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I have a question regarding US visas. I have a criminal record for getting caught with weed, which violates my right to the visa waiver programme. According to visa rules I'd have to schedule an interview with the US embassy to apply for a visa, which in itself isn't much of a problem. The problem is that since I got my criminal record, I've been gambling and visited the US twice without getting rejected at the customs and immigration.

If i were to schedule an interview, could they reject me a visa on the basis that I've already cheated the rules twice?...
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Gambling as in taking a general risk, not necessarily with money.
Whilst I can't say conclusively what would happen, I would just enter the US again and hope for the best. Yes, America is the only country fucked up enough to scan other country's criminal files, but there's no way theyd do an international criminal record check for every single entrant.
Sounds good, though I'm way more inclined to apply for a visa properly. I'm in some sort of a catch-22, what ever I do I run the risk of getting barred from entering the US ever again.

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How many people is ideal for a road trip?
I'm planning a road trip with my friend and he has a list of about ten people he wants to go with. How feasible is this? We'd have to take two cars definitely, but could this be pulled off without too much of a headache? If not, how many people should we go with?
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You and someone cute with a mouth.
Rent a giant fucking Rv and split the cost 10 ways. It's a really dumb idea but itd be legendary. http://www.shadymaplerv.com/rv-rentals-online

Less retardedly, don't fit more than 2 in a subcompact, 3 in a compact or midsize coupe, and 4 in a full size sedan. You need to stretch around in the back, or shits gonna suck. 10 people should be in 2 vans, or kick out 2 people and rent 2 full size cars (like a Hyundai sonata) for 8 people.

Honestly its an incredibly stupid question, do you need us...
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First mate, second mate, navigator, and a freeloader.

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As the title says, where would you travel to see exceptional modern architecture?
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Astana in Kazakhstan. Singapore. Shanghai, Shenzhen. Dubai, northern Europe

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Anyone else made a reservation on Arguscarhire for one price and then were forced to pay way more upon collection of a different car on site?

I rented an economy car for xmas break and was then forced to get a more expensive car and pay an extra $200 for the car (after having wainted 5 hours in the agency) on a SATURDAY! My issue is being dealt with by Car Trawler and is going nowhere.

Any help on how to deal with these people??
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File a complaint with the BBB. Should have fought them at the time though. Plenty of times they don't have the economy car I booked, so they upgrade for free.

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Heading here in april. What are some things I absolutely need to see and do? Any insider tips or secrets to know about?
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Get the fast pass so you'll be able to see both sides of the park in a single day.
The hulk roller coasters is closed for the rest of the year
Valet Park.
Universal Studios and Disney World installed metal detectors for "safety" reasons.
Only problem? You have dozens, if not hundreds of people lined up to go through the detectors at a time, in a small bottle necked area. Hopefully anyone who plans on shooting up an amusement park will want to only shoot people INSIDE the park and not be content shooting all of the unarmed tourists stuck outside the park, waiting to get in.
Valet park, and you'll avoid that mess. You'll still need to go through a metal detector, but if anything, there...
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What is Chechnya like? Anyone ever been there?
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I know this is just 'pretend to be jihadi' trolling, but I have, believe it or not, actually visited Grozny. It's more normal than you probably expect. Small post-Soviet (ie, slightly dismal) city, with an atypically gleaming, newly constructed center (since the original city center was, of course razed). Apart from that and a couple of prominent mosques, it doesn't look much different than other minor provincial centers in greater Russia. There is very little visible evidence of support for the...
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>small *majority of female students
Typo. It was a pretty headscarfy place but it was by no means universal.
Not OP, but like Istanbul's less well-kept areas or more like eastern Turkey? It's the only muslim country I've ever been to.

