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Hey /trv/, first time poster here.

I've had a job for a few months that has opened up some pretty awesome doors for me in terms of finance. I just got told I was getting the last week and a half of this month paid off, so I'm free to do whatever. I've never been outside the USA aside from going to Canada once, and I wanna leave this continent and go somewhere. Trouble is, I'm so overwhelmed by all the possibilities that I'm having a hard time picking where I wanna go. Money isn't (too much) of an issue but I'd like to spend less than...
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Go to Ecuador. You can hang with the locals, see the cool things, it's not expensive and people are generally friendly.
Go to Thailand or Vietnam and rent a scooter. Watch out for ladyboys.

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My son is 16 yo and is very responsible, and mature. He has traveled a lot with me in the past. but I am curious to one thing. How could he travel alone to AUS for example? and be able to go without a guide or a adult. He is basically a man.

picture is completely unrelated
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Granted, I have daughter turning 15 next month and I'm on this page, but how much does anyone want to bet that this is the "son" posting trying to skirt the age limit for 4Chan? Good on him though, better than the retards that admit to being underage.
Not underage. A serious question.

I mostly browse /diy/ but when looking through the 4chan homepage noticed this board, and decided to ask.
He cant

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OK guys, I have £1100 in cash, a passport, and no hope. where should I go for my final week?

(pic not related)
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Final week of what?
I'm checking out.
OK. You should go to a doctor.

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Europe Pictures 91615 1191.jpg
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i feel that i am better than the people im around because they've only ever been to one town in their whole life and ive seen the entire country, been to almost every state in united states, Hawaii twice. i was born in Illinois and live in Virginia. i am not sure where I want to live. Germany would be my top pick but in the us probably Florida. driven across the country multiple times and seen all the landmarks, flew to Ireland and then France and drove through France Belgium Netherlands Germany Austria Czech rep Italy and England. where have you been anons? btw my first...
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if you're gonna jerk yourself off, do it in the bathroom
>i come from /o/
i would list the countries ive been to but that would be egotistical. needless to say im often referred to as well traveled, even in hostels that are located in the obscurest countries. i love food and i always find it cute when my friends who might have left their home country once in their life talk about things like tacos. tacos? well i just share my story of the most delicious mexican tacos i had in MEXICO with MEXICANS. then i go on about the hookahs in dubai, the tea in china, and the night life in london. i...
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What were your most memorable or greatest city to club in?

For me it's got to be Tokyo. It has everything. The atmosphere, in a "exotic" place, the neon lights, the city lights and having the train ready to take you home at 8am helped a lot. It's one of those things that I will never forget.
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Not that I have been to a ton of places, but Cancun, Mexico was great.

Coco Bongo was such a great time because it was like a 3 hour show while in a club atmosphere. Then at 2am the show ends and it's an all out rage fest. Ibiza is supposedly the best, still on my bucket list
>all out rage fest
What do you mean by this? Fighting? I though you were going to say
>and it's an all out orgy fest
When i was in high school ~7 years ago people starting saying "rage" to mean partying with copious amounts of alcohol and/or other drugs. Letting loose, as it were.

Hes not refering to actual rage or violence, although thats not out of the question.

What shouldn't be missed in Las Vegas?
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And money
Get the fuck out of here theres nothing.

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france cake.jpg
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>My college is offering a three-week exchange trip to France
>It held a seminar regarding this trip and other trips today
>Around 50 people attended this seminar
>After the seminar, most people asked questions about this trip to France
>Quota for French trip is 25 people
>Some of these people who want to travel to France are Translation and Linguistics majors
Should I apply? I am...
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The worst that could happen is they refuse your application.
If you're scared of being scarred for life because your application was declined, then don't do it.
You also shouldn't apply if you don't have the money, obviously.
My college will pay for all the expenses (except the flight tickets).
So unless you're a pussy who can't handle rejection or you don't have enough for flight tickets or you have something better to do during those three weeks, I see no reason not to apply.
But seeing as you had to create a thread to ask, you may fit the first case.

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Going to the Netherlands for a week, any recommendations or advices?
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Do stuff that you might find interesting.

You stated literally nothing about yourself or a budget, so there's nothing else to say.
Sorry... new in the board.
I'll have around 600 euros for that week.

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Where would you guys buy a cheap apartment if you had around 30,000 usd and wanted to buy a nice enough 1 bedroom apartment?

I've seen in Bulgaria you can get nice coastal ones for as cheap as 15,000 euros, but Sunny Beach and Varna don't seem like the best places to live.

All I'm really looking for is good internet access to work online, in a relaxed place especially with weed (so like india, cambodia and morocco, illegal but plentiful is cool) and somewhere warm.

A lot of flights to europe that aren't too expensive would be nice too.
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Detroit or Cleveland... I'd spend the other 29,000 on assault weapons and self defend the shit out of some burglars lol
Kyiv or Lviv, Ukraine

The value will go up a lot over the next 10 - 20 years even if you don't want to live there.
Italy. You can get a small place for that amount about an hours drive from Roma.wwwcasadifamiglia.it

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/trv/ relevant literature.

What are you reading in those hostels?
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Non-/trv/-related stuff, really. I only read travel literature when I'm at home, doing boring stuff not to starve.

Some of my favourites are:
- Theroux and Bryson. Pretty widely known, but Theroux is still great and Bryson is pretty funny (in the first half of all his books, then he loses his drive and it sort of peters out).
- André Gide's stuff. Pretty old, pretty stuffy from time to time but reading how someone travelled to absolutely out of the way places like Chad in the 1920s is insanely...
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anything by this guy is pretty cool
Michael Palin travel books are great.

