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Hi /trv/ first time poster.

My girlfriend and I are going to NZ in a week, and we need a way to get from Takaka to Dunedin in a day. Is it drivable? Is there a train or bus? Or are we gonna need to fly it?
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Can we make this a New Zealand general?

I'm also travelling to NZ and have a pretty rough itinerary:

- Home/Aukland
- Waiheke
- Waitomo (Waitomo Adventures - 7hour epic? worth it? and suggestions?)
- Rotorua (drive by)
- Tongariro Alpine crossing (12-hour walk)
- Wellington (stop over)
- Kaikoura (whales for a day)
- Marlborough (any good vineyards? nice places to stay that don't break the bank?)
- Abel Tasman (3 days trekking)
- Nelson/Home

Please any NZ top...
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Hey /trv/

I saw the British guy that commuted from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin because it was cheaper than a direct train.


It kind of inspired me into trying out one-day excursions.

I guess this applies mostly to Eurofags because of the distance involved for anyone outside.

Ryanair has £9.99 flights to lots of Euro countries. Was wondering if anyone else has tried something similar?

Basically flying out in the morning to somewhere, and flying back at night, all within a single day seeing...
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My friend had an agreement with his employer in the UK to work 3 days onsite and 2 days remote. He lived in Poland and then France, Germany, Italy for 4 out of 7 days a week.
It was amazing, I visited him at Poland - awesome place and he paid like 10-20 pound for the tickets.
I do 2 day trips all the time. Doing it in one day is usually more stress than fun unless you can get the first flight out departing not later than 7:00 and return with a flight that won't depart before 21:30.

Hostels or a Ibis room for a night are usually around 30€ so it won't add much to the bill and you can enjoy a nice dinner in the evening and get a taste of the nightlife.

OP here.

Ended up buying flights from London to Copenhagen.

£9.99 there
£7.02 back

Opted for an over nighter - hotel was £42, but sharing cost with GF.

So total cost £38.01 each.

For comparison I just bought a pizza for £12.

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so has anyone had any experience with WHV in Australia; and was it difficult to find employment
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I'm about to leave Australia, one of the reasons being how difficult it is to get employment here. There are many other reasons. This country is totally shit and it's government would have been laughed at in the 40s, don't come here. You will regret it.
t. FUCK OFF we're full Australian
I'm in Australia with my WHV. It's not the eldorado,at some place find a work must very very hard (all the east coast).

I'm in Perth now I just found a work in a cattle station(free food/accomodation and 100$ per day) for at least 3mounth (or more if I want to).
My advice is fligth to Western Australia or Northern Territory (Darwin).

After it's depend on your english (where you from anon ?).

Last thing in July every backpackers will be taxe 32%for each dollar. Before if you worked 6mounth you were a resident not anymore so it'll...
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I'm planning on moving from Washington state to Phoenix Arizona. How do I rent an apartment before I get there? Any advice on long distance moving?
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I'm in the same boat OP.

Moving from Chicago to Fort Collins in June and me and the gf aren't renting a moving truck. I drive a small car so we are really downsizing and throwing everything away beforehand, which is okay since all we own is fucking trash. We're planning on renting a small Uhaul trailer for some of the larger things that don't fit into the back of a small hatchback.

As for renting an apartment before hand, you have to call and ask around if they'll accept applications from someone so far away. Depending on the location...
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So I have up to 12 days and $6000 to spend in a foreign country. I am 18/m from US and will be spending a month in Kazakhstan. After that I can fly anywhere I want and really enjoy myself (though distance should be noted considering I have limited time).
So I'm not interested in prostitutes (I feel inclined to note this considering so many on this board are) though I'm up for anything else. All I want to do is have a ton of fun and money really isn't a problem.
I'm up for outdoors activities or eating or partying (though I don't look rich and I'm...
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if you really want to go somewhere where something is happening, go to India. There is always something you can take part of:)
More info dude. Where have you been before? What are your interests? I mean... Nature? Mountains? Sea? Parties? Architecture? Outdoor activities?
Oh, hello there.

Well I was travelling through India for 4 months. I understand you about that: me and my bro wasn't weren't interested in hookers as well. We mostly wanted to experience culture and learn about it.