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I'm looking to take some leave at the end of this year, and I'm not entirely sure where I want to go. I want to do something completely different to; 'backpacking in Europe'.
Where is somewhere extraordinary, or strange that you would travel? I'll leave where I'm out of this, so it poses no question of distance/price.
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Do a U.S. National parks road trip. See the redwoods, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon.
>hike the Annapurna Circuit
>Visit the Ennedi Plateau
>buy a motorbike in Cape Town and bike up the Skeleton Coast
>cross Patagonia on a horse
>take the trans-Siberian railway
>bicycle the entire length of the Nile
>scuba dive in the Andaman archipelago
>visit Socotra
>motorbike through Myanmar
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i like how you basically told him to kill himself like three times.

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Hey /trv/, this is my first time here so sorry if I don't know the rules yet.

I'm going to New Orleans for the first time during Mardi Gras next week. Any tips for a first time visitor? I want to get some drinks and listen to good local music, any sites that list local events?

Please and thank you!
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Never been, but as with all large gatherings of people, keep your head about you and make sure to keep your possessions safe.
For sure. I've been looking up like, etiquette from a couple websites and a lot of people mention not bringing a lot of valuables. Thanks, anon. I'll have to maintain a steady buzz instead of getting hammered every night.
Yeah safety should be your first concern. There was a shooting in Thibodaux LA at a parade a few days ago, and it wouldn't surprise me if one or two people got killed at parades in New Orleans. But...that's not going to change. So just remember that there is a slim chance you will hear gunshots during your stay.

That said, from Thursday before MG to Fat Tuesday itself, you can't go wrong. I am a local and I've experienced both the family friendly and wild partying sides of it. St Charles...
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Is laos worth the hassle? I am in hanoi right now flights are expensive and the buses seem to be the most annoying that ever existed.

The whole chill out vibe seems horrible to me, but i want to see the meme place where people die all the time, and maybe spend a few nights in a cheap hotel to prepare for onwards travel.

Also how dead is vang vieng exactly? I heard they are progressively shutting it down.

Has anyone done the trip recently and can recommend a company like sinh travel? I am booking myself, no hostels or agencys.
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I am in hanoi with a friend and we just met a canadian girl who have been in Laos 5 years ago, and she told us that it was her favorite country in south asia.
We plan to go there by bus in few days, renting mortor bike, going around, from the north to the south for 1 month, that kind of things. People says that it's very interesting because the tourism industry is not that big over there so... It might worth the hassle. At least for us it worth it.
I was there in late September

Luang Prabang is gorgeous and Kuang Si is a must visit if you go
Vang Vieng is anything but dead, restaurants selling drugs were plentiful and there was like 50 people doing the tubing on the day that I went. Great fun.

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>Meet Arabic dude in elevator on way to apartment
>He invites me over for coffee later
>Asserts I should bring American friends if have any
>Tell him I'll see if they can make it with such short notice

I have literally two friends at most; the rest of my time is spent on school, work, or laying various chicks. I can't think of anyone that would be cool enough to just roll up to some strangers place for food and coffee at 9pm on a Monday....
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Go for it, these are the kinds of things I always try to make myself accept even if I don't feel like it. Awesome things can come out of it, you never know.

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Hello fellow /trv/llers, I am planning a trip to Indonesia for the solar eclipse. I'm landing in Jakarta beginning of March and my plan right now is to fly to Balikpapan, ferry it to Palu, then hitch a ride to Loeo/Tomado.

Before I go I just want to be prepared for what awaits, so what should I expect as far as travel, housing, expenses, food, and people?
>inb4 ISIS attack on starbucks

Also, here's the link for the regions that will see a total solar eclipse: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/SE2016Mar09Tgoogle.html
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Hope it's clear weather for ya, guy.
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I hope so too, at least it'll be warm and humid

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hey guys first time on this board ever, but 4chan is my go to for advice on illicit things

I'm a college student and all of my friends and I want to go on a cruise this summer to wherever, it doesn't really matter.
HOWEVER I just called norwegian cruise lines about their policy on age and apparently they need at least one 21 year old per room
of course my friends and I have fake IDs
would they or any cruise background check our IDs?

pic related mfw they said I was too young
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I believe you would be needing a passport if I am not mistaken. You can get decent fakes of those too. You'll be fine.
Where are you from? Cheapest cruise are typically Carnival. Nicest for price probably Royal Caribbean
Just book an over-21 into the room, and have him cancel. They won't even notice and if they did, they don't want to lose a grand on an empty cabin, do they? Just say he got sick but you're reeeeeally looking forward to the trip because you heard great things.

