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Some poor dude walking through a train station in London brushes past an actress for .5 of a second.
She accuses him of a penetrative sexual assault. Case gets all the way to trial before he is acquited.

UK laws means accuser can't be named. (US sources naming her as Souad Faress, from GoT)

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I'm not sure why he felt the need to get that close to a woman. A lot of aggression comes from males naturally, so while she wasn't sexually "penetrated" per se in the technical sense, she was indeed sexually assaulted through unwanted physical contact, and the law needs to recognize that these are the same thing.
So if someone falls onto me and touches me without the intention of doing so, I can attack him for sexual assault? Stfu u moron
Many men feel as you do, that you should be able to touch women whenever and wherever you want as long as it's "accidental", but in the OP, he even admits being close enough to her to touch her (which is creepy already), that actual contact happened, and there was even a question as to whether or not he'd penetrated her... But it's not a valid opinion, you can't just put your hands on a woman, it's 2016, take that shit to /pol/ where it belongs.

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Should we leave the EU. I am well torn. My politics are left.. I like a lot of what the EU has done on Human rights.. I like free movement.. I like not having to pay loads of money to use my phone abroad, I like the idea of being part of a tarriff free market etc. etc.

BUT if they were imposing right win social policies i'd be pissed off.. and the way they treated Greece by dumping them with austerity was disgraceful. Don't like the forcing on neoliberalism on countries.

What do?

Do I only...
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Try not to post memes for ants.
Do It Faget
dem insightful answers. Thought 4chan would deffo help me make up my mind.

Source: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/02/07/first-trans-woman-appointed-as-master-of-the-uk-high-court/?utm_source=PNFB&utm_medium=SocialFB&utm_content=FBJM&utm_campaign=PNFacebook
Date Published: 7 February 2016
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Shtick: Catherine
Fucks Given: 0
Fuck this gay earth

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us mexico border wall flag.jpg
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They will be paying for it...

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Sounds like clickbait but, mexico wont pay for wall, maybe in taxes.
But if you guys remove NAFTA maybe...
What isn't cllickbait on /news/?!
Well duh.
The wall talk is just fluff.
Get this clickbait outta here.
This guy isn't even president anymore.




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>tfw realtor on north shore of Long Island

This is fine.

I'm okay with the events currently unfolding.
Is the local news up there freaking out about this?

It isn't that big of a leak compared to Fukushima or even Three Mile Island, but the fact that they don't exactly know why the pump stopped and the drain overflowed which caused the leak in the first place is truly disturbing...
Nobody's talking about it yet, but I don't think it's really sunk in that we're basically right next door to this shit yet.

Don't worry though, King Cuomo assured us everything will be okay, so just stop thinking about it forever.

Is it impossible in the tech age to have an attractive, non-chav/ugly/fatty gf unless you're rich? Every girl on earth has instant access to a million billionaires. Is it even worth trying any more?


How long until we're all being cucked by 1 banker, changing his bedding in exchange for soylent green, after he's finished spitroasting our daughters? How far is this shit gonna go?
>weeps into pile of losing...
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This has always been happening.
It's like in the middle ages when the lord of the land walked into the cottage of one of his peasants and fucked his wife and daughter.

Nothing new.
>nothing new
the difference is that couples used to spend most of their time alone together, the girl wouldn't meet many dudes, she'd be at home with him or looking after kids. now in the tech age, all she has to do is push a button on a screen and a trillion rich, good looking dudes want to throw BMWs and mansions at her. eventually 1 man will own them all.
You're grandiose picture of the past is flawed.

First, not everyone is the same and not everyone was an indentured man-servant.
Second, girls(stereotype) have always fantasized about being the princess of a Cinderella story.
Third, a trillion rich and good looking dudes. I'll give you a few thousand at best. There isn't even 10 billion people alive.
Fourth, everyone can browse a dating website to find a desirable match, whether they want wealth, looks, a good fucking, or a personality(for...
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life on mars.jpg
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They couldn't be more apparent if they had signs on them saying "I'm a camel" or "...gorilla" on them!

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Couldn't be a gorilla, the "camel" is clearly just a housecat arching it's back. So the "gorilla" is really fucking tiny
All I see is a weather ballon reflecting the light of Venus.
Yes, that is indeed all that there is to see here. Now that the topic has been cleared up, we no longer need this thread. Please delete this thread.

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0 B,


Will this be the year that Super Bowl ads finally get women right?
The usual trope of unknown women in tiny bikinis has been scrapped in favor of powerful women like grand dame Helen Mirren, tennis superstar Serena Williams, soccer player Abby Wambach, and comedian Amy Schumer.
The brands oft-criticized for objectifying women will be far and few between: GoDaddy already announced it wouldn't be advertising, and Carl Jr’s — unless it's planning a surprise ad — will also likely...
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Mommy, Mommy, the bad ladies are trying to take away my Handegg! Make them stop, Mommy! Make them stop!
>powerful women
>a British actress
>a gorilla
>an America soccer player
>a fat jewish lady whose entire gimmick is shouting "VAGINA" years after Sarah Silverman stopped being funny
I get what they're trying to do, but honestly, they could only get one person who actually matters to show up?
Sarah Silverman will always be the beacon of humor and talent when compared to Amy Schumer.

