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old cross pic 3.jpg
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More like this?
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Now this is a vintage cycling photos thread.

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Basicly i cant always take the train to the next city(living in a village duh) but i need the tuition for math there.
So i want to use my bike for it, its 45 km, i already have done this a couple of times(obv. i do this only if the weather is okay).
But i always fear that on my way something could happen and i am screwed.
What should i take with me? Does it happen often that the chain breaks?
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Tire levers, spare tube, patch kit (in case more than one flat), pump, chain breaker, quick link (easier than pushing a pin back in), hex tool. Possibly also a small screwdriver if you have v-brakes and need to make an adjustment to make pads stop rubbing on one side.

Chains don't break often, usually when shifting under load.
Pretty much this. Spare tube, patch kit, a couple quicklinks and a chain tool, and a GOOD multitool. Don't get a cheap one that will fall apart, invest in a good quality, complete multitool.
Number one way to avoid popped tires: keep your tires pumped to the upper range of their psi at all tmes

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I bent the fork on my old Colnago.

Should I replace it with another Colnago fork, or will an aftermarket chrome fork do just as well? Is there a difference in quality, or is it just brand name?
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Go with a spork. It's the best of both.
A Colnago fork should dampen road vibration better than a no-name one, because of its thinner walls. In any case, you could just buy whatever other fork as long as it's made with decent tubing. Just don't let retrogrouches notice it.
That bike looks really nice, but that golden chain makes me puke.

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I thought it was a legal requirement that all mainline trains except Steam trains needed Yellow fronts in the UK, however in all the pictures I have seen of Crossrail trains, I've seen none with Yellow Fronts.

Is Crossrail not going to be mainline? Have the changed the law or something?
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Crossrail is using its own tracks for the whole line.

Somehow got a trial period for a part time job at a bike shop for sales and repair, it just kind of happened.

I have minor experience working on my bikes and a book on repair, I think it's easy to pick up.

Can you guys help me figure out the sales side of it? I just need to learn more about current brands on the market, both parts and bikes. I'm not too savvy on that aspect and I want to be product knowledgeable.
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Role play with your other sales staff:

Pretend you are every single customer archetype and ask questions as that person.

>What would a pro-racer want? What about a entry level racer?
>What about some guy who just wants to commute to work? The woman who wants to travel from city-to-city?
>What would you get someone with a hard budget of $500? $750?
>Why would I want a fatter tire instead...
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Here's all you have to know.
>Are you in reasonably good physical shape? Do you like going fast? Will you be riding 100% on pavement? Will you be riding off-road?
>If you answered yes to the first three, get an OTS.
>If you answered yes to the last one, get a rigid 90s MTB.
>If neither of the above applies, get a rigid 90s MTB and swap the knobbies for semislicks.
For the sales side, it is less about knowing the other brands on the market and more about becoming very familiar with what your shop carries. Most customers will not be "into" bikes at all and are not concerned about the component spec: they just want the right bike for how and where they ride. This is why the first interactions with a customer that is bike shopping is asking enough of the right questions to make sure you get as good of an idea of what type of riding they will be doing and which models of...
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Am I going to regret buying these?
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You're going to regret not using the catalog

According to my research, no. Their STIs are 7/10 good. Their rear derailleurs are Shimano tier.

You saved $50 over Sora and got Sora tier. Enjoy
Why didn't you buy the new ones?

File: dynasphere_demonstrated.jpg (108 KB, 640x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why the Dynasphere didn't caught on?

Also alternative design general.
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Because the car was better.
I can see that as a purty sweet mod for the upcoming WWI Battlefield

File: swim with baiku.webm (3 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
swim with baiku.webm
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I might not have a waifu to swim with but at least I have a baiku to swim with!
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>this kills the chain
Fair weather cyclist detected.
I wonder if I can discuss paddleboats here.

File: Bike2312312.jpg (773 KB, 1651x931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am looking to buy a XC bike...Probably full suspension, something that can be raced if I want to. I don't really know anything about mountain bikes since I just ride road bikes all the time. I am not looking for shit. Probably looking to buy something from craigslist. Not exactly sure how much money I want to spend. Planning on selling old race bike, probably will get about 2k for it plus might sell off some race wheels and an extra power meter I have so maybe around 3k? What should I be looking for in an XC bike. The specialized epics look nice. I think...
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>I am a cat 1 road racer by the way
As a navy SEAL, I completely understand your need for the best
I mean it's just to note that I have become accustomed to nice things on my bike and I don't really like stuff that doesn't work well. When you ride only DA for a long time it's hard to go back to something else.
Gonna need to see a timestamped license

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bdass boong.jpg
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>tfw going around in my bmx at high speeds on thin footpaths scaring the absolute shit out of pedestrians by swooping past them without ringing my bell

You should stop being a beta bell ringer and try this shit out. It's really fun, and the angry reactions from people are priceless. Like, it's so fun and hilarious that I'm thinking of buying a GoPro, filming my shenanigans, and uploading to YouTube.
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I do that but only when they're walking on the bike path (that'll teach them). Doing that on the foot path is completely retarded.

Also i like to hit the brakes hard when being behind them so they hear the screeching of my tires and they jump of surprise/fear. This is really pricelesse because they know they're are guilty and often move away and apologize.
I've scared the shit out of pedestrians WITH my bell.

I don't want a bell on my fixie because it ruins the aesthetic. Apparently i'm the worst kind of faggot.

A bell is legally mandated equipment where i live.
Yeah I've had so many people yell at me to use my bell. I try to stay off of shared pedestrian/bicycle paths these days but sometimes it's convenient to use them. Old people often gasp and have a heart attack because they are unfit fucks who haven't done any exercise since highschool.

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>not using disc brakes
are you a downtube?
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Forced meme is forced.
if you really want to force this meme why dont you take it to /b/
>he needs a disc brake on his rear wheel because he has weak, feminine hands
oh my god dude, i shiggy diggy...

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Sophie pasela.jpg
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eat shit
Your bike still looks like a piece of shit, peasant.

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Add a caption to this image.
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Police brutality
Schwalbe Professional bike tyres
fixiefag gets beaten

File: muh level boarding.jpg (229 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
muh level boarding.jpg
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What does /n/ think of this?

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Dump incoming

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Which city that you visited had the best public transit? Think reliability, affordability, aesthetics, number of different types (buses, trams/streetcars, subways), etc.
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Berlin, no contest.
>metro goes everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even outside city bounds easily everything is connected, and is cheap as hell (or rather, normal priced but cheap considering the excellent service)
>buses are always on perfect time and there's endless lines
>I've used taxis only twice but as far as I remember they were really fairly priced and FREE for women late at night in the weekend
>car sharing is everywhere

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>FREE for women late at night in the weekend

How the fuck can that be legal if its only for women?
I'd have to go with Zurich. Although it doesn't have a subway, the system is perfectly suited for the city's size.
>1st gen tram
>only 1 line was ever closed and replaced with trolleybus (they are considering converting back to trams tho)
>trams are frequent and always on time
>most important bus lines are trolleybuses
>most tram tracks have been marked as tram lanes and don't run in mixed traffic anymore
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