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you aren't a car
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Thank fuck
People complain about the dangers of electric vehicles due to the lack of engine noise. But most modern cars make very engine noise unless they are accelerating. While listening for vehicles as I approach an intersection its usually just the tire noise I hear.
>implying I don't make the vroom vroom noises

Hey /n/
If I'm 6'7" and 250 lbs (2m, 100kg) and looking for a rarely road, almost exclusively dirt trails bike, what am I looking for?

I haven't had a proper bicycle for a solid 6 years and that one was already a rusted cruiser. We recently moved somewhere that biking trails are abundant and beautiful. Please halp.
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Do you want to do sweet jumps while bombing downhill, or is this more of a "flattish dirt trails" bike? Do you want to ride to the trails, or haul it to the dirt on the back of your car?
Mostly flat trails behind our apartments. They go on for some distance.
Is this just a really slow board or does not one want to help me out?

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Are there people who like watch highway videos?
One of OP's favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LthD8Nhm4xQ
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Very cool OP, today you were not a faggot
have you tried google street view
They drive on the right in Europe?

Is driving on the left just a British thing?

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If the V-22 Osprey has a power to weight ratio of only 0.259 hp/lb, how can it preform vertical takeoff?
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>power to weight ratio for aircraft typically expressed in pounds of thrust to aircraft weight
>thrust to weight

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Post suggestions for god-tier cities and your rationale, ill start:

>It's got bad ass public transport
>City council own 40% of property for rent control-ish things
>Sweet planning - cycle paths, lesiure and rec/sport facilities everywhurr
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pharmacies, supermarkets everywhere
affordable public transport with stops nearly everywhere
excellent drinking water out of the tap
nice parks
relatively decent universities

fuckton of beggars
fuckton of hobos
and for the /pol/ visitors: lots of liberals and kebab
As I am currently travelling in Vienna I can tell you that the system is really "bad" and "ass". How comes you cannot get from the airport to the main station directly?
the current main station wasn't the mainstation until last year. It used to be the south station before the promotion.
Interestingly though, the west station which used to be the main hub, doesn't connect to the airport either unless you count the airport bus lines.

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>scruffy middle-aged white woman panhandling on the L train from hipster town to manhattan
>gets butthurt everyone is ignoring her
>must be first day on the job
>starts a racist tirade that all the minorities should give her some money since they're in her country
>a white, gay couple tells her to shut up
>she gets into the cringiest shouting match with them for five stops
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hahaha!!!! And she's off to spread her beautiful words elsewhere :)

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Cycling kit general??

Big fan of ten speed hero's kit. I wish it was cheaper, but they support local races and sponsor teams. I own a few pairs of their socks and cap.

I'll post up some of my favorites new and old.
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Wanted to get my hands on some of this manual for speed kit, but while it was in stock, I was flat broke. Oh well.
Twin six does some great work here and there. I'm glad to see them drifting away from their conspicuous styling to more refined designs.

Fuck yes I'll wear flowers. So long as I'm not riding through the ghetto.
I dont bother with kit. I never chafe and don't sweat as much as a lot of folks so I don't feel the need to.

>not operating fully automated, electric locomotives in mainline freight service across North America


When will American railroads modernize for the 21st century?
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>first step on our way to Blaine the Mono

No thank you, I'm terrible at riddles.
>When will American railroads modernize for the 21st century?
When the cost of electrification is lower than the cost of diesel.
So about 40 years ago?

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Old one maxed
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my bike sometimes makes a popping sound from the chainring when I am pedaling hard uphill or just in a harder gear. cause for concern? what is this?
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broken part.jpg
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Alright everybody, noob post and I probably fucked up in a big way here but I'm ready to learn and fix my mistakes.

