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I'm planning a tour through Europe.
I want to start in Germany or France and go up to Norway or Sweden to try to see the northern lights.
The thing is, I'm from a hot area that never sees snow and I'm not pretending on spending a lot of time in cold regions. So I don't really want to buy clothes that can keep me warm in the Norwegian winter because they'll be useless after I leave Norway (or Sweden).

Are there alternative to buying?
Do they have renting services for clothes or maybe some thrift stores where I can buy cheap and resell...
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Resell would probably be your best (cheapest) bet.
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The best way is to just go to any second hand store when you get there. It won't be good looking but it'll keep you warm, if you are going in summer months it won't even be a big issue.

I think the refugees might make it a bit harder to find something good but you should have no problems finding a hunting jacket or something.

Also, layer everything. Don't assume just a thick jacket will be enough, it's better to wear three thin sweaters than one thick jacket. Always double and...
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OP, Florida native here, and I used to check Burlington for deals, and you will find them, but in the okay price range, not necessarily dirt cheap. Outlet malls are nice, but they aren't always well stocked at true bargains. So you go online and right now the winter stuff is on clearance.... If you are an easy size you'll do alright and it will be new and unsoiled, better than thrift in some cases.
I have my layers and I'm okay with doubling up but if you need true waterproof and real gear that will...
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Hello brothers, I am new to this board and am curious to see what sort of advice I can receive.

I am moving to Lima, Peru within two weeks with the intention of living there for a few months until I have enough of a grasp on the language to move into the countryside. I have neither plan nor more than a thousand dollars; the absence of the former is due to the excitement I derive from traveling in this manner while the latter's is because I am an artist. I have a friend there who says he can help me get situated and although I believe him without doubt, I still figured...
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you should watch crystal fairy and the magic cactus
not because I think you're like them but because it's funny and you might get a kick out of it
Thanks for the recommendation, it looks like a neat movie from what I just read about it. Obviously I'm not sure what they're like, but reading in the plot that he, in a moment of indiscretion, invited some American girl to join already hits close to home; I've learned my lesson about doing this.
But it's set in Chile, not Peru (._.)

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Hey /trv/,

Working full time as a waiter, want to book a month trip to Finland/Eastern Europe
I live in Vancouver and play computer games during my time off. I'm not very good at talking to people or doing things in the real world. My hope is to do a technology detox and use the vacation as a way to distract me from withdrawal, and actually talk to people.

I'm thinking of walking/hitchhiking with my dslr camera and camping.

Wondering if any one here had similar issues, stories of how they overcame addiction/social ineptitude through travel....
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Was thinking of camping /staying in hostels, maybe going to church services, talking with the waiter at a cafe maybe. I'd like to think a Fin on a rural road would be open to conversation.

I assume you've been there - what was your experience?
I am white, pic related is my flag, and my grandfather fought under it. I hate seeing mudslimes wearing the maple leaf.
Are you a virgin?
I would be if a 5/10 insecure girl didn't take pity on me in grade 10 and make the first move by writing me a heart ful letter when school finished for the year and then 7 months later ask for sex when I hadn't even masturbated yet at 15 years of age

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I am looking for a carry on sized backpack. So far, the Metz Carry On Backpack looks like the best combination of price and quality.
Does any have any other recommendations for carry on sized backpack in the 40L area?
Thanks in advance!
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File: porter-46_red_web_2.jpg (655 KB, 2000x3006) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've got my eyes set on this one, the Osprey Porter 46L. It comes in black and green too.

It has a more spacious big brother as well, the Porter 65L, but that's a far more risky choice to use as a carry-on. :)
Not a bad bag, OP. Considering it.

>go to their website
>it's created by a retard

next brand
> not realizing that Osprey makes god-tier packs of all sizes.

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Hey /trv/.

Me and a couple friends are planning on going to spain in a month or so and i was wondering about which bag to get.

I was looking at getting a 35L and attatching things like a sleeping bag or blanket to the sides/bottom of the bag. Is this something i can do when flying cheap? I heard companies like ryanair are really stingy with their bag allowances. Ive havent flew since i was a small child.
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No bag. Just take a few bottles of fight milk with you and you'll be fine.

File: cf-logo-hi-v2-aHkPdw.png (9 KB, 730x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have you guys noticed how good the deals for flights have become the last few months. Right now there are a ton of smoking hot deals out there and almost every day I see new incredible deals. I think it's because of oil prices but I've never seen anything like this before.

And here we were not too long ago complaining that it was cheaper to fly in the 90s or 15 years ago.

Right now I'm looking up an itinerary that involves 4 flights: Seattle > Honolulu > Auckland, Christchurch > Melbourne > Back to Seattle and I'm seeing $672. That's...
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Thanks, Anon ®.
I'm glad you told me about the great deals Cheapflights™ has to offer.
What airline are you using? Are you including stopovers or open jaw travel? Flying Standby?
I've been looking up tons of flights from the US to Australia lately and nothing is under $550 (without any of the extra itinerary flights).

That being said, you can fly cheaper if you know how to do it and I definitely wouldn't even pay $550 if I didn't have to.
Actually, I didn't find that deal on that site and I never used them previously. I use another website as I get travel points with them through my credit card.

I just wanted to make a general thread about good flight deals. I signed up for a bunch of travel alerts on Facebook like The Flight Deal and they post a bunch of deals every day. I also signed up for sites for the local airports, I suggest everyone do this as well.

