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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General


If you want help picking out a bicycle, post in >>>/n/bbg , not here.
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Why are men such bad bicycle mechanics?
Are extralite chainrings stiff? I'd get fiberlyte but not worth $270 to me
Is this your first attempt at bait?

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Airplane livery thread! Good liveries, bad liveries, JUST liveries!
Post them all and be sure to discuss them! Feel free to let your autism flow.

Starting the thread off with a good one.
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So I decided to pull the trigger on a folder bike to get around town a little more easily. Pic related, Schwinn Loop.

I opted out of going stupid expensive, figuring that if I break this cheaper one then I can go get a better one.

The plan for upgrades is MKS FD-7 folding aluminum pedals, Cloud 9 Saddle because I've heard the stock seat is utter shit, and some better wheels/tires.

Any advice on the wheels/tires? The wheels just need to be semi-decent 20's that aren't in that goofy star pattern and will distribute the load a bit more evenly....
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Interesting logic. Why not buy the thing you want straight from the start, rather than invest money into something lack luster that will either break, or have poor resale value- thus wasting that money + the money you'll spend on the thing you actually want?

You're also planning to polish a turd which = more money. Not to be a dick...just genuinely curious. Perhaps your best bet is to find the frame you like, then build it with the parts you want. It may be cheaper that way also. After all, eGay is saturated...
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>Perhaps your best bet is to find the frame you like, then build it with the parts you want
the only way to go about it
instead of buying a full bike to salvage the frame just buy the frame
and don't buy anything hoping it would break so you can get it replaced, it's plain stupid and an awful waste of money you could just save towards your goal bike
I use the philosophy with bikes that I use with tools, which means that you buy cheap and use it until it breaks. If it serves it's purpose and doesn't break, then you didn't need a more expensive tool.

As far as the polishing idea -- even with me investing some money in additional parts, it'll still be a 250 dollar bike. I can live with that.

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Hey guys what do you think of PureFix bikes?
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They're shit. Their customer service is shit, and they're sold through LBS which are also shit.
Fixies are so 6 years ago.
I've heard they're surprisingly light for high tensile steel.

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Hey Angelenos,

Are you excited for the second half of the Expo line to open? I know I am!
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midland metro.jpg
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Not LA but I know that feel, m8. pic related
so down for 12-20min headways and short trains
It opened today but honestly I just use the expo line to go downtown desu

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>he rides his bike on the sidewalk
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There are no hard and fast rules about what is best.
The real problem you have with people riding on the sidewalk comes from people riding on the sidewalk exactly as if they were on the road, and not considering the extra/different problems with the sidewalk. (Even if this 'problems' come down to 'cagers cannot be bothered to look')

So, so long as you're aware of the dangers; ride a bit slower, make sure no one is going to turn into you, all that, watch for driveways getting backed out of, or sped into, it CAN be safer to take the sidewalk...
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>He rides his bike in the middle of the road

People get killed by drivers while riding bike in my country, I will stick to the sidewalk.

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F14 Sunset.jpg
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Plane Thread?

My folder is kill, and I only have mil birds. I need anything civilian you guys got. I'll start out with some mil though.
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CV22 Marines.jpg
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File: Alexandra-Cheney.jpg (45 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Basically, "what if niggers come to Santa Monica because of the Expo Line extension?"
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Do you want them in your neighborhood?
I live in a relatively wealthy community just a ways south of a rust belt ghetto. We've had commuter train service to both towns for 160 years.

This is quite literally nothing more than a rightard meme, if there have been any incidents, they are astronomically insignificant.
Ghetto niggers just get a cab to take them to whatever Walmart they're gonna try and steal from, before they move on to take shit from your porch.
Fucking Camden.

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21-05-16_1354 cropped.jpg
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Animal Bingo: Post pic of the strangest animal you've come across on a ride. Took this pic today.
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Red eared sliders are cool.

I always love seeing roadrunners.
isn't my photo, but
>parked right on top of one by accident
> bit my tire about 5 inches from my leg
>flip out and bail the bike
>snake now claims my bike
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eh what?

