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Let's have a good discussion about the "great streetcar conspiracy" or the "great streetcar myth" or whatever you call it.
I'll start with this http://marketurbanism.com/2010/09/23/the-great-american-streetcar-myth/
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tl;dr - there was no conspiracy, streetcars are gone because your grandparents didn't want to pay new taxes to move, modernize and maintain the networks.

Cities like Chicago and Pittsburgh bustituted without any interference from GM or National City Lines.

The Red Car itself was abandoned by the Los Angeles MTA (municipal owner) while the Yellow Car largely survived ownership by NCL until it too was abandoned by the MTA in 1963.
>market urbanism
Of all the sources that debunked the myth you picked some neolib rag. Good going OP.
it was just there to start a conversation, thank you for joining the thread

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citibike nyc.jpg
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What are your thoughts on public bicycle programs?
Have you used them before?
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Heavy as fuck but kinda cool to use as an option when people are in town and you want to drink and not park.
People on those things do the craziest shit. It's usually some dumb bitch with a purse dog hanging from one handlebar and her helmet hanging from the other, trying to text and do her nails at the same time while riding the wrong way on a one-way street and swerving all over the place.

The only thing I like about them is that they serve as a traffic calming tool to keep the cagers under control.
Used them when I spent 3 months in Paris, promptly decided they were awesome.

Why? Because I come from a city where cycling is thought of as a low-speed, family-friendly leisure activity that takes place in congested parks on weekends, and all cycling 'infrastructure' and policy was designed with that in mind.

As a vaguely interesting aside, a friend of mine is friends with the sort of highly-educated folk that run policy thinktanks here. Their big idea for getting people to adopt bicycle commuting?...
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which is better? i heard many good stuff about the 105er, hating on the sora but nothing really on ultegra, which one is better and why?
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Respectable entry-level race-ready groupset. Best bang for your buck, and more then what most people will ever need.

Stiffer, lighter, quieter then 105, but more expensive. If you have the extra cash, spend it here.

>Dura Ace
Another substantial jump in price. Even stiffer, lighter, quieter then the others. Unless you're a pro or have money to burn, it's really not worth it.

105 and XT -- reliable for people who want to drop some $$$ on something nice

Sora -- practical choice for anyone who does less than 4 hours a week imho

Ultegra, Dura Ace --- if you're not riding competitively you are wasting your money

The amount of gramz shaved between 105 and Ultegra is a highly questionable argument if you haven't already shaved grams off the rest of the bike
Ah thank you, because i only had a sora bike yet, how is that one?

When will we have ended cyclophobia?!
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Why do they hate us so much? :'(

Because we inconvenience them slightly when they have to over take us? Because they are fat and unfit and jealous of us? Because we remind them how pathetic they are for needing a two ton cage for short commutes?
You can imagine the uneducated, overweight baby boomer writing that and thinking he's literally the most hilarious guy on the planet who's just 'saying what everyone else is thinking'
I know internet comment sections aren't a good guide to anything but on the guardian (which usually seems pretty pro cycling?) people supported it a lot.

I mean, it's the hotel's loss really.

>he rides every day but hasn't developed strong leg and butt muscles
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You're not going to trick me into posting my butt, Mr. Homopepe
I ride every day but not hard enough.
>He doesn't lift weights to get the typical cyclist body

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I ride a crappy, fixed-gear Torker. It's my commuter.

I mounted brakes like so: right-front, left-rear

I prefer this, so I can brake with the dominant brake while signaling.

How are your brakes mounted, /n/? Why?
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>electrical tape

People actually defend BOBism.
My front brake (no rear) is mounted on my right hand barend, flipped so the lever is forward. Similar to what is in the pic only on more of a forward bullhorn type of setup instead of a swept back style

my bike is not a fixie
That's not a Torker. That's not my ride. That's not what this thread is about.

