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Is Specialized Allez E5 a good choice for commute and training?
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>Want to get a new bike
So I'm currently riding a Bianchi Via Nirone 7. It's heavy as fuck and I want out. I'm looking at a few different options right now, lads
>Giant TCR Advanced 2
>Giant Propel Advanced 2
>Giant Defy Advanced 2
>Specialized Diverge Comp
>Cervelo R3 Disc
>Trek Madone 5.9
I'm leaning toward the Giant bikes...
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Please remember to put the info we need to help others buy their bikes in the OP next time (CL, height, inseam, budget, planned use...)
Does anyone know of a site I can buy bike kits from?
I've been wrenching at the local co-op the past year , need a challenge and assemble a bike that I can call my own. None of that pre-assembled stuff or shitty BSO tier kits.

Cali bro here looking to build a track bike for everyday/commuting (not far). I got a 'Pure' brand frame. What's good for the rest of parts? Its my first build
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got about 400 to spend on parts max
Anyone know good websites to buy bike parts from?
Good condition second hand handbuilt wheels from craigslist. DA hubs or something. Clinchers & front brake track. Look for decent cheaper second hand parts for the rest too, you only need a new headset/ bottom bracket/ saddle/ bar tape/ brake pads/ tires/ tubes/ possibly drivetrain. A secondhand shop/ co-op is a good place for a stem because they should be able to let you swap sizes around to find out what you want. New parts you need from wiggle/ crc/ merlin/ ribble.

It would be better to throw your pure fix frame in the trash and buy a used complete bike/ stalled...
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Name one time you actaullly saw these in the bike lane.
Not OP but I can name one time

It was September 20, 2015.
5:45pm central time

>Afrojack cruising on a maroon one.
>full on jordan gear
>texting while cruising up the hill
I saw a trail of segways in the bike lane, it was some tour group, this past sunday.

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Why is Toronto Canada's subway system so fucking terrible?

Pic related is the current subway system in Toronto. There are FOUR LINES. One of them (the blue one) isn't even a subway, it's an LRT, or light rail transit, basically a smaller, slower, above ground train. And that purple one by the top, can you really even consider that a subway line? It's only 5 km long. There is currently one more LRT line under construction, but it's going to be shit when it's finished five years from now, and in the meantime, traffic on the roads in the areas...
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Could be worse.

Is the purple line heavy rail transit or LRT? IMO the Canadian gov should just splurge money on the subway for a massive expansion so you won't need to keep spending a few billion here and few billion there every few years to meet the growth.
>Could be worse.
Toronto has the highest commute times in the developed world, so I really dont see how it could.

The Eglinton thing is supposed to be done in 2020... so in reality it'll be 2022 with we're VERY lucky.

Too many wops in charge of the city/TTC desu
Well you could be LA or Miami
The commute in those cities have driven people to suicide

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Do you guys like riding on gravel? What kind of bike do you use for gravel rides? Have you ever ridden a gravel grinder race or gravel group ride?

I don't really like riding gravel but I sometimes ride gravel because there are a lot of gravel roads where I live and sometimes gravel bike trails are convenient routes. I use my commuter/randonneur rig, I think having a bike specifically for gravel is stupid. Fuck n+1, having only a few bikes (and minimal overlap between the types of riding they are good at) makes each bike have more meaning.

Pic related, me riding on gravel.
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No. Gravel is annoying. Also "gravel grind" is an annoying meme that needs to stop.
>Also "gravel grind" is an annoying meme that needs to stop.
The term or the events? If the former, what should they be called? If the latter, why?
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Fuck yeah. I honestly hate riding on the pavement.

>Gravel is annoying


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Old one is on autosage. Would fancier wheels reduce the amount of windup flex from braking with disc brakes? More spokes? Different spokes? Different lacing? I switched a few months ago and I find the flexing a little bit disconcerting.
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I believe that disc-brake (and possibly drum brake?) front wheels are supposed to be cross-laced and never radially-laced. Hopefully somebody else can explain this further.

I'm curious: can a bike with an internal-gear hub be equipped with double or triple front chainrings via use of a chain tensioner?

(pic unrelated)

Yes it can

Also that's a nice paintjob
I'm just getting into riding again. Commuting to work the other day was so much fun I decided I'm gonna start going on longer rides as long as it doesn't interfere with my weight training.

