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MGTOW conveyance.jpg
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All you people talking about how" fast" a bike is, are fucking idiots.
There is not much difference in bikes except for weight.
Lance Armstrong on a huffy is going to be well faster than you are on a race bike.
Fast is about the rider not the bike.
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not true at all, the tires make the biggest difference.

A bike with 25 mm 4000s II at 110 psi is going to be lightyears different to a bike with 30 mm marathons at 70 mm

(how are my units?)

t. slow fuck
(they gave me cancer)

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Why didn't these ever become a huge thing? Especially for women and fat people?
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Because women want an upright position and fat people ride recumbents
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just get a conversion kit
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would be fun to tour with

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Hey /n/, I'm in my early thirties, only now learning to ride a bike. I've got the absolute basics more or less covered, i.e. I can ride on a 2 meter wide bike road, provided there are no people or other obstacles, no sudden turns, the weather is good, the road surface is well-kept, ...
Ideally I would like to eventually use my bike to commute to work, which means I need to continue improving, as I wouldn't be able to benefit from most of those nice circumstances I just mentioned.
Do you have any tips or online resources that would help me build those skills?

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>too much to read for a one-sentence question
Find local bike clubs in your area that do group rides, hopefully they have a beginners group, hook up with them, ride with them, be humble and take direction from experienced riders there to help. Or find a local cycling coach that gives skills clinics/classes and go do that. This is not a read-a-book thing this is a do-it-more thing if you want to improve.
I know practice is paramount, and just reading books won't get me there, but written/video explanations can still be useful, and so can outlines of drills/exercises for students, or descriptions of "you need to be able to do these things to ride in traffic safely". All those things could help me get more results from my twice-a-week practice sessions.
It's not easy to google for that kind of stuff as you get a lot of results for advanced tricks that don't really apply to me. One of the few...
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>*tighter turns
Its best not to corner too aggressively unless you are certain of the road conditions.

Sand, gravel, mud, wet wood, wet metal can all make your front tire slip out and cause a crash.

Those smooth manhole covers without any holes look innocent enough but can be crazy slippery, so I avoid going over them while cornering. Even going over an individual pebble while corning hard can make the front tire shift an inch as it rolls over. One wood bridge around here...
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It's a warm summer afternoon.
You are going to bike into town to chase girls and drink beer.
What bike will you ride and what will you wear?

Bike fashion thread.
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I understand most people on /n/ now are hipster faggots from /fa/ but holy shit fuck off
its winter in the first world
I only have one bike. Pic related with mudguards and bar ends (and new tyres because the ones that came with it were unbelievably shit).

post freds

bonus points for team jerseys
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How do you call this type of wheel and why should anybody use them?
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or this type of wheel?
lmao, these guys love the high priced aerodynamic gear.

They say its 80% diet 20% training

Disc wheel

> heavier
> more aero
> crosswinds make it too dangerous to use in front

Mostly for track, time trial, triathlon, or sweet fixin

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>this will never exist

Why does the real world have to suck so much?
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Because that is a fucking retarded concept, technically unfeasible and not worth the cost for a variety of reasons.
>Why does the real world have to suck so much?
Because you touch yourself at night and make the baby Jesus cry.
>mfw with global warming that's probably how we're all going to end up living
imagine a rogue wave broadsiding that plate-glass facade

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ITT: 650B is the new 27.5" See, if you put "fattie" tires on your 26" you can get all the benefits of 27.5"'s increased circumference but with bigger contact patch, better ride quality, mountain goat climbing, and "slack" geometry. Not to mention you can have a confidence-inspiring 1X drivetrain. BUY BUY BUY! Or, just put big tires on your 90's rigid and spend the rest on weed.
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Surely you mean 26+ is the new 27.5"
Ignore the circlejerk and ride your damn bike
Holy shit, it's actually called 26+?!?! As the late, great Jimmy Traficant used to say "BEAM ME UP!"

Has the industry gone full oroboros yet? When will quill headsets be providing laterally stiff yet vertically compliant road feelz?

