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Why aren't wind powered ships more common? It's almost always windy on the ocean, why haven't more people had this idea?
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cheap slaves
good for rowing
bet you didnt even know that
Yeah, but what happens when the rowers try to unionize?
mine is wind powered

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Why do ships have names
Why do planes not have names
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Enola Gay instantly came to mind.
Nickname, not officially registered name.
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Where can I sell a pair of fake Oakleys in USA? I purchased from Aliexpress but got the wrong color.
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or just hold onto them for a garage sale or something
On the street like the scum you are

File: bnci_brava_09_z.jpg (128 KB, 1000x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's a 2009 Bianchi Brava for sale on CL in my area. They're asking $400 for it, though bluebook (http://www.bicyclebluebook.com/searchlistingdetail.aspx?id=17816) claims its only work ~$300 on the high end.

The seller will throw in a travel pump and Cateye computer if the buyer wants it...worth?
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Talk to me /n/ukkas.
Fine. I don't even care. Don't. Even care.

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I did look into this since I buy stuff from the UK.

But only dropped 10%. That's barely a sale. I mean that's huge if all your holdings are in GBP, but it's only so-so in terms of sale pricing. And prices might spike since the yen spiked a bit, meaning it will cost more for UK to restock as their currency is worth less, and they have to pay higher prices because the yen is worth more as well.
I'm on the fence about buying some Shimano RS81 C35 wheels.
every Canyon mtb on the island

What is the fastest a single speed bike can go? I only have a single speed and I hate seeing others whizz past me.
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bout 3 fiddy
88 mph

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lame mtb.jpg
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Why are 99.9% of mountain Bikers lame as fuck?

the 0.01% are free-roam downhill riders

everyone else just likes to ride light trails and buy more stupid shit for their bikes and take instagram shots

example of a fun ride....your avg MTB'er isn't doing this
pic related is lame
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It's like saying road cyclist are 99% lame for riding on the road.

The fuck you on?
at least 40 ish percent of those with road bikes actually do what they're built to do (ride on the road, quickly)

there are some lazy assholes on disc brake equipped bikes trying to average 14 mph on strava that are better suited on hybrids
post bike, faggot.

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Ok niggers, I just started riding my vitnage ultegra/shimano600 road bike.

what can I say Im in love, however the 40cm (deepdrop/traditional curve or whatever its called - its the standard on old steel race bikes) drop bar is very uncomfrtable on the hoods.

its not the reach, but the bend - even when Im on the drops I feel like my fingers are crushing each other and the hoods seem too low, what can you recommend it to have a better feel on both hoood and drops?
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File: Handlebar_Red.jpg (174 KB, 900x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pic rel is the position I want to be closer to, however I have DT shifters and not STI
Are you using those pointy break hoods? Those are quite uncomfortable, moreso with traditional bend drops. Consider getting something like the Tektro TRP RLL
>Are you using those pointy break hoods?

those are the ones, the position is as pic rel, its not the ergonomics of the hood that bother me its primarily how your hands get squished within the bends of the bar.

can I manipulete the position by rotating the bar and hoods or is a new bar needed?

How much longer before all his trolling catches up and someone decides to snipe him clean off his TCR?
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Just let nature take its course
Dont worry anon. If i was as bad of a ridder as you then i would probably also be jealous of how much a guy who only eats plants is better then me.
I don't know who that is but I like his shirt.

File: IMG_20160626_234732.jpg (634 KB, 1456x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Had more car sticker rolls so crafted a pepe for the naked part.
Comment and rate
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2/10 looks like a moustached aviator
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well memed.jpg
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Grow up

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What bike is this exactly?

It doesn't have the original seat or handlebars but I got it for free. It's a Peugeot but I don't know anything about it beyond that fact.
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Looks like a sweet piece of ride.
