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Is giving up a stable, well-paid job for a job which decently, pretty stable, yet allows you to live abroad and see the world worth it? I am from an Asian family, and my parents will certainly be against it as they want me to live close to them and give them part of my income. Is making such a decision immoral or naive?
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You're from an Asian family.
You're supposed to be working in a high profile job, aiming to become the CEO while keeping the stability at 120%.
Why are you even considering going to a lesser job? Are you that naive?
And yes, it's immoral to go against your parents wishes and even worse to leave then behind and move to another country.
>stability at 120%
Is that even possible?
It's your life dude. Do whatever you want.

First time female solo traveler here
I live in Florida, and have a budget of about $1200.

What was your first experience traveling solo?

I'm planning a last minute trip for a week or two, (probably July 9th-17th) and was hoping that any experienced solo traveler could give advice about where to go that is relatively safe and cheap (I'd stay in hostels or hammock camp).

Can be in USA or abroad! Thanks
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Get up into the Blue Ridge.
Your budget is shit. You won't be able to go abroad. If you have a car maybe just go for a road trip and spend sometime living out of your car somewhere nice on the Florida coast.

Or greyhound it up to new York/ Atlantic City for a week or two. Maybe spend some tome in Maine if youre into nature and shit. Good luck. Next time prepare in advance, you'll get more for your money. Fucktard.
well what are you looking for? nature, (historical) sights, meeting lots of people, partying?

I feel like America mostly offers great nature and big modern cities, but doesnt have the hostel/solo-travel culture like Europe and SEA.

So I would advise you to look for a cheap flight first and go from there.

I just cant imagine how you would actually spend your days alone in american cities, visiting museums maybe? then again I havent been there so there might be lots of stuff to do that im missing, but I still think your best bet for some actual change of...
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In a conversation
>ya. I'm going to *insert country*
>what? *has confused look*

Why do people get confused on the concept of traveling? How do you respond when they act like that?
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> why?
> to fuck bitches, hehehehe.
> hehehehe
>How do you respond when they act like that?
They don't because I travel to countries most people know are actually worth visiting.
How to convince a person afraid of new things that traveling is fun? Might as well try to convince an evangelical Christian that the church of Satan is actually a pretty cool group of people.

Im coming into LA on the 26th.
I want to do cross country in a campervan.
Pick up the campervan in Los Angeles and drop it off in New York.
Whats the best self contained campervan rental company.

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American here. Don't know specifics about companies and whatnot, however I do know it's more expensive than you'd think to rent one. Good luck, may be cheaper to buy a peice of shit car and stay in motels/hotels for the vacation and get a few grand back selling it at the end of your trip.

i had a look at few companies and you are right. its around $200 a day.
more if you want unlimited kms :(
here's one that does like a smaller camper van sharing like air-b-n-b


they say from $25 a day and up

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Where to go to just drop out ? I mean drive to some remote part and just build a hut and live off savings. This is my escapist dream and now i have the means to do it.
Should be warm and a country thats still chill, i dont want police to fuck with me because i didnt ask for permission to build a shitbox in my yard.
I heard some countries in SA and SE-Asia are pretty good for this, but i need some more precise infos.
I would also be interested in buying property, but online i generally only found higher price class property and no remote ones. Im looking for...
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More or less the only country left in Southeast Asia where you could even theoretically pull something like this off is Cambodia--it remains possible to get an indefinitely renewable Cambodian business visa for a few hundred dollars on flimsy pretexts, at least for now. The Philippines has a relatively generous visa regime as well, though that will obviously depend on your nationality.

More or less everywhere else you will need a local job, a local wife, or more money than...
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Thanks for the reply.
Cambodia was actually my first pick for the reasons you listed.
If im not mistaken a foreigner cant buy land in cambodia, but you can do some kind of legal partnership with a cambodian citizen to buy property.
Concur with the other dude that said that Cambodia is the place because of the Visa situation.

The trick in 'bodia is to get a company (offshore or not), buy the place through a local, then make a 99yr lease to the company.

Of course, rule of law is weak in Cambodia, and the day when the locals decide to string up the big man and his croonies, it is gonna be even harder to defend your 'rights'.

Just find some good people to rent from. Stay a couple of years. You have no idea what...
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What is an appropriate amount of time to spend in a city? Rome in a day is garbage. I think 1 - 2 weeks than move on to another
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Depends totally on the city, what you are into, how much time you have total and what all else you want to get to that trip.

Me, Id love to spend a week or two in Rome -- I've been there only once, and it was for three days, which was great but there was much more I would have wanted to do with more time. Still, my time in Rome was one of my favorite travel memories.
long stays in one city are way over rated from a opportunity cost prospective.
I did 3 days in Rome and thought that was more than enough. If you're going for 1-2 weeks, jump on a train and go around places.

