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Wulin Hero Quest: Mystey of the Delirium Dagger #2
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>Character Listing





>Sky's Character Sheet
>Cultivation: C+
>Internal Arts: Heaven's Blessings (B)
>External Arts: Endless Sky Forms (B), Carefree Saber (B), Golden Qilin Sword Skill (B)
>Techniques: Heaven's Blessings [1rst Form: Yin-Yang Rotation, 2nd Form: Traversing the Instant Path, 3rd Form: Dragon Qi Enlightenment, 4th Form: Scattering Thunder], Golden Qilin Sword Skill [1rst Form: Qilin Striding Sky, 2nd Form: Qilin Spearing Sun] The Mighty Kamushin

What was a simple fishing trip on the Yangzhte for lunch got a lot more complicated after a dead body washed up onshore, apparently belonging to a member of the prestigious local Xi Clan.
You originally thought that it was perhaps none of your business, but a bunch of masked thugs trying to pin the corpse's murder on you for reasons unknown (but likely to do with the murderer's real identity) seemed determined to MAKE it your business weather you wanted to or not.
After a brief scuffle ending in one of them managing to retreat, a strange swordsman who had observed the fight stood up and introduced himself as "Inspector Lin" and said he was an Imperial something-or-other.

And to make ma
Stupid sloppy editing on first post.

This Inspector Lin is a tallish, willowy sort of man, but his shoulders are broad and strong-looking, so you guess he can swing that sword around well enough.
His clothes are a simple black outfit and white pants over leather boots, and his wide straw hat shadows his face but for dark hair and glinting, intelligent eyes.

"I'd like to ask you a few questions about a body you supposedly found just now," he says cooly, apparently undaunted but your earlier proclamation of identity and unimpressed by your martial skills.

>"I can answer a few, sure." [Diplomatic]
>"I can show it to you if you want." [Helpful]
>"You probably think I'm guilty too, huh?" [Defensive]
>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]
>>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]
>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]
"Sure but first:" [Diplomatic]
>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]
>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]

inb4 "I ask the questions here!"
Holy shit it's the Sage! Why didn't I get the memo?!
Sorry for long delay.
I actually might not even be able to QM here because of how bad my signal reception is.
I have "No Signal" literally everywhere except my house, and even that fades in and out a lot.
Apparently the new iPhone I got to solve my consistent mechanical troubles I've had trying to QM this has more issues then an aborted fetus has health problems.

I deeply apologize, but unless my phone somehow magically arights itself I'm likely not going to be able to GM. I had to borrow a coworker's phone and tell lies about a younger sister's soccer practice to even post this.
Because you didn't follow the twitter I guess?
Also, feel lucky; I am on my borrowed phone JUST long enough to post a response to your query and nobody else's.
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well fug
Yeah, how the fuck do you think I feel?
I spent like a fucking month writing up this whole storyline and planning out possible routes you could take to see it through and then the goddamn Ghost of Steve Jobs fucks me in the ass out of nowhere.
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Have a baby seal, Sage.

It will protect you from undead entrepreneurs.

By the way, I am as mad as you are.
I thought baby seals were vulnerable to entrepreneurs?
Their clubs, specifically.
Ah, but ghosts can'take hold clubs.

Also, should we try to keep this thread alive or let it die?
I don't know exactly what happened to Sage's phone, but I AM familiar with the significant problems the new iPhones are having.
Shit like firmware updates that prevent you from using the internet or Verizon networks for no reason, battery issues that cause the phone to chew through power at three times the normal rate, and I shit you not but three different guys came into my store and asked why their iPhone's didn't have a headphone jack.
It turns out a bunch of them had headphone jacks built into the device itself but somehow not into the casing covering the electronic components.

What I'm trying to say is we should probably let this thread die until Sage can legitimate fix his phone problems because there have been a lot of really serious ones recently. As much as I hate to admit it, if Sage can see this I'd even suggest to him to hold off trying to run this at all until he can get a new phone, which thankfully is often an option since Apple at least seems aware how garbage their recent work as been.

I guess just keep an eye on the Twitter, which seems like a ton of his followers don't even do.
>"What in hell is an's 'Imperial Cormorant?'" [Confused]

Holy shit, you're back! Huzzah!
Probably should have finished reading the thread before posting Wrenloft.
You should look at >>48341897 for a moment, anon.
Read the read of the thread Wren.
I'm still at work so without a functioning phone I still can't really QM right now, so it's best to let the thread die so I can restart it later after my mechanical troubles are well and truly fixed.

Just keep an eye on the Twitter, I'm not stopping this story at all, I just need to fix this fucking phone issue already. Especially since it's impacting me at work, home, and in my personal life as well.
catch you later, then.
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 3

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