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St. Byrne of No Cages edition

Previous thread >>960483
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take a look at those hands
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Lowlife Flippers Snapping up All the Good Deals Edition
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hi i was directed here. i'm new and looking to get a bike, probably mostly for road. i live in western australia, if that matters.

i don't know very much about bikes in general but would like to get something decent. any pointers or things to avoid?

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Saddle thread?
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Your ass is shark bait yes
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It is time for a new general aviation thread.

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What do you guys wear when cycling?
I understand cycling clothes include lycra but I'm sure not everyone wears cycling clothes when riding.
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Regular clothes when commuting, loose-fit polyester jersey and cycling shorts when leisure riding
lycra bib, rip-stop baggies, literally any shirt, helmet, full-finger gloves, spd shoes, sun glasses, a backpack full of repair shit and granola, optional kneepads depending on which trails i'm riding.
lycra is comfortable

also anything you can also wear to ride pussy when finished = just fine

who am I kidding tho /n/ is 95% 140 lb manlets

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>Hey, I can do a 2-20 in 4-45. *siiiiip*

What did he mean by this?
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Fuck off /tv/
This is /co/ though...
maybe it's like doing the Kessel run in less than 5 parsecs.

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Why did freds allow this to happen?
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Freds don't set trends, they just follow them
Why are Underage B& NEETs allowed to shitpost?
Bump just for you

I plan to start riding my bike to and from work (only a 4.5 mile bike ride but it's an 800 foot rise in elevation for the final 2 miles, a somewhat difficult ride). The problem is I'm emaciated and being the summer where it will probably be in the 80s or even 90s (part of the reason, I want to bike in the sun) I will probably get even more emaciated with all the sweating and biking

How can I make this work /n/?
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I don't suppose you have a bus option where you can chairlift your bike back up the hill?
Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but the point is that I WANT to bike. I WANT to do the uphill bike ride, and feel as it gets (hopefully) easier each week until it's like nothing and improve my endurance. I WANT to bike in the sun and get a deep tan doing it.

I'm just worried about my emaciation getting worse doing it.
Start small, build yourself up.

If there are bus routes on the way, do half of the ride on the bike, then half bus up the hill.

Then of course you can just coast on your way back

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Despite the time that has passed since this great plane began to fly, it's still impressive to see him land and take off ..
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It was also an extremely misguided program, is essentially sliding into death. Emirates is the ONLY airline that expressed interest in buying a stretched/reengined version of it, but talks fell apart and there's pretty much no chance it'll happen now. Plus, used airframes are already hitting the secondary market, undercutting new orders.
Got to see one at DFW, it's YUUUUUGE. Hopefully I'll have an excuse to fly out to the middle east someday

An a380neo will come along someday, probably once they get their a350 designs finished and issues sorted out
No, it won't come along. It's now or never. They either make a neo now and get a bunch of orders (which won't happen since only Emirates wanted it and they broke off talks about it) or the production line finishes out current orders and shuts down. It's that simple.

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Tram Depot Edition.

Post news, pictures, videos of trams or light rail.

>Leslie Barns in Toronto, Ontario. Completed in 2015, it will house ~100 of the new streetcars.
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Here’s a massive dump of the trams in Île-de-France.

Map, including proposals.
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Tram Express Nord.jpg
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Tram Express Nord.

It is an east-west tram-train currently under construction, it will run from Gare du Bourget to Gare de Noisy-le-Sec. It is being constructed in two phases with phase 1 opening in 2017 and phase 2 opening in 2023. Phase 1 is the central portion of the line that runs from Gare d’Epinay-sur-Seine to Gare du Bourget, phase 2 consist of both the western and eastern portions (west to Gare de Sartrouville and east to Gare de Noisy-le-Sec).
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Tramway 1.jpg
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Opened in 1992, it runs from Asnières - Gennevilliers - Les Courtilles in the west to Gare de Noisy-le-Sec to the east.

The trams used on Line 1 are Alstom TFS-2s.