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Me and a friend is interrailing. We came from norway to germany (took almost two days) and spent the time playing uno and listening to audiobooks. We're taking the same two day trip tomorrow. Any ideas on how to pass the time?
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go talk to the girls in the picture
Count how many sheep you see on the way.
The one who sees the most at the end of the trip receives a blowjob from the other.
just sit and observe the thoughts passing before the viewer of mind
find that which perceives these things
see thought as clouds
see the body
see you are not this
see your body is not separate from the environment
all fits together
the flower will bloom for you
do not run from this moment
die in it

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Dutchfag here
This is the first time going solo international. Went solo London last year, but thats only a 40 minutes flight.

Besides of the obvious NYC tourists attractions (Top of the Rock, Empire state, Intrepid Museum etc)

I'm landing on 4th of july in the afternoon, gives me time to get to the hotel and unpack. After that i will probably pick up my NYC pass and then i have time left to do whatever.
What do you recommend doing in the evening on 4th of July?

What are some good rooftopbars/real clubs to go out?
What are some good places...
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Watch the fireworks on TV. DO NOT GO DOWN TO WATCH IN PERSON! Too crowded and you will be penned in.
Go to times square and try the pizza at Sbarro. Easily the best NY pizza. FUHGEDBOUTIT

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I'm going down to Trinidad this summer for the next two months, and I wanna know what it's like down there.

I wont be staying at a hotel or anything, I'm staying at a friend of a friends place, he's very rich so I wont be sleeping in the slums.

The only thing I know about it is that the blacks down their really hates whites, so I know to stay away from them.

Anyways, I just wanna know what I'm getting myself into before I go down.
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The blacks hate Indians and vice versa. It's the one English speaking Caribbean island where blacks are the minority. Check out websites of Trinidad newspapers to find out whats going down. Trini has oil so tourism isn't that important.
isnt nicki minaj from there?

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Going on vacation and looking for a high compacity battery pack. Preferably 20,000 mAh or higher. Thanks
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30 seconds in amazon.
>Going on vacation and looking for a high compacity battery pack. Preferably 20,000 mAh or higher. Thanks+
That's huge. I don't even know where you could go where you would be away from mains or a 12v supply for so long as to need that. I would go for two smaller ones. Try to get quick charge. Don't go for solar.
If you're out hiking for a week, then 20000mah sounds reasonable

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Another "Share your travel pictures" thread. Why not?

Traditional kite flying in Thailand.
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OP posting 4 or 5 to get started.

Cow Demon, Fengdu "ghost city," China
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Fishing fleet in Malaysia
File: P1060622.jpg (6 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yellowstone Park, USA

I want to move to southern California. I won't have a lot of money, but I'll have some. I don't mid living in a trailer park or not so nice area as long as it's near the beach. The kind of place where you can get set up renting a room with some regular wage slave job and spend time hanging out, smoking weed, making art, enjoying the weather. What towns or areas can I do this in?
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Where are you moving from?

Look at south San Diego, near the border. El Cajon, Chula Vista, national city etc

Bonjour! Since France is such a popular tourist desination, I reckon it's time for a France thread.
Ask questions about France here it share your travel experiences here.
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Why don't french girls want to have sex with me?
I'm planning to go to the south of France for 3 or 4 days this summer, but I'm not sure where I should go. I'm thinking of Marseille or Nice, any advice on the subject?

The're all lesbians.

Toulon is nice. I'd go there before Nice imo, it'd an overpriced tourist city. Marielles is awesome don't believe it when people call it a shithole, it's definitely a little rough around the edges but totally worth a visit.

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this place looks pretty nice.jpg
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I have a few questions about traveling and some of the things that go into it. If you've traveled a decent amount or just know a lot about it I'd appreciate any help/tips/knowledge. Thank you in advance

Part 1; Sorry it's so long

1) Are you allowed to travel to more than one place in succession? For example if you go to Australia for a week can you also go to Germany, England, Japan, Ireland all for a week or so each? The world is a strict place now and for good reason. So I wanted to know if there is a limit on how many places a person can go...
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Part 2; Final part
5) Money, how much money do you think you would need to travel to several places and have a place to stay with enough money to eat and walk around? I’ve talked to a few people who have went to Hawaii and Germany and they said that it cost them about $1,800 for the plane ticket and a place to stay at a resort that provided 3 meals a day for one week. In your experience how much money did you have on hand and put away in prep for the trip?

6) Exchange rates, I’m from the US and I imagine that going to several places would require at least a few...
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As one final bonus question, are there any places you think everyone should see in their lives? Some place you've been that was amazing? I'd love to hear some stories of places you guys have been.

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Hey, /trv/. Your week is about to start. I thought you could use a thread. I'll post the rules in the next, then let you guys take it from there.
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File: Rules.jpg (177 KB, 648x891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The dimensions are 468 X 60. It's for the ad space, not the header banners.

Here's a link to the original /qa/ thread, where some community minded types are displaying ideas and hashing it over. One smart anon discovered that the submission page will only accept multiple board subs if the file size is under 120, not 150, as the rules say.


Good luck.
Why would /trv/ ever want more traffic?
Advertising slow boards to the hordes of shitposting newfags sounds like shooting yourself in the foot.
>trying to think of something more original than RealTraveler™

We already have the /tv/ morons who are too retarded to click on the correct link.

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