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ITT: convincing fake transit systems
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this is of my interests

In 2005, media IT student Christian Bode developed this fake subway system for Bremen as a Bachelor project, including a corporate design study and a website with line maps, fare information, a working trip planner, tourist information and company history.

The (german language) website can be found in the internet archive
The current site is somewhat unmaintained, broken and misses a lot of the fake information.
Sounds like my dream uni project. Too bad my region is already too far along with the transitway corridor planning.

Reminds me of the student who proposed converting Atlanta's beltline into a cool transportation corridor.

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700c 20mm

just got a very nice vitnage road bike with 20mm tires.? whats you ex with them? I used to ride 30mm 650b, for commute and is quite comfy, 20mm on 7-8bars are another animal, are 25 or 28 significantly comfier?
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I'd expect 20mm tires on a TT bike, never a road bike. 25mm is good, put those on it.
28 commute
23 race
25 race*

Also: you can't /thread yourself, you dip.

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General


If you want help picking out a bicycle, post in >>>/n/bbg , not here.

Old thread(s):
>>958581 <-- shit OP
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I have some noise coming from my rear derailleur, it's easy to notice when I back pedal.

It seems to be at the same point of the chain every time.

I'm pretty certain it's the chain?

I had my chain stuck in my fd and pulled it out hard. Bent my fd but was able to bend it back (this actually happened twice over a few months desu) . I think chain age plus getting stuck in the fd damaged the chain? But I'm not totally sure. Do I sound right in my reasoning? I've only done 1200km but he bike is second Hand, I don't know how many...
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Front Derailleur. Friction vs Trigger: which one is better? Trigger because it works on set movements or friction because muh audible feedback when you're not centering the FD? I personally have never tried trigger but I know I hate friction, because it's "guesstimating" shit.
Stop backpedaling. It's incredibly easy to check if you have a kinked chain. You just watch the chain go over the jockeys until you find the one that doesn't sit right. Then you loosen it.

Then don't use friction. Or you could properly set your stops, and use modern ramped and pinned chainrings, and then they really won't seem all that different if you're running a double.

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Pic related happened to me yesterday, why was the road cyclist such a dick and why didn't he slow down? Why does he think that because he goes fast he has priority? I'm a regular cyclist myself (normal clothing, normal bike.) but damn, roadcyclists tend to be dicks here.
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>riding on the right-hand side

Pram is what brits call baby carriages.

Also, prams are big and cause blindspots, so it often seems okay to pass until its too late, although I would have moved towards the center earlier. Yelling and cursing is a reflex if you end up trying to squeeze between two people. There's no way you can brake in time once you start your pass.
I won't say you did anything wrong, because you didn't, however if I was in your situation I would have been courteous and moved onto the grass for a moment, it was a predictable situation. Also I hope he had a bell, bells are great.

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my baikus.jpg
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ITT: Post a group picture of all of your baikus. It can be a single group photo or individual photos shooped together.

Pic related, my baikus.
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Pics are too blurry to make out id any bike is equipped with Schwalbe professional bike tires
None of my bicycles is currently equipped with Schwalbe tires. However, I did have two Schwalbe Marathon Mondials. One of them got a large puncture from a shard of glass (large enough to cause pinch flats even after removing the glass) so I'm down to one, but I will be acquiring a replacement soon. Those will be my winter tires for my Muirwoods (top right).
By the way, it is my understanding that Schwalbe used to use animal-derived stearic acid in their tires but switched to synthetic stearic acid a few years...
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Couldn't you just post in the PYBT?

is it practicable to only remove your rear derailleur and to keep the front one with for example three chainrings? I've been searching for a while now but havent found any infos about it.
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It's completely retarded, that's why. You'll get much more range and usefulness out of a single ring up front and a rear cog.
How will you tension the chain without rear derailleur ?
arrr fuck my mind, CASSETTE.

I propose a new model of public transportation.

The squat train.

In order to preserve space, we will now have vertical compartments within each carriage. These compartments will have small areas that people lay down in and there will be a small pillow and mattress for comfort.

Pic related, except comfier. We'll market it to locomotive manufacturers in India and they will build a few in some densely urbanised areas. We'll make millions. Who's with me?
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But nobody's squatting

Also didn't Lufthansa come up with a similar concept some time ago?
>vertical compartments [...] that people lay down in
Will they bring us up into the roof and force us to jog in place?