In touristic cities described in guidebooks you will always find some guesthouses full of backpackers. They are mostly opened people willing to talk, to exchange views, listen to stories from former travels. I loved that!
Locals love white people. In the beginning it was nice (everybody wants to have photo with you) but later I realized...
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Money Exchange.jpg
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Do you visit countries with failing economies to help stretch your money?

Do you typically examine the cost of living prior to traveling? If so, what are your experiences, websites of choice regarding this?
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I've been going to Canada more lately because of that.
Yeah I always thought that Canada seems a little boring and not worth it considering the cost but now it's looking a lot more attractive. If the rates get any better I'll just say fuck off to Israel and go skiing in Alberta.

For all the Mexicans who complain about the cost of coming to the US, have you ever considered Russia?
>1 Mexican Peso equals 4.18 Russian Ruble
Yes, but never as my main goal. There must be something interesting to that country for me to want to visit it. The money thing is just a big help.

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IMG_0704 - IMG_0705.jpg
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hey everyone!

I (m,23) want to travel to sweden with a group of boyscouts. ages will be like 14-whatever. I once have been to tiveden for 2 weeks and enjoyed the countryside very much. As we are going to hike, I'd like to ask you some questions:

what are desireble places to visit? we start in germany, will travel then to sweden either by train or train+ferry. we are looking for beautiful landscapes, loads of forest and some civilisation to buy food ;)

is camping in regular forests legal / will it get us into problems? we most likely will have campfires...
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op here.

I forgot: we will be 10-20 people I guess
for camping/fire google allemansrätten (doesnt apply to national parks though).

campfires are not generally forbidden, it depends on the forest-fire-danger.

camping for groups on private land requires permition of the owner, if you are alone you can camp everywhere as long as its not in sight of a house.

As for destinations there are just so many to choose from, depends on whether you want to hike completely through the wilderness or on an established trail http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden/Things-to-do/Adventure--Sports/Hiking/

I can only recommend...
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>how much is an average roll of 35mm film in sweden?
Pretty much the same as everywhere else in the world? About 80-100kr last I looked.

Gotland is beautiful.

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>Get stationed in Germany
>Everyone I know in the states gushes about how Europeans have such amazing train systems, and how traveling around Europe by train is going to be so cheap and easy
>Check out prices for train tickets for two people
>Frankfurt to Brussels
>by train: 5 hours, 200 euros
>by plane: 1.5 hours, 220 euros
>by car: 4 hours, roughly 80 euros...
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Well trains aren't cheap in Germany. Flights are cheap if you choose the right airline and book at the right time.
Taking the expensive fast trains of course is expensive.
A cheaper way of traveling is using buses.
I just checked and I can get from Hamburg to Paris for example (3x the distance) for 80 Euro for 2 people (by plane)
You definitely did something wrong, stupid burgerclap. I've done that exact route several times when my then-gf was doing an internship in Brussels (hurr durr cuckjokes go here). It always took 3.5 hours, and though I don't recall exact prices now several years later, I know never paid more than 80-90€ or so one way, and that's for peak hours. I can clearly recall paying in the 40-60€ range a few times.

You booked at the last minute, and chose a shitty connection.
I literally go to bahn.de, query tickets a month out, and go for the cheapest thing they have, which is usually 1.5x longer than the more expensive routes. Let me know if there's a better way to do it.

I did the same to go from Wiesbaden to Strasbourg (210 km) and back. It cost me 50 euros, and would have cost me 30 more but I got a "discount" by opting to depart at something like 5 in the goddamn morning.

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how much does it cost per day (not including travel) to stay in cambodia and thailand if you get a budget room and eat local food, no drinking or hookers.
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If you're willing to stay in a hostel dormitory, accommodations in both countries can be had starting at around $5, although most are a bit more than that. Private rooms start around $15 but will likely be grim. Basic but decent 2-3 star places can be had for as low as $25 or so. Street food is in my experience slightly cheaper in Thailand than in Cambodia unless you speak Khmer and can access the local places (and even then you're going to be charged more than a local would be). Sticking to street stalls...
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Both countries are listed here with prices in USD http://projectinspo.com/2015/03/10-of-the-cheapest-countries-to-travel-to/
Pretty much this. I mean, there is some variation - in bkk and some smaller cambodian villages you can get a private room for $5 but good luck finding a dorm under $20 on koh phi phi, generallly though this guy's prices are on the ball.

