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Anyone know what this plugs into..? It's attached to a floor lamp and is the only cord coming out of it..
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some girl's stained & puckered poop hole
+1 (nice meme)
This probably isn't the board for it and you've told us fuck all.

Although it vaguely resembles an M4 plug, my guess is that it's some kind of ISO4165 which appear to be used for some outdoors and camping equipment/vehicles.


It's almost certainly DC and there's a decent chance that it actually just plugs into some transformer with a custom connector, which is pretty common.

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What's saigon like? Have to go there for a visa run.
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It's alright, I spent a couple of weeks there but only because I scored a temp girlfriend with tinder. Eat delicious food, ride around on scooters, have sex, drink beers on rooftop bars. Pretty good times.
I like the backpacker area, it's cozy with good drinks and hot bargirls (they don't fuck mostly, just flirt to sell you beer) and good food.

And you can walk a block and be out of the tourist area.

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I'm meeting my gf abroad. She left a week earlier to see family in Thailand. I'm meeting her in Bangkok.

Her bag was lost in the airport, and she lost most of her Lipitor, and has maybe six doses remaining. She asked me to bring her some, and since we are staying for three months, it might look like a suspicious amount of boxes with pills. Will I have any trouble?
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Just explain the situation if you're questioned. It's Lipitor, not coke.
I have been to Thailand with lots of pharmaceuticals (including syringes) dozens of times. Nobody has ever asked questions. But I'm surprised that your girlfriend can't get statins in Thailand. Bangkok pays a little more attention to scripts than the rest of the country, but I'd be surprised if she couldn't just buy it over the counter from most pharmacies.

Hi /trv/,

My Girlfriend and I are travelling to Japan for the first time. A lot of friends keep asking me why we're travelling in the summer as if its a bad idea. Mainly asking for general tips and if anyone has had experience with the summer festivals. We're mainly going to be around Tokyo and one week in Osaka.
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It's just hot and humid as fuck in the summer.
>Taking your girlfriend with you
There is a Japan general. Please use it.


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Should I move to Amsterdam?
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Where are you from?

I would avoid moving to Islamsterdam. It's glory days are far gone.
>PVV'er confirmed

Amsterdam has a lot of great pro's. But The Netherlands has a lot of great alternatives too. Where do you live now and what do you looking for OP?
Dutch confirmed's.

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Hi /trv/

My girlfriend and I are travelling through Thailand for 12 days. Sadly I had more vacation time on me, so she returns home for work and I stay for 12 more days.

Staying in Thailand is a no no. I want to check out Vietnam at the very least.

Are 12 days too little to see some of Bangkok, then head to 'nam and add one more destination (like cambodia or laos?).

What are some major things I should see? I"m a sucker for Vietnam War history, and War History in general, cars, food (mostly cooking) and visiting ruins/temples is something...
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2 days in BKK
2-3 Days in Siem Reap
4 days in HCM
2 days of travel, 1 between BKK and SR and another between SR and HCM

I find BKK boring as hell, go see the Palace (read about the scams), floating markets, temple of dawn / Wat Arun. You can get on a bus or take the train at 5am to SR or even fly, I feel Angkor Wat is worth breaking up over 3 days.
I have never been to HCM, I traveled Hanoi and the north.

Alternative. See BKK, fly to Hanoi or HCM and spent 10 days in Vietnam if the war is...
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The war interest me. A lot. But Angkor looks so awe inspiring I cant miss it.

We fly into Phuket and spend the night at the Old Town, cause we arrive late. We get the fuck out of that shithole the next day, and spend a couple of days on the lesser shithole that is Phi Phi, doing some beach stuff and relaxing -if chavs let us- and then head back two the mainland, stopping along the way to BKK.
All of Southern Thailand is a shithole.

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any americans been to cuba recently? I want to go for spring break, but it seems like there's still a restriction against tourism. Whats the easiest way into the country?

Also any specific cities or areas worth exploring besides havana?
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haven't Americans always been able to get into Cuba but through Canada?
Last time I checked you could go, but it had to be for one of a dozen pre-approved reasons, tourism not being one of them. However, I know Cuba and the US recently agreed to allow tourism. It's just a matter of how soon airlines get approved to fly with red tape and such.
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Cayo Santa Maria is pretty awesome.


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Just made it to Prague. Now...what do?
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These threads make me so mad.
Stay in your room and post on 4chan
Get drunk and rent a bicycle. Let the wind direct you.