Was just out doing some recreational riding, and my pant leg unraveled and caught in my chain. I was going pretty fast and apparently the force was enough to snap a piece on my front derailleur (pic related). This is a SunTour Sport piece from what I believe is a 1975 Fuji Special Tourer. I bought it several months ago at a thrift shop for 20 bucks as my first bike since childhood, and I love riding it as a recreational bike. I'd like to either repair the part (which I suspect will not be possible) or replace it. As a newbie I have the following questions:

1) Do I need to get the same part as the original for the bike to work correctly, or can I sub in a suitable replacement?

2) If I need an original, then how can I certifiably identify the correct part? (or I'd just like to know out of curiosity anyway, I know nothing of bike part identification)

3) If push comes to shove, is a piece like this capable of being repaired? No idea what exactly you'd need to do but I know some people who might have the tools needed to repair metal parts.

I know I messed up but I try to focus on the positive, and I want to use this mistake as a chance to learn a valuable lesson about bike repair (on top of the valuable lesson about wearing the right stuff when you ride). Any help is greatly appreciated.
my bad, it actually says Spirt, not Sport. I found more on this page http://www.classicfuji.com/1975_08_Tourer.htm

There appears to be different SunTour Spirts available online but I can't really tell which ones are compatible.

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I'm already tired of being cold all the time, and there's still a few more months of this shit.
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It hasn't even snowed yet in Montreal fuck changed my tires for nothing
Same here, NYC

Also I somehow bumped my foot into my front fender at an intersection, coming to a humiliating halt on 12th avenue as the fender folded into itself

Amazingly it didn't break and I just bent it back into place, it's still a little crooked but I was trying to beat the rain (failed on that)
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recumbent general.jpg
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New Recumbent General.

This thread is made for the discussion of velomobiles, all kinds of two-wheeled recumbents and open tricycles.

BaconRider is welcome.

>Why do people ride a recumbent?
Comfort. A recumbent is extremely comfortable, since your whole back is supported, your vision is undisturbed and there is no strain on any part of your body.
Also, depending on the type and model of recumbent, they are more aerodynamic then uprights and thus also faster.

>Why are velomobiles so expensive?
They are cheaper then high end carbon bikes if you compare the building hours-to-price. If you use one to replace your car, it will save you money in a few years of usage. If you're to poor to afford a new one, buy a second hand one, they go for about 3000e, but I've seen them for 1000e.

A few video's for the interested:



All of them:

if you have any questions feel free to ask too.
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Sweet machine, that Baron. One of my favourite lowracers. Love the rack & fenders.
I'm not a bent rider myself (reasons). But on an upright bike, when my heart rate goes above 150 for extended periods, I tend to dip my head down periodically to help blood flow to my brain.
Do you think the prone rider position of a 'bent gets more blood flow to the brain?

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Can we make a board tan for the best secondary board?

And fuck no not just a cyclist.
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Fuck off weeaboo.
No board tan. I can't think of a single character that encompasses the whole board.

How about /n/-tan always being conspicuously absent as they're too busy being out and about?
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Why wouldn't /n/ tan be a cyclist? That's by far the most popular topic here.

My first thought is that /n/-tan would be a younger Yehuda Moon wearing the /n/ jersey.

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Old thread >>906418

Just put on the electric conversion for winter riding. All wheel drive!
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Back to the track.
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posting the new whip again
crit style
The hell is up with that dropout

How much should I sell my bike for?

RRP for all the parts is around $12000AUD,

Looking to fund a new Aeroad CF SLX + Power Meter(for Shimano). I made myself a promise to buy one as soon as they become available in the country.

(Not selling with Carbons, selling with Shimano RS-81's)
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About three thousand fifty dollars.
So does the $12000 include the enves or not?

Either way You'd probably be lucky to get 4 or 5k for it. From what I've noticed on gumtree it feels like high end bikes go very slowly.

THAT SAID, good fucking luck getting a Canyon. Apparently they've been having a great deal of trouble keeping up with demand for months now.

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Jew in anime.jpg
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Fucking manlets
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git gud, ride naked

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