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Has anyone here painted a bike with bed liner paint?
This color is called coppafeel and would look great on an older mtb frame I think.
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photo (2).jpg
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This one shows the texture
I've seen several bikes sprayed with bedliner, and they all looked horrible, plus the finish was rough enough that it would probably take skin off in the event of a crash. I would not spray a bike with bedliner unless it was a beater bike you were planning to abuse.
>painting your bike because it has a memename
>implying anyone can tell the name from looking at the paint

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>riding bicycle through town
>see car with four young males inside, Windows down
>one yells at me "fuck you!"
>yell back "faggot" !
>100% sure they heard me
>they drive away like little faggots

4 against 1 and they wimp out, was hoping theyd come back so I could destroy all four of them

How was your day?
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"4 against 1 and we scurry away, maybe we are faggots?"
Hey, I'm the guy who yelled at you from my buddies car today, you looked like a pretty bad ass mother fucker, I felt pretty safe in the car, after you called me faggot I broke down in tears and my three friends in the car consoled me and assured me that I wasn't a faggot and you just a mean bully.

I hope to never see you riding your bicycle again because it will trigger me and I will break down in tears
Pussy ass bitch, thought u were tough in your gay friends car, I bet all your friends thought u were a big fucking faggot when I called you a faggot and u started tearing up

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ride for freedom...
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Yes, we saw your hideous fucking bike in the other thread you made already.
>being this new
Your chain is rusted
Your front tyre needs air
Your saddle is positioned poorly
You've made it a fixed gear
You don't even have taped bars
Your lock can be cut in five seconds

In my country, we have the law that you can hear music with headphones etc, but you are not allowed to make it very loud so you can still hear the traffic etc. For some reason everyone thinks that you are not allowed to hear music on a bike at all, so it already happened twice that police stopped me because my headphones. What the heck, this is so fucking annoying. Anyone got similiar annoying misunderstandings ?
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I hate people who listen to music on bikes. No matter what. Speakers: dirtbag tier, just seriously what the fuck. Headphones: shit-for-brains tier, you're always completely unaware of your surroundings and doing something stupid. The cops were right, you should have been tazed for resisting arrest.
inb4 this thread turns into hurr you're unaware if you ride with earbuds vs. hurr you're a coward if you ride without
It really depends on where you are. I live in New Jersey, right next to Philadelphia and when I make my commute into the city, I would never wear headphones. But on the weekends if I make my way out into the pine barrens I'll rarely see a car, so I don't feel unsafe listening to some music.

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>Boeing and Airbus can't get their shit together
>sukhoi starts taking shit over starting with the SSJ 130
More competition would be a godsend in this field.
>taking over anything
lol, they only survive on military contracts. try embraer.

Electrics > Diesels. Even when they're old and shitty they're still better than Diesels.

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They each have their field of application.


my autistic fixation > your autistic fixation

File: presta-valve[1].jpg (67 KB, 500x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Uh, /n//? How do I pump up a presta valve? I'm serious. I purchased a floor pump for my road bike and I am literally scared that I am going to bend/break the presta valve tip right off the first time I try to put the presta pump part on. It looks really, really delicate.

Am I supposed to unscrew it all the way to the top when pumping it? Just halfway?
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You need to unscrew the thing at the tip. Just give it a few turns. And make sure your pump is presta-compatible. Some pumps have one side for presta and another for schrader. Others you have to screw off the cap of the pump head and flip around some pieces inside.