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3rd fucking try. I work at the GE locomotive plant in Ft Worth. Anyone interested?
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Forgot to say, pic is my view chilling on break
clearly taken with a shaken potato

File: super-highway-traffic.jpg (2 MB, 2850x1891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm sitting in traffic on a two-lane highway
>it's about to merge into one lane
>everyone politely waiting in right lane
>asshole comes flying through the left lane
>I inch out into the middle of both lanes so that he can't pass the line of people waiting
>he slows down but goes to the left intending to go around me
>I pull directly out into...
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You are at fault.
Whether or not ypu are 100% at fault isn't up to me, but you made an illegal lane change by not yielding to the driver that was already in that lane.
Wrong. You don't yield to things behind you.

Guy who rammed OP is at fault all the way. He could see what was happening and has brakes + steering wheel.
The general rule in a rear-end is that the driver of the car behind is always at fault, as they didn't stop in time. That means they were either not paying attention and failed to break, or travelling too fast to stop in time. In this particular instance the latter would seem to apply.

On the flipside, you were a dickhead.

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Cst zeppelins are shit
Avoid at all cost

Even go schwalbe if you want a "baloon tire"

File: Airship general.png (1 MB, 1193x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Airship general.png
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~~~~~~~~~ Airship ge/n/eral ~~~~~~~~~

Important links:


Thread video's

Pedal Powered BlimpBike

Top 10 Largest Airships

Observation balloons, balloon busters, Guys jumping out of blimps with parachutes.

~~~~~~ Airship Ge/n/eral ~~~~~
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haha butts
That´s a big ship, but they haven´t attached the cabin yet.

File: IMG-20160423-WA0004.jpg (140 KB, 1120x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cargo shorts
>no brakes
>no shirt
>slammed stem
>skeezy cable lock
>that saddle position
>schrader valves
if I ever needed drugs I'd ask a guy like you
>brakeless fixie
>no foot retention

Does a bike really get "old" if all you do with it is walk it down the street to the nearest coffee shop?
Don't forget the stupid-ass top tube wrap.

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
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So for the summer I'm looking to build up baby's first (decent)roadu racu and I'm looking at groupsets.

I'm thinking of putting the new 4700 set on an older road frame and use it for commuting/light/medium/sanic riding but I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger or just keep my cock in my pants and save for 105.
Get SRAM Rival. Similar level to 105 but Shimano is shit.
Will you have an 11spd compatible wheelset?

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ITT: Post your favorite Sci Fi vehicle
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can it be this?
File: image.jpg (207 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying you would pick anything else
File: swordfish ii.gif (76 KB, 900x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
swordfish ii.gif
76 KB, 900x597
all-time favorite

File: vV4mtFs.gif (188 KB, 400x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Give it to me straight /n/, does weight matter aside from hills and acceleration/braking? It shouldn't matter for riding on flat ground, since you aren't trying to change speed or elevation, what matters then should be rolling resistance and aerodynamics. Why do people spend a lot to shave grams off bikes?
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Because it matters on hills and acceleration/braking.
A heavier rider at the same height generally means they're stronger (unless they're just fat) so the increased strength helps to offset the extra weight for climbing and accelerating, however if you're larger you could have more aerodynamic drag. Extra weight on a bike doesn't necessarily contribute anything (can sometimes be greater strength, better aerodynamics, or greater efficiency due to being stiffer) so dropping weight there may be better than dropping rider weight (unless they're fat).

In addition to climbing and accelerating less weight...
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Braking does affect how fast you go can on the downhills. The faster you can brake before a corner, the more time you spend at higher speed. Being heavier will also decrease your cornering limits somewhat, although you do have a higher top speed, all else being equal.

File: sickmodz.jpg (691 KB, 1836x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what does /n/ think of my modz? I bought 2 big ass Polish surplus bags off of ebay for ~$30 and clipped them together to use as panniers for groceries and shit. I used gardening mesh to keep the bags out of the wheels and chain. It works well, I just wish it looked better. I can haul a lot of weight now.

Share your mods
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Thats pretty damn cool, those things look fuckhuge. Maybe cut the extra mesh so it looks less jury rigged, but thats part of the charm.

Also, you either are a midget or you are destroying your knees. Sort out your saddle height m80.
I'm 6ft, what do
What this guy said. >>944215
Your seat is super low if you're 6ft. Full extension of your leg is desirable on the down stroke but it's whatever is comfy for you. Nice bike mane

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