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So I am a Brit wishing to live and work in Argentina. At the moment my Spanish is non-existent, but I'm starting to take up a language course.

Anyway, I was wondering what opportunities are there for Brits. I have a Bachelor's degree, and currently work in Banking. I don't have much experience with regards to travelling, but as a country Argentina has always appealed to me.
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I think you might want to visit the country first before you make a decision like that.
Argentinians don't like British much -- that whole Falklands thing. Unless you're a real masochist (or an idiot, which you may be judging by your post) Argentina probably isn't the smartest idea.
Why the fuck would you want to live in Argentina?

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Hello everybody, I've been thinking for a while now about walking the Route of Santiago de Compostela from my city, Toulouse.
I've never done anything that challenging, I'm only 19 y.o, but I am in good physical shape, love walking, and even speak enough Spanish.
So I'd like to know if anyone here has already done it, and to ask for any advice concerning...well pretty much everything. Which season would be best, should I book rooms for the nights between my walks or is it possible to camp most of the time, what kind of equipment I'd need...
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Hi there, personally I haven't done it myself.

That said I know there's a lot of different accomodation along the way, camping at a site with showers is about 8-10€ a night, where hostels and bunkbeds are likely to be around 15-20€ per night.

Sleeping in the woods are great from late april throughout summer, you would just need a sleeping bag that can dry quickly, then if it rain a little or there is a heavy dew you just dry it in the sun around noon.

Travelling outdoors in France and Spain is nice from the end of april until late october...
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Thanks for the answer
I was thinking about maybe leaving in May, in order to be right between the chills of the end of winter and before the heat of summer. Also spring is beautiful so...
I'll look for informations concerning shelter in the Pyrenees, I want to be outside as much as possible but need to know more about the crossing of the Pyrenees (Nights are cold in the mountains and I'm still unexperienced)
I'm still undecided concerning bringing a tent or not, it sounds reasonnable in case...
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Yes, the thing with a tent is that you'll need to carry it around for the day where you need it.

Unless you can afford to invest a lightweight one it's really a lot of weight in your backpack, for no to little use.

When walking far distances I've heard that 12kg of backpacking equipment is the most comfortable.

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I really wanted to see it on Easter of this year, but was wondering what the cheapest flights were. Google is saying everything is $2,500, but I can't see spending that much just to stay for 2 or 3 days tops to see the celebrations.

Is there a snowball's chance in hell that I'll be able to catch a standby?
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Bumping, I figured a lot of you guys would be in Ireland or Northern Ireland to see the Easter Rising centenary. I expect most will fly into Dublin, so going to Belfast might increase my chances of flying standby.
Did you read the sticky? There's some info in there about sites for finding affordable flights.

Also look at Iceland's airline, last I looked 5hey were pretty reasonable and they'll give you a day layover in Reykjavik if you want to add a day in Iceland to your trip.
Going to Northern Ireland are ye?

Unlucky, I'd rather skin my own bollocks. None the less, don't pay that. It's extortionately expensive.

Best bet to do as >>1073346

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I will be carrying a large amount of Euro notes in Turkey (under the 10k declarable limit).

Since I have a Scottevest Expedition jacket with plenty of pockets, is there any reason to use a money belt?

I don't think the jacket would be any less secure, and if I use a money belt it may look like I have something to hide. I'm flying business class for what it's worth.
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the real risk would simply be the money falling out and you loosing it

money belts are discreet, but professional thieves know to look for them (that being said they are a minority)

depending where you are it may or may not be likely you will get robbed, you might be more at risk of being detained by security because you're carrying cash unusually

if the money is just in your bag it's much less likely that if it's on your person because of screening

you would have to take...
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Gonna be in India this summer. Any tips on how not to be pickpocketed? Is a wallet chain effective or does it just draw attention to where your wallet is?
Just keep a regular wallet with not a lot of cash in it so if they take it you won't lose much. I don't know about you guys but when I wear pants and a shirt I don't tuck the shirt into the pants so it actually hangs over the pockets. Makes it a lot more difficult to both see if there's anything in them and put your hand in there.

