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Guise. /n/ is first up in the new banners contest. This is our week. What do you say?
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This goes above my MSPAINT skills, but an angry Fred with a backward aero helmet on a single speed bike getting angry over a kid sitting in a supermarket trolley (cage). Of course in an Chinese animu art style.
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Aight, so what points need to be covered?

Blimp Train?
A cyclist getting hit?
Sheldon Brown?

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What is the actual difference between a $15 bike tire and a $60 one?

>In b4 price hurrdurr
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bead material
wanker factor

Durable, light, cheap; pick two.

Of all the parts on the bike(for road cycling at least, dunno about MTB), the tires will probably make the biggest difference in comfort, with appreciable gains in performance as well.
Durable, light/comfy/low rolling resistance, cheap pick two you mean.

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I am torn between choosing a used cyclocross for about 500$ CAD + road wheels or a brand new CAAD12 in 105. I want to ride it daily and it will mostly be on pavement but with some occasional gravel/trail. Any suggestions for a good used aluminum cyclocross bike? CAAD12 worth the full price?
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What's your local craigslist/other used bike market?
I live in Montreal. I use Kijiji but Craigslist is fine too
and what frame size do you run?

Hi /n/
I have no experience with bike customizing.
I am sorry if this belongs in another thread.
I recently got a bike from my uncle. It is a late 80s mountain bike, awesome color, awesome shaped frame. Really cool looking. I want to convert it to something more suited for city riding (streets, trails, etc.) like a "hybrid."

Is this even possible to do?
I'm assuming it would need more street appropriate tires, maybe even rims?
Different cranks/cassettes/shifters?

Hard mode: How do i change the wheels to something...
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That's a great thing to do. A high quality old rigid mtb makes an excellent commuter. You have a lot of options. The most important stuff to do is servicing it.

Post some pictures of it.

If the wheels have life left in them, don't change them, just service them. Get new slick tires, and either bolt on skewers, or locking skewers, like pitlock. That's cheap and easy to do. Alternately you can just lock your wheels when you lock your bike.
also adding fenders, lights and racks
Thanks for the advice.
I'll post pictures tomorrow when I have the time.

What about the cranks? Part of the reason i want to convert is beacuse the SS I currently ride I'd like to have more pedal efficiency on top-speed long straight aways (trails) while still being able to gear down for stop/starts and the climbs on/off the trail. Plus this frame is way way cool.

Here's a pic of practically the same thing I have.

Is anyone elses youtube feed getting bombarded by this cycling maven guys stuff?

How do these youtube vloggers do this shit

they make impossibly narcissistic vlogs of boring stuff showing off how great they are and somehow get gorrilion views?

Theres some dude named Casey Nestat that has one that has like 9 million subscribers and his vlogs are like him covering some sunglasses in whiteout and then scratching the white out off the sunglasses and theres 3 million views on that shit?! VLog of him complaining about a bathtub in a $3k dollar a night hotel??

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Use a different browser for YouTube than for Gmail, problem solved
Yes I'm being heavily bombarded by this guy's stuff

Despite the click-baity and repetitive video titles and the narcissistic/compulsive manner to film everything he does, I think that it's a pretty interesting vlog, specially for someone who lives in a 3rd world shithole. It's kinda absorbing to watch how cool and fresh is the cycling community in Australia, in the other hand he has a great lifestyle in my opinion
Durian Rider is someone with serious social problems who neglects to accept criticism by calling everyone a hater.

He is right about certaing topics. He knows what he is talking and has perfect mastery of the given subject, but then he gets so cocky, arrogant and even annoying that is impossible to stand all the statements that he does.

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Thinking of offering this dude $80 for this bike just to have for cruising around. Any opinions/objections? https://macon.craigslist.org/bik/5665746441.html
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I'd buy it for that price.

You need to do a full overhaul for it, meaning opening and possibly replacing the major bearings, maybe a new rear casette, so expect some extra expenses and work above that. Even so, still reasonable.
And when I said rear casette, I meant that the freewheel may be so worn out it is skipping at heavy pedaling or something.

That thing most likely wont have a casette.

Not English native.
So you mean like, more than the cost of the bike, DIY cultist-kun

You forgot to mention that if you're not a MGTOW you probably don't have a BB tool, a cassette tool, a chain breaker, a collection of cone wrenches, a pencil magnet, degreaser, shop rags, two different kinds of lubricants, and a shop stand

Oh and enough parts to replace the ones you broke learning how to fix the ones that needed replacement

Or, take it to a reputable bike shop and spend $150 on an overhaul

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11 speeds
>gears are too close
>chain is too stretch
>back is too wide

I'm proposing a constitutional ban on having more than 10 gears on your rear cog. Nobody NEEDS more than 10 gears.
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It's the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs.
You also don't need;
>indexed shifting,or gears for that matter
>Freewheeling cogs
>anything other than rod or spoon brakes
>pneumatic tires
>anything other than steel westwood rims

I found an 80s 10speed department store bike. Has a womeme frame and I was thinking of converting it to a fixie. Maybe give it a new paint job. I have no need for this bike and when I found it there was no chain on it. So... Should I? I never really see women's frames on converted fixies.
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Go for it, this project caught your interest so do it. Post back the progress and then finished fixie - it might be really good or really bad but until its done we will never know.
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Sure, whatever. Step-through frame fixie conversions are nothing extraordinary. I guess you don't see too many of them because there's hardly any step-through frames with decent tubing out there.
what is she doing to that bike

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picking a bike with a 'Cheaper' Groupset

what should i expect?