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I'm traveling internationally and I was wondering if I could bring powdered caffeine on a plane with me? I'm asking because it looks sketchy 'cause it's just white powder in a plain little baggie. Should I call ahead and ask? Maybe go a little earlier since I might get delayed? Flying out of LAX btw.
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Why not just buy a packet of No-Doz and avoid any suspicions? Why carry it on instead of checking it?
It comes in handy pill form with labeled bottles and everything, so this seems foolish.

Is what you are really asking "Can I bring a loose white powder with me if I say it is caffeine.?"
FYI powdered caffeine is illegal in several countries, as concentrated caffeine is basically poison.

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I know this is a bait topic but I need the info.

I'm a permanent expat and my travel insurance ran out. Last lot was $800 for one year in HK/China. I need to renew but I was told over last year that there are way better options...so what are they?

I know half of /trv/ thinks insurance isn't worth it but I think it is and I'm getting it regardless.

I'll still be hanging around HK/China with maybe a side trip to Japan and worst Korea in there.

pic not related, it's a kitten in Hanoi.
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Are you working there or just traveling? If working then you could get one through employer even if it comes out of your pay. Otherwise yeah, insurance is pricey. Still better to pay $800 than face $100k fees if something horrible happens.
>Are you working there or just traveling?
A bit of both but I'm self-employed, just doing digital nomad stuff. So no employer to take care of that stuff for me.

People on /trv/ talked about much cheaper insurance so I'm hoping someone gives me some links or something.

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What are some of the best places to travel alone for a young (early 20s) guy? Either alone or with a friend or two.

I am Scandinavian if that matters.
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if you're just trying to have sex then SE Asia. Singapore and Hong Kong are apparently pretty great if you're trying to spend money.
I want to see some beautiful places, meet new people and their culture, experience what the whole has to offer really.

I'm not really interested in going places where it is even more expensive than Scandinavia when there are so many cheap places to go.

Cheesy as fuck but cheesy for a reason.

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So I'm a decently experienced traveler, haven't been everywhere but the places I've gone, I've always been fascinated in seeing fucked up shit. I can't lie, social decay and abject poverty fascinates me. I'll be that guy who gives 20 bucks to a junkie just to pound some beers and watch him shoot heroin and give me a step by step walkthrough of how to find the vein. In those days I've also been broke as fuck but now that I've got money I miss the feel of hanging out with street urchins and addicts. I like that danger of anything could fucking happen and unpredictable nature of society's outcasts. I liked feeling like shit could go off at any second.

Having said that, I want to visit the Appalachians.

I want to see sketchy hillbillies getting drunk as fuck and snorting meth. I want to see drunk pregnant teenagers and I wanna drink spiked mountain dew and talk philosophy with toothless hillbillies til the sun comes up. I want to live, man.

I think the plan is to just drive to remote towns like Oswley county and show up to local bars. Buy a hot pizza for some sketchy looking teens and see if I don't end up in a meth den in some trailer park.


>1. Does this make me a complete cunt? If so, how to not look like one?
>2. Can anybody relate to this? Any sketchy travel stories?
>3 (also TL;DR) What's the best way to see fucked up shit in Appalachia without being killed?

See question 3.
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You aren't going to understand the Appalachians. You're either going to love them and wonder in awe, or you're going to despise them. Anyone in or below Appalachia is from a different planet. Even the rich people. It's a different world.
The best way too see fucked up shit is to actually live there. I grew up in east TN. It's extremely easy to see who is from there and who's not. If you're not, you'll stand out and no one is going to want to show you anything.
Why did they put deer heads above the TV? Do the antlers improve reception?

Hi /trv/ going to toronto for 2 days in april. looking forward to the trip but i have no idea on what to do there, any recommendations? want to make the most out of those 2 days.
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Wish I'd copypasted my usual answer, this seems to be a recurring thread and usually even has the same picture.

Kensington Market by day, it's a vibrant hippy neighborhood that has somehow resisted corporatization and (to some extent) gentrification. Its the most authentic feeling bohemian type neighborhood in Toronto. Junction Triangle by night, its somewhat hipstery/douchey but its the busiest nightlife by night and theres a variety of pubs for all tastes. College Street has decent student pubs, its a good bet to get laid, it starts at university street with shitty student bars and the further west you go, the classier it gets. The annex has fun geeky stuff like Korean karaoke bars or board game cafes. Shakes and Lattes is a brilliant board game cafe but probably book a table in advance. Stay away from the "entertainment district", its full of douchey clubs spinning top 40 and mostly out of towners and 905ers go there. If you want something swanky, and pricy, yorkville has high end shopping by day, a few high class lounges by night. Queen Street from University all the way to Bathurst for anything rock or metal related.

