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>Workers in plants run by the largest U.S. poultry producers are regularly being denied bathroom breaks and as a result some are reduced to wearing diapers while working on the processing line, Oxfam America said in a report Wednesday.

>The report cited unnamed workers from Tyson Foods Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., Perdue Farms Inc. and Sanderson Farms Inc. who said that supervisors mock them, ignore...
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There are thousands of people in downturn Rust Belt towns whose local factory just moved away who would gladly take those diaper wearing chicken jobs.
Doesn't matter. That's inhumane treatment and would never be accepted in a healthy society.
How haven't they sued the living fuck out of their bosses?


>As consumers turn to ad blockers to avoid advertising on their mobile and computer screens, marketers and content providers who depend on pitches to pay the bills are searching frantically for ways to counter the pesky programs. BlockIQ offers them one.

>BlockIQ, owned by AdSupply, which recently merged with Adaptive Medias, has launched BlockBypass. The software can detect users of the popular ad blocker AdBlock and perform a number of countermeasures, including...
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> Online Extortion

>Marketers have criticized ad blockers not only for costing publishers revenue, but for squeezing money from advertisers, too.

>"Ad blockers are extortion," said John B. Strong, CEO of Adaptive Medias.

>"The big ad-blocking companies will whitelist an advertiser's ads if they pay a fee. If you don't pay them, they'll block your ads," he told TechNewsWorld.

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> Cat-and-Mouse Game

>Eyeo, maker of the most widely used ad blocker, Adblock Plus, has been taking payments for years from companies, including Google and Microsoft, to allow some of their ads through its filters, according to the Financial Times.

>Since 2011, Adblock Plus has something it calls the "Acceptable Ads" initiative. Advertisers and publishers who participate in the program can get their advertising whitelisted in the ad blocker if they agree to create ads that meet certain user-generated criteria. However, users have the option to block those ads, too, if they so desire.

>Ben Williams, operations and communications manager for Eyeo, has never encountered an ad blocker that accepts payments for whitelisting ads regardless of their properties, he said.

>"That's obviously unacceptable," he told TechNewsWorld. "Our Acceptable Ads initiative clearly states the opposite: upholding our criteria is absolutely mandatory and users can always opt out."

>BlockIQ is joining a list of companies that have chosen to fight against users in a cat-and-mouse game, Williams added.

>"It's an old game, and we're quite happy that we have always been on the side of users," he said. "Some of the options they offer publishers are tame -- the welcome message, for instance -- but others are blatant antiuser tech, like attempting to reinsert ads where users have chosen to block them."
> Better Ads Needed

>Products like BlockIQ have their place in a marketer's toolkit, but they shouldn't be the focus of a marketer's anti-ad-blocker efforts, maintained Gavin Mann, global broadcast industry lead for Accenture.

>"Trying to slow them down and frustrate them is a good thing to do but shouldn't be the top focus," he told TechNewsWorld.

>"That's what the music industry tried to do when it tried...
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0 B,

>Under the legislation, suspects would have 24 hours after being accused to surrender all firearms.
>The bill, which was approved last week in the House, would require court hearings within seven days and if judges decide against extending the orders, weapons would be returned within five days later. Currently, court hearings are held 14 days later.
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And people thought C cuck would go Red this year
76chan sp GET

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"Environmental officials are celebrating the completion of a nearly 2-mile-long, 80-foot-wide earthen berm designed to keep Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes."
That's right, racist in the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service start building a wall to prevent "Asian carp could disrupt food chains and out-compete native fish." Everyone know Asians work for less wages than native fish. Where's you protest now?
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which fish paid for the wall?
> which fish paid for the wall?
We will make the fish pat for the wall with the long term saving. Its like buying energy efficient light bulbs which over time will save you cost on electricity so technically the power company pays you. Quote:
{“This is a great example of how a smaller investment up front can save a whole lot of money and heartache after the fact, after damage could have been created,” Cameron Davis, who coordinates Great Lakes policy for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.}
Fuck fish


This is a 20 min long Frontline documentary on Benghazi and a militia fighting the IS Group there. As of the video the IS Group controls a number of neighborhoods in Benghazi and about 200 km of coastline around Sirte and has about 6000 fighters. The group is losing territory painfully slowly as government and non-government forces lack coordination, arms, and work at cross purposes. Politicians on both sides come off as narcissistic and needy, but Libyans seem resilient and optimistic in the long term. The head...
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(y) !
>(y) !
What does that mean?
/pol/ covers this shit everyday

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Absolutely based.

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Good. I'm so sick of seeing ghosts walking down the street.
Good. Religion has no place in the modern world.

