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Would there be any useful reasons for someone who bikes around town a lot but isn't touring or /fit/ focused to get a duotrap sensor?
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You might find it useful to have a cadence sensor (to train yourself to pedal higher cadences) and a basic cycle computer that displays speed and distance, but there's no real advantage to using Trek's Duotrap stuff over any other kind of cycle computer.
>cadence sensor

Hmm, I probably do have really shitty cadence control. Far too long spent with terrible heavy rattletrap secondhand bikes with 6 speeds at most
>cadence control
If only I had a picture of Shadow the Hedgehog on a bicycle.

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IIRC there was some recumbent guy who absolutely btfo everyone so it was banned. But suppose you could cross a handcycle with a bicycle and somehow utilize your arm strength too, could you participate in UCI races? Is there any way you can hack around the UCI rules?
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the UCI is a tool of bike companies how, who don't want to have to change their products much.
If the UCI wanted to be totally fair with competition, each year they would designate the exact bike setup that everyone had to use: what tires, what tubes, what frame, what fork, what seat, what handlebars, ect, every little part specified exactly,,,, but that wouldn't go well with the normal bike companies who sponsor teams now, would it? And without the organized teams the media rights value would plunge.


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you could have a hydrolic handicycle handlebar for front wheel drive with rear wheel drive with pedals
wait, you don't even need hydrolic, it's in line with front wheel so you could just have a straight chain line

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Ive bought my first "expensive bike" which im more caring about than my car. what should i do to keep it rollin? Except only oiling the chain ofc. Also is it okay to wash it by dumping some water on it or will it rust?
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I spray mine off at the car wash and then hand dry it with a towel. The biggest thing to keep rust away is not to leave it out in the weather and clean it if you get road salts or other debris on it. Lube the chain from time to time and check it overall for loose parts... bikes can last a long time with minimal maintenance and lack of abuse
If you have an expensive bike, nothing will rust other than your drivetrain.
ah okay ty

What is the metro station with the longest name in your city?

pic related -- the longest name in the Seoul Metro system
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Currently it is "Scarborough Centre". When the Subway extension to Vaughan opens it will be "Vaughan Metropolitan Centre".
Can the Scarborough Subway extension retardation be stopped, or is it too late already?
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They should of stuck with Vaughan Centre, adding "Metropolitan" makes it pretentious.

Furthermore, the bus station will be partially named after the SmartCentre there; SmartREIT Bus Terminal.

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Trek 7.2 Red frnt-733x550.jpg
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bought a Trek FX 7.2 for commuting and tooling around on, decent entry level bike or did I play myself?
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Should have gotten something with hydraulic discs
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It's fine, but /n/ is going to jump down your throat for the following reasons:
>trek raped my mother
>flat bar therefore faggot casual
>alexrims therefore faggot casual
>people should never buy new bikes, you should build it yourself using parts found on craigslist, using only rubber bands and tissue paper as tools or you are an LBS shill
>it has multiple gears therefore it's impractical fred shit for racing...
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Best use is for casuals on under half an hour rides. Long term, aside from basic commuting equipment, you shouldn't look to upgrade that. Your next bike should be more specialized in whatever you like.

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newfag here, i live far away from any metro city so i don't know anything about /n/ stuff

i came back from a visit in italy
there was this subway train in Rome which sounds like "AYYYYY LMAO" evrytime it starts or stops.

where does this noise come from? it is electric so it should be silent
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That noise in which you are hearing is "presumably" from the unit's traction motors, used by most rail vehicles of this era for propulsion.

Some are louder than others, and some are more "alien-like" than others.
rectifiers/frequency modifiers create audible vibration when converting 750 V DC to 3-phase AC needed by modern traction motors. As the frequency of the 3-phase motor has to be increased with the rotational speed, you get nice sounds such as here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ky7t6l0WcU
>it is electric so it should be silent

Said who?

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Sun is shining, the thermometer approaches zero from below, wind is below 10 m/s and snow is below 10 cm. I am getting getting spring feelings so a bike babes thread would be nice.