The absolute best club in town is called Cherry Colas Rock And Rolla. You'll have to Google it as its got a hidden entrance. I can promise no matter what you're into you wont be disappointed.
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Pic related. You'll get laid, bro
I haven't been back home in like 2 years so check that everything is still true lol. But as the other guy reccomended, Kensington Market is awesome. They have pedestrian days when cars can't go through and its super cool. There's a pub called Sin & Redemption in that neighbourhood that has tns of draught beers and its got a cool, dingy vibe. The art gallery and the rom (royal ontario museum) used to be free on wednesdays so check that out if you'll be there. Snakes and Lattes is super cool. I don't think you can book a table in advance, you need to call the same night you want to go and they will give you a time to come. Also hit up Dutch Dreams. It's a super cool ice cream parlor. There's a police museum on Bay street that's fun to kill some time at. The absolute best brunch ever in the entire fucking city ever is at Milagro. It's uptown but right at the Lawrence subway station. If you're into high class shopping, bloor is the way to go but its super swanky. There's a pingpong bar called spin on king street that's a little posh but still really fun. you need to call for a reservation though. I'd reccomend getting bikes for rent (if you can plan ahead, bring a bike lock so you can stop at places) if the snow is gone. They're really fun and you can view the city like that. And definitely check out Dundas Square and the Eaton Centre. There's always something going on and its an easy place to start a day at. Oh! and the best place to get food when you're piss drunk is at Mars Diner on Young street. Trust me. And its open 24 hours.

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What's up /trv/, I am planning a trip to Japan at some point in the future. During this trip, my hope is to bang several so-called "KHawaii" Japanese girls with the intent of knocking them up with my superior American seed. Really plow that Pearl Harbour Poon-Tang, if you catch my drift. So, I want to hear your best sex/ dating stories from while you were overseas. It doesn't have to be about an explicit encounter if you don't want. Stories taking place in Japan are the theme of this thread, but you can stories from anywhere.

Pic unrelated; is...
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>be me
>go to Japan
>overweight, crown baldness with ponytail
>doesn't matter because I'm white
>walk down Meiji Dori in Shinjuku
>feel something tugging on my cape
>turn around
>it's a 10/10 AKB-tier j-honey
>"E-excuse me, you are.. American?" she says in broken English
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Probably not going to happen. Few Japanese girls speak any English, and they usually prefer jap guys. Go to the Philippines or Malaysia where people speak English.

You're definitely right about the Phillipines, Malaysia, even Thailand etc... all having the stereotype of being places where it's extremely easy to get pussy, but it's not hard in Japan, either. Japanese bitches love gaijin dick, especially the ones that speak English. I hear they love to get their nihongo nipples pulled.


Sugoi, senpai!

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3 Zebras Turning Heads.jpg
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I'm trying to help my friend from Morocco come to America to either study or work. He basically grew up in a slum and has no way to obtain money; he'd have to get a job in the States to pay for school here. I can lend him enough for a plane ticket.
What's the easiest way to get into America from a non-Western country? Do any of you have experience with this?
He's got a Moroccan degree in electrical engineering.
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He'll need to get a visa to either work or study in the U.S., he'll have to fill out a form and pay a fee, it's not too expensive but it's not a guarantee that his application will be accepted.

Here's a link with more info and on obtaining a student visa

Thanks for the link. I guess I knew the basics, but I also know it gets complicated real fast. For instance I assume as part of the visa application he'll have to prove he has enough money to live/pay tuition, when that's impossible unless he can enter America and start working.
Also he's a devout Muslim and I won't lie, he looks like Osama bin Laden. Gotta wonder if that's gonna be an obstacle.
lol, yeah with the current political climate it will probably be harder to get a visa if you're from an Arab country. But the fact that he already has a degree will help.

Alternatively, he could attempt to get a greencard instead of a visa, it will give him permanent residence in the U.S., but is a bit more difficult to acquire. It would be best to do this by finding an employer willing to hire him here, then having them petition for a greencard for him. Again, his engineering degree will come in very...
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