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I am planning a trip with my girlfriend, about 1 or 2 months... We are planning to walk some 1000km together somewhere, not really having a destination or a plan.

We plan to sleep outside preferably, in citys we will go to campings or as a last resort a hostel. We will shower in the sea or w/e... We got gear (backpacks, cooking, medical, sleeping...)

I was thinking about doing a modified santiago de compostela, and ending somewhere north of bordeaux france... Or mayby start at the pyrenees and try to get somewhere in switserland following the coast..

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>pretty good prepared
You mean well prepared. And you aren't if you don't know where the fuck you'll be going.


I have never hiked in France so I couldn't tell you. Sardinia is a small island if you want to walk 1000 kms. From Sicily up north is a nice idea in theory but the South of Italy can be very ugly in a lot of places (Reggio Calabria wtf), and there isn't a continuous hiking trail like e.g. the Appalachian in the USA. So you'd end up walking alongside roads, and those don't have...
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>5 euro a day

I don't doubt it can be done but I would get bored of that diet very quickly. Unless you're dumpster diving or good at getting dinner invites.
New Zealand's South Island (where I live) is about 1000km long. There is a cycle track the length of it I think - you could walk it. I would do it in summer, not winter though. Go down the middle and you got some unbelievable scenery.

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Hey /trv/, i recently called a debt on a guy that was giveing me the runaround he said he was broke and gave me what he owed in indian rupees, im in the uk and i have found out it's a restricted currency, anyone know if a way i can get it converted or am i better going to an indian fast food place and selling it to them way below conversation and cut my losses?

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Put them up on gumtree saying you have some and you will sell them at exactly the current conversion rate. This way you'll both be getting a better deal, usually if done through a money exchange/bank they give you slightly less than conversion rate and then charge a little more to buy.

There's bound to be a lot of people going to India from the UK. Do you have a lot? If it's not a big sum you might as well just sell to an Indian at your local corner shop or fast food joint.

mentioning explicit content on a SFW board is a bad idea
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This, or similar.

Or look on it as a sign from above that you need to travel to India.

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Just planned a trip to San Francisco /trv/ what am I in for.

>driving there
>about a 5 hour drive
>never been anywhere out of my surrounding city (L.A)
>staying there for about a week or so
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If you meet a tall white homeless man with a shopping cart named Kevin in the mission say hello.
shitty 'Full House' jokes everywhere you look
You'll be lucky if you can find parking within five blocks of your destination. Bring a jacket. It's pretty much just a really crowded city...definitely check out the parks though, they are beautiful. My favorite part of last time I went was when I left across the Oakland bridge and I suddenly felt like someone took a lid off of me. That place is claustrophobic just to exist in. I'm from SD btw

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I am currently 19 studying computer science looking into either networking or information security. It has always been a dream of mine to move to Ireland not just to leave the US and never look back but to also embrace the culture and experiences available. What are some tips and needed information on moving to Europe from the US?
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Ireland is saturated with comp. science majors. Especially after Lisbon and even moreso now that Germany essentially own us. Not impossible to get a job in comp science here but it's competitive.

Best advice if you plan on moving here for some reason? Don't go around telling everyone that you're american or your great grandad was Irish or some shit. It just pisses people off. Especially if you go to the wrong part of Dublin or venture out of the tourist zones.
irishfag here

I'll swap with you senpai, I need to get out of here
i've always kept to myself and take no pride in being american so maybe thats a plus haha

what do you do when you go to a new city? how do you have a fun time, especially by yourself?

I'm going to montreal soon. i was there a couple of months ago, and all i did was go to restaurants by myself and check out a few tourist spots (the park, notre dame cathedral and the bay area). it was interesting, but not "amazing".

what can i do this time around to have a better time?
i've looked and there's something called Igloofest during the winter. it's basically an electronic music concert. i've never been to one before, is...
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Big cities are easy when you're alone because you can always find your people. I live in Albuquerque, there's no such thing as a heavy metal bar here. I went to London and bar hopped and it was a great experience. I always used to hate bars with a passion, but then I went to some where I actually liked the music and everything changed.
Basically just search out whatever you're into. Anime, bicycles, BDSM, whatever. Find your people. You'll fit in instantly and have a great time.
i'm not really into anything.. i read books and watch movies in my free time

was thinking of going to the concert i mentioned just to have some story of something i did (other than work).
but it always feels awkward to me going places alone when you don't know anyone. everyone is with their group of friends and i'm just standing around..

