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Why is cycling such a white sport?

How come there aren't many asians or blacks in the Tour De France?
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Because rickshaws and stolen Walmart MTBs are not fast enough to compete.
Same reason why NBA is dominated by blacks.
Racial differences aren't just skin color, some races have different physiological traits.
That, and the fact that cycling teams don't recruit black people for their teams in fear that they'll steal every single bike.
People tend to participate in sports that they can watch or participate in as kids, and for most of its history road cycling has been almost exclusively a European sport (before the 1980's there was almost no road racing outside of Europe) where there are lots of white people.

Even though road cycling has grown in popularity around the world since then, in places like the US and Australia and even European countries with plenty of immigrants, it's still mostly white people who participate because of cultural norms (situations where you stand out as a minority are uncomfortable), and partially because non-whites are often at an economic disadvantage that can keep them out of a fairly expensive sport.

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It's been 2 years to the day since flight MH370 disappeared. Do you think we will ever find out what happened?
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it didn't fly so good
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Why don't you bike for a real cause?
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I wish we had visible sage still for posts just like these...

But FWIW Trump has expressed a lack of respect for freedom of religion and freedom of the press, either of which should be instant disqualification for anyone running for any public office in the US.
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sleep tight egger.jpg
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>rides bike without sitting on the saddle for almost all of the riding shots
I disagree that he has shown a lack of respect for those things but how do you feel about this in terms of the biking?

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Any brands to avoid?

What's the best budget computer in your experience?

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If you want to save money then get a wired type.
If you want Ant+ and a bunch of features then get a name brand not some cheap thing you never heard of, and buy it in a store so if it goes bad on you, you have somewhere to go to get a replacement, not some dodgy seller on ebay.
>What's the best budget computer in your experience?
Cateye Velo 7
Sigma is fine and cheap also many editions are upgradeable for cadence etc

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mks toeclip 1.jpg
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Is there a reason to avoid this type of toe clip?
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Yeah, clipless pedals were invented

There's nothing really wrong with an open toe clip - but there's almost no advantage to choosing that kind of pedal over flat/caged/clipless.
I did lie them, I had knock off SPD pedals on my bike ( brand was welgo) and I couldn't clip into them for the life of me

And if they rarely clipped it was hard to clip out and has caused me to almost fall over due to the unreliable spring tension

I want a casual system that I don't have to clomp around in autist shoeswhen I ride to starbucks

Hi, I'm looking for some advie reg. supgrading groupset. I currently have a Trek SL1200 road bike which i bought in 2014 with a new Sora groupset.

I'm wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to 105 groupset? £280 for set http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-105-5800-groupset/

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>implying wheels
Would upgrading wheels be a more worthwhile option?
105 5800 is a nice groupset, but so is Sora 3500. If you want the two extra gears, hidden cables, and most importantly, _have_11speed_compatible_wheels (doubtfull), you can be your own judge about the value.
Now, I don't think your wheels are 11speed compatible, so factor in a new pair of wheels as well. At least a back wheel.

I'd say get a nice set of handbuilt wheels before upgrading the groupset. Unless you're doing some more usefull groupset swap, like going SRAM for hand ergonomic reasons or some such.

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can we get a thread for neat old accents and trim pieces. or they could be new, too.

I'm a /bike/ but I want to see

i guess I mean /gd/ that's on /n/, just anything you think is cool. I'll post what I have.

muh fork. I like the lettering.
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>crank says "signature"
>looks like a signature
kind of an odd decal. usually you see checks or horizontal stripes here
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dick power.jpg
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a classic

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This is for the home bike builders. Post your favorite bike parts. Parts that you'd use on multiple bikes. Tires, bars, cranks, anything.

