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r8 my lifetime travel itinerary. I'm still in school so I haven't been anywhere-yet, but I hope to visit all these places by the time I die. Help me add locations to any of the countries you see here, or suggest new countries to see.
Some of the things I like are
>architecture (especially old churches/medieval towns)
Stuff I don't like
>the beach
>fake cities like Dubai
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you can check out location aggregate sites and browse to your preferences.

I like this one: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/hiran-minar
Impressive list - I've been to quite a few of those in Europe and, yeah, most of those are pretty great. A few suggestions - those in capital letters are the best.

Italy - going from north to south: BERGAMO, Brescia, MANTOVA, Ravenna, Bologna, ORVIETO, NAPLES, LECCE, OTRANTO, MATERA

Germany - maybe Trier; but for sure the Rhine valley for the landscape, WURZBURG, Regensburg

Scotland - ST ANDREWS, Perth, Glasgow, the West Highlands (also along the Great Glen between Fort William and Inverness)

England - the South Downs (Sussex) and ARUNDEL, Canterbury,...
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many thanks. I screencapped your comment and added it to the spreadsheet.

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so I've got this problem. there is this girl, she's perfect. we are perfect. however her visa ends in april. I'm in the U.S. but she is from Italy.

what do i have to do to move to Italy with her? and stay for an indefinite amount of time; coming and going from her hometown Verona, for backpacking? does this sound feasible at all?

i should also mention, i don't have a degree and about $3,000.00 in debt. mind you i don't really care about credit.
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i have a job now, but could save more.
please help me?
Do what all the Africans do. Go legally, overstay your visa.Male money from sort of vice like women or drugs.
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the obvious solution. though, i would rather not follow that. i was hoping you guys had legitimate, less obvious, ideas. beggars can't be choosers but still. i really appreciate it though, i hope i don't have to do that. while I'm not opposed to women and drugs, it would be rad to contribute to society in another way.

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So i'm planning a trip to Scotland with my family in July, for 2 to 3 weeks. We're most likely going to land in Edinburgh, spend 3 days there and rent a car.

So far i marked a few castles and abbeys, glen coe, ben nevis, loch ness.
What are must-sees and more confidential stuff in Scotland?
Is it easy to access the isles with a car? Skye seems nice
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- Visit Skye, it's amazing. I've been to almost anywhere in Scotland and it's my favourite part. The scenery is amazing
- Drive the coastal route from Oban to Fort Williams (Ben Nevis) to Mallaig. From Mallaig you can also take the ferry to Skye.
- See Cairngorms National Park. It has a lot to offer. Hiking, cycling, skying or just driving around
- See Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
- Try to visit at least Islay, Jura, Arran or Mull. Google them to find which interests you the most
- Drive from Inverness to Brora, and possibly onwards...
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I second skye. I was there new years eve, its great.

Drive up the west coast to tongue if you can. Its beautiful, really remote though. Theres a trail up the coast from ulapool.


theres all sorts of brochs, standing stones, glens, castles, caves mountains, ruins on the route. I did it with my gf in a rush in 3 days, we didn't get t do all that much but it was a great trip.
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Castle Doune. It was most of the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and if you stop in the gift shop on the way in they have "loaner coconuts" so you can gallop around in style.

This is a great stop to surprise fellow travelers with. Didn't tell people I was with why we were stopping at Doune, just that it was a castle I particularly wanted to see because of "its history," which was technically true. My power level went to over 9,000 in their eyes for the rest of the trip.

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So i'm going to cuba in a few hours. Has anyone else here gone and if so do you have any advice?
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They have rum in little juice box boxes. You should try that.
It's basically juice box style boxes of rum. It's fucking hilarious.
Unless you don't drink. In which case don't try that.