Took this photo during a ride a few years ago, there was a second cub running around that I couldn't get in the frame.

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This guy is selling a Panasonic Sport LX for 95$ Great condition. Pic related, its the bike. No rust. Not worth the 95? Tell me please
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bikes depend on where you live and what the market is

here in montreal lugged shit can easily sell for 300$ I just sold a POS ss "conversion" for 180$
I live in Maine, US.
Approximately fair price.

Could go as low as $20 or as high as $100 or so depending mostly on the market.

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What happened to flying boats?

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They're no longer needed. Their whole reason for existing was because back then, most airports were small, so the only way for large aircraft to be feasible was to use VTOL (which back then meant airships) or use the ocean as a runway. Longer runways were built all over during WWII to support heavy bombers, after the war they were used for commercial traffic. Not to mention that jet engines provided much faster acceleration, so it was possible to shorten the required runway length for aircraft of a given size.
Dat guy spinning the #1 prop.
>jet engines provided much faster acceleration
No. Jets had terrible initial acceleration, and are still quite inferior to props for STOL.

Looking to buy a trike (need to get around / have no balance), looking to spend under $500. Need help since I know nothing. Will probably replace the basket with a cooler, replace the handle bars, and seat, and buy a small trailer. Don't know how to assemble shit so will have to goto a bike shop for that. Also interested in electric wheels, solar panels, and small speaker system / working lights.

I'm lost as fuck.
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Paging Dr. Bacon...
Did you just never learn to balance a bike or do you have a medical condition?

I know you can get add ons to turn a regular bicycle into a trike, might be a cheaper option. Regarding electric assistance it'd have to be the front wheel unless someone makes a trike specific hub motor.
Not sure to be honest. Can't balance anything. Bike, skates, ice skates, Rollerblades, skateboard.

I loved skateboards as a kid/teen, loved watching it on TV, loved tonyhawk pro skater, but just couldn't stay on more than a minute. So I just accept something is mentally wrong.

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I'm a fat ass white boy and I biked 40 miles today in about 3 hrs while taking nice long water breaks

How many miles did you skinny boys ride today?
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only 19. I got 2 flats and only had one tube with me so I had a pal pick me up. It sucked but it happens.
Lol just suck it up and walk the bike home dude

Jesus christ
fucking lol. i sucked your moms vag juice up you vapid faggot.

i had to get to work anyway

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peugeot equipe.jpg
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I need a bike for 1 month only so I found a used road bike for £79 from a bicycle shop. It looks a bit run down but they said it's fully serviced and ready to ride and I rode it around for 5 minutes before buying it and it seemed fine.

2 days later and my front tire is out of air. I took it apart and whilst doing so found out the tire is cracked in some parts and the tube has already been patched up once.

I'm not a bike expert so I'm clueless about this: Is there a good chance that I had the tube punctured because the tires are very thin and the...
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As long as your tires are inflated to the proper pressure, riding over cracks or potholes shouldn't cause punctures. You were most likely running too low PSI and got a pinch-flat. Of course the cracked tire walls probably had something to do with it too. Get new tires and tubes.
Also you can patch tubes multiple times with no problems.
File: rim_strip.jpg (120 KB, 740x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get new tires and tubes

Before this, analyze where the punctures are happening:
If they are in the "sides" of the tube,look in the side which went punctured and look if there is a single puncture or are more than one, symmetrically located from the centerline of the side of tube. Single: cracked tirewalls/rimwalls or bad procedure at mounting. Two symmetrically: that means you are using them with low presure and in bad shaped surfaces.
If the puncture is in the side...
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if the tire is rotted i'd take it back and they will prob give you another used one.

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Sup /n/,

I just bought one of these for my bike and im waiting for it in the mail. Anyone here have any experience with these engines? Any reccomendations for mods or whatever or ways to improve it? I just wannt m/o/torized bike.
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no you're a fag
go to /diy/
get a scooter
those things are a death trap
you wasted your money
What the fuck? Go electric faggot.

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