They'll make an exception for sure. If they don't catch it until you board, there is a 0% chance you'll be denied entry.

Fakies MIGHT work but since you need a passport to go country to country its probably the only acceptable ID.

And don't try a fake passport unless you like spending years in jail, >>1076821 is being a cunt .

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has advice on accessing wireless internet in Germany through mobile networks. From what I can tell, the mobile networks there don't really offer mobile data plans that are worthwhile.

Does anyone have any experience with Vodafone.de's WiFi Flat plan over there?
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Mobile data 4G LTE is available for about 5-10€/GB valid for 30 days from almost any provider.

One of the cheapest options is probably Aldi Mobile, 5GB, valid for 30 days for 14.99€

I have no experience with the WIFI flat, but I guess in most larger cities it's a good option (also most restaurants/businesses already have free wifi anyway).
In rural areas or if you depend on it it might let you down..
LTE still is not available for prepaid data cards; only slower standards are available. The companies reserve it mainly for contract customers. Bandwidth allowance is a joke for most offers.

Free WiFi is barely available because of stupid laws. I can't remember ever seeing any free wifi hotspots in non-hotel restaurants/bars/cafés.
Then again, I'm from the rural South of Germany.
I've had a look at the mobile data plans from most companies, and while the price is alright the data constraint is very jarring.
I've actually got coverage for Vodafone's wifi network where I stay (for a few months), but can't make an account with them because I don't have a German bank account. I've checked it out on their site and apparently if you connect to their network you are allowed to generate several extra logins...
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I want to go traveling on Spring Break, my last one ever. I also just got dumped by essentially a female cross between Will Hunting and The Most Interesting Man in the World, and I realized that I haven't lived a lot of life on my own and I have to make a lot of my own fun and interesting memories.

I don't have a huge amount of money, maybe 2 grand if I'm lucky, and my car broke down so I have none of my own transit. I'm from the Chicago area. Is traveling to a hostel in Europe absolutely out of the question? Should I take a train to San Francisco?...
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2 grand is plenty for Europe. You can fly to London or Amsterdam from O'Hare for $600-1000 round trip, depending on the time of year. Figure €50/day including hostel, less if you eat cheap and don't drink.
I got tickets from DC to Costa Rica foe $31500 round trip for spring break. Get on sky scanner, pick your dates, starting airport and click everywhere. Pick the most interesting choice in your budget. You can try this with all airports you're willing to fly from.
That price though

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Hey there /trv/

If you had the opportunity to study 6 months in China, in one of the following options:

1.- Xidian University in Xi'an, Shaanxi
2.- Wuhan University of Technology in Wuhan, Hubei
3.- Beihang University in Beijing, China
4.- Tongji University in Shanghai, China

What would choose and why?
Where do you live better?
Where is cheaper to live?
What is the best tourist spot?

P.S. I am a middle class student, with a monthly income of 3,600 Chinese Yuan.
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If you want to experience a deeper Chinese life i suggest Xi An, awesome place. Amazing food, very cheap fun city and a good base for visiting many interesting places. Women will be easier then because there are not so many foreigners.

If you want an easier experience just go to Shanghai or Beijing which are more westernized.

I can't talk about Wuhan, i haven't been there.

Unfortunately, with only 3,600 yen per month I have to pay rent, food, transportation and entertainment. I think the University accommodation is the cheapest option. What do you think Anon?
Then with that money you shouldn't even consider shanghai or Beijing, it's just not enough if you have to pay rent with it.

You can always find a part time job in any of the cities though

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