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Should I wear these shoes to go back packing through Europe?
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You already posted this on /out/ and /k/.
I am a man of many questions
Lol I wear my tony lama cowboy boots when I'm over there for work

Chicks love them

File: Flag_of_Israel.svg.png (22 KB, 1280x931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Has /trv/ been there? I'm thinking of doing a spontaneous trip to Israel in a few days. It's a very unique country so I figure it will be quite an experience to visit it. I'd also like to go to Jordan and visit Petra while I'm at it. Also if possible, take the bus to Cairo and see pyramids and then take the plane home. I wonder if all this is achievable or too dangerous, especially considering the situation in Sinai.

Do you guys have any suggestions or experience advice you'd like share? Still not 100% if I want to go or not.
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yes, but not since '96, so not a lot of up-to-date info. haifa was beautiful, as were the golan heights/galilee, diving in eilat was awesome. border with egypt was locked down at that point, no idea now.
bring a radiation suit and a spade with you
just trust me

Check out the visa situation before going. Having an Israeli visa on your passport might present issues entering Egypt or Jordan.

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Weird but serious question about traveling from Australia to Canada.

My girlfriend is visited me in canada from australia, and apparently her mother has to deposit 1 grand a month into her account (says these airline people). Is this true or is there a way around this? 1 grand a month for 6 months is a crazy amount of money.
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visiting* typo, fuck...
what account? also is the airline not letting you buy ticket because this deposit?
Into her bank account, and she has the ticket. They said she needed at least 6 grand. But she will be staying with me. So I'm confused

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I got a passport and a job where I finally make good money. So, I want to take a nice vacation afar this summer.

I narrowed it down to three cities:

>San Pedro Sula, Honduras
>Monrovia, Liberia
>Mogadishu, Somalia

Which one should I go to first?
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You might as well stay in upstate Vermont, pussy. You'll never be a Real Traveler holed up in those tourist resorts

I haven't found a place to stay yet. What are the good tourist resorts in those cities?
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Just give up dude. Such low quality bait.

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My girlfriend and I (21) are growing tired of couch surfing in California. We both work but it's expensive to move on our own anywhere. What east coast cities are the best for low cost living, preferably around a beach, and not very black?
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Hey posting from Philly cost of living is fairly cheap, and you can travel to new york within 2 hours on megabus, jersey beaches are alright during the summer, and the weather doesn't get too cold, and in the summer it doesn't get too hot.
You may wanna watch out OP, I hear sometimes a couple of guys who are up to no good might start making trouble in your neighborhood if you go to Philly. Sounds like you and your girlfriend might get scared.
south florida is pretty good

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Try to make it fun by posting pictures from places that are distinguishable enough to recognize rather than having to blindly guess (ie. not a generic photo of a beach w/ palm trees that could be taken in 30 different countries) yet not too obvious, like a telephone booth from London.

I'll start:
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Brazil ?
seems like a good idea for a thread.


p.s.: guess mine

Yes, it's Barcelona.

Looks Mediterranean, but hard to pinpoint. The architecture could help if someone recognized it.

I'm planning a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in January of 2017 but I'm afraid the park might be closed down by then.
Sounds silly but do you guys think that Wizarding World will still be there next year? Or will they shut it down and put something else there?
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or just go to orlando dipshit :^)
I'd be going only for the Harry Potter thing.
Rides at Universal Parks typically only close when their related film franchise has become inactive for several years, and Harry Potter still has at least one more movie coming out. Chances of it still being there one year from now: 100%.

Also, if you are going to Universal Orlando, they have two parks next to each other, and both parks have separate but different Harry Potter lands (connected by a Hogwarts Express train ride). You'll need to buy tickets to both parks to see all of the Harry Potter stuff, so you might as well see some of the other things to get...
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USA college student trying to study abroad here. What are your opinions on the following options for choice of country to study in:

-no english at all
-most people speak english as a secondary language
-almost all english (e.g. England, Ireland, ect.)

Which of these do you think I should pick and why? I'm pretty much monolingual aside from elementary spanish I picked up in highschool.
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2 and 3. You're there to learn, you can't learn advanced materials if you don't know the language.
In every developed (non English speaking) country educated people are at least bilingual.
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nice desu.jpg
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American University of Paris.