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is there any info on a new season?
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Yes, there won't be one.
3rd season confirmed last October. No start date announced yet.
I'm hoping it comes out either in Fall '16, or in the same season the Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club adaptation airs - having two competing bicycle anime airing in the same season would be intense.

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I just fixed up my bike, can anyone recommend a good bell, helmet and other worthwhile things?
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Why do you want a bell? Drivers don't hear bells.
But bells are fun

good argument, anon

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Ok so today on this board I saw the term "adventure bike" .
I am not even sure what that means and for some reason I need one.
Can you guys help define this bike for me?
What makes and adventure bike?
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A bike built for adventures
File: ticycles_gravel-5.jpg (278 KB, 1400x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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After selling people cross bikes, the industry decided to give them larger tire clearance and accessory attachment points and call them adventure bikes.

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what's the current project in your city?

Lille, renovation of the linea 1 (métro)
Before : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96zialgSxk0

After : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVmrPgTSIhg

(Linea 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCQxGJnx_-8)
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Trying to fix the Greensborough railway after someone hijacked a train and derailed 4 of its carriages at the siding
File: CTim5H1XIAECOfq.jpg (59 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only absolutely brilliant projects.
Like installing Traffic Lights where it makes no sense and causing traffic jams. Building an insanely huge roundabout in a simple branch. Make the main road narrow for no reason. Forcing all heavy traffic to go through that bumpy old side road where I live. Build an awful bike lane which suddenly ends at the most dangerous curve. And force bikers who are stupid enough to use it to cross the road there.
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Renovating Newcastle Central metro station in a scheme that will close it from 8PM Sunday to Thursday until mid to late 2016 and will cost £6m.

To make it look the same but with new panels and a new board

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>still not watching the Prague service tram live stream

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I love watching train rides.
What kind of tram is that? MoW?

And thanks for the link.
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Tatra T3 with adjusted cabin and open deck. It serves for greasing the inner sides of tracks in curves, because after the new Škoda 15T's were delivered it was soon discovered they make terrible screeching noises in curves.

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Ultegra groupset.jpg
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Is there a difference between a 2011 and a 2016 Ultegra groupset?
If yes, how significant is that difference?
I have a 2014 Specialized Allez with a Claris groupset and I want to swap it for a 2011 Scott bike with an Ultegra groupset.
I'll give my bike + $$$ difference.
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Yes, there's a ton of difference. Why wouldn't you spend that cash buying a modern groupset for the bike you have instead? Tiagra 4700 would be an upgrade over Ultegra 6700 in a couple of ways. Mainly the sane cable pull ratio.
Ultegra 6700 (and DA 7900) was garbage. You'd be getting a downgrade, if anything. Shimano fucked a lot of things up with their first attempt at aero cable routing. They fixed their shit with 9000/6800/5800.

Just upgrade your Allez to 105 5800. You can get the groupset for around $400, and decent 11sp wheels like Campy Zondas for $300 or so. It'll feel like a whole new bike.
Hey there, thanks for your reply.
I don't think my bike is good enough to invest on upgrades. I got it brand new for $700. I would have to give at least $400 to get a new groupset.

File: mens-cycling-gloves.jpg (16 KB, 350x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are some good quality cycling gloves? Thinking about picking up a pair because my hands are getting a bit of a blister bump from riding so much.
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My GF just got me some absurdly good Fox Reflex Gel full finger gloves. Also got a fingerless Bontrager ones. I HIGHLY recommend getting them at a LBS or somewhere you can try them onn. There's a lot of difference between sizes among different brands, and tha padding on some may be uncomfortable for you. Try several on, and be sure to test them grabbing some handlebars, because you might find them comfortable upong putting them on, but not as good while you're grabbing the bars.
I like Giro LTZ II. Very minimalist gloves.
File: 661-401.jpg (72 KB, 350x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 350x300
Sixsixone 401 gloves

I never found gloves with padding to be comfy so I keep it really simple.

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