A belief that wasn't voluntarily formed (but rather formed through years of indoctrination when one was a child) is not the same as an opinion formed through rational thought, so it's OK for the government to restrict the former.
This is great

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1 is retarded, 2 is right.
Oh, is our system which allows everyone rather than just white, land-owning men straying from its original vision?
not news


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>A frantic 22 hours of mayhem at a school, a mall and a grocery store jolted two counties as it left three dead and three wounded before a suspect was captured Friday afternoon in a Maryland parking lot near the scene of the final killing.

>The arrest of Eulalio “Leo” Tordil, a 62-year-old federal law enforcement officer, followed an intense manhunt that forced Montgomery County schools, government buildings and retail establishments to lock down. Just before 3 p.m., police cruisers rammed Tordil’s silver Hyundai...
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I live in Bethesda Moco County and it was pretty scary. All the schools were shut down and no one knew where this guy lives. I live about 3 minutes from where he was arrested.
The black cop looks like Mike Brown.
Kek, what was the line the NRA was saying after Sandy Hook? "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun"?

Is their new line gonna be: "The only way to stop a previously good guy with a gun who is now the bad guy with a gun is with another good guy with a gun assuming he doesn't also then become a bad guy with a gun"?

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we should help those whites farmers to come back to Europe
kill whitey
oh look, it's Rhodesia all over again
>whites in charge: nickname is Breadbasket of Africa
>whites forced to leave: suddenly nothing works anymore; massive starvation, etc.
how do sjws even begin to defend this?
Smith literally did nothing wrong

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A video posted Thursday by VIDMAX.com shows a crowd of roughly 150 Portland State student and community activists rowdily protest the school’s armed campus police force — a raucous protest that largely condemned capitalism as racist and oppressive.

The protest and its die-in, the latter of which took place in the middle of the street and blocked traffic, was staged Tuesday, May 10. The action was organized by “Disarm PSU” — a group still furious over a 2-year-old decision by the board of trustees to create an...
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As for university leaders, they have thoroughly explained the rationale behind their decision.

“Portland State is an urban campus that blends with the surrounding city gives us unique challenges,” officials say on the university website. “The campus community needs to know that, on occasion, dangerous offenders who are not affiliated with the university come on campus and commit crimes.”

Aside from being able to use guns, campus police officers also “issue citations, investigate sexual assaults, apply for search warrants, impose mental health holds and...
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These people need to be sectioned.
Fucking hippy scum.

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What does /news/ think of this? This is exactly in line with " pics or it didn't Happen." What do you think she was trying to accomplish?

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>she was trying to accomplish?
>“I will haunt you day and night after I’m dead,” she reportedly posted on the photo-sharing app in a message to her ex-boyfriend before jumping to her death
mhm mhm
I'm pretty sure that was about the girl that posted her suicide to Instagram


>The House is under attack by hackers hoping to infiltrate congressional computers, encrypt their contents, and then force users to pay a ransom to get their access back.

>“In the past 48 hours, the House Information Security Office has seen an increase of attacks on the House Network using third party, web-based mail applications such as YahooMail, Gmail,” the House’s Technology Service Desk wrote in an email to House...
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>Access to both YahooMail and Google Cloud services hosted by Google’s appspot.com appear to be completely blocked on the House’s network, according to Ted Henderson, a former Hill staffer and founder of two social-network applications designed for Capitol Hill communication: Cloakroom and Capitol Bells. It’s unclear if both blockages, not just Yahoo’s, are related to the ransomware attacks.

>Henderson says his several thousand users cannot post to the social networks inside the House office buildings. The way...
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more coverage:




China does this on a daily basis.


Poland declared half of Lithuania as own territory. the declaration was supported by thousands people marching in demonstration in Wilnus/Wilno. people demand rights as an ethnic majority of Lithuania and Anschluss to Poland. this is not only ironically because Lithuania is a biggest east european country with neonazi goverment trying to genocide russian population, but also one of biggest supporters of anti russian propaganda and ukrainian neonazis and oligarchs. Lithuanian nazism...
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>that whole post
Don't know anon, normally I would just tell you to fuck off to Reddit but you're just making the bait too obvious
Nigga please.
>waaaaahh, muh naaazziiis
Reedit misses you, go back.

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>SALT LAKE CITY — Utah political leaders and anti-pornography activists said Tuesday that children’s minds are being corrupted in a world where graphic sexual images are a click away.
>Utah Gov. Gary R....
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>and pain with pleasure
someone has never been scratched by a woman
Oh boy, look at all those uncited, baseless claims he's making.
Explains a lot. I'm willing to bet money that this faggot is Mormon.
I can't tell if they are talking about porn or imaginations


>Sadiq Khan wins London election, becoming first Muslim mayor of major Western city

>Khan is now widely seen as the most powerful Muslim in Britain, with a budget of £17 billion to spend on the capital

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>Labour wins
So how is this news?
London was lost a long time ago. I'm honestly surprised the Muslims didn't reach office sooner.
good bye england

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