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I told the guy at the bike shop that my tires are 27x1 1/4 and this is what he sold me. Is this right, or do I need to go back? I don't understand why there are two dimensions in metric but three in imperial.
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They're right. The writing is a little confusing, but it's basically saying it'll fit either a
>700 tire with a width from 28 to 35 millimeters
and also will fit a
>27" tire with a width from 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inches
Hope that helps
Ok, I'll try it. I'm reading online about tire and tube sizing and everything's so complicated...
just make sure you put the tube in so it spins in the right direction

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Who do you think will get her /n/?

Who do you think deserves her?
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Who the fuck cares?
the guys deserve each other

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Where do you guys keep your bikes at home?

Backyard? In a garage? On the floor or on a rack on the wall? In your living room/bedroom?
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Garage. I used to hang mine on a wall in my old place though. When I still had a folder it lived in my car.
Tool shack.
I really shouldnt since the the power inverter batteries are there too.
Last time I move I made a point of finding a place where bike storage would be easy: I keep a few utility/commuting bikes in my garage; the purely recreational bikes get stored inside, lined up along a basement hallway.

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I know nothing about cycling, but has anyone ever crashed their bike in-front of someone to purposefully take them out with them in a race?
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There was a case where a team crashed on purpose to get a redo on a time trial
>anyone ever crashed their bike in-front of someone to purposefully take them out with them in a race
It sounds like a pretty dirty tactic that would get you b& if there was any evidence.

So Lance probably had his team do it once or twice.

I really haven't seen a thread about these. I'm more interested in gas bikes but electric ones can be cool too I guess. Open to mopeds(under 50cc) too.
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You haven't seen a thread about them because they're shitty and dangerous and inferior in every way to a small motorcycle scooter or moped, is why. If you must: >>>/o/ >>>/diy/
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If motoring on the MUP is what you want to do, or you have managed to score your third DUI, these might slip past the law for a while. Electrics are much more discrete and not getting busted again is the design goal. Otherwise a small real motorcycle is superior in every way.
>pic related: no good on the highway, fun and practical everywhere else
>>disks might be a good idea, and fucking lights

I wonder which Arab price will be first to order this.

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Not gonna lie, that shit would just weird me out, I can barely stand regular aircraft and would be more comfortable in a windowless tube.

Do you wear a bike helmet? Is it a law where you live?

Have you ever actually fallen off of your bike and hit your head?

I don't wear a helmet when I ride my bike. I'm confident that I'm not ever going to land head-first into asphalt.
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I've never used a helmet in my life. I don't see any point of using something that covers only top part of head. There is bigger risk of hands and legs traumas and nobody thinks about protecting them. Of course wounds in those places will heal more quickly than head so I don't criticize those who wear it, it's just my personal thought.

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I have a 1974 Evinrude 40hp model #40455S . They don't make many impellers for this motor anymore; and the ones who have rape you on prices. Does anyone know of a motor that may have an impeller of the same size
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Not familiar at all with that model, but with older motors like that you're usually better off buying then cannibalizing parts. That's what I do with older 2strokes at least.
agreed, just try to find a older motor, evinrudes were pretty popular back then and you can find plenty of boats just sitting in driveways rotting that will probably have the part you need. just look around and make offers because having a parts motor is usually a good idea.

For a lot of the two-stroke motors, you can actually get old milsurp pretty easy. A lot of the time they'll be in pretty good condition too.

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I like the safety/suicide/extension levers on my '80s bike, but they are a little chintzy and mushy feeling. Any (preferably non-aero) "modern" or good retro solutions that allow braking from all bar positions?
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Cross levers
Tektro RL720+Aero levers
>braking from all bar positions
This is the biggest weakness of racers.

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Boy that is one narrow bike path
No better than being on the sidewalk the way it opens you to being right hooked.
People get right hooked on that bike path everyday. :(
Well, yeah, it's in the middle of a big city, in a third world country. People throw a tantrum when even small bike paths are built.

Rim tape thread

What experiences do you have with rim tape?
my experiences so far
>Red(simson brand)
Fast,absorbs road buzz better,susceptible to overheating
>Blue Schwalbe
Easy to fit,stays cool even under contonious braking,cornering takes a hit due to rotational velodensity.
>blue kenda
makes a rattling noise when accelerating,stays cool just like the blue schwalbe,has the tendency to turn to a gelatinous subtance when in contact with nutella,causing a possible...
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>using rim tape
tub/tubeless FAGGOT
>not using veloplugs

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Does this frame look like it's 54cm?
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What is the best all around and cost effective road tire? I've been using thickslicks and they are shit and have shit rolling resistance. I want to finally pony up and get some nice tires. I read the conti 4000 iis are the go to but they are fuck all expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives with great rolling resistance?

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Any of you guys fucked around with doing tricks?

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YFerY6hFxo

I've seen some videos of people doing flatland bmx style tricks on fixie bikes, and honestly it looks fun.
While the whole fixed gear freestyle thing looked naff as fuck, jumping of small ass ledges and that, the flatland style stuff looks like a lot of fun.

And as a 22 year old I feel I'm too old to start messing around on a bmx, at least on a nice fixie i will look a bit more normal fucking around on the flat ground.
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It's called bicycle ballet.

Whilst I really like bicycle ballet (one of the few things where fixies make sense) and flatland BMX it's not transportation if you're not going any where. Maybe go to /asp/, might fit in better there.
>notice the signs

They are mega into it, especially the chicks. My girlfriend used to do this shit all the time alone or with others.

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So, I'm gonna be flying my bike from Europe to Canada using Air Transat on Friday. Anyone have experience with them? I'm too scared to go to a bike store and ask for a box (plus my french is p. bad) so I just taped some pipe insulation everywhere and took off the pedals, turned the handlebars.

Air Transat provides an oversized bag, and I'm curious if anyone has done this? I mean, I doubt damage will happen, plus it's not a fancy bike but yea.
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This is dumb and you are dumb. Your bike is going to get broken to shit. The airline may not even accept that without massive extra fees, due to it being very oversize. Most airlines have exceptions for bike boxes under certain dimensions, but with the wheels on, you're way over.

Go find a bike store, ask them for a cardboard box. They should have a tone of frame boxes they're throwing out and will be happy to give you one.

Last year:
>go to local bike store
>they tell me I can pick a frame box...
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>be me
>completely disassemble bike:
>take off the handlebars (leave shifters & brakes levers mounted)
>pull the stem
>pull the fork
>pull the cranks
>take off the pedals
>take off the seat and post
>take off the wheels
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Worth $2250?
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no disc brakes?
disc brakes = shit . banned from tour de france. obv. its shit then, no?
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