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So, who else works on their bike? i was gonna try to get into door dash for some after hours work, but i mainly deliver jimmy johns in chicago

I ride a alum mountain with drops, a longseatpost and road tires/sti's and a fixie schwinn made in chicago. That one's broke rite now tho, gonna go bring it to get fixed up

Does anyone do straight messenger work still?

Chicago is flat but it's a windy hell
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Is no one else here doing bike delivery?

Was hoping there'd be more talk about it

check out lfgss.com
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I'm a messenger in Boston.

I often enter a state of roadlust while working where I become a complete and utter asshole on the street. Just today I came stupidly close to hitting a baby carriage. Wow I'm a jerk.

Got 2 aluminum track bikes made in Taiwan, a Nashbar Terra Alpha 5000 mtb, '85 Fuji League, and a '93 Bridgestone RB-1

It's wicked fun but I have a hard time relaxing. Adrenaline is one of the only things that I truly enjoy.

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Hey guys, first time on this board.
I'm 21 and Going for my G1 next month finally. (Canadafag here)

Are the online tests similar to the test they give you or is it recommended to read the drivers handbook?
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old steel 10 speed
Do us all a favour and just read the book, nigger.
Reading or even skimming through should be a prerequisite to posting on a board. You're failing it, no doubt. Now fuck off.

What bike would /n/ recommend for a 240 lb ish rider looking to commute daily around 8 km to work and then back home again?
Pic (possibly) related
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Buy something with an actual warranty.
LHTs make for a good commuter. My 2005 frame has been suffering under my 115kg for years without complaint. For 16km a day though, you could really get away with many solutions.
Let us dispel this fiction, this poster knows exactly what he is doing. He is systematically fucking up new bikers by implying people unironically recommend Surly.

Surly is garbage.

Rigid 90's MTB with slicks, 8km is not terrible far and does not require a fancy bike to arrive

Also 26" wheels will work better for 240lb especially 36 spoke wheels

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I have this bike but without the down tube shifters.
Is it possible to turn this into an adventure bike?
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Any bike is an "adventure bike"
lol. adventure bike is definetly not a roadracer. or a citybike. its basicly the same shit as a cross/trekking bike.

Oh just slap some knobbies on it and ride it anywhere.

Question: how do you get a job working in a bike shop without previous experience working in a bike shop?
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Like any other job anywhere : ask everywhere and you start small.
Buy yourself a few trash bikes, completely strip them and then build them again. Then after 1 week you can work in a bike shop.

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Post google maps shots or non professional photos of your favorite local roads. I'm getting hyped for snowmelt.
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Not the curviest section but one of the best view spots.
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>tfw North Buckinghamshire
>tfw just generic rolling hills countryside

Nothing interesting to see really, generally pretty but quite samey. Hills are very steep and short but google maps doesn't do them justice.

Pic related was a fucking cunt.
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Woops, forgot to say that was looking down the hill, this is up part of it.
Wish the roads I cycle on were as nice as that, fucking potholes everywhere here.

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/o/tist here

If seems to me light aircraft are expensive as fuck, and haven't changed as much as cars have over the last 60 years.

If you were in charge of an air firm that built small aircraft like Cessnas and Pipers, what changes would you make to properly modernize the light aircraft and make it cost less than an arm and a leg?
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Most of that money is tied up in liability insurance, actually. Back in the days of yore pilots of limited moral fiber would injure themselves and sue the aircraft makers. It became such a problem Cessna had to shut down its production for a while, they were hemorrhaging funds into liability suits so much

This anon is correct.
It's become so bad that if you want a cutting edge airplane, you are forced to go the "experimental" route, which sounds sketchy to people unfamiliar with the industry.

Today's GA experimental aircraft are flying higher, faster, further, with lower fuel burns and higher useful load than anything being offered by the major manufacturers. They've got electronic ignition, fuel injection, tighter engines, slick instrumentation, some are all composite material,...
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All this being said, if I were a manufacturer, I would rip off everything Vans RV Aircraft and Burt Rutan's designs have brought to the table, with a pinch of the LSA market's new designs.

