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I'm 25 and got my first taste of traveling by visiting Peru with some friends. I loved it and it's been almost a year since that trip.

I want to travel again this summer. Thing is, none of my friends can afford to. Looks like if I really want to travel I'll have to do it solo.

What's solo travel like? I'm afraid it will be awkward and lonely. I would try to stay in hostels in order to meet people but I'm not a naturally outgoing person. Any tips?
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bump because I wanted to know the same thing
I feel like the sort of person that wouldn't be able to find my way out of the airport but I completely intend to do it anyways
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I've seen this story posted from time to time.
Yeah that's really encouraging...

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just do it.jpg
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I live in RI and I really want to leave. Can't stand living up here anymore and really want a change. It's crowded, everything up in New England is expensive, and people can be downright just nasty.

I want to get away from the east coast. I like the idea of farmland and quaint towns, but I still need to be able to find a job! Being in the 'middle of nowhere' really doesn't sound all that bad to me as long as I'm not literally 20 miles from society

If you are in the US, what state do you live in? What do you like about it and what...
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Austin is pretty good, but don't tell anyone. It's a big secret.
I've heard Iowa and Wisconsin's pretty nice. Anyone been/lived there?
what do you like to do for fun? what are your marketable skills?

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I can't afford this expensive ass medicine in the US anymore. It takes too long to see a doctor and get the meds. Are any of those online mexican pharmacies good or are they just scams? All I need are antibiotics like ZPack. Do I have to actually go to TJ to get the stuff?
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Just go to Mexico the pharmacists speak English and accept USD
And you can find a pharmacy within the first block away from the border, buy up to a three month supply of what you need (as long as it's not a controlled substance), and walk back across

That and honestly the cartels run the show in the first few blocks of every border city so it's unequivocally safe for tourists
so what you're saying is i shouldn't even bother with the online method? I'm just double checking because it's always a huge pain in the ass to cross the border plus i live 143 miles north of it so...I CAN go there but is it possible to avoid and just do the online route? Will I get ripped off?
No idea I live in a border town so it's never been an issue of buying online
Just don't buy any controlled substances cuz it's a huge hassle to go back into Mexico, throw away the meds, go back through the line, and get approved to go back

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Hey guys I'm thinking of hiking in peru with my girlfriend, I have a bad ankle so would a tour guide be understanding?

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Are we at the point where these threads are reportable?
Trying way too hard, my man
Hi OP,

This really depends on the location, level, and duration of the hiking you have planned in Peru. If you're experienced trekkers and will be carrying your own equipment, you'll find the whole country is criss-crossed with a spectacular network of trails. It's believed that there's a greater length of pre-Columbian walking trails in the Andes than the entire modern national highway network, over 80,000 km (50,000 miles).

Anywhere in the highlands, you'll find it relatively easy to hire a guide who's extremely familiar with...
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I am heading to Odessa for 4 days in late March.Anyone here been there before who got some recomandations? what should I check out?
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well, since you didnt care to elaborate what in particular might interest you, i assume you just want to let out your inner hedonist. for that purpose odessa has two locations: arcadia and the center; some clubs, a lot of bars and restaurants, everything you need in terms of food and entertainment.
you might want to go diving, or rent a boat and throw a nice party... theres is a chance some dolphins will want to join, so bring fish.

but, honestly, most people visit odessa for its history. there are like three dozen or so archeological, art, jewish history museums,...
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I been there many times. Arcadia is a entertainment area along the water. They have a celebration i believe on April 1st. Humor day.
I never been there but my dad grew up in Odessa until he was 14 and immigrated to the U.S. He says it is a shithole.

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So, what and where is your favorite street food from? Pic related, fried squid with garlic in Guangzhou, China. Love the taste, love the texture, and dirt cheap.

Runner up, there is/was this donut holes place in Reykjavík, Iceland that are just wonderful. Hot, fresh and tasty as hell.
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I think my best ever streetfood would be some som tam and a roast chicken from a street side vendor in Chiang Mai.

pic related
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Best $3 I ever spent.
Tacos in Guadalajara or banh mi in Vietnam. Mexican street food is fantastic imo. Tortas are godly.

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Hey /trv/,

I'll be camping for the first time in Canada from the 18-27. Its with a school club so theres already a plan in place; we'll be spending a few days in Jasper and Banff national park. Was wondering if theres any advice i could get on what supplies to bring, what to expect, ect. Pretty much any tips in general since im new to this. Also, i dont really have any gear besides maybe a sleeping bag laying around somewhere. Any must have items? (from what i know tents will be provided)
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You should check out /out/.

Will you be doing any intense hiking? Do you plan to use your gear afterwards? Will there be food and guides provided?
Are you sleeping in tents or at a lodge?
>Bring a mosquito suit, you can wear shorts and t shirt under,looks goofy but keeps bugs off.
>Bug spray obviously
>Keep all your food tied in a bag tied high in a tree suspended out from the tree and hanging,
(black bears can climb)
>Probably already provided but if not get a water filter. Sawyer minis are good and cheap.
>It will get chilly at night so pack a sweater and long pants, during the day shorts and t shirt...
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I just got invited to my buddy's bachelor party in Nashville. I haven't been before, and the flight's gonna be pretty expensive from out here in Vegas.

My question is - how big is Nashville, and what area should I be looking for in a hotel? Like, if I'm not directly downtown, am I going to be far away from the cool shit? Would it make sense to stay in a cheaper place and take a cab/Uber/some other transportation to the places we'll be partying?

