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Hello /n/!

Why are cyclists mostly unberable fags who thinks that the sidewalk is a bicycle lane?
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say it to my fucking face
HeadBUTT! <ksshh>
Most people are unbearable fags

>the Bourke Rd tram-train crossing has been eliminated with the railway grade separation construction work now complete
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>the horror...
the most insane part about that crossing was that it was considered so dangerous and the voltage shifting so delicate that a permanently manned switching house was required (on the left) and they even installed barriers for trams
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imagine that was your job all day
activating boom gates and bells and lights, switching voltages, making sure everythings passed through, again and again and again

ITT: Sexy trains
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That topic is too ambiguous to let this opportunity pass, OP.
File: JRW-500_W2_521-2.jpg (547 KB, 2508x1416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like it better than the 700 and N700 series, fight me /n/erds

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Any of you bros ever gotten melanoma before from riding out in the sun for too long?

The reason I ask is because I might of fucked myself by riding without applying enough sun screen this past summer - now I have a small mole on the side of my neck the itches like fuck. I plan on having it checked by a doctor tomorrow morning. Damn.
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report back, please. Never happened to me, though. I've ridden through summer with strong as fuck sun but I always applied a lot of sunscreen, to the point I was kind of greasy.

Will do, anon. I'm not even fair-skinned so I shouldn't have these problems. But you never know. I'll report back tomorrow night.
I always ride without sunblock, I know it's bad but I just never remember / can't be arsed. I'm not too pale though, so I never really get nasty sunburns, just some tan lines. No weird moles either.

Sounds scary.

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I'm sure some of u guys have seen this- using old tech to finally put a person as a passenger in an autonomous aircraft- give opinions
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Another thing if u haven't heard, the passenger has zero manual control- you just give it a destination and wowa
Really dumb. People aren't buying into the "self-driving car" thing, so why would they hop into an AAV? A car is one thing; if the computer driving the thing has a brain fart the driver can take over, this thing has no flight controls. Even if it did, roughly 1/2 of 1% of the American population is a pilot of any stripes, so the other 99.5% would be useless in the event of an emergency. There's a reason the military isn't letting optionally-piloted aircraft run any sort of troop transport or...
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Here's more information because OP is withholding:

This is called EHang 184. It flies for twenty-something minutes, using (presumably) electric motors. Besides flying autonomously, it's also going to be constantly connected to a control center that would be able help if something goes wrong.

Any widespread use of this machine in first-world countries would have to wait for the innovations that are stalling...
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how the fuck do people trust these things

you cant glide

if that engine stops working or rotor breaks you literally just fall and die

jesus christ
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>guaranteed replies
autorotation, now fuck off back to /o/, this is the bikes board
vietnam vet friend of my dads flew 36 missions in a tour, got shot down 9 times and survived somehow. I'd say they are safe if properly maintained.

what the fuck does that even mean

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Thoughts on the city of Houston? Any /n/iggers that live there?
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Typical car-cucked sunbelt strip mall lined suburban hell hole with a few streetcar lines running through the gentrified neighborhoods. Nothing special about it.
Sprawling cager hell. Needs to be destroyed, along with LA, for the benefit of all mankind.
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I heard the EPA refused to issue new water permits due to pollution. The only way to get a water permit was to destroy an older building and take that permit. That's why so much of Houston looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Is this true?

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Old one maxed

I want a non-carbon road bike. How concerned about rusting a steel frame do I have to be if I want to wash it with a hose in my yard and stuff? I'm considering getting a stainless steel or titanium frame as I'm worried about corrosion.
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Corrosion happens when water sits in contact with steel for a long time, much quicker if there's salt dissolved in the water - so washing a steel frame with water is fine as long as it can dry completely after cleaning, and you avoid spraying water into the frame where it can be trapped and form a permanent pool. If you live near an ocean, or somewhere where salt is regularly applied to the roads, you can still use an ordinary steel frame, but in that case it's a good idea to use a rust inhibitor (framesaver)...
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why not aluminium?
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hey guys,

this is not a bike question in general, but I didn't want to start a own thread.
I really like to build bikes.
I kind of can't stop myselfe from doing it.
what's the best way to turn this into a sort of side buissness.
where is a good place to sell custom bikes and such ?

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1 MB,
I was watching Stanley Kubrick's "The Killing" (1956) and noticed this nice looking car. The still is from around 58 minutes in.

I'm not sure if this is the right board, but would anyone be able to identify the car?
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pic #2
Thank you!

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Why don't you have a cargo bike /n/?