Ended up buying a ticket to igloofest... ,how do I not make it awkward for myself going to a "festival" alone?

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Hello /trv/, first time posting here

So i would like to get some advice from you guys, i hope i won't be too general.

It's my last year as a senior and my exams are only months away. Once i get done with them i have about 1 week of freedom before i get called to join the army. Hence i am looking for a suitable destination,within Europe, to go for that period of time with my close friends (4-5 people).

We are going to eat shit 2 years straight so we are aiming to make this experience the most fucked up one and forever memorable, and since we are over 18 we won't have many restrictions as far as i know.

Budget wise, we prefer to stick to something not too expensive but we wouldn't mind if the prices were a bit salty.

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Would help to know where you are from, and what you like. But here's some general ideas:


Seems like B's are good.
Our main interests revolve around clubbing, clean beaches to chill during the day and nice senery to take some video shots of our mad adventure. Hunting women is also one of our main interests.

Stay at the Pink Palace.

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Hi /trv/,

I'm looking for a hostel in Milan and I would like to know which region should I NOT stay. Also, apart from buying the ticket to the Last Supper in advance, should I know anything?
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Avoid Quarto Oggiaro if you're a tourist. Milan in general is pretty safe if you hang around in the centre or go clubbing somewhere. Go to at least one Centro Sociale (Leoncavallo, Macao, Cantiere are the main ones

What are your interests OP? I've commuted to Milan daily for years so I'm knowledgeable
I would love to know hidden gems,
It could be list of caffes to visit or unique places with views what ever

any thing that random guide wont tell you.

I'm interested to know if there are local awesome places to hangout, tricks tips hacks anything...
As it will be my first time there, I want something more traditional. Plus, as it is a budget travel, I would like to know where can I eat good Italian street food.

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It's so fucking cold I need a tropical vacation. I'm thinking about Costa Rica, what does /trv/ think about it.

I'm thinking 1-2 weeks but I'm not too familiar with where I should go, I would def want to stay in at least 2 different places. Stay in hostels or airbnb. Mainly interested in it because it's in a warm area and seems interesting don't plan or want to be on the beach all day.

I'll probably be by myself because my friends are pussies.
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ugh sorry for the horrible grammar, posting this while basically falling asleep.

Wanted to add, any /divers/ on /trv/? I would want to dive at least once if I went to CR any suggestions?
check out this thread

Other cool places to visit if you only stay of a week or two would be the Caribbean coast: Towns like Puerto Viejo and Cahuita and the "Costa Rican Amazonas" Tortuguero.

Feel free to ask more questions, and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Hey /trv/, 22 yr old amerifag here. A relative of mine works for an airline and I have the privilege of flying to a handful of different international cities for a great discount. I have done a fair amount of traveling but I am being a plebfag and being committed to a job and various artistic/musical projects at home. I should probably go see the world before shit hits the fan. Considering doing wooff/workaway/etc. so I can work on music while I travel. What should I make a priority? Interests include: music, art, field recording, abandoned places, food
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The olympics are in Rio, not Sao Paulo, that probably won't matter too much unless you are flying to Rio first for some reason.

Decide what you most want to see and go there first.

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welp im probably going to be homeless soon. I guess my plan is to live out of my car for a while and just travel around working odd jobs as I go to pay for gas/food. Im planning on staying towards the southwest maybe up along the west coast where its warm. By the summer I might try and go east coast because ive got a lot of family up there. Any tips? Where can I sleep in my car and not have some fuck sneak up on me, or have any cops bother me?
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Going to assume you're in the US.
Put things (flags or blankets work well) over your windows at night.
I assume some of the desert areas of the southwest and probably some parts of the northwest go on for miles with very little human interaction (although there may be that one asshole rancher who says you're on his lawn). Buy camping gear.