If you're taking night trains or buses just wear a money belt under your clothes so that if someone tries to jack your shit they won't get to the money....
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File: Papaya-Day_Night-20151.jpg (235 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /trv, gonna go on holiday with some friends this summer and I'm looking for the best party places, preferrably in Europe. (I live in Belgium so going further would cost more)

Looking for a crazy nightlife but not completly fucked up by rude Brits like Magaluf. Also looking for a nice beach, good weather and not too expensive.

So far I've considered: Ibiza (which is overrated and way too expensive from what I've heard), Sunny Beach, Zrce Beach (pic related), Bodrum,.. All the 'known' party places.

Any advice? Thanks in advance
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You already live in the best party spot in the world.



P.S. You can't dodge the Brits.
I went to Heraklion a few years ago and it was nice city. Drink a ton but mostly at cafes and bars. Someone told me while we there that it's a known for its nightlife along the beaches, I guess in Hersonissos and Malia, which are nearby the city. I was there in January though, so it wasn't peak season.
If you go to Ibiza it'll literally just be Chav central, those fuckers ruined the island.

Prague and Berlin are fucking amazing for Techno, but no beaches.

Riga has dope beaches, but I'm unsure of the beach nightlife (the clubs are super sick as well)

Croatia is just the cream of the motherfucking crop for beach parties, but may be far and expensive.

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syrian girls.jpg
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has anyone here traveled to far off places and slept with exotic, local women?

share stories lads
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>tfw you will never have sex with a yazidi girl on deployment
File: 2e69d1.jpg (37 KB, 432x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would. But this thread will probably be deleted. The only stamps I'm missing on my pussy passport are East African and East Indian, for similar reasons. Here is a Muzzy I fucked, but would only do anal to preserve her purity.
my dick...

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Hey folks,

I've got 7 days off (sort of outta the blue), and I'm gonna buy a plane ticket and head to Costa Rica in like 72 hours. I'm a little rusty, but I was once an expat and backpacker for a couple of years, and I'm fairly certain that I can wing this in a way that ends up successfully, but I'd love some solid tips.

I've done little research outside of calling a friend who has been there and availing myself of Google for the past 2hrs, but the following seems worthwhile from what I've read:

- Monteverde (zip line,...
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They have some great whores there
Go Surfing man, Playa Hermosa or Costa Dorada are two of the top surfing spots in the world
also thinking of going here. im not a super experienced traveller so do you recommend I avoid hostels and stay in hotels?

Hey guys idea what's the cheapeast European country to go to university?? Or that you can work with out them giving you to much BS
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sos hondureno?

So I may have landed a job in the Netherlands. In light of that, what should I know about the country, people, culture, night life? Also, I am American.
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Did you not think telling us where you're moving might be relevant? Dutch people are relaxed, have money, are educated, infrastructure is top notch.

Sorry. Amsterdam.
Raad these books:
Stuff Dutch People Like (also a blog)
The Undutchables
The Xenophobes Guide To The Dutch

I genuinely found them very interesting, and I'm Dutch.

File: study_abroad_usa.jpg (554 KB, 902x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm looking to go on exchange for a semester in America this year, starting in August through to December.
Currently living and studying in Melbourne and would do the exchange through the university.
What cities would you guys recommend as the best places to live for about 6 months to get the best experience? I'm mostly looking to meet some people and have a good time experiencing the culture, not so fussed about the quality of universities.
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The Northeast. Places like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C, and maybe Baltimore if you have the balls. Anywhere else in this country is a culture-less, soulless shitheap. Trust me.
The only other cities outside of that is maybe Chicago and SF, Seattle if you are into that. Otherwise avoid America at all costs.
There are plenty of decent college towns out there in America's heartland where you'd get a good feel for the culture. It all depends on what you're into hobby-wise, sports-wise, drinking/drug use, etc.