Chicks dig guys with cargo bikes.
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Because I have a car. If I can't strap it to my bike or backpack then I take my car. inb4 cager scum. Try carrying home 2x4's and sheets of plywood on a cargo bike.
>Chicks dig guys with cargo bikes.
For the benefit of the other readers of /n/ who may have difficulty understanding OP's meaning, allow me to translate;
>I got a cargo bike and I was riding it and some random girl on the street that I don't know smiled at me (reason: unknown) to which I mumbed "Y-y-y-you t-t-too" and just kept pedaling, so now in my own mind I think girls like guys on cargo bikes. For some reason. I dunno. Stop j-j-j-judging...
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They're fucking expensive

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What's a good front and back light for my bicycle and why?
I've used a Sigma for 8 years now and the battery pack only lasts for like 30 minutes anymore.
When reading about some lights, there's no light that seems to be really fine. They all seem to be trash or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong direction.
Also I don't need to see 10000 meters ahead, I just need to be seen on the streets.
I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on it.
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NiteRider's combos are all you need for typical utility cycling. Their rear light is the best I've ever encountered. The front light's battery life is merely passable, so I would recommend getting a higher powered model and running it on a lower setting for more endurance. 200 lm is sufficient for road riding, though on unlit roads more illumination may be useful.

I would also recommend showing at least two lights to the rear, for the purposes of redundancy.
Thank you, I will take a look at it.
Do you personally own it? How does it do during rain? I guess for that price I can use it as an underwater light, no?
I'd suggest whatever super China lights you can get on ebay or at a hardware store.
In my experience, its better to consider lights as a consumable, either because they break, get lost, or stolen.
I work with a cat eye rear reflector light, and a CREE LED light and a battery pack.
Cost about 60 bucks all together.

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I'm new to this board, but it seems interesting. Why does everyone here seem to hate cars?
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lurk moar faggot
christ almighty 4chan got worse once you newfags thought you could walk right in and start asking stupid questions.
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>but we still make them make them the focus of our modern cities and public spaces and transportation planning
>and people feel entitled to operate their cars without regards to anyone else's wellbeing

I don't actually hate cars, as mechanical devices I think they're amazing, and there are definitely lots of good things about them - but the complete and absolute dependence...
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There are many poor deluded souls on this board, most of them young, who think that all the world's problems can be solved by eliminating motor vehicles from it. Of course they're blind to the fact that they wouldn't have bikes to ride or any of the modern conveniences (including the computer and the Internet they're using to complain about the evils of cars and the people who own and operate them) without motor vehicles; the majority of us would still be living in rural areas, and rarely see cities...
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Where is my goddamn flying car and gigantic anarcho capitalist metropolitan societies

damn you leftists
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I much rather live here OP
we should not detach with our origins
Anarchism and capitalism are by definition mutually exclusive.
Certainly you mean "libertarian metropolitan societies"

Anarchism and communism, however, are one and the same, and are likely to be much more fruitful.

Hey /n/ Who has mecanical knowledge

Why can't I fit a coaster brake hub in this wheel? Or in any other magnesium wheel?

I want a wheel without spokes because on every bike I had they keep breaking, but my frame will only allow for coaster
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You can't because there's no space. Also, spokes on well-built wheel don't break (for thousands of miles).

What rims/spokes did you have? Where did they break?
You suck. Obviously, we shouldn't use damn wheels because the original method of transportation was horse, and people intended that it was used in the future.
thanks, i see. coaster brakes have a larger diameter than a standard hub.

I had regular spokes and rims for a road bike, nothing special, the problem might be that they are not adjusted well, I've been to two different bike repair shops, but after both have adjusted them on two separate bikes they keep breaking,. At the moment I have two broken spokes.

I'm not fat, weigh about 70 kg, not super strong either. I might start adjusting the spokes myself, try to find an instruction video

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math is hard-01.jpg
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9 December 2015

Ex-Amish truck driver destroys historic bridge by driving her 30-ton trailer across it - because she got her math wrong and didn't know she was FIVE TIMES over the weight limit

* Mary Lambright, 23, made the 1880 historic bridge collapse on Christmas Day inPaoli, Indiana
* Iron bridge had a weight limit of six tons - her vehicle and trailer weighed about 60,000 pounds - or 30 tons - at crash
* Lambright told...
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math is hard-02.jpg
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Lambright, of Fredericksburg, told police she knew the iron bridge had a weight limit of six tons and wasn't equipped for semis due to a sign that was posted, but said she didn't know how many pounds were in six tons.

Lambright and her 17-year-old cousin who was in the passenger seat managed to escape unharmed.
'She's a very inexperienced driver,' Paoli Police Chief Randy Sanders said of Lambright explaining that she had left the Amish order a year or so ago, reports Herald Times...
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File: math is hard-03.jpg (211 KB, 962x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
math is hard-03.jpg
211 KB, 962x656

According to police, Lambright was attempting to make a delivery at a Walmart when she missed a turning, reports WBIW.

She said she tried to turn around in a parking lot, but it was not possible because there was equipment in the way.

She told police she did not feel confident in backing up the truck so she then attempted to cross the iron bridge.

Lambright was traveling more than 30 miles per hour in order to get the vehicle stuck that far on the bridge, according to police.

Police cited...
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File: math is hard-04.jpg (211 KB, 962x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
math is hard-04.jpg
211 KB, 962x722

The French Lick Fire Department wrote on Facebook: 'Bridge collapse in Paoli with no injuries reported.
'What a sad day for the Old Iron Bridge located on South Gospel St.'

Although some Facebook commenters blamed the driver, many others blamed the school that certified her and the company that allowed her to get behind the wheel.

One person wrote: 'I would look into the trucking school or trucking company that sponsored her training.

'How do you go thru CDL school...
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