Answer questions about WHY they are you favorite

My favorites:

> Salsa Cowbell bars (on two bikes)
> Schwalbe Marathon Supremes (three bikes)
> Kool Stop dual compound pads
> Pinned pedals of all sorts. If you ride flats and don't have pinned pedals, you're missing out.
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I love Gatorskins, I buy them when they are on sale for my 700C road bike. Only tires that are super puncture resistant and last over 2K miles while still being not too heavy.
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Tektro rl520 levers
Large hoods, no nonsense cheap lever that works with lots of brakes.
Dia Compe ENE shifters. Inexpensive shifters that can be run on DT or bar-ends and don't have any cheap plastic shit on them that breaks.

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I'm from Europe and this looks retarded.

Can someone explain how this works?
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My best guess: It's showing potential conflicts in a shared turn lane during high traffic. The green car is unable to merge in to traffic so first turns in to the turn lane, where oncoming traffic may be turning from.
Are you honestly confused by a standard center turn lane?
This is called "the dingus in the green car abusing the center turn lane." Quite common, unfortunately

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I've got an Bicycle build/Interview this coming Friday and my mechanic skills have been a little rusty as I haven't worked on bikes since my first bicycle mechanic job. So /n/ I was wondering if anyone knew of some guides on how to do a proper entire full road bike build?
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It all depends on the type of bike and what kind of budget you are on.
I would mostly brush up on parts/groupset compatibility, be familiar with modern and older road bike standards.
Be knowledgeable on the different frame materials and their general properties.
Sheldon brown's website is a good starting point for a refresher. Pick up a Park tools blue book of bicycle repair. I've found those to be useful as well.
Go watch some youtube video's. That's where I learned everything.
>manlet bike

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anyone here take a ferry more than once a year ?

I'm trying to get a job up in Alaska. In that southern part where it is all just isolated small towns on islands. The ferry travel times are ridiculous. Ferries have sleeping cabins and showers, because the trips are so long.

If I get up there. I'm going to have to get involved in politics. Just so the Alaskan ferry service can get some high speed ferries.
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>high speed ferries
Fast ferries have trouble with logs and stuff in the water. BC tried it a while back and that was one of the (many) issues. If you live in a remote area, it takes a long time to get there.
They've been having problems due to budget cuts:


Someday I'd like to take the ferry from Bellingham.
I work on a high speed ferry. >>928754 is right.

Plus environmentalists don't like them, just look up Hawaii Superferry. There are lots of whales up that way, which would effect your speed with regulations and whatnot.

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Cannondale from the 90's. Comes with road slicks and knobbies. Great condition. I'm trying to see what I should ask for, on craigslist. It was handmade in the US, for what that's worth...
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about tree fiddy

wtf are you a fat soccer mom?

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DC Streetcar

>Over a decade
>$200 million spent
>Only 2.2 miles
>Opening Day: Sat. February 27th, 2016

Any projects you're still waiting on, /n/?
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My city has had a plan to build a 6 mile bike/ped trail looping around the downtown core since 1912. It's currently scheduled to be finished by 2018.
>concept first described in the 1870's
>fully mapped out and planned in 1912 as the city's "emerald necklace"
>partially finished as part of the city park system, but then we had major floods, economic changes, car-infra became a top priority, and the downtown area nearly died after WWII because a swath of the city was bulldozed to make way for an Interstate highway and the federal government subsidized sprawl
>plan revived in 1992, a few more sections that connect to nothing were finished before funding ran out
>plan revived in 2012, nothing accomplished
>plan re-revived in 2015 with stable funding
>2018 scheduled completion...
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obligatory Seattle Tunnel Project post

it'll be fucking sweet when it's finished though
we have a streetcar opening soon but our subway was halted in the 1920s. Our subway line is still abandoned.

No one has yet to have a good idea for use of the cincy subway system.

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What the fuck is this thing, /n/?
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turning corners, not a problem
not a big deal if you only turn left

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Can someone explain what the fuck is going on with the Yeti in this pic?
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It has a big ass chainring that's what

Maybe it's one of those ultrafast snow downhill bikes

I see that, but how the fuck does the front derailleur shift it with such a huge gap between chain rings
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