Or start stripping.

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Hi /trv/,
I really like Brutalist architecture and Cold War ruins
Anyone got some cool 'off the beaten path' recommendations in these areas?
Also, what is the current status on Skrunda and Irbene in Latvia?

At the moment I am looking at:
Patarei Prison
Imperial Russian Forts in Liepaja
Plokštinė missile base
some Soviet museum near Vilnius

any recommendations outside sights are welcome too
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If you want to be REALLY off the beaten path, there is a humongously big Soviet barracks in Berlin, a 15-minute walk from the overground station "Bernau-Friedenstal" (I realise that this technically isn't Berlin anymore). I've never met anyone there. You can find old soviet newspapers, I regularly find buttons and other stuff. It has a big watchtower and lots of dilapidated stuff.
Is it called Kaserne Krampnitz?
Looks really cool, just the kinda thing I had in mind
Thank you for the recommendation
shit i mean Vogelsang

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Hey /trv/, ill be going to Vientiane, Laos for a week tomorrow to visit a group of friends 4-5, any suggestions on what to do? in vientiane and near vientiane. Rather not go to other cities overnight due to circumstances of the people in the group that does not let me so

However, does anyone know any good places near vientiane such as waterfalls or nature treks that would make good day trips?
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Lots of cool caves near Vang vieng. Not sure about Vientiane though. There is the Buddha statue park, but thats only good for an hour or so..

I'd just check out a tourist office or something when you get there, see what they offer.

If you can find motorbikes and just go for a ride somewhere I'd recommend that.
It's not natural, but the area around Nam Ngum (I) dam, including the gigantic Aang Nam Ngum reservoir, is quite beautiful and fairly interesting. Roughly 70km from Vientiane. Plenty of good riverside walks/bikes/boats in the city, too.
Cool thanks, would you guys suggest any forest trails or bicycle trails?
Also any suggestions for hotels at Luang Prabang? Or vang vieng

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omelette du fromage.jpg
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Hello, I want to learn french abroad (France or Belgium). Somebody told me there are some schools for immigrants that are ridiculous cheaper than the schools you find on the internet when looking for language exchange.
Do anybody knows about a good one in Paris, Marseille, Bruxelles or any other major city, any recommendation will grand.
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Check out alliance français. Created in Paris on 21 July 1883, its primary concern is teaching French as a second language and is headquartered in Paris.
Thanks already check it, it's alright but i will go for something cheaper cuz im in a really really low budget

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What's the best way, booking in advance or looking through local companies?

I'm 23 and in the past I booked in advance and both times it didn't go well. Either they had loads of hidden fees which I had to pay after making a non-refundable payment or pick up from airport didn't turn up.

What does /trv/ do when renting abroad?
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So far, I've boo0ked in advance to either pick up at the airport, or to pick up where ever in my trip I planned to start needing a car.

Never had any problems, other than a surprise insurance charge in Ireland, which is was in the contract that I should have read.

Protip -- Yes it is long, but read the contract.
How realistic is the Top Gear "Ima buy this shit car for nothing and just sell it/get rid of it at the end of the time here"

Obv makes more sense for doing longer road tripping as opposed to just hanging around a city, but I'm still curious.
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Well there'd be a point in the duration of your stay where it'd be cheaper to buy a cheap car then to rent one. Obviously that point depends on the price of the used car you purchase but rentals are rarely cheap in first world countries so you wouldn't have to be using it for too long to justify buying.
The longest I've rented a car for was about a week in the US, I've never bought but I imagine buying a car in another country where you don't have an address could be a hassle, that...
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Visiting the phillipines from Korea (living here, Australian citizen).

What's the best and cheapest/most value for money TRAVEL insurance?

Just need basic cover and if something like hospitalisation happens, i won't be raped by the charges.
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coming from a filipino australian, get comprehensive travel insurance and don't be a cheapskate. it's not unlikely you'll get something stolen over there. pay the extra to get $0 excess.
and to add, buy one thats based in aus. the only time i cheaped out on travel insurance from some shitty us based website in bumfuck kentucky i was screwed over majorly
World nomads deals are a bit pricey but worth it.

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