Think of what you could do with a production all composite RV10 style airplane with a Dynon and autopilot.

The Cirrus SR 22 came close, but with its old continental (yeah it's got FADEC but it's still an old design) and suuuper expensive avedyne, it's still not quite right. I dunno. Need more pilots.

So I somehow did this to my bike during a fit of rage

How fucked am I
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Wow! Not much you can do there buddy except maybe cut the frame and weld it together back again afterwards.
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Maybe cutting the chain could do the trick too.

I thought about it but I'd say no. Better to cut the frame and be on the safe side.

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Anyone have any .gif/.webms of trucks fucking shit up?
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I forget the name, but there is a whole site dedicated to this location.

Something like 13 ft. 11 in. .com
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couple of youtube classics too

What's the best airport design, in terms of runway spacing and directions?
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Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport

7 non intersecting runways is pretty awesome.
A diamond arraignment of 16,000 ft circles
Denver is definitely way up there in terms of runway layout.

I also like when the runways are parallel and separated by having the terminals between them, like LAX, Phoenix, etc.

I have a three piece crank set on my stadfiets (pic related) and it has a bit of wobble.

What do you think is causing this?

I took it to a bicycle shop and he said "it was broken inside", didn't explain further and quoted me 60 Euros for a fix. I laughed in this face and walked out the door.

Bought another second hand bike for 65 Euros but I still want to fix this one.

I think at worst it's needs a new set of bearing. What do you guys think?

And if you're wondering why I didn't take it apart already it's because...
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Good job not falling prey to that con artist. The only reason I could ever see that being a 65 Euro job is if you somehow managed to completely fuck your bottom bracket and the threads on your bike.

The first thing I do with problems like this is usually the same. Take it apart, examine everything, build a list of possible suspects, put every thing back together (and make sure everything is secure), test it again, then go through your list of suspects and try to think which is most likely to cause the problem.
By doing this, you find anything that's blatantly...
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Cool. Thanks for reassuring me. The bicycle shops around here are really eager to try to con anyone they see as a noob.

I'll get to fixing it when I can get a hold of my tools.
Yeah, bikes shops are like that in a lot of places. You'll see them get a lot of flack on this board. Generally people try to find one good shop in their area and stick to it.

If you don't already have one, pick up a bottom bracket tool. Which tool you need will depend on what kind of bottom bracket you have. The tool shouldn't cost you much. Completely replacing your BB should still be significantly cheaper even if you have to buy the tool and it will be handy later.

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United Airlines packing those coach passengers in.
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On their 777s? I don't think they're the only airline to do that.
A giant flying metal meat tube...the sausage of the skies!
how dare they try to run their business efficiently! The nerve of some companies.

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Does anyone know who makes a rack like this? I cant hang upside down or by seat b/c hurr durr hydraulic dropper. Cant hang by frame b/c wonky curved top tube. Rather not hook front wheel to ceiling but i might have to. Also post pics of your bike storage for inspiration.
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>visit >>>/diy/
>get help constructing what you want
That is an Ikea rack. What they did in the picture was simply to take out some of the bars in the middle to make it fit a bike wheel.

Clever idea and super cheap and easy to recreate as well.
File: grundtal.jpg (116 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related is what the rack looks like (only a different size).

As you can see you only unscrew the bars in the middle with allen key screws either side and you're done.

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What are the current presidential candidates policy positions on public transit?
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I remember trump making a speech about how embarrassing americas trains and airports are
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cat laugh.jpg
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I always remember what George Bush said when he was asked at a rally in 2000
>What will do for Public Transportation? I will improve the economy so you can buy a car and don't need to use public transit
Who gives a fuck? You can't trust anything that a single one of them says, so why bother listening to them in the first place?

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35 minutes, from plane arriving, to a train at the train station of Helsinki airport? Possible? With baggage collection? Without hold baggage? Possible?
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>A boy shouldn't run after a girl nor a train, for always there will be a next one.
It takes longer than that to drive directly, so no

Nah bro, that's the last one, gotta get it for a connection north ( the last train north ).


What? I'm not talking about Helsinki Train station, I'm talking about the Airport Train Station.

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