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>no fun alowed: the pedal

hey /n/, why arent you running based flat pedals?
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Did you fall over and make a fool of yourself again, anon?
I once had flat pedals and I went out of my saddle on a rainy day. My foot slipped off the pedal while out of saddle and I crushed my balls. Had to go to the doctor. since they started swelling. One ball is removed and the other produces 1/2 of what it used to prudce
SPDs make me feel more connected to my bike.

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>Lakeisha N. Holloway kills one and injures 37 others with car
>victims were helpless as Holloway ran through groups of people two-to-three different times
>authorities so far have determined Holloway had obtained the car legally and had registered the 2-ton weapon properly

What will you do when a cager comes for you brother?
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Dont live in the US of "oil is more important than lifes"A
>inb4 grammar nazi
These things happen. What can you do? It could have been any of us behind the wheel. Let's not be too quick to judge.

t. cagers

Did anyone here wake up to a collectible bike under the tree??

Because I certainly did not :(
I am giving up on this dream now, there are just too many ups and downs.

I hope all of you here have an absolutely wonderful holiday season.
I will miss you guys ;_;
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I have a mongoose .
you may have. i live in new jersey
This meme is getting stale senpai
I woke up to the parts necessary to complete my 90's Rigid MTB with slicks (and rack and fenders)

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lockheed martin.jpg
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Are airships the most environmentally friendly method of air transportation ? ( in relative terms )
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I think gliders would be the most environmentally friendly.
dont post pics that look like webms

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What are you guys doing for training for the 2016 race season?
Intervals, base training, threshold rides?
Anybody have any jank book recommendations or articles / people to follow for training advice?
Who all is riding outside vs riding inside on trainers/rollers?
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I bout an exercise bike so I can watch TV while doing recovery intensity rides, and not have to slather myself in sunscreen
I don't race or intend to but I just recieved my Castelli Free Aero Race Bibs that I ordered a couple of weeks ago and I just ordered some Giordana FR-C bibs which should arrive in the new year. Then I plan to buy a Giro Synthe aero helmet.

I may not race but I sure as hell will look the part!

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Do I notice that the train threads have went noticeably down during the christmas time?

>Railautists: actually having caring families and active social lives.

>Bikefags: disgrace banished from their families, no friends and no GF because impotence.
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>foamer deliberately bumps bike threads over a period of time to make a stupid point
the 'tism is strong in that one
Maybe it's because cyclists are actually at home with their families so, can post, while rail-fans are out, alone in the cold, spotting Christmas themed trains and other lines they can't during normal working days?

But in the end, why does this even bother you so much >>909362?

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So I picked up biking during the summer.
Long story short I've fallen in love with it.
My question you people, Is there any way I can upgrade/mod a 1978 Ross Gran Prix 2 bike for winter riding In Philadelphia?

Also, recommend winter wear, and general tips
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There's specific threads for both of your questions, please use those and delete this one. Thanks.
Get a new bike this one is too big for you
I'm sorry, how can you tell that?

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whats her name again
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Fiero with a body kit
90s mountain bike with slicks
flat deck road boat

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I love buses and want to take photos of them, but I am discouraged from doing it due to all the stares and funny looks.

Am I being pathetic or is not wanting to be seen as an autistic bus nerd a normal response to being autistic about buses?
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I think really it has to do with the general image of people who like to follow around buses and take pictures of them, they are seen as a bit weird. Of course most people wont really care if you take a picture but will probably give you a weird look. I think in most part it has to do with societys view on things. For example if you where in London and saw a Routemaster go past and took a picture that would be fine, because the general image of London with big ben and red buses go past are deeply ingrained in pop culture....
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i just want to take superb shots of buses and place them in a folder on my computer. Maybe place them on a website. I like looking at buses, and I also like following them, for example seeing how ex London buses have spread around the country. I want to be able to think "ah, I saw that in London on the 149 in 2010" rather than "this seems like an ex Metroline London Plaxton President, perhaps I have been on it before?".

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Helmets are scientifically proven to not provide any safety benefit in the event of a crash. Further, if you know how to ride a bicycle you aren't going to get in a crash unless you are riding very technical mountain bike trails. Helmets can also catch on objects and cause your neck to become injured. So why do you wear a helmet? It's pointless.
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>/n/ - Cycling Helmets

Fuck off.
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n wears a helmet.jpg
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>>/n/ - Cycling Helmets
What is love?

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My cassette has very worn teeth on it. It's 11-30 8 speed. When I look on ebay there are two options: acera and alivio. Can you tell me is there any difference between these? Both will be compatible? I've never done any work on my bike besides fixing punctures.

Also i was going to get a shimano cn-hg40 chain. Ok?

As for my front set it's 24 34 40 if I can count. Can these be bought as a set or do they need to be bought individually? I generally don't use them all when I ride as it seems unnecessary so I can just replace the centre sprocket?...
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Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. None of that here. You don't upboat. You don't downboat. This ain't reddit, kid. This is 4chan. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I...
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Between the cassettes, the Alivio weighs 40g less, that's the difference. An Hg-40 chain will do fine.

For the crankset, take a picture or tell us what you have, not all cranksets can have their chainrings replaced individually. And what size rings you can run will also depend on your frame, if the chainstay angles sharply outwards there may limit to the size of chainring you can run without scraping the frame.

And before buying anything, chart out your gear ratios and figure out what you need or...
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Alright it doesn't look like my crankset gears can be replaced individually except for the smallest gear, being the only one not attached to the shaft. They seem to be a lot more expensive than the rears so I might just leave them, they don't seem as worn either. ALTHOUGH, I just remembered that the crankset gears are bent (chain can fall in between and get jammed so I've set the derailleur to avoid that but it means I can't change into them) and that's the reason I've been sticking to a...
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early new years reminder that if you get run over by a car, it's your own fault

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Early new years reminder that blanket statements reveal you to be mentally challenged
>Rob Ford

John Tory will make Toronto great again, with trains!
Do I really have to torque my bottom bracket?

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the broken locker.jpg
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>be me
>first day working in a cruise
>I arrived to this city a few hours ago, I just checked in in the cruise and they showed me my cabin. Work starts the next day.
>Cabin is for 4 people, one bed was already in use. I was the first of the three new guys, the other two would arrive a few days later
>Roommate wasn't here, so I had this night for myself
>There are 4 lockers. 3 are made...
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>I couldn't think of someplace at the moment, so I just put them in my bag and put the bag in a chair next to my bed
>I took the laptop and used it while in bed
>One hour later, I put the laptop inside the locker and I changed into my pajama
>I took my 3DS from my bag and put in the locker my bag with my keys inside and locked it
>I played like 20 minutes and then I realized what happened
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As I was talking to the salesman, it was going good. My plan was to buy my first new car but he doesn't know that. As it was getting closer and closer to the end of the talk, he asked me for my contact info by taking a picture of my driver's license and my phone number. I handed him the license without thinking too much into it.

As soon as I hear the click of his iPhone taking a pic of my license, I was starting to wonder if that was a good idea.

Did I make a mistake?

This is a reputable car dealership specializing in Nissan cars.
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Sounds normal, but you'll get better info on >>>/o/
I work at a Chevy dealership and we use this system called E-Leads. It helps us keep track of customer information. There's a feature that lets us take a photo of the bar-code on your license. Doing so automatically enters all the information into the system. It's faster that way.
Go read /o/'s sticky

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