Here's one of my all-time faves, a mexican babe named Mayra Rocha:
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Thanks i will continue in that thread. Sun spring and babes here i come :D.
Kys faggot

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Hello /n/

What Dirt Bike has the longest fork tube?

I'm looking for a fork that is 33" inches in length and preferably less than 2" inches in diameter.
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This goes to /o/
First of all you don't measure fork length that way, it's measured from the centre of the axle to the lower crown bearing race seat (where the steerer tube joins the crown), called the axle to crown length. To then know if it'll fit your particular frame you need to know the headtube length and headset stack height, add them together and make sure the steerer tube is slightly longer than that.

Regarding your required dimensions, no bicycle fork is going to meet those except perhaps a Super Monster....
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You can't build a "rocket bike" you dumbass. your plans looked stupid anyways

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Will this fail?
>stations spaced every 1-3km
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Depends on perspective. As a general answer, no, because it's part of a grand plan. The grand plan is to sell off the Sydney rail network in parts by way of "fake" privatisation where the infrastructure burden remains with the government but operation is given away on a diamond studded platter. In other terms, the public bears the cost while the operator pockets the $ and lines those of politicians (see: Metro Melbourne for a working example. MTR is slated to take this line. Somehow they are fucking amazing in Hong Kong but suck here, probably because they actually...
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NSW INC: Working for corrupt fucking developers.
This probably summed it up much more succinctly than my wall of text. Every council and the state government is corrupt to the end. Salim mehajer and gary goodman are just sketch comedies when pitched next to what casinomike is playing

Without directing me to google, what are some good front bike lights to look out for? I want something bright enough to ride at night with.
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go to google

and then fuck off faggot
god i love you people

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Anyone have one of those action cameras attached when you're out biking? Im looking to buy a Sony as200v since it looks much better than the gopro hero 4 according to comparison videos. The only downside is its shape. It will do fine mounted on the handlebars or post. But say, if I do any other sports/touring and I want a more stable chest or head mount, it's gonna look ridiculous with the camera sticking out like the chestburster. So Im stuck with which to get. Not to mention the gopro costs a lot more
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i have the as30v. fantastic little camera. the OIS when recording is fantastic. Just get it, it doesn't look bad mounted on the chest.
Do you find that it gets in the way, if you lean too close on your bike?
Are you planning on filming every near miss and putting it on youtube like a twat?

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Pic Unrelated.

Who here has a bike they love riding but value too much to lock up in case it is stolen?

I have my good bike, and an old Mountain Bike. Would it be recommended to set up my MTB for commuting/transport purposes and keep my good bike for the weekends?
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No, you should have a third, dedicated anti-theft grocerygetter/beater
What would be easier?
>Theft-proofing my Road bike
> Adapting my MTB for Commuter duties

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E Class Melbourne.jpg
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Post news, pictures, videos of trams or light rail.

>Pic is a Flexity Swift E-class in Melbourne, Australia.
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Charleroi (Pre-)Metro, Belgium.

LRV by La Brugeoise et Nivelles at Soleilmont Station.
File: charleroi-map-metro.png (300 KB, 2321x2640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The original plan of the Charleroi Metro was a very ambitious plan, it consisted of 8 branches joined together by a loop in the downtown. Funds ran out during construction, and today only 3 branches (and 4 lines) are in service. A fourth branch (Ch√Ętelet) was partially built in the 1980s but it was never used.

The image is a current map, with the original plan on the top-right hand corner.
Forgot the original plan.

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Crossrail 2 has been given the go ahead by the National Infrastructure Commission.
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What the fuck is Euston St Pancras?
This is actually great. I like how to the east it essentially emulates the Victoria line, then branches off at Northumberland Park to go to Cheshunt and beyond. A current dream for the Victoria line is services which stop at Northumberland Park somehow, well this solves it completely.

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Revival Edition:
old thread >> Dead

. Congratz San FrAnon on making it.
. RIP Seth's irritable bowel syndrome
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Legit climbing stats.

Zwift bullshit
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