Hawaiian Airlines,...
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So I'm going to West Borneo (Pontianak) in a few months to stay with a friend i met in Bali last year, Any experiences, advice, opinions? Thanks
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Bump out of interest as heading to Sarawak in the summer.

Been to Malaysia lads as other half is from KL but she's doing family stuff in July so I thought I'd go see east Malaysia when I could.

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usa collage.jpg
1 MB,
A lot of people from around the world use English to communicate, and very few Americans learn a second language to the point of fluency. Also, if a company wants to hire a bilingual person, they might as well hire someone who is more fluent in that other language (eg. a Hispanic person for a job related to Spanish).
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For professional reasons, most likely.
The gains you'll have are probably less than if you learned something mildly related to your area of expertise (like learning how to program if you're a statistician). This may not be the case for everyone, but I'd say it's the case for the majority.
For personal reasons, only you can answer.
it is almost always more cos efficient to hire a native speaker rather than someone who took two years of Spanish in college and expects 50k+ right out of college. The choice is obvious


Go get run over by a train, Brandon.

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So it's a Tuesday, first time to organize and travel alone, and I'm just about ready to book my tickets for an Eastern Europe tour this July-October, and I just remembered: travel insurance.

Do you buy travel insurance, anon?
What's a good site?
How much would usually spend for this?
Do you buy this along with the plane ticket from the airline?

(Sorry if this is a frequent question, couldn't find it in the sticky)
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Just go to a website that lets you compare what is out there, and then decide if you want to buy it from a company like expedia when you book, get a rider on your medical insurance, or look into your credit card protections.

What do you need insurance for? Add it up if you need it for medical care, or emergency interruption or both, or loss of gear and replacement value for luggage, that kind of thing. I always get it when taking a cruise because you really do get stranded with a huge bill if they put you off...
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File: thumb_barcelona_map.jpg (9 KB, 259x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so i am going to Barcelona for 9 months i have been to Spain before but never Barcelona, i am hispanic so i speak Spanish i know that Catalan is good to know. but what else should i know about apartments. should i bring my bike? i hear it is bike friendly is it worth lugging it
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Yes it's bike friendly. Bring one if you feel like it.

Riding and walking are far more common than driving, at least within towns.

And get used to Catalan speech in general.
They don't seem to like the south even though I love Andalusia.
I live in barcelona and I use my bike almost every day to move arround. The city is pretty bike friendly and is not that big so you can go almost anywhere walking or by bike. I recommend you to bring yours, or get one here.
And as long as you speak spanish, you should have no problem, a lot of people speak catalan everyday but anyone will not have a problem speaking spanish.
I hope you have fun here in Barcelona anon!
we hate tourism , pls go to france or somewhere

File: denver.jpg (1 MB, 3000x1411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>young single male in 20s, decent earning potential
>i like lifting, deep house, weed, banging gingers, and artsy hipster shit
>liberal-ish but not a reddit faggot

Would I enjoy Denver? There's a chance I might be moving there this summer.
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It's an okay place. Downtown Denver is liberal while the rest of Colorado is conservative. stay away from federal and east Colfax, ghetto areas.
>the rest of Colorado is conservative.
Yeah..I'm going to grad school in Boulder and would have to disagree

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So I was just invited to go on a trip to Scotland with a girl I'm friends with.
I'm a guy and i find her attractive. She's pretty cool, but I've never traveled with just one other person before. It's always been groups or by myself.

What's it like to travel alone with a girl? Does it suck? Will my chances of sleeping with her be high? Are my chances of being cucked high?

I've been to Scotland before, which is why she invited me.

I need your advice /trv/
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Don't think to much, just go for it.
Go and have fun, if the opportunity to bump uglies comes up take it but just enjoy the trip.

Also don't sleep with other people.

What part of Scotland?
People are different, mate. If you go with sex on the brain it will ruin the trip. If she wanted to bang you she wouldn't travel to another country to do it. She could do that at home.

Where in Scotland?

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I'm trying to get from Vancouver to the Bahamas as cheaply as possible, but it's proving to be a challenge under $500. I'm thinking there must be some type of boat service from Cuba or Florida that would take people cheap, but I haven't found one. Anyone have experience getting there?
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You can get a ferry in Miami or Ft Lauderdale for less than $100 one way.

The flight from Vancouver to Nassau is around $500, less depending when you want to go.

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Anyone been here.
Who has hiked up there?
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we all saw the first one >>1088031

and we still don't care.

Im sure someone cares about me : (
caring about *you* is unimportant. i care about you shitting up the board by reposting a thread that has 0 (ZERO) responses and is still in the catalog.

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I need some advice /trv/. I'd like to go to Yosemite National Park with my girlfriend. I happen to also be a girl. Is there anywhere cheapest and private but also lgbt+ friendly?
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Cheap and private dont normally go together. All of the hotels are really expensive and/or pretty low quality. Maybe you can find something on airbnb. It wont be cheap and will probably be pretty far from the park. Its a pretty long drive to the park on winding mountain roads.
Check out Yosemite bug. It's 30-45 minute drive to the park. It has cabins with heaters and bathrooms, tent camping, or a co Ed hostel. Really good food (with vegetarian and vegan options) and pretty lgbt and alternative lifestyle friendly. Nice hanging out area with fire, board games and booze. The whole area is lgbt friendly, so don't worry about that while you're here.
>but also lgbt+ friendly?


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