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I test drove a few bikes today, and one of them was fucking beast, so I decided I want to buy it. These are the specs:

Frame: Hardtail 29, AL6061-T4/T6
Size: 40/44/48/52/56 cm
Fork: RST Blaze-29-ML, 100 mm, Mechanical Lock Out, Preload Adjust
Rear shock
Front derailleur: Shimano Altus, FD-M370
Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus, RD-M370-SGS
Shifter: Shimano Altus, SL-M370
Bottom bracket: Shimano BB-UN26
Crank set Shimano FC-M371, 44-32-22T, <=44 cm 170 mm, else 175 mm
Cassette sprocket Shimano CS-HG30, 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34T (27sp)
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Oh and don't ask for local craigslist, no such shit around here.

It's a perfectly average entry-level pseudo-MTB. Everything on it is bottom-of-the-line, but at least it has hydraulic brakes. Price matches the spec but is nothing special.

See if they'll swap the stem to a 60mm at cost.
>I decided I want to buy it
Good for you. What is purpose of this thread?

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anyone in Los angles taken the new expo line yet? Share experiences
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What is that, a light rail for ants?
>giant sprawling cities
>no public transit infrastructure
>at all
>what if we put in a single short lightrail route in the downtown?
>Most people wont be anywhere near it, it will be too short to be of any service, carry few people, have expensive infrastructure, and operate every ~30 minutes
It's great! Super packed anywhere west of culver city but that adds to the experience somehow. Looking forward to the regional connector between the Expo and the Gold Line.

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Does anybody else like to flip off cars stuck in peak hour traffic as they ride their bike back home from work? It always provides a good laugh to see those gas paying cucks stuck there in 5 o'clock traffic as I speed away home on my cheap BMX, giving them the finger.
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>cheap BMX
>that file name
salami aleykum my brother

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available soon.png
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/n/ Jersey Gen 1.1

The webstore will tentatively be open either June 1-5 or June 8-12 depending on when Podiumwear is ready to go. Make sure to keep checking back so you don't miss the order period. I will email the webstore's URL to the email list when it is open, and post a link here.
We will have male and female gold, silver, and bronze jerseys available, as well as caps.
International shipping will be available.
We will receive the jerseys sometime between late June and mid July (maybe longer for anons outside of the United States).

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>yfw drinking bepsi
>yfw eating mcshit
What is the point of the email list btw?
Don't know if I should be added to that or not

C'mon guys, lets get a Fighter Aircraft Thread up.
I start, F-4 Phantom II
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Another one, taking off from USS Frankling D. Roosevelt (CV-42)
Stop then land or land and then stop ?
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atlantic conveyer.jpg
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Talking to myself edition

Racing tomorrow guys// 50+ in the 3/4 field, hopefully I'm a factor in it, but it's been 20 months and 2 knee surgeries (2 months into training yay) since my last race. THe 1-2-3 field has 50+ in it too, will be my first 1-2-3 race ever thogh.

Anywon else training? RACING?

>Nice speeds, keep me updated with any recent power files, leg pictures, strava KOMs, I want to see how Nimble, Fast, and Aero you can get.

P.s there has got to be someone from Indiana here :))) come race
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whats your typical avg speed when you practice?

also how fast do i have to be for people to stop telling me to 'git gud'?
>whats your typical avg speed when you practice?
slow as piss

>also how fast do i have to be for people to stop telling me to 'git gud'?
fast as piss
Racing my first track bike crit tomorrow, never done racing before, how do I avoid killing myself?

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You guys probably hate these kinds of threads, but I'll ask anyway. I'm trying to identify this Ibis tandem. Anyone know what it is or what a good purchase price would be?
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bout tree fiddy
looks like a ibis tandem, possibly mid 90's.

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I wrote off my Camry
I lived without a car for a year.
I was looking forward to a totally car free life.
I pedalled for socialism. I pedalled for effective, safe transport for all socio-economic classes. I pedalled for the planet. Fuck GM. Fuck Saudi Aramco.

I loved it. I was fully capable of doing everything from my work commute to grocery runs on the bike. Then I went through some light mental health trouble. My therapist and I focussed on my lacking social life a lot. Eventually both him and my parents started insisting that I needed a car to have a good social...
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Move to /o/
More like B/o/urgeois. Amirite, comrade?
Buy a Travant

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