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Hey, first time here, figured someone here might have some experience with this. I was thinking about studying abroad some point in my college career, good idea or not?

I was thinking of England since I have a friend who lived there who said he liked it, and they speak English, also I've lived in Ireland a few years of my life so I know a bit about Weatern European functions. Good idea or bad?

Any advice, tips, comments, anything at ALL would be really appreciated!!
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Always a good idea, and probbably an amazing experience regardless also nice to have on your CV. concidering you have enough money that is.

i have been studying abroad for about a year now, from Norway to New Zealand. its been an amazing experience and it feels really nice to be in a new place with little or no ties to Norway for me. mostly because of the +12 hours difference.

Not sure what the prosess is where you are from but check the requirements ASAP. i had to begin preperation 1 year in advance.
I studied in Thailand, 1 semester abroad covered 3 levels of language, or 9 credits and I forget if it was another 6 or 9 credits of sociology and other credits.
Don't go to a place that speaks your language, branch out.
conveniently i'm english and gonna be studying abroad in america next year
our universities are a bit more self directed learning oriented from what i can tell, you don't normally get homework apart from one or two essays and an exam, and you don't get that many contact hours, you're expected to do most of your studying in your own time.

i'd reccomend brighton, bournemouth, cardiff, edinburgh or manchester, don't go to london its expensive and shit

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So I am in a SF going to this techno party tmr and I am just wondering where I could get some pills or molly here. Are there any guys standing outside of clubs dealing with it or this stuff doesnt happen here. Any suggestions in this matter /trv? Cheers!
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ask the bouncer
Have you ever been to a rave? You'll have many people ask you if you want molly.
The eastern edge of Golden Gate park and the contiguous Haight Ashbury district. I cannot speak for quality aside from pot.

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Where can I find statistics about luggage room pricing and places?
What countries it is common in them (most Europe I know)?
How much they charge?
Is there big companies or just hostels and hotels that charge?
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I am sorry, but it is not clear what you are asking.

What does "luggage room pricing and places" mean? Explain using enough words that we can figure out what you mean.
As in: do X % of luggage rooms just belong to the hostel/hotel? How much they usually charge. Is this clear now?
Bumperino bumperino

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I'm going to be in china for the next few months (leaving in feb) and I want to visit a friend in India while I'm there. I'm on a tightish budget, what is the most effective way of getting to India from China (I'll be in Sichuan province)?
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Flying on an airplane.

Beyond that, I am not sure what you are asking.
flights tend to vary largely in cost depending from here and to where you are flying.
Check ctrip for flights, see what you can find.

If you're already established in China, consider booking your flights through wechat.

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I'm travelling to Ecuador and Peru in February and since my Canadian money is weak I am wondering if instead of exchanging my money into USD I could bring rolls of Canadian quarters instead. Would store owners, bus drivers and taxi drivers accept this instead of American dollar bills?
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I wouldn't think so.

Also, how much weight in coins would you carry to pay for your trip? Excess baggage fees might eat up whatever exchange rate benefit you are after.
Very true, I hadn't considered that
This thread. Top kek.

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Why does everybody deem it necessary to take 20 pictures of everything they encounter?
And worse yet, why do they always have to pose? I don't get it, and it annoys me.
Get your vain ass out of my picture!
Am i the only one who feels like this?
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I don't take pictures at all, fuck these people who don't believe you unless you have some pictures of you being somewhere, everything i want to remember i have in my brain.
I like to take pictures of things, but don't like people in them. First time I realized that it may be odd was when my mom saw some pictures I took during a trip in high school, and she said "Looking at these no one would know you were there". I responded with I would know. But that's what made me realize that people pose in pics mail to show other people they were someplace, not to actually a picture of the place for themselves
Nah ur wrong tho.

I would much rather look at a picture of myself and/or friends/family in front of some shit 5, 10, 20 years down the line than to look at the same picture i could look at on google with no one in it. Its fun to see what you looked like and how you were acting back in the day. Most of my pictures hardly anyone is even going to see other than myself.

Thats not too say you cant take dope pictures without anyone you know or yourself in them. But those are usually odd photos that captured...
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