Pretty easy to get in, no french required to learn, but you're still in paris, experiencing the city, learning the language/culture. /TRV/ hates paris, and while they're right to, Paris isn't so bad if you're actually there to work or study.

Even if you aren't the girl you posted, you will have fun at the many parties they host. I'm at the Sorbonne, and I get to go to plenty ofAUP parties, and they're a blast. There're people who stay...
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My girl and I just did a Canadian road trip and got her US visa renewed. Given this advantage, I'm looking at airfare from NYC during our spring break and I'm wondering which Caribbean destinations are /trv/ approved. We have backpacking sensibilities but it's a bit hard to tell which country is the best value overall.

Which places offer the opportunity to wander? We certainly won't be doing package resorts but it seems that some islands offer an utter brutality for locals. I'd prefer to keep my kidneys and she'd prefer not to get gang raped...
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Have you looked at Costa Rica?
jamacia's awesome, just don't stay even one night in montego bay-it's a fucking shithole tourist trap cruise dock where you'll be endlessly bombarded by people trying to scam/guilt you into buying their garbage, services, or just giving them free money. jamaica has many wonderful, beautiful places to visit, but mobay is not one of them. ocho rios was shitty, too, but slightly less so. negril was great and chill when we went, but i've heard it's started down the same path as the main north coast port/resort cities. re: rape/kidneys, my tiny blond...
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going to Punta Cana in late march. hopefully it's good.

File: coarsegold-koa.jpg (26 KB, 400x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Has anyone spent 5+months driving and tent camping in the USA at KOAs (or whatever)?

It seems all I do is work minimum wage canadian jobs, and then read at home until my next shift. It seems like I could spend $30/day for my campsite, and just drive from site to site as I feel/the weather changes for an entire year for about 10000 + peanutbutter and water. and read and just not work for a year.
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KOAs are expensive as fuck. Stay in them only once in a while. Otherwise just stay in national and state parks which usually charge $10-15 per night in camp sites. You can also camp anywhere on BLM land for free, just won't have amenities.

That way you won't have to just eat peanut butter all year long. Get yourself a stove and cook as you go along. Yeah it's probably doable on $10k a year depending how much you spend on gas and what else you do.

You could also go into the woods for a longer...
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Unless you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Canadians are only allowed into the country for 3 months at a time.
Yes I hoped there would be cheaper places, as I wouldn't need electricity/wifi/pool much of the time, just some land.

I don't have the skill to really camp and don't enjoy long hikes and don't love 'roughing it' to the point that alaska kid did.

i heard it was 6 months but i guess i'll look into it. I'm not really sure what would happen if I just stayed anyway tho, how could I possibly be stopped?

Hi /trv/, I'm an outsider from /wg/. I always considered the north of Europe as a right destiny.

I'm looking forward information more than other things. I knew a very little, but I don't know how to search good info. What I know (I don't know if I'm right or wrong)

>Best Europe internet without Data caps
>High wages
>High living cost
>Low politician corruption
>Low criminal rate
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1. True. Especially in Scandinavia, but true everywhere North Europe.
2. True, except for Baltics
3. True, except for Baltics
4. True, except for Baltics
5. Practically non-existent, except for Baltics, where it's pretty high for Europe.
6. Not as true as it used to be, but still fairly high, especially in the Baltics.
7. True, but not as true as you might expect. I've seen some hot fucking summers in Norway, and I mean even past the polar circle. It is colder, but it doesn't mean...
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Wow, I didn't expect a reply today, thanks anon.

Would you mind to sharing your opinion on that zone?

I think I would like to choose Finland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Nordic countries, there I think I will live and dangerous out. Am I right? Would oyu share, please? Thanks agian anon.

Not him but Norway is the most expensive of them all. The people, at least in Oslo, seem pretentious. Come to think of it, I haven't liked most of the norwegians I've met in Norway. They've either been a little annoying or a little boring.
The speed limits in Norg are ridiculous which makes traveling by car slower than it should be.
On the positive side, it's a really beautiful and clean country.

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