I wanted 105/Ultegra but i might have to settle with Tiagra because of my price point

Anyone have any experience with this problem let me know

pic unrelated
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Tiagra is gud
Claris is bad
New Sora is gud
Old Sora is bad
There's nothing wrong with the newest tiagra. Looks and works just as good as older 105.
I've got Sora front and rear derailleur, with friction St shifters, and they work just as well as I'd expect anything to work. I won't have them on this bike forever, I'm definitely upgrading to 105 or something else before the end of the Summer, but I have had 0 problems with the mechs themselves, they're just as smooth and reliable as I'd expect them to be, and they work pretty well with friction shifters.
Though, my roommate has some meh-tier "Gravity" cx bike with Sora sti levers, and they just feel kinda janky or cheap to me, compared...
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I opened up this Flight Simulator App on my phone and put a flightplan from LAX to MNL. Holy s*** this takes forever, it's like a 13 hour flight. I am glad this plane carries a ton of fuel. Has anyone ever flew across the Pacific both in real life and or in the simulator just for fun?

Pic related: Plane I am "flying"
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After 8 hours of "flying", my plane is still in the middle of the Pacific with no land mass in sight. Since the map does not buffer, I have no idea how far I am from any countries. I have 26 QT left in the tank i have no idea what that means. This airbus is awesome.
holy ****, i dont think im gonna make it. Not sure if I should go to Japan or wing it to my original destination lol.
Holy shit, I am far frickin away form shore, doing a layover in Hawaii.... lol

last coords were

30° 0' 14.16" N 143° 9' 54.12" E

which was hella frickin far from Japan or the Philippines, Thank God for Hawaii popping out of nowhere.

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12s casette.jpg
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when will this meme end?
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When SRAM can manufacture a front derailleur worth a damn.

Seriously though I hoped shit would stagnate after 11 speed.
2x8 compact crankset wide range cassette master race
Please stop.

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Picture 032.jpg
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Post Tall Bikes ITT
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File: Offroad quad.jpg (91 KB, 576x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Offroad quad.jpg
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File: tallbike.jpg (131 KB, 634x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>buy bike cpmputer
>too stupid to install it myself
>will probably have to take it to a bike shop who will charge more than the computer cost to install it

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What's the problem? Can't route the wires correctly? Can't get the sensor and magnet close enough to each other?

I fucking hate dealing with the finicky ass things
I have a cateye and what drove me nuts was the engrish instructions that gave confusing and slightly wrong directions

It took me about 40 minutes of fucking around before I figured out the exact sequence of press-and-hold, double-press, and taps to set it up.

Needless to say I found it entirely by accident, so when the battery dies it's going to be another wasted 40 minutes

The sensors were the easy part, other than breaking the first set of zip ties trying to get it to fit at just the right...
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What I'm having a problem with is actually setting it up. I don't understand where to attach the sensor to, or where to put the wire when it's down on the fork, like do I put it over the top of the brake mechanism?

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Question from a bikefag for the trainlore-keepers here.

Did public transport get more expensive in the last couple of decades? Even accounting for inflation?
I take Greyhound a lot, and assuming you don't buy your tickets fairly far-out, it just doesn't seem to be as cheap as it used to be.

In 2011, I was making $7.25 an hour, and had to take a train ride roughly 4 1/2 miles that cost me $3.20 for a round trip, three times a week. (No car, wouldn't bike through ghetto) Does that sound reasonable? Almost ten bucks a week for a tri-weekly loop?
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In Portland we've had fare hikes to $2.50 a ride over the past few years, and it's partly because TriMet is on the hook for pensions that include full health care, and partly because they pay upper management too much and their projects are ridiculous boondoggles, like a small 7.3 mile expansion to light rail that cost over $1.5 billion.
The Metro prices have literally doubled in 10 years where I live.
I live on the other end of the world but I can relate to this guy.

Public transport here is not competitive, gets subsidies from state and thus doesnt really strive fro efficiency and profitability. Cities dont really allow private companies to run their lines so its a communist nightmare. The state resisted private country-wide train companies to enter the market as well until it finally gave in. Now they had to close several lines because they couldnt compete.

So I'm getting a little bit of play in my post between the carbon sleeve tube and the saddle mount. It's super annoying while riding. There's no way of tightening it that I can tell. Must I shitcan it and buy a new one?
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Is the shaft actually carbon or is metal with a sticker or something on it. If it is carbon I would be pretty nervous about the play wearing the shaft as it rocks or moves.

Maybe you can epoxy the parts together?
Theres about an inch of metal inside the carbon at the top of the tube. I guess thats what makes it a "composite" carbon post.
Carbon fibre itself is a composite material.

The only way to fix it would be to remove the metal part and epoxy it back in. Does it rattle about or does it just flex? If it's rattling then the bond is completely gone and it's only being held in by interference so it should be easy to pull out.

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