Also accepting hotel recommendations. I'm splitting with 3-6 of my college best friends,...
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Try the Gaylord (teeheehee) Opryland Resort. Seriously, though, it's this fancy hotel with an entirely glass-enclosed shopping and dining area.


As for sites, Andrew Jackson's sprawling plantation, The Hermitage, is open to tourists. It should be interesting as long as you like history and are not an SJW airhead (he owned slaves, oh noes!).


Nashville is also known for its live music scene, so pretty much every place will have...
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I would find an airbnb downtown for a bachelor party, hotel is a terrible idea. It will give you a good place to crash with your buddies, get loud/drunk for pregame/after bars close, do drugs etc which you obviously won't get away with in a hotel. It's a big music place so I would check the dates you'll be there and find something that sounds good. Also might recommend driving east to the mountains during the day, some great parks to see and good for a day trip.
This desu

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Sup /trv/
I've never been in Russia, yet.
What can u tell me about Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod? Will it interesting for a guy from Canada?
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It will be similar to your homeland, only with fewer smiles.
What are the prices in Russia?
Pretty cheap at the moment senpai, you will get a lot of ruble for your capitalist pig currency and while there is inflation, prices haven't fully adjusted to the new rate.

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Hey, i'm going to visit Croatia and Slovenia this summer. Has anyone can recommend me a interesting place to visit ? "Must see" ? :) Thanks,
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Soča river, Bled and Postojna caves are all must see material
Ljubljaba is pretty and near the rest if europe

Theres nothing in the balkans that is "must-see"
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Basically every bit of our coast is beautiful, there are hundreds of beautiful towns and islands.

You can't fail with anything. Check out NP Krka and Plitvice too.

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Yo /travel/ so for spring break I'm driving to the smoky mountains from Michigan. Is there anything really cool I should check out in the area?
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Ferris State?
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If you like amusement parks, Kings Island is close to the freeway between Dayton and Cincinnati. If you like history, Carillon Historical Park in Dayton has a couple of neat things, like one of the original Wright Brothers airplanes. They have one of the strangest carousels I've ever seen, as well.

Also, once you get to the Smokies, check out Dollywood. They are opening a huge new ride when the park opens later this month called Lightning Rod, which is the world's first launching wooden roller coaster. All of its rides are set inside a mountain valley and use...
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Leaving to Jordan for ten days.
>Wadi Rum
Anything I need to add to the list?
Experiences in Jordan general.
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If I was going to Petra, I would be sure to watch the cool engineering aspect of the history of it. I greatly enjoyed their episode of NOVA, Petra: lost city of stone. It answers some of the water and other engineering marvels of sculpting that rock.
I dunno but I just saw Theeb and am jealous as fuck.
Is it easy to bum/hitchhike/wild camp around Jordan like it is in Morocco?
renting a car is easy enough, there are a lot of police checkpoints so im not sure if hitchhiking is common

Hey /trv/

A friend and I are most probably going to roadtrip in the US this summer. The plan is to land in Seattle and to drive to San Francisco in two weeks (15 days) and then to go home to whatever boring awaits.
Anyway I need a few tips from you:
- How much time do you think we should be spending in Olympic national park ? I was thinking 2 as to have time to explore a bit and to take pictures (not too fond of hiking and such but I don't walking a bit)
- How is Mount Rainier NP ? How much time should we stop there ?
- The road is almost decided up...
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Instead of just seeing the Olympic Peninsula, you might consider seeing some of Canada too. After you're done with Seattle, head North to Anacortes and take a ferry to the San Juan Islands. Spend a night on one of the islands then take another ferry to Victoria, Canada. Victoria is super cool because it's on a gigantic island and is the capitol of British Columbia. Next you can ferry to the Olympic Peninsula, where you will arrive in Port Townsend. You can do a lot of neat day hikes -- hike out to Dungeness...
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Funny thing is, I was about to call you a dipshit for posting a /trv/ post in /tv/.

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Hi /trv/. I just booked my first holiday tickets to Barcelona, Spain. The flight is on 21st April (arriving at night) until 24th (departing at night). Could anyone suggest me places to visit? Mostly sightseeing, dining, nightlife and hike a mountain with a great view to chill and enjoy. Also, what cheap motels/hostels could you suggest? Im ok with sleeping in a shitty place as long as it is in a good location and has a free Wifi.
Cheers mates.
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Good choice. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. To give you one suggestion, see Park Guell. It's beautiful, cultural, stunning views of the city- an amazing spot.

I envy you, wish I could see Barcelona with those eyes. I hate it myself, after living in it for 10 years.

I was asked by my traveling mate how great it would be to live there. I said it would be terrible- nothing worse than seeing something degrade from beautiful to mundane.

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budapest 2016 5.jpg
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Going to Budapest next week, has anyone got any travel advice on what's good to do or where to go?
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Ive Got a budget of about €600 for the week, I like to get to places off the beaten track and away from all the tourists :)
Erzsébet viewpoint
Aquincum museum
Tomb of Gül Baba
Graphisoft Park and the neighbouring housing estate of the former Óbuda gas works
Fiumei Úti Cemetary
Margaret island
Budapest Zoo and the Holnemvolt amusement park
the Basilica's tower viewpoint
Veli Bej turkish bath
also, check out >>1086520

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