1st off, do you know for a fact that your floor pump can be used with presta valves?
>Am I supposed to unscrew it all the way to the top when pumping it? Just halfway?
If by "all the way" you mean screw it til it comes off, you shouldn't be able to do that. It only screws a few rotations at most then you won't be able to turn it anymore. So just loosen it all the way til you can't turn it any more. Also, after unscrewing it, before putting the pump head on it, it's a good idea to tap the head of the valve stem with your finger. Sometimes...
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I live in a city that has had thousands of earthquakes over the last 5 or 6 years. many roads are newly paved, and smooth as fuck, while many are bumpy as shit like in the picture. many are just gravel due to ongoing and constant roadworks from repairing the road, and fibre-optic cable installment. I want a bike that can take advantage of the smooth roads, while being confident in riding over gravel. I also dont want my nuts burst from going over bumps with no give. Anyone have any suggestions.
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Leather saddle (brooks-type)
Staying the fuck out of the saddle for the worst bumps
I have 700x38 and sprung Brooks and the cobble stones in the old city still bothers me
File: swallow-ti-black-1.jpg (164 KB, 1447x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sprung brooks
When I say "brooks type" I mean something like pic related, if you're too fat for this, just get a full suspension mountain bike with big ass knobby tires, that's what all the fatties in my area ride.

Also notice the part about "stay out of the saddle", but, again, sprung brooks means you are fat, and if you are fat, go full sus with a suspension seatpost as well, because you are not strong enough to stay out of the saddle.

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tha fuck is that
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A GMC denali
but it has only two wheels
So does every other bicycle

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Ask someone who is gonna help an amateur team with liege bastogne liege (271 km, 4000+ m vertical climbing) anything.
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How amateur is your team? Do they use standardized equipment? How many burritos do you feed them post races?
What is your doping protocol?
What is your name, and what is the name of the team and of all of the riders you are helping?

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>tfw in 2 days Il be watching Tour of Croatia live finishing in my hometown

cant wait anons. what races have you watched IRL in your hometown anons?
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i watched yer mum race to the finish at the tour de my dick
File: extreme memeing.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
extreme memeing.webm
2 MB, 1280x720
wow nice post hahaha
File: tourtrump.jpg (273 KB, 998x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like to watch Velodrome racing. Most of the ones I go to I'm racing in though so I don't get too much time to watch..... Last year I got the flu from my coach before my racing started at one race I traveled to race in. So I got to sit in the stands and watch the racing instead of being in it, that was nice. And I'm sure I infected large numbers of fans.

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Does anyone here work in bicycle delivery or messaging? I am about to start working delivery at Jimmy John's, what should I expect?
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>what should I expect
To be treated like a sandwich jockey who doesn't get any tips

exactly this>>947122

I worked there for a few months at the beginning of last semester and the employees/managers were total shit, and because the food was so cheap, you hardly get any good tips. The best part was being alone on the bike rides, but damn, is that worth it?
You get more tips if you aren't sweaty and don't look like a slob. Both are extremely unappetizing.

Lets talk about how beautiful and powerful the Class 60 is


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>public transit
nothing 'beautiful' about any of it
truly an autist amongst autists
>He thinks the 60 is a passenger locomotive!


File: sidecar-up-down.jpg (308 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been thinking of doing some bike related projects for awhile now.
My commute takes my by a thrift store that occasionally has bulky items, but they won't hold anything. I was thinking that something like the pic would be really useful for moving bulkier/larger items without a huge penalty when not in use.
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I've also been thinking about a cargo trike project, as the Bakfiets I made ended up handling like big, slow, ass. Or possibly a long bike.
Also, barring high speed use, ground clearance, etc. Is there an issue with using smaller (say 20" or smaller) wheels instead of 26" for a project?
those will be nice to sweep kids off their feet

>lets pay buy a bicycle for 3 grand, ride it for 20 miles and sell it for half the price.

Jesus Christ how do people like these exist?

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Bikes have shit resale value. I posted my bike up for sale at 70% and got no replies.
>be 45ish recently divorced woman
>good settlement from ex-husband
>get lonely
>see sexy cyclists and want to go meet them
>buy a bike and realize it takes effort
>fuck it, I'll just meet guys on tinder
>oh shit I could use a few bucks now that my looks are gone and nobody supports my lazy ass
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Prime example of why I tell people to never get a new bike when first getting into cycling.

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