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Kids playing wargames
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Hey anons. I'm the uncle from a couple of days ago who posted about getting my nephew and neeses into wargaming.


I'll keep you up to date post by post.
Turn 1 and no action. There just moving there dudes.
Turn 2 and my nephew brought his sister unit down to 4.
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My neeses take half of his squad down to 5. 1 of 2 of his squad is now pinned.
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Victory pose.jpg
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End of turn 3 and Neomia (My nephew) took out his sister shenai squad. The Girls side is down to 1 squad of men.
This is cute anon. Will you introduce them to more games?
Yes I will. I thought i'd introduce them next to flipit since thats a great easy wargame with a sense of army creation and what not.

Elaina takes pot shots at neomia and bring his unit down to 9. Killing the captain of one of his squads.
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Its heating up!.jpg
664 KB, 1600x912
Forgot pic.
Also forgot that neno took cover behind the middle structure.
End of game and Elaina took out 3 more dudes from Neomia while He took out 1 of Elaina men.
The objective was to get as many men in the middle of the map as possible.
Elaina has 8 men near the middle while neomia has 6. Elaina wins!
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So alright now that the battle is over its time for them to build there own army's. I'll give them 100 points and Neomia 200. Any suggestions from you anons?
File: The_____Island.png (32 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay this is the island they'll be fighting over.
They couldn't come up with a name but heres there suggestions
Neomia: Moocola
Elaina: Magloom
What do you anons think/suggest the islands name to be?
The Letters stand for who owns the land and the star stands for capitals.
They chose there own capital locations, color of there states, and where on the map they wanted it.
>Terrain made out of VHS tapes and radios
This is how wargames should be played
Thats how I started out. So thats how they'll start out.
Moogloom Shine sounds like a swampy island/wastelandy place and crosses all three names
Hmm a combination. Nice one anon thanks for the input. I'll think it over.
I'll use a trip so you'll know who I am.
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No problem. I really enjoyed this thread. I guess its just nice to see the younger generation enjoy a wargame that isnt garbage like 40k
>its just nice to see the younger generation enjoy a wargame that isnt garbage like 40k

The sad part is that way way back when, 40K was made by and for gaming enthusiasts. But they weren't business people and were never likely to parley it into a successful long term business. Enter the business 'experts' who took GW from a dinky 'gaming company' to a soulless 'hobby' sales machine. It's great if the only thing that matters is profit over fun. And sadly that motto has been in place to long.
Luckily the rise of LGS's as successful business models in more countries is hopefully going to force them to change

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Its funny you mention that since most things that arn't warhammer or dnd on here get no attention.
Not just this thread but any thread that isn't mainstream tabletop games get almost no thread and usually never break 100 posts.

Anyways back in the day I used to make vehicles for my wargames out of paper because I didn't have $.
Now that i'm older and have a job I can afford such things as plastic models but I want my neeses and nephew to do something similar but just use printed paper shit, but I think i'll let them give it a go.
Using flash cards(Thats all I have right now atm) They'll make some light tanks and jeeps for them to play with.
What do you anons think of that idea?
>The children of the future won't have VHS tapes to play with.
I pity those who as yet unborn.
Yeah unfortunetly alot of /tg/ is alot more mainstream than I'd like it to be.

That idea sounds super fun anon! I think its best they experience it from a hobby perspective to start with and building things from paper rather than buying products if the best way to demonstrate that, showing them how cheap and easy to set up wargames can be is what gets people into the hobby. I wish I had people to teach but unfortunetly Im stuck at a time in life where Im too old to be teach and too young to have people to teach
The kids made these for buildings. They seem like there really into it.
Tommorow I'll make another thread with progress on the campaign.I hope you guys enjoyed this. See ya next thread!
"Hey guys, I'm an uncle and these are my nieces and nephews. I am making them sit in this room while their parents aren't here so we can do 'war games'. Note all the vaseline I have."
It was only a matter of time till someone shit post.
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 12

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