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>tfw no images on an imageboard
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Hiro is harkening back to the textboards of old - remember them?!
Another thing, why would a board like this need spoilers?
They'll break down and have pictures for us soon enough. How are we supposed to communicate only through words?!

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its happening.gif
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America took Turkey's side, saying yes the warplane was in fact violating turkish airspace. If this turns out true, the russians might have been blatantly lying about warnings being given as well.

How will Russia respond?
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>implying Russia intended for anybody to believe them
they don't care
they never cared
they're just posturing so that they have the largest number of potential bullshit reasons to invade somewhere in the future
that is a good question
>The US matters in EU politics

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What do you think? :S
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I think she's a stupid dumbass.
think she looked better before
ah well
actions and consequences
im sure she'll enjoy her laterlife health problems
She will never have a kid :(

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Was it both?
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Obviously pol
only /pol/ is this nazi
how slow are you? why are you on /news/ and not /pol/ if you don't even know this?

it was /k/ and they weren't the people who were attacked by niggers and defended themselves, completely different set of people. the only constant in this story are violent black people and the fact that americans have guns.

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Preliminary results show that the current administration won only 12 seats out of 43 in the Supreme Soviet Council, while the rest were won by the opposition.

There's a current political divide in Transnistria after it was cut off from Russia in the Ukrainian civil war. Economical hardships the region is facing made the current president, Evgheni Shevciuk accuse the oligarchs who own the monopoly over the entire region via company Sheriff of illegal privatization of "state" industries.

Russian press is bad mouthing Shevciuk that he is doing a poor...
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Transnistria should be part of Moldova

We want Transnistria to be part of Moldova again too
Moldova part of Romania

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>Porn actor James Deen, 29, has been accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend
>Stoya, who is a porn actress and writer, accused Deen - real name Bryan Sevilla - of rape Saturday in two tweets
>She wrote: 'James Deen held me down and f***ed me while I said no, stop, used my safeword'

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I was like OP didn't tell me any important info about this rape...

>read the article

This article doesn't tell me any important info about this rape.

I don't even know if the safe word was something confusing or forgettable. Why did she tell him to stop? Was it too rough? Was she just bored? Was this a personal or professional thing? When did it happen?

And just in general how can you give support or make a judgement on it without any of that info? I get it's twitter and people on twitter I get it's click bait. But what was the point of her telling twitter to begin with? Why not the police?
It's a shame Piers Morgan is letting this kind of twitter gossip onto The Daily Mail in his new job as editor of the online version.
>ex-girlfriend slanders her old boyfriend
It's not news.

> Although Donald Trump has signed a pledge to support the Republican Party’s nominee, that doesn’t mean the party’s establishment will support him, should he win the GOP presidential nod.

> A report by the Hill suggests the big money Republican donors are actually looking to support Hillary Clinton for commander in chief if Trump is at the top of the GOP ticket. Yes, the Democrat Hillary Clinton could be getting millions of dollars from Republicans.

> The website says: “In...
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The definition of RINOs. I mean literally choosing to support democrats?

This is why the GOP is failing. The majority of them are scared and limp wristed. Regardless of what you think about Trump, the man has balls and says what he wants, unlike the majority of these fucks who are absolutely terrified of being labeled as racist, sexist, or any other ist, and do their best to kowtow to those who will call them as such anyway.
This is the biggest reason people like him.
Too bad Trump's next opponent is forecasted to be Ted Cruz... It's like the equivalent between chopped liver & filet-mignon.

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Stuffed bell pepper (4).jpg
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Brick and mortar sales on Black Friday fell from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015, according to the retail researcher ShopperTrak. Sales on Thanksgiving fell from just over $2 billion to $1.8 billion. Both decreases are attributed to the increase in online sales, the Associated Press reports.
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>as people spend more money online, they spend less at brick and mortar stores

Black Friday has been shit as far as recent memory is concerned. You can hardly consider many of these sales to be sales at all
>$3 off

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>As far-fetched as it sounds, the era of drones delivering packages is about to begin, according to Amazon.

>Earlier today, the company released a new ad on YouTube showing an all new "hybrid" drone design that can switch between vertical and horizontal flight.

>earlier this year, the company sparred with the FAA over delivery regulations. Amazon, as well as Google and several...
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Back to the Future 2 promised us laser lights, easy time travel, real futurism... Here we're excited over helicopter delivery...
I wonder what happens when one malfunctions and lands/crashes on some random person's yard. Does Amazon have a right to enter your property to retrieve it? Are you under any obligation to report it or assist in recovering it?
I thought it was announced that amazon wasn't allowed to do this.

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Princess Charlotte: Kensington Palace releases new photos - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34957390

Why is the royal family still important? Its a baby. It shits itself, cries, and sleeps all day like every other baby in the world. Why do some people still care?
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reported to GCHQ
Cuz people follow shitty traditions w/o thinking about why they are doing it
Cudos to every tradition/culture/religion out there that doesn't stop and think about what they are doing and why.
I'm English and literally only just find out they had another kid. I'm hugely opposed to that antiquated institution.

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>'Bleeding host' under investigation by SL Catholic diocese

It probably is a fungus which turns it red and causes that whiteish part. Not the first time it happens: http://www.startribune.com/blood-red-host-is-no-miracle-lab-tests-show/135632408/
However there have also been other confirmed bleeding host miracles before where they determined it was real blood.

So what is your opinion, /news/? Do you believe it was a miracle? Do you believe...
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>being religious
>tfw cant post fedoras
As a catholic, I would just wait for the lab tests. A miracle should be proclaimed when all reasonable explanations have failed and a sound motivation for it to happen has been found
This seems to be a case where even the Church was being skeptical. The lab result saying it was a fungus seems much more believable and Occam's razor definitely favors that over something outside of how things normally work.
If not a fungus, it could be a reaction we haven't dealt with before.

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Good. Fuck dolphins.
Those mammalian rape fish aren't even endangered. I bet they're fucking delicious too.
It's called a treaty. Like, where we agree with other people on something. If we simply exported our own laws everywhere, you'd be crying that we were imperialists too.

Seriously, we can't win.
Don't worry, our handsomest politicians are hot on the case.

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Fighting the good fight...

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I like how Hiro thinks that le Anonymous hacking group = 4chan.
Hiro doesn't know squat about appropriate boards, board culture, board etiquette, 4chan's history, etc. so just ignore him if possible.
Did EFG or the Anonymous with Vendetta masks came first? If it's EFG then wearing the mask is unintentionally ironic to their cause.

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Who's in the right here? Are the junior doctors correct in striking over pay/working conditions, or is this dangerous, self-entitled behaviour?
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In America, Doctors are allowed to charge whatever they want, but in practice it ends up being whatever the insurance providers want who the doctors contract with. I'd imagine most Americans would say the free market should decide.
Greedy fucks moaning about above average wage.
I have no sympathy for them because they already get paid vast sums that most people in this country would kill for, but if the terms of their contracts are being changed, they are entitled to renegotiate their salaries as well.

So it sucks for them, and I would strike too in their position, but I'm actually in a considerably worse position, so I'm not going to bother with any of these protests and petitions that people keep thrusting at me.

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polar bear skeptic face.jpg
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Global Warming fanatics read this:


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Even if man-induced climate change was a lie/exaggeration (I've never been too sure), I still think there is no harm in conservation of resources.
Finding alternatives to oil, recycling, all that shit, it can only be of benefit, right? Or am I missing something here?
The global warming cultists won't care. It's like explaining contradictions in the bible to someone with a snake in their hand.
No harm in self driven conservation. The problem is it's being used by governments to dictate industry and wield larger control over populations. That's not OK.

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