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Is this the ugliest train you've every seen /n/?
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That thing has far bigger problems than just being plain ugly. A fate perhaps worse than ending up in the middle of Libya

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It's that time of year again boys.

Questions/tips for commuting in the winter.
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Its always that same picture
why you faggots always go to google pics and take the first picture when you could have picture like this which represents riding your bike in winter much better

/personal blog
Wake up to a mig or HTFU.
Get 25mm+ tyres.
Get something to cover your nose and mouth to breathe slightly warmer air
just get a skisuit and a mountainbike

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With them being so expensive I want to be sure to buy one I love that will suit my needs and last years. When I was a kid my friends and I used to bike all over our little town on mountain bikes, and I really loved it. Now over a decade has passed since I've even owned a bike and I'm hoping to get fit again.

Bike would mostly be used on pavement and some concrete sidewalks, but I live in the mountains so flat roads are a rarity. Really hoping to bike to work when it warms up some, and there will be some very steep roads in doing so. There may be times when I'll...
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Riding on someone's lawn is a dick move
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Thanks for linking me to this thread, OP. Like I said, I'm in a similar situation, so I'll be monitoring this thread.

>Used to bike every fucking where as a kid
>Now I'm 30 and want to start biking again because I have shit knees and running isn't really an option
>Live in New Orleans where people thought it was a good idea to put pavement over swamps
>Pot holes and...
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Who said anything about riding through people's lawns? Guess we sometimes did that as kids but kids are assholes. Was mostly thinking of cutting through parks to save time, or like empty fields we have around here. Riding around on campus is a lot of grass too.

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Why have these gone out of style?

I mean, think about how practical they are, or the shoes with the fold out wheels.

Easily transition from walking to rolling in seconds, comfy, fashionable.
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Dude I wish I still had these!
because they were fucking gay
Having worked in a warehouse for 6 months, I thought about how nice it would've been to have a pair.

Also you should delete the thread.

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Mine is a dolan pre cursa
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1992 peugeot altus
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trek 7.2 hybrid. added bar ends, rack and sks longboard fenders.

wanna upgrade to a real headlight and will forever wish i had just gotten disk breaks

also foud out i love cycling and looking for a road bike now
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Came across this today, why hasn't it gotten more coverage recently?
Supposedly on sale commercially next year too (though only for people with $150,000 to spare)

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Every year there's some faggot coming up with a new jetpack bullshit. It'll never happen.
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>Came across this today, why hasn't it gotten more coverage recently?
Because industry consensus is that it's not worthy?

It's not difficult to strap a few prop drives or ducted fans together with a gyro chip and make a "flying thing", people do it making quadcopters all the time.
Making it bigger isn't really much more difficult than making a small one.

The two problems with the person-carrying ones are-
1) the obscene rate of fuel consumption...
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Doesn't look all that much better than the flying platforms that have been around since the 50s. Does it have a much better range or something?


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Toyota I-road.png
519 KB,
Opinion ?

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>not two wheeled
0/10 would not use
Reminds me of a smart car, 2bh I see these getting tipped over by drunks every weekend
Cool-looking machine, seems fun to ride.
It could make a real difference if they convince people that's it's a tiny car rather than a covered motorized tricycle, and get single people to buy it.

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Who is the best rider in the pro peleton and why is Peter Sagan?

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>Can't spell Peloton
>Still thinks he has a legit opinion.

Yeah, nah son; shitpost somewhere else. That said, he is a good all rounder though.
People make his aero tuck out to be way more than it actually is. It's really not that difficult to get into that position...

That being said, he's EASILY the most entertaining cyclist out of the whole bunch though
wrong; Cancellara and Contador are.

Very few can descend in such a manner in the "full" tuck though.

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Whats up /n/,

I'm hoping to purchase a cheap motor scooter for the summer for cruising around the streets and hopefully getting laid a couple times because of it. I need a cheap, reliable model that I can find relatively easy on CL or ebay or what not. I don't care if it looks shitty or small, as long as it works desu. I wouldn't even mind like a mini bike. Also, what should i be aiming for in terms of budget? Thanks
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>get laid
Get the cheapest you can find. So long as you can change tyres, spark plugs and clean the fuel filter it'll keep going in a straight enough line.
Get a Japanese 125cc motorcycle from the 90s/early 00s.

Can be kept running with duct tape and a hammer, will last forever, and are still a motorcycle so you wont look like a complete numpty.

I left my wing in the truck during a heavy rainstorm and now it's completely soaking wet. How fucked am I?
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If it isn't a piece of shit, you should be just fine. Just dry it out.

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Why don't we have some fun?
Try naming all the London Underground stations.
I got all of them here.

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I think I did alright considering I don't live in the UK.

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So yesterday I filled my front wheel rubber and shook hands with the valve lets air in and the tightening of help so I took the rear wheel valve cap when the weather stays. Well, let 's take the hat off suddenly thrust before he is cleared. Front rubber surely today genuin I checked as it is empty. I took the evil then the entire valve to finish the job off, and defects in the roof so a hat is stuck in the cuntsatan.

Images allows someone could tell me what the hell happened?
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File: DSC_1174.jpg (144 KB, 1079x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This without that handbeing one.

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For bike messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), dodging speeding cars, evading crazy cabdrivers, and blowing by millions of cranky pedestrians is all in a day's work. Wilee is one of the best in a dangerous job, and his bike of choice is a Fixie, a lightweight, single-gear unit without brakes.
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It's a movie.
He's bike had to be unique and interesting, and at the same time be a sort of underdog like he was.
The movie pointed out how much 'better' traditional geared bikes where, several times, during several races and scenes.
I mtb, so don't really have a dog in this fight, ride whatever you love to ride.
Back in the 90s Messengers used to ride MTBs, nowadays they mainly use Fixies. In the near future.. It will be yet another hype
I'm more curious as to why he's using that fuckhuge retarded impractical chain lock

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What limitations are keeping this from reality? This being a personal craft capable of independent vertical liftoff, and able to travel out of earth's orbit and back
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physics, economy, technology, etc.
And of we some day find a solution they will come up with clever laws and governmental regulations to prevent this.
The moon is pretty close. That's worth visiting. additionally, being able to leave orbit would let you travel across the planet much faster
In a nutshell, the problem is propulsion.

You have to carry a lot of consumables (fuel and/or reaction mass) to get to orbit. So if you want to get 10 tons of people, armor and guns into orbit, you'll need several hundred tons of rocket to do so.

This is the case not because of some momentary technological deficiency, but because of fundamental physics - you can't speed up without pushing against something, and in space there's nothing to push against.

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BQG! Old one maxed

Can I respace my 130mm rear hub to 128? It's a cup and cone claris system and I want to use it on my late 80's model bike that currently has 6 speed. Can't set the frame as it's aluminum.
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Yes, you can respace a Shimano 130mm hub to 126mm by taking 4mm of washers off the non-driveside and then redishing the rim (note that this will slightly weaken the wheel overall). Be aware that unless you have unusually thick dropouts, you'll either need to cut the axle down a bit, or borrow one made for a 126 hub, otherwise the end of the axle made for 130 spacing will protrude and prevent you from closing your QR skewer.
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Ahhh I see. Doesn't sound too bad! Pic is project, gonna take my 8 Speed Mavic CXP22 wheelset off my other bike and build up an 11 speed set for it, then put the 8 speed on this!

Although it would be ridiculous, I suppose I could run 10 speed on this hub with friction too couldn't i?
is commuting 25 miles on a single speed a sensible idea?

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