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Tell me about swiss railroads in WWII
Locomotive models
Locodisgrams diagrams

>Pic is completly unrelated
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what locomotive is that?
not OP but it's a GE U50
Carried lots of Jew gold stolen by the Nazi's.
And other nefarious shit done by the Swiss. They graduated from chocolate making to insurance fraud and other banking crimes.

> oh shit, they out jewed the jews

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What happened?
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Murrikan "Not invented here"ism happend.
The government thought if it has the sloped front it goes fast.
They were an afterthought thrown into the Acela contract.

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How do you feel about nationalizing the U.S. rail industry?
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>let's give a multi-billion dollar industry that is essential to the US economy to our politicians
Let's not do that.
For what purpose?
God no. The most I would is break up the massive Class 1s. Railroads that size are not good for competition.

whats the most overrated brand, and what is the most underrated.

of course this is merely opinion based

pic related is my most overrated. everyone in this city thinks they are the best you can get and would literally spend 2X the amount to get one.
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[insert Italian brand here]
They're all using American geometry now anyway...
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FBM is very underrated imo. Theyre handmade in the USA in the same building theyre designed in. They can take ridiculous amounts of abuse. Theyre not some cookie cutter brand
>american geometry

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Hybrids are okay edition
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No they're not
Hybrids are fine; flat bars are not. Get yourself a nice, swept-back handlebar.
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Hi there Ano/n/s,

my trusty Sony MDR-E818 earphones (pic related) needed some soldering magic twice now to continue. I'm wondering how long until they' fall apart completely.

What earplugs do you use / recommend for use on bike / train / elsewhere that will not break the bank, allow situational awareness and sound at least half decent? Bonus points for having survived heavy rain. Mine did, going mute for some time but coming to life again when drying, no permanent damage.
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I carry a boombox on my shoulder.
Brainwavz jives are pretty good
Biking with headphones ain't that safe, friendo


GCNs latest show gives the impression that cyclists should get out of cager's way. Apparently we are second class citizens that should get off the road if there are cars behind us.

I think it will just make cagers even more self entitled!
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It's a non-issue, the law in question still specifies that bikes should move over when it's safe to do so, which is exactly what people should already be doing whether it's specified by law or not.

It doesn't matter whether you're operating a bike, car, horse, or combine harvester - everyone needs to share the road and be as courteous as possible to other users, period.
If they are courteous enough to drive 5 vehicles in a single file patiently waiting for me, I think they deserve the reciprocation. I already do it out of habit if it's not too inconvenient for me. People see cars and bike as "us vs them", but I prefer the "live together in harmony" idea.
>slow moving motor vehicles have to pull over
>this is fine
>extend it to slow moving non-motor vehicles

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Previous thread - >>859100

All you fair weather riders need to HTFU edition
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I went riding in thick, sticky mud all day today. Absolutely packed in all over the chain and gears. First I got chain-slip, then I got chain-suck, and finally I got chain snap.

Bodged the chain back together with my multitool and started making my way home, but it snapped again after a distance. Pushed for a bit till I met civilisation/street lights, then dubiously fixed it again.

By this point, it was dark, visibility further worsened by thick fog. Set off again, sticking to the pavement and not the road (I have no lights, because I'm an idiot). After...
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You're not supposed to ride in the mud, you're ruining the trails
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>tfw I regularly ride trails after it rains

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Is Chicago the best place to ride trains?
many subway/elevated lines
many commuter lines
Amtrak hub for the rest of the U.S.
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Who /purpleline/ here?
we /brownline/ here
only shittier is red line

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absolute madman.png
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/msg/ - Messenger & Courier General

So 90s It Hurts Edition

Required watching:

What're ya ridin'?
What're ya deliverin'?

/msg/ - Messenger & Courier General
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Chicago reporting in. Working for one of the larger companies downtown. It's okay, I used to make a lot more before they gave me a new dispatcher. I don't stop moving all day and I rarely get break. Usually take it pretty easy and ride relaxed for that reason.

I ride a few different bikes but my favorites are standard road bikes with risers and thumb shifters. Once I get my old rockhopper set-up properly, I'll probably ride that thing most of the time. A good track bike has also never let me down.

The last couple weeks have been pretty rough on...
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2 MB, 4224x3136

Also, Joey love is still out there messengering. Said wussup to him yesterday and today he was wearing all the same shit as in that movie.

Here's his bike locked up in the wild. Snapped this picture last week.
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SF here.

I'd take the East Coast cold and snow over shitty rainy season any day.

Just put on muh siqq layerz and old snowboard gear, maybe knobbies on the MTB and I'm GTG.

Rain makes cagers here go even more retarded then they are already and makes the already janky hills a one-way ticket to JustFuckMyShitUp Town.


>not running anti-theft...
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Anyone on here work in commercial shipping?
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You mean just with boats?
I'm a second officer onboard a US flag ship--being paid to shitpost on a Chinese cartoon website.
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Anyone here not work on a ship?

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So /n/, let's talk hoverboards.

How long do you think it'll be before these become so cheap and available that more people will be riding these than walking?

How do you think it will affect every day life?

Why do you not own one yet?
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That's all I know about these
How far does the battery go?
>have one
I rarely walk around the house unless I have to go upstairs. It's pretty fun desu senpai. I don't ride it outside because that's fucking stupid and the ground is too uneven.
Tldr it's good for riding to get a glass of water, but stick to a bike outside

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Saw this being sold by some guy for $280, is it a piece of shit?
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The price is definitely too high for a used quasi-BSO. If you can get it for $150 that would be more reasonable.

I'm going to bump this thread until you learn to like it.
STI shifters are undoubtably a better shifting experience than bar-end.

THE ONLY BENEFIT of bar end is durability. This is agree-upon by pretty much e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y who works with bikes.

So if you are touring, or if you are frugal, bar end shifters are the way to go.

>on tour with bar ends
>bash RD, it's bent, shifting is fucked
>switch to friction, keep rolling until you can get it fixed

>on tour with STI
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CL 1.png
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Craigslist Thread? Craigslist Thread

I just found this gem
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Catalog. Fuck yourself
Holy mother of god.

1. Frame is factory, if you dont count the electrical tape on the rear. $50.

2. Forks are dangerously shitty. -$10.

3. if the handlebars are in the shape of the front forks. -$10.

4. the front tire is shit/gay -$10.

5. The tire on the back is way too small -$10.

6. If the seat is mounted like the forks. -$10.

7. Overall shittyness of the complete bike. ( literally shit. -$.6.50.

its literally just an amalgamation of shit/spare parts, except for the front forks which are dangerously shitty.

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This fits your gay lifestyle...

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You are covering Corando with paint stripe pollution

The grafitti on the streets does not help our property values

It brings to mind the visual cacophony that will look like, if you look there long enough it will induce a dizying type of vertigo

these BLACK streets with these brilliant WHITE lines, because believe me it takes away from your home, from your outlook on life

for me its very similar to personally taking all three of my daughters to a tattoo parlour and having them completely body tattooed
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You're late, we already talked about this back when it happened.
They're right though, you know...

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