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>the more you bike the higher your chances of being hit and killed by a car become
>this will eventually become 100%
>there is no escape /n/iggers, this is the life we chose
>please be swift and painless
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>this will eventually become 100%
Uh, NO, that's wrong, just like automobile accident statistics, the chance of getting in an accident goes up over time, but you're not guaranteed of getting killed. Your bicycle 'accident' may be as simple falling off the bike and skinning a knee. Nice way to spread FUD though, asshole.
you should tell that to them
>>this will eventually become 100%

that's not how statistics work

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Thoughts on Cube racing bikes, in particular carbon frame series?

Any good or avoid?
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I believe they are quite decent low budget racebikes.
O-ok s-s-senpai
They're gud

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General


If you want help picking out a bicycle, post in >>>/n/bbg , not here.

Jens :DD edition

Old thread(s):
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How much difference does a "Shadow" Rd make and should I spring extra dough to get it. First MTB. Plan to explore the local trail scene
Given that it's your first MTB I wouldn't worry about the derailer, having a clutch -type derailer helps deal with chain slack but it's not necessary unless you're a very aggressive rider (or when running a 1x drivetrain).
I've used the suicide levers on my commuter for 3 years now. I'm not dead yet?

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>coming home from work
>taking public transit because car broke down
>ride first bus to transportation center
>trying to ignore the fat, loud, poorly dressed, mentally challenged girl who bugs the drivers and seemingly hangs out here for fun all day
>obese, yet still physically-able person waiting for the same bus as me
>i wait at least 20 minutes, the other person possibly more
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>he fell for the public transit meme
Who are you quoting?
it's called limetyping, get with the memes kiddo

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Didn't see one anywhere so I'm starting another one, hope I didn't miss it in the catalog

Anyways, Post Your Bike Thread! Post em, roast em, rate em, and hate em

Just finished the last of many swaps on this one yesterday, new 175 mm crank arms (up from 170 mm) and 53t chainring (up from 48t)
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Getting new pedals soon. I don't have much faith in Crank Brothers anymore.

Also thinking about upgrading to campy brakes and maybe adding fenders. lol, Also ordered the Catch Up and Must go Hard water bottles so I have to pick up a new cage.
Your bike always looks so well put together/coordinated. Nice job, anon

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Let's get rid of the bike fag infestation. Imma post pics from work. Pic related - did a site visit to a station built in 1926 and they wanted to demolish the station and upgrade it. Look at that antique interlocks!
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Thermit welding bitches !
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Is it a train ? Is it a truck ? No ! It's a Unimog !
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Ballast sucks. Concrete rulez.

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I know there's a few of you who crosspost between both boards so I'll ask this to you guys: what happened? Why has posting been disabled for several days?
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Who knows. It's a mystery.
Probably yet another porn spam attack and nobody has the time to keep deleting it or implement a captcha.
Ham549 is in the process of buying the site.

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Milwaukee Road General
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>starts a Milwaukee Road thread without a Little Joe pic

Seriously OP?
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This image just sold for $125 on ebay.
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This one sold for $320

Do bike commuters usually just have easy, flat rides on city streets? Or are hills involved?

I was thinking about this in terms of like, if you bike to work and have a tough ride with hills or whatever, doesn't that add a lot of time to your commutes? Don't you get tired/sweaty before even getting into work, then having to start the day tired?

Or working all day then having to struggle up a hill back home before even eating dinner?
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There are hills in my commute. Believe it or not, 10 miles & ~45 minutes after I leave home in the morning I'm NOT entirely sapped of all my energy in any given day.

If I took a car to work I'd probably have to ride/run before leaving, just to set myself off on the right foot...

Being fat &/or out of shape must reeeally suck dick...
Are all bicyclists especially the ones on this board this condescending? No one wonder everyone hates you guys

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I see there are a lot of cyclists here so perhaps some of you can help me understand. I ride a motorcycle in NYC and I noticed that I get more shit from cyclists than cars. The traffic here usually sucks so I end up lanesplitting and maneuvering often. I never give cyclists any shit when they're in the street cause they're allowed to be there and are easy enough to get around, but today, the traffic was really bad on this street with narrow lanes so I used the bike lane for a couple blocks, I pass several cyclists without issue. But while I'm waiting at a light...
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Bicycle lanes are for non-motorized traffic.
In my state it's the law to give cyclists three feet.
bicycle lanes are for bicycles not motorcycles

you are wrong to be there

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I see much mention of hipsters in relation to certain elements of bike culture. Not just on here but in other parts of the internet and meat space as well.
What separates dirtbag sports aficionados / mechanics / delivery riders from hipsters?
They look really similar to me and I would like to be able to better differentiate between the groups.
The Facts
>All fixed gear rider aren't hipsters
>All hipsters don't ride fixed gear bikes
>Dirtbags and punks have tattoos...
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Simple quiz to tell if someone is a hipster or not:

Do you wear a cycling cap with no helmet?

Yes? - You are a hipster
No? - You are not a hipster
Thanks, that actually might be a good metric for me. I'll report back later.
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>1 week ago
>talking with a friend at his birthday
>He had a beard/moustache and everyone was joking that he got angry when his gf told him that he looked like a jew.
>He rides bikes so I told him ´´ I know the reason you don't want to shave, you live on a ´´cool neighborhood´´ you are a hipster and probably are planning to getting a peugeot fixie´´
>´´Hey, I have some stored frames, one of them a peugeot and...
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What went wrong? Was it the victim of a corporate conspiracy like the Milwaukee Road and the Rock Island?
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No. Are you stupid? It got sold off to the CSX and the NS because the Feds rightfully recognized that they weren't in the business of running railroads.
>muh competitive advantage
>It got sold off to the CSX and the NS because the Feds rightfully recognized that they weren't in the business of running railroads.


Do you believe everything your corporate masters tell you?

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Look, kid. I don't know who you are or what kind of riding you do, but I'm not one to back away from a challenge -- or from danger. You see those professional freeriders hucking backies off 30 foot cliffs on gravity rigs? Yeah, I'm one of those guys. Or the guys riding 100kph in a peloton only centimeters away from other riders, where the slightest mishap would send them flying onto the pavement -- or worse, off the cliff that the road is running alongside? Yeah, I'm one of those guys too. I'm a 3-time downhill world champion and a 5-time Tour De France...
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>Plz, be safe :)
>If NOT I hope your CHILDREN'S TEARS will water the NETTLES AND POISON IVY growing on your GRAVE >:O

Helmetfags. Pure compassion.

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My local bike shop said I didn't need a valve cap for my presta valve wheels. This is my first time using presta.

Do you not need a cap over them?
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>no we dont sell maga hats for your valve stems get lost meme kid
>Fund it.
Your LBS is right, OP:

The caps on a Presta valve are supplied to keep the tube from being punctured by the tip of the valve when rolled up tightly for shipping/sale. Unlike Schrader valves, which need an external dust cap, there's no need or benefit to using the plastic cap after installing a Presta valve on a wheel.

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The IC Death Star is objectively the GOAT railroad logo.

>Rail cross section serves and a fucking awesome symbol for the railroad
>Did I mention that the cross section also looks like the letter 'I', as it appears in 'Illinois'?
>That fucking circle made out of lines pleases my autism on so many levels

Anyway, post objectively inferior runner-ups ITT.
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That one is cool but I prefer their split rail logo 2bh. The way it spells out IC is pretty clever.
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/n/ underground
Too bad CN is basically scrubbing all references to the IC.

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