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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General


If you want help picking out a bicycle, post in >>>/n/bbg , not here.

Old thread >>969388

Anyway, what's the point of cycle helmet visors?
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How many miles is too many for a secondhand carbon fiber bike, considering that it was well-maintained and serviced, has never been crashed, was stored properly, and is otherwise in good shape? As in, what is this threshold thereafter it is a bad idea to consider purchasing, no matter how good of a deal it is?
They direct hanging twigs and branches away from your face.
No. But there is of course an age threshold where components have fallen so far behind current generation spec that a cheap new bike is a much more interesting proposition. And that's fewer years than some think.

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What's the best plane I can get for under $40,000?
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'94 eg hatch
Rigid MTB with slicks
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I'll start

The BV 141 - asymetrical reconnaissance aircraft.
By weight being evenly supported as well as airflow and the torque of the propeller, it apparently even had nice flight characteristics.
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xc 120!

one of the most amazing modular airplanes.
had a removable cargo pot and an adjustable landing gear. However, the one and only prototype was scrapped
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This tbqh

Chinese stealth fighters may change the game
Wtf is that

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>Do you ride your bike on the sidewalks? Why?
>What are the laws in your city about bikes on sidewalks?
>Are there bike lanes on most streets in your city or can cyclists use the entire road in your city?

I'll start
>Do you ride your bike on the sidewalks? Why?
Sometimes, a lot of drivers are assholes and sometimes I feel safer on the sidewalks (LA)
>What are the laws in your city about bikes on sidewalks?
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I live in LA and I feel like it's pretty safe for the most part.

I haven't gotten shit from drivers in a long time and I ride everyday.

Being slow and feeling like a dick isn't worth riding on the sidewalk imo
>Do you ride your bike on the sidewalks? Why?
Sometimes. When its busy and i'm going up a steep hill i'll go onto the sidewalk because i don't want an impatient cager side swiping me. Also when i just feel like cruising really slowly, just so i don't have to worry.
>What are the laws in your city about bikes on sidewalks?
Pretty sure that it's illegal, but i've passed a bunch of cops on my commute when im on the sidewalk...
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We talk about this a lot. I'm sure it's in the catalog somewhere, but here are the main points you will see. (At least from the anti-sidewalk camp.)

-Sidewalks are maintain like this, especially on the East Coast where we actually let trees live.
Riding around my town is like riding a scooter ramp park.

-You WILL be hit.
Drivers do not look for bikes before they pull into or back out of a driveway, and they do this quickly.
If on the offchance they do see you, because you're on a bike, they assume you're slow, and will likely undergage...
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1. you'll want a frame in the 52-54cm range
2. The price is fair on that Allez, price is fair on the Argon if it's in good condition as advertised not needing any work or parts.
3. All things being equal, the Argon is a slightly nicer bike, both are plenty good for a first road bike, just know that being racy bikes neither will be ideal for commuting if you need to carry more cargo than you can fit in a small messenger bag/saddle bag.
That specialized is worth more likt 600-700, its got a crap component set

That Argon is sexy for a lower spec race bike and way better than that SpecialEd.

You want a 52cm frame. 54cm is too big for someone 5'8"
I'm 5'9" and ride 52cm.

Tiagra is pretty good, dude.

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Bus stop in Turkmenistan.

Anything seems off to you, /n?
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the small gap between the roofing panels lets in water ?
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It's an overly heavy and highly decorated structure for a bus-stop?

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Old thread is gone but had a decent following, so let's have another! What sort of diesels do you think Alco would be putting out if they were around today? What if GE had decided not to end their partnership?
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If ALCo was still around they would still be competing in the horsepower race with GE and EMD, they came out with 3000 and 3600 HP models at the same time or earlier than their competitors. They would also probably be the most penalized by the new emissions regulations since they visually seemed to be the worst polluters with their thick black "ALCo smoke." The "Century" styling probably would have lasted in new models the same way that the SD40-45 styling lasted for decades, so you'd probably...
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Also, the C-636 is one of my favorite locomotives, it's a shame the demonstrator units gave such poor performances when they were tested on various railroads. Santa Fe probably would have bought some if they had given a good demonstration while the company tested them.
The 244 was unreliable in road service from what I hear, but the 251 was a vast improvement. What about the earlier 6-cyl diesel though, used on the DL-109s? How well did those work?

Hi /n/, apologies if this doesnt deserve its own thread but here it goes.
My tires have had some sort of problem for the last about three times ive gone biking.
The tires are Maxxis Ikons (pic related, photo form google) and i ride fairly aggressive when it comes to obstacles. Is there anything i could do to my tires that will help? Also redpill me on going tubeless.
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Also i should propably mention that today both of my tubes popped. One of them just recently bought and other was patched once.
You didn't really say what the problem with your tires is. In any case, >>>/n/bqg
Well there's your problem

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I recently start taking a kick scooter to work over my bike. I found that it's kind of more fun and better when I go on the subways. How come you guys don't talk about kick scooters much?
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Probably because some people here think it's 'dorky' as if wearing cycling kit doesn't automatically put them in that category.

IMHO they're actually kinda nice for what you're using them for. I was thinking of getting a fat wheeled one for running short distances from rail stations too.
Because we're not 8 years old?

Most of us aren't 14 years old either, why don't you get a car?

Why is America is so much worse than Europe and Japan at public transportation?
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Your pick explains it
One third of the population of Europe in 1.5x the size
Car culture created suburbs and made public transport seem gross
Those that lived in inner cities were poor up until extremely recently

Only incredibly lately has there been forward progress in the barest of ways, but hope remains
Car culture created suburbs? People just decided leave their cities between 1945-1965ish just so they could pay for a house and a car and gas? Seems like an awfully expensive reason just to take part in a "culture."

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Does anyone here use rollers or trainer? Which do you prefer?
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no- just go outside and ride you faglord. Unless you have 2ft of snow or are under water theres no excuse.
You seem to have the wrong idea about roadie mentality

If you even think about riding a bike when the temperature isn't between 61 and 67 fahrenheit, no wind, sunny skies, and 30 to 50% relative humidity, you're a shitter casual who probably can't even afford a cage

Bikes are for posing next to in your team kit while uploading stats to Strava on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, no exceptions

God forbid we get sweaty, get rained on, or have to pedal against the wind

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/n/ convince me why I shouldn't buy this bike computer

>has thermometer on it
>does all the basic stuff a bike computer does

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>no cadence.
>cheap wireless
i that a bad sign

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Hi /n/

I didn't know where else to put this thread, so i'll drop it here because bikes. Tomorrow i'm going to pick up this bike and I really don't know much about it besides it's an older schwinn "stingray" and honestly it looks rad, I have a couple other schwinn stingray/chopper style bikes but i'm not an expert, just like them. I just cruise around town on them people dig them.

Anyone know anything about these bikes? years of this model? Value? Am I a faggot?
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File: download-2.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: download-1.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Just ride your bike to work!
>It's healthy and better for the environment!
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just bring 2 bottles
Freeze a bottle, bring a change of clothes, and wear a wet buff. Good to go m8
Go before it gets hot idiot

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