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Anon, your 5 favourite MTG legendaries, whomever they are have sparked up and are planeswalkers. They have also come into eachothers company and for whatever reason have made a super-group.

Who's in it?
What's their team name?
What the hell do you even do?
Team music
bimp for interest
Jaya Ballard
Ashling (lorwin edition)
Akroma (planar chaos edition)
Ib Halfheart

They are a racing team doing some kind of wacky race around the planes on a giant madmax style veichle

Music theme is Nights on Fire by Niko

Daxos has a harem fauning over him while Elspeth looks on in horror from the underworld. Its basically Tenchi muyo
Tsabo Tavoc
Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant
Riku of the Two Reflections
Reaper King
Gisa and Geralf

I...honestly don't know.
might be some kind of criminal orgabization huntin down persons of interest to revive them as puppets for theyr own gain
runetail is there as a cover for theyr mafia-like buisness

Gerrard Capashen
Reya Dawnbringer

Team Name

Nicholas Cage and the Dickless Rage

Team Mission

Kill Commies

Team Song

Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins.

United when Kozilek sliced space and time to menace four planes at once, the four, forced together as allied commanders to stop the Titan, successfully shackled Kozilek's divided form with the laws that they represented and together are the restraints that bind him. They travel through the multiverse to undo the damage of the Eldrazi, to regrow life, to rebuild society, to restore the natural order, to restate faith. They are the Laws and Kozilek is the Multiverse. Faith, succession, life and death impose order on the disorder and sketch together a multiverse of their own rules.

Team song? Hm. Not sure on that one, honestly.
tool - schism
gotta bring those pieces back together


The Fixit Five

They go around fixing shit to death


Things That Go Bump In The Night (And Also JUSTICE)

Probably spend most of their time raising undead and promising Tajic FAITHFULLY that this is the last time. Also, they free Tarkir.

Music theme is definitely Thriller.
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>Who's in it?
Rhys the Redeemed
Mayael the Anima
Radha, Heir to Keld
Emmara Tandris
Selvala, Explorer Returned

>What's their team name?
The Keeb Club

>What the hell do they even do?
They go around the Multiverse solving relatively mundane problems and advancing the Elven agenda on every plane.
Rhys is the team leader with the tormented past, Mayael is the weird chick who always speaks in the third person, Radha is the hotheaded, cocky brawler who's only in the club out of convenience, Emmara is the matronly group healer and mascot with some occasional memory issues, and Selvala is the politically-minded negotiator.

>Team Music

Odric (Shadows of Innistrad)
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa
Gerrard Capashen
Argus Kos


The Anomaly Division

The team is made up of various people who have gone toe-to-toe with incarnations of blights to the Multiverse ranging from Phyrexia to Eldrazi but realized they were way over their head and needed help. Through temporal screwery they met up when various creatures from alternate timelines showed up in their universes such as Eldrazi mixing with Phyrexia, or Jeska being driven mad by Eldrazi whispers into becoming a corrupted Karona once more, and the whispers of Simic and Izzet involvement with a mysterious black oil and the crimes connected to it. Realizing that these anomalies are tied together they team up to fix their universes once and for all, meeting people who know them long after their deaths (Love to see Karn reacting to Gerrard alive and kicking) with the trouble it could create.

Team Song

Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers

Rakka Mar
Shauku, Endbringer
Thelon of Havenwood
Meloku the Clouded Mirror
Lim-Dûl the Necromancer



Time Rifts cause Thelon and Lim to poof back into existence at Shauku's library, the three deciding to leave the wastes of Dominaria behind, recruiting Rakka and Meloku after their respective plots fail, causing them to go around and do super villain things.


>Tom Waits
my nigga.

Professional interplanar vigilante squad. They fight for JUSTICE I'm not very creative

They listen to speed metal
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 4

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