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I kinda want to go there. I was wondering many random things, like how they get along with snow, have they as many bicycles as in Kanto? With snow tires?
Trains are JR only or there are some private companies?
Or just wishing for any scenery dump.
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Just get a car
Hokkaido is the land of cars in Japan.
Other than JR Hokkaido, there's only the Sapporo Subway/Tram and the Hakodate Tram. When the Hokkaido Shinkansen opens on 3/28, services on the Esashi Line from Goryokaku to Kikonai will be operated by the Southern Hokkaido Railway Company because whenever a new Shinkansen line opens, the existing, parallel narrow-guage track is handed off to a newly formed 3rd sector company (only if the existing line will become unprofitable though).

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>working as a bike delivery guy
>get my CAAD12 i've been saving up for stolen on the job, this was about 2 weeks ago
>dont have another bike, can't afford one either, so I lose the job.
>I acquire a beaten up old road bike and get a job at a bike shop
>just today got rear ended at a red light and my back wheel is fucked

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honestly dude that sucks.. but really any bike delivery guy job is probably shit anyways and working at a bike shop isnt much better... the bike shop would probably toss you a new rear wheel though for cheap... maybe next time save up for a beater car and get a real job tht pays well.
This is why most delivery people ride cheap, simple, mediocre bikes.

But yeah, that sucks OP, hopefully now that you work at a bike shop you can take one of the old wheels hanging in the back of the shop, or one of your coworkers will have one that they're not using.
> riding your life savings on the job
You idiot
You deserve this

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What's the downside to one-piece cranks? I happen to love them. They aren't complicated and I don't need a fuckload of tools just to maintain them. They're also more reliable.

Why were they abandoned?
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I think I bent about 30 sets of 1 piece cranks before I finally went to 3 piece... then again those were my bmx days. Dont get me wrong they work just fine for many people but its old tech and new tech is probably lighter although it is harder to work on.
I'm not sure if the new tech is lighter because the design requires more mass, even when aluminum is used. What if they could make the one piece out of aluminum? The hard part would be making the threads tough enough, but other than that, it should work. The bearings already ride on steel pieces separate from the crank itself. One piece aluminum crank sounds the best to me.
Mostly the lack of compatibility with other pieces, in case you need to replace the BB/pedals/chainring


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Hey I was directed here from another thread. I'm looking for a cheap/entry level bike to start getting into crits and velo. I was directed to the Cordoba/aventon. How are they for bikes? Also I noticed their size chart is done by height(which I know is normally wrong) is it accurate? thanks.
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>crits and velo

I don't even know where to begin unpacking, so I'll just tell you you're an idiot and leave it at that.

If you even have a velodrome local, rent a bike there. If not, just fuck off entirely forever.
Who pissed in your cornflakes?

You did.

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I just over tightened my spokes and fucked the wheel up

Now I'm completely fucked, the wheel nuts the brakes on each turn

Do I have to give $30 to the bike shop jew for a true?

Why is trueing so hard?
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Wat do
>Do I have to give $30 to the bike shop jew for a true?
Only costs $20 at the shop I work at!
>Why is trueing so hard?
Because you're a faggot!
>Wat do
Post in >>>/n/bqg !
Just loosen them all and start over you faggot. Tighten them a little at a time, tighten each spoke a little then tighten each spoke a little more and get a spoke tension meter if you need to (if you suck too much to get it right without one)

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Redpill me on trainfags guys.

What is the cause of this condition?

Pic unrelated, Tiger I.
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The popular opinion will be 'extreme autism', and I'm not so sure that's wrong. Might just be 'extreme youth, and these guys have not discovered girls (REAL girls, that is, not anime girls) yet.

While we're on the subject, I don't get why anyone would get all misty-eyed over common public buses, either, but that happens on /n/ all the time.
My father likes trains, but he likes it just because mechanic reasons, he likes motors and big machines because he worked all his life in hidroelectric plants.I miself kinda like trains too, but for more aesthetic reasons, I like specially old stuff. Wen we visit some city and theres a train museum, that's almost the first place we visit.

As the anon said, autism can be a reason, my father and I are kinda autists.

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