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In Malheur County, the poorest in Oregon, there is wealth buried in the ground.

mineral rights changed hands many times before Oregon Energy purchased the claim for $2 million in cash 2010.
The parent company, Energy Ventures Ltd. of Perth, Australia, has filed documents with the Australian Stock Exchange that say as much as 30 percent of the U.S. supply of uranium could come from the Aurora site.
The site, he says, "is very suitable for mine development, with few competing land-use issues or environmental sensitivities, as well as a strongly supportive local community."
Karen Crutcher, the tribal council vice chairwoman, confirms the company attended a council meeting last year and has been talking with tribal chairman Billy Bell.
many of those jobs won't go to locals. "People that develop mines and operate mines are specialists, and they're essentially transient,"
For the first time in decades, someone wants to mine uranium in the state. Oregon Energy LLC, owned by an Australian company, hopes to extract at least 18 million pounds of uranium oxide from a 450-acre southeast Oregon site called the Aurora property.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2015) - Uranium Standard Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:USR)(USTDF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a purchase agreement with Energy Ventures Ltd. of Perth, Australia ("Energy Ventures") (EVE.AX), to acquire a 100% interest in the Aurora Uranium Project, located in southeast Oregon, USA.
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The reason for this Oregon shit is simple: cattle ranchers are sociopaths. They literally want to steal public lands, against the will of the majority, so they can make private profit off of them. That's it. End of story. There's literally no greater or more high-minded purpose than that. Federal and state governments have kowtowed and obeyed cattle ranchers for so many decades that it's emboldened them. Actually read up on the kind of monsters of human beings the Hammonds are and the horrid shit they did...
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Of course, I have suspected for a while that there must have been some sort of capitalist power setting up these Bundy faggots too. So it's probably both.
yes resort to name calling while people are being encroached upon by multinational population.




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>it was fine thought it was a little bit humorous
Lol he's a good guy
Well it would look a lot worse if he got genuinely mad... At least he can see the comic value in the sheer absurdity of the situation.
the TRULY dedicated activist would've used his real penis

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Source: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/02/05/republicans-demand-girls-flash-their-vaginas-to-get-into-womens-toilets/
Date Published: 5 February 2015

Who the fuck was the pedophile / nonce who came up with this idea?
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no republicans are not demanding that girls flash their vaginas to enter the bathroom, it clearly says in the article "theorized" by "activists", likely trans activists saying this to put the right in a bad light.
fuck off with this shit bait

I have the same policy for anyone that enters My Pants

[1]Must allow me to verify the presence of a vagina

right at the top of the list
>Shit redirect

>A 10-YEAR-OLD Austrian boy has been brutally raped at a public swimming pool by an Iraqi migrant, who told police the attack was a “sexual emergency”.

>The attacker told the police the rape was more or less out of frustration, dubbing it a “sexual emergency”.

>Afterwards, the young boy confided in a lifeguard about what had happened, while the Iraqi man continued to swim at the pool, diving off the three-metre board.

>Kronen Zeitung reported...
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Don't forget. The police were politically correct about the Situation. They didn't want people to become misguided about refugees.

The kid according to Reuters said he was crying and walked up to life guard begging for help. He had to be hospitalized.
>Sexual Emergency
He must have been really worked up after not receiving those free blonde girls he was promised upon entering the country.
>one or two refugees act up
>out of millions
>this means they're all bad


What's wrong, Trump-lovers?! Don't you want to see your precious Wall built?!?

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hola rato
It just goes to show that you can't trust the way the media does polling anymore. Too many shady subcontractors doing the work with agendas or not enough knowledge about statistics.
You'll be paying for it.

File: verizon-logo[1].jpg_w=600.jpg (173 KB, 600x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Word that Verizon...
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I thought net neutrality didn't even apply to wireless networks.
They are talking about when you access the internet during the time your phone is 'roaming' and away from all available wifi networks. They are a defacto ISP in those circumstances.
> big corporation
> doing something illegal
Pick one...

File: Borowitz-Voters-Wall-Border.jpg (336 KB, 1200x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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BUILD THE WALL!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!11!!!

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Maybe get your doctors to quit 'scribing Oxycodone to people, getting them addicted, then letting them suffer to Heroin addiction since their pill supply goes away.
The Southern Border Wall can solve that problem, too, right?!
Well all our drugs come from south of the border, so having actual big boy border security would stop illicit drugs from coming here in the first place.

This too.

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