My favourite Python and favourite travel show host.

File: drapeau-du-quebec.jpg (349 KB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So on a whim I decided to do a weekend in Quebec, I'm burger but I can bullshit a little in French... my wife speaks a bit better than me.

Where should I check out? I'm thinking Quebec City hang out and look at architecture, go get some poutine, watch a hockey game and get some drinks and then get up to breakfast at some place recommended by Yelp, and hang out at Montreal until my flight is ready...

Anything more interesting to add or other "must see" or "off the beaten path" type things?
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Three places:

Old Town of Quebec City
Cozy as fuck. It's super old world-looking and makes you feel like you're in Europe.

La Ronde:
Biggest amusement park in Quebec near Montreal and 2nd-biggest in the country. Great if you like roller coasters. This only applies if you are visiting in the warmer months.

This is the largest train-specific museum in the country and near Montreal, also. They also have many examples that still run, particularly old timey trams.

Also, of course, don't forget to get some poutine and some ice wine.
How necessary is it to speak French?

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What is the cheapest way to travel across Europe?

My gf and me planned to travel this Septmeber and visit as many country as we can basically starting with Czech Republic or Hungary, going up and making a full circle.

However I recently found out that interrail is a scam and that the train options there are really limited.

Whats a good alternative? Just booking th
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Just booking the trips separately?*
well it depends on how often you want to change your location.

Make up your mind about how many trains you will probably take, add the individual prices and compare that to the interrail ticket for your timespan. also consider flying, might be cheaper

File: 2015-06-21 20.44.09.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-06-21 20.44.09.jpg
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tell us some interesting stories from your travels
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If you're gonna start a thread why not pick a nice photo and put some effort into a semi-inspiring first post?
if you want a good thread why not contribute yourself

pic is from munich, guys come into the park and surf on this funny wave made by bollards in the water
the water is very shallow, only a foot deep or so, and men brave the water even in winter
Ithink you need a permit now because germany
but it's kind of interesting
wow that's shit
so funny
wow lol

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Where should my wife and I go on our next 10ish day vacation?

>Singapore/Hong Kong

I am a bit nervous about the India trip because of all of the reports of white women getting groped/raped. Tokyo isnt very appealing to me either since I am not a weaboo, however my wife really likes Korea. And Hong Kong just seems like a lite version of China.

>what would /trv/ suggest?
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I suggest you are immature. You sum up destinations with really inane reasoning. Why not just do what your wife threw out as something she wanted, Korea, since I have this feeling you don't actually enjoy travel, or people, or culture in the same way that other people are pretty content with all of those locations (other than India because I'm sure you can't protect your spouse and/or poor budget).
Holy fuck has there ever been more projection in a single post
tbf, op's post is quite childish. he's nervous about the entire country of india because they might rape his wife? tokyo won't turn out to be an interesting city because he's not obsessed with japanese culture? is there something wrong with hong kong being a smaller china, even though they're quite dissimilar?

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Digital Nomad general.

Let's talk about things you can do to drop out of the rat race, live the simple life, and ideal locations for it.

Locations with fairly low CoL ideal for working at home:

>Bangkok, Thailand
>Chiang Mai, Thailand
>Saigon/HCMC, Vietnam

Ways to earn passive income, or be your own boss:

>freelance writing
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Just call yourself a writer or whatever you do instead of a "digital nomad" which sounds gay as fuck and you should only use if you're building some guru identity to sell ebooks to retards who want to "escape the rat race".

I live in Hawaii, work as a programmer and travel every 2-3 months.
>Locations with fairly low CoL ideal for working at home:
>>Bangkok, Thailand
>>Chiang Mai, Thailand
>>Saigon/HCMC, Vietnam
Agreed re: good lifestyle possibilities in most of these places (I've lived moderately long-term in BKK, Chiang Mai, and for six months in Cambodia, and I've visited VN, although I like the North better than the south).

Note, though, that none of these places will let you stay more than six months per year without a local, real job, except maybe for Cambodia, where for now it's easy to sleaze a renewable business visa (though the government is the most corrupt in Southeast Asia and among the least functional, so who knows when this could change without warning). It may be easy to get long-term access to the PI, too, but I've never wanted to try.
>freelance writing
>freelance programming/IT work
>freelance English teaching
>freelance copywriting
>selling on ebay/dropshipping
All are possible. Few pay worth a damn. I've done freelance writing, copywriting, editing, and translation, and found it difficult to make a decent living at any of them--you really need to hustle constantly to maintain enough clients, and work a lot to live.

I'm still a freelancer, mostly still writing and editing in practice, but I've since become very specialized, and cery technical in some respects, so it's a different kettle of fish.

I've also been an English teacher, but not freelance--that can also be a decent living in some countries, but it's another case of having to hustle for work a lot of the time, and for people who want a lot of mobility it's less than ideal, as most people want English tutoring fairly long-term.

I don't know anything about dropshipping... does that pay genuine money? If not, it seems like only freelance programming (or IT, or maybe web design/back-end stuff) on your list could be anything like a comfortable living. $10K/year in Southeast Asia is doable, but not at all luxurious.
Do you work while traveling? I have about two years longer for a degree I software engineering and need to pick peoples ' brains about this stuff. The only people I have been able to talk to here about it are doing the usual family and long term stable employment with programming.

What island are you on? Are you a freelancer or did you get hired at a brick mortar place?

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