Anyway, i don't think there's a c25k style program for cycling. There's really not a need. There's no limiting factor when it comes to riding continuously like there is running. Buuuut. How do you get better as a complete beginner?

For todays ride, I took it easy. I made sure I was capable of singing (Don't you want me, baby? *gasp gasp...
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Last thread was weighing /n/ down
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>hand in pocket
Never mind Ill buy a road bike online
Thanks for the advice fre- I mean John =^)

you don't play pocket pool when you're talking to other people?
Bought a Trek ProGram 1200 today for $100. Whoever had it before me stripped it down to single gear, but it came with some nice wheels. First bike that I've owned in a while.

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Hey, anybody around here hitchhike? I really enjoy it and I feel it's both highly unfairly stigmatized and just a great way of getting around!

tl;dr Hitchhiking thread
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Also I've been hitching for about half a year, and i've done hundreds of miles already, if anyone wants starter tips or has questions about my experiences ask away!
I don't do it too often because most of the time I'm on a bike or occasionally driving

i've picked up quite a few hitchhikers though, as long as they look clean enough
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Do you have to get good at giving road head before you take up the hitchhiking lifestyle or is it something you can learn along the way?

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ITT: Post a pic of your bike next to a railroad and/or train.

Pic related, my bike during my ride yesterday.
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First time here. Do you guys have a bicycle buying guide?
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Looking at the pic, I assume you want a babby's first bike guide?
No, I should've said pic unrelated, I just needed something that popped.

Also I should specify that I'm looking for something ideal for very long distance travel, but not necessarily a touring bike.
Here's a useful guide


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Anyone here get ED or know someone who does?
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That image is bullshit. They've got them at two totally different angles. If you held the left one properly, the sitbones would be suspending the red wire from any real pressure.
I think the difference in angle is from riding a comfort bike with a more straight up posture. whereas with road bike, you're more bent forward.
No, because you bend at the waist. The hips/legs are still pointing down, just like on a bicycle with an upright riding position.

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So what happens to the rail industry when we stop using coal?
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A lot of coal is exported anyways, so there is still a market for it.

Railroads will be moving more oil and intermodal freight by then to make up for the shortfall.

It's really not something to worry about
Golden era will return. As lack of coal suggests completely different economy. Most likely one with less personal transport, more urbanisation (less sprawl) and subsequently, large urban centers connected with plethora of freight carrying rail lines.

And, of course, electrification will be dominant.
I can't tell if this is bait or if you think cars in the US use coal instead of petrol.

So /n/, would it be a good idea to build at least one HSR line along this?
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I would think a Montral-Toronto-NYC HSR line could be viable. GL getting a teafag congress to help fund it though. Maybe if Bernie manages to win the 2016 election and dems retake congress its possible.
What about only building it in Canada? We've just gotten our new left-leaning government and they might be up for it if people demand it.

>tfw no leaf Shinkansen
Maybe they should focus on getting rid of level crossings for Via so people stop getting killed by low speed rail.

What's the cheapest bike that's actually decent
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Try using the god damned catalog.
de rosa idol disc
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delete thread

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/n/, help me decide on tires for next season.

I had Panaracer GravelKings in 700x28c this last season. They were pretty good. I felt like they only lasted the one season and I flatted probably 6 times between March and September riding ~150km/week.

I plan to switch to 25c next season.

I'm looking at the following tires (price is for a pair):

Panaracer GravelKing (126TPI, 240g) - $92.66
Schwalbe One (127TPI, 225g) - $85.80
Continental GP4000S II (330TPI, 225g) - $104.54
Continental Gator Hardshell (180TPI, 270g) - $102.96

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4000s II is infinitely superior to that other trash. It's basically the GOAT tire. This stupid question really didn't need its own thread.

Gatorskins are not very well regarded.

If you want something reasonably puncture resistant get 4 seasons or Michelin Pro 4 Endurance v2.
Are you looking for a pavement tire or a gravel tire? Also, how much do you weigh? There are other options out there depending on your answers...

1. GP4000s are a fabulous road tire, will deal with gravel tolerably well if you're a lightweight rider, good flat resistance.
2. Gatorskins have excellent flat resistance and roll well, but not as fast as the GP4000 - if you're a heavy rider. But if you're a lightweight rider, you'll likely find them slow and unpleasantly firm on gravel because the sidewalls are very stiff.
3. I'm not familiar...
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