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Can somebody explain to me why the fuck manufacturers put these quck release fuckers to every single part they can found? Can we help out our fellow thieves even more? Are people nowadays really that lazy and dump that they cant use any tools?

Its pain in the ass to lock everything together or mod your perfectly fine new bike just because of that.
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Because you shouldn't be locking up a garbon bike outside.
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Because axle nuts are the sux
Because it makes it quicker and easier to remove you wheels in the event of a flat or when transporting the bike. If you don't like it locking skewers are cheap and take just a few minutes to fit, and most people that like those already have a set from previous bikes and simply transfer them over when they get a new bike or wheels.

If you complain about that you probably also get pissed that bikes only come with shitty pedals (which definitely need replacing if you ride clipless) and that the fit needs to be adjusted by you or at a shop..

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All-City Cyles are just for hipster faggots. Prove me wrong, /n/.
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I've never heard of them so they must be
But you're not wrong.

They're upscale Surlys, for the yuppie urban hipster, rather than affecting an image of raw crude ruggedness like Surly, the All-City image is authentic, but niche and tasteful.

You can think of Surly as PBR, and All-City as a more common craft beer. Except the rlation between the two companies is more like Bud and Blue Moon.

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Trying here before /adv/

How did you learn about everything and anything regarding bicycles?

What is the best way to increase my knowledge on bicycle mechanics (youtube channels, books, DIY projects all welcome)?

I just started a job at a bicycle shop. I'm doing mostly sales & merchandising while shadowing the mechanics.

The shop is small, but full of goods, and the mechanics have over 60 years' combined [professional] experience (there are only 4 mechanics).

While I understand 'mastery' of any sort is life-long, I want...
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I hate to break this to you, but mechanics are just born that way.
Okay, and if I'm picking it up quickly? Sources & suggestions, anon...that's what I'm asking for.
Kill yourself and hope you reincarnate as a real bike mechanic? When they say life-long they mean from birth till death. You can't just pick it up half way through your life.

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Were these in any way a good idea? By the standards of the time, at least? And what about now?
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>seat angle
what clown shit is this
The mass-produced models may have been of dubious advantage to the riders they were sold to, but the Y-foil shape does offer some aerodynamic advantage.

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Can I ride?
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dog bike.jpg
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dog on subway.jpg
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Does /n/ have respectable legs?
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Subliminal bulge thread? Subliminal bulge thread
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What does these two paragraphs mean? do they mean 'core' when they say turbojet? 20,000 lbs? im so confused.

AT NEARLY 13 feet in diameter, the GE9X is the largest jet engine ever built. It is wider than the fuselage of a Boeing 737. Or, as the publicists at General Electric put it, if Kobe sat on Shaq’s shoulders, the two of them could easily walk through it.

Like we said. It is a really big engine.

The 20,000-pound turbojet that GE is testing at its proving ground in Ohio draws air faster, at greater volume, and with superior efficiency...
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A decent modern turboFAN pusts out 80,000. the best 100k. why would there be and article about a 20,000 lb engine. also it says turboJET, which is only used where fuel economy is not an issue.

Dunno m8.
Maybe they missed a decimal and it's supposed to be 200,000?

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best bike.png
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Best bike
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where do i put my bottle ?
They cant even cut the cable housing to the proper lenghth
There's no downtube you faggot

Not on the downtube

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How often should I put air in my trek 7.2 FX hybrid tires?

Once a week? Every two weeks?

I'm an overweight dude and I know it's important for fat asses to have max air in their tires
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Just check it every ride.
>Riding around on half-flat tires
>Don't even notice until you go around a corner, a tire rolls off the rim, and you find your ass on the pavement
Don't be That Guy. All bike tires lose some pressure over time. Correct your air pressure before every ride.

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If you're riding your bike in the street and a late teens-mid 20s guy, girl, or group in a car yells this at you, what do you do
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I fuck back to >>>/b/
Implying you can hear more than one word of anything yelled from a passing car.
Ignore them.

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How do you bunny hop for fucks sake. no i don't have fucking clipless ez mode pedals

i can't fucking do it, the rear wheel keeps slamming in the log, which sends me cartwheeling right over the handlebars
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maybe you and me arent strong enough yet

tldr learn to manual on your rear wheel, then learn to manual on your front wheel, then learn to manual on neither.

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What is a decent source (if any) for learning about various [bicycle] components and how they compare?

What makes a good component good? Non-machine-made? Material (and which)?

I'm completely new to understanding what makes something quality vs shit when it comes to bicycles.

>inb4 feed me
I am willing to read, I just need a general direction.
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alright, alright

I'll just still to the Holy Source...nothing produced within the last 8 years compares though?
OP I don't know of any single resource that answers all of those questions, but one page I really like is the Disraeli Gears site, which is all about (mostly older) rear derailers. If you read through it from start to finish with all the commentary you'll have a very good start on understanding a lot of what separates a good RD from a bad one including tidbits on materials and manufacturing, and most of those principles apply to other components.

For other stuff, I don't know what else to recommend beyond google and reading everything you can find. There's...
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Where I am living, we have law to forbid adults to ride bicycles on sidewalk, but you are allowed to use mobile phone, for example to do the navigation or entertainment. For some reason ignorant police thinks that I should be bored while riding to work, even though it is two hours away! It happened twice now that the police stopped me for watching videos on my tablet. I don't even hit people and I am very careful!

Anyone else get angry at uninformed police?
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wait, what?
>Be OP
>Be forbidden from riding on sidewalk
>Be allowed to use mobile devices while riding
>Illegally riding on sidewalk, while watching youtube on tablet
>Riding 2 hours to work (wtf)
>Stopped by Polizie
>Polices are ignorant!
>>Riding 2 hours to work (wtf)
What are you, some kind of filthy downtubing casual?

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The Belgian rider Femke van den Driessche has been banned for six years for using a hidden motor at the cyclo-cross world championships.

It is the International Cycling Union’s first sanction using its rules on technological fraud.

Brian Cookson, the UCI president, called it “a major victory” to help “keep this form of cheating out of our sport”.

The UCI banned Van den Driessche until October 2021, stripped her of her European under-23 title and fined her 20,000 Swiss francs (£14,000).

The 19-year-old rider had said she would skip her disciplinary...
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I am shocked,
that Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle
are not selling this e-bike-motor kit
>blaming gender?
Are you pretending the top 20 places in the Tour de France weren't all using EPOs for at least a decade?

Gather, /n/erds and see the joy in alleycats.
ITT: Alleycat stories!!

Today, I did my first alleycat and I got Dead Fucking Last (13th). I'm still super fucking proud, though. I even got my DFL prize which was a ton of stickers that I'm going to put on a new bike.

At the very beginning a newbie slammed on his brakes right in front of me and I collided into him. I went down, fucked my hand and shoulder up.
>pic related

I think I was a little concussed because, all I could remember was where I was racing to get...
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OP here!
This is the manifest.
>pic related, of course.
And my bike that has taken me many places, been through many accidents, and has been a real trooper!

We used photos to prove we were at the checkpoints, so I had to use this.

>pic related, again
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744 KB, 1994x1432

Cool. I like the bike m8.

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