File: vietnam-hero[1].jpg (511 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP is going to travel SEA with a friend for 2 months.
We've got pretty much everything covered and ready to go. Any extra advice /trv/ can give before we head out? Anything from food, places to stay, places to see.

General SEA thread I guess.
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Sorry OP, I don't have any advice but have a question for this /SEA/ thread:

Is it possible to have a quiet relaxing, month long trip in Phuket? I'd like to get an airbnb house next to a beach and basically just hangout there for the entire time. Like I just want to hang out on the beach, read, sleep and maybe once in a while head to a market for food. Is phuket a good island for this or should I look elsewhere?
File: CAmjg3mUQAAyQ5N.jpg (62 KB, 599x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I personally feel Phuket is shit. Is it beautiful? Yes, it some places it is extremely beautiful. However it is overpriced and full of some of the worst people you will meet in the Kingdom. Be ok with the fact that you will be overcharged for being a tourist, hell even if you live there they will try it. Some places go as far as listing Thai numbers for prices that are lower than the Arabic ones. Taxi and transprt are corrupt, police are corrupt (well this is true in the whole country, just worse here) But all of those...
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File: 1450792529887.jpg (247 KB, 1280x1206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So im visiting europe in 2 months for about 2 weeks.

Which top 10 cities do you recommend?

I ask you because you are on 4chan.

If it helps, my parameters are

- The city has lots of historic content, preferebly from the classical or medieval eras
- Good nightlife and pretty guys/girls
- Good food

The only city im 100% visiting is Rome.

I wanted to go to Istanbul too, but my partner claims its dangerous right now.
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>- The city has lots of historic content, preferebly from the classical or medieval eras
>- Good nightlife and pretty guys/girls
>- Good food
Granada, Spain checks all of these boxes hard.
I was going to say Rome, i live there. Everything else will be a bit of a letdown after that.
Istanbul is not Europe btw. If you go there and are a pretty girl as your picture suggests then expect to get harassed by shitskins wanting "jiggy jiggy" and learing at you and touching you. If you are with a male they will leave you alone.
Munich, Vienna, Brugge, are nice, not too touristy but very nice.
I definitely recommend Porto, Barcelona and Berlin based on your description and my experience.

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I want to order a passport card without reordering my passport. I have a valid passport that was issued 2 years ago.

Do I get the passport book back if I only order the card? As it is required in the items to mail to the Department of State.
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Uhhh....why do you wanna do that? I mean Passport is better in every way.
I can't imagine you would NOT get your passport back --the two are not the same thing.
Two ways to find out for sure -- at a post-office or something near you is a passport office. Call or stop by and ask them.
Or contact the e-mail or phone contact info available online.
Whats the point of these things?

Starting the Camino de Santiago in early March. The French Way. Does anyone have any tips or anecdotes? Also how much did it cost? I've packed as well as I have for any other trip but feel like I'm missing something.
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There's a thread here: >>1066260 with answers to most of your questions. Reading through it would probably help.

But to start off with, make sure you didn't pack too much. You don't need much to walk to Camino. At all. If your backpack is over 40-45 liters, it's probably too big, and if you're carrying more than 10kg, you could cut some stuff out.

It doesn't cost very much. Basically the Camino costs as much as you want it to. Most of the time, you can find...
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I'm having a luggage debacle /trv/.

I'm going to be flying to Australia next month, and I need a bag that will be able to fit my huge ass PC case (21x9x19) and I've been struggling to find something on anything on the internet that looks like it'd fit it. If anyone else has been in this situation I'd appreciate a recommendation, I'd really hate to invest in one and then find out it won't fit.
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Can't you just buy it in a real shop and see on the spot with a ruler if your computer would fit ?
Look at aluminum case/the ones media professional/musicians use. You're not going to want to put your PC into a fucking ordinary bag.

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