but still.

While you're still in the Bratislava area I recommend checking out Vienna - it's only about 50km away.

If you like mountains then it doesn't get more comfy than the Poprad area. As far as Tatra Mountains go, they're cheaper and less crowded than the Polish side, though this time of the year I'd expect that snow may distrupt navigation at least partially. Still, if you don't wanna go hiking (which would require preparation), I definitely recommend checking it out if you like aquaparks...
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Check out the Northern areas around the Polish border with the Tatra mountains if you're into skiing or mild hiking (the serious hikes/climbs are currently closed afaik but it's still pretty nice there).

Don't have much time but will write a more detailed post later

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Hey /trv/ I've been thinking of having a coast to caost roadtrip in the states. Has anyone here done that? How much would it cost for a 1-2 months trip including car rental, gas, motels, meals?
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>I've been thinking of having a coast to caost roadtrip in the states
No one does that (with any sense).
You tour the west coast, or the east coast, or you explore a region like the southwest, or the South, or New England, but you don't enjoy cutting cross-country. Fact.

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Hi /trv/ im about to move for a backpacking tour in morocco. Does anyone know nice place to visit and the cost of meal and hostels? I got no high expectation (hotel, expensive meals, etc...) Any help will be appreciate.
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>Marrakech is a must. The winding souks with all their sights and smells are incredible. Just be careful not to get lost.
>Go into the Atlas Mountains at night if you can. I never did but apparently its one of the best ways to see the stars with 0 light pollution

I don't know if you've ever been to North Africa, but I have been to Tunisia quite a lot. It struck me fairly quickly how different Moroccans are. The general attitude towards...
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Thank you for the fast response. Im currently in canary island. I will take the airplane to marrakech and later i will go on the atlas. You actually know maybe how much it cost food and other stuff?
No problem. Its been a few years since I went, as North Africa is not the most stable area in the world. Morocco should be okay though.

The currency is Dihram from memory and its something like 15 dihram to 1 GBP. I think food and shit is fairly cheap.

You MUST have an authentic tagine cooked in a tangine. Try and do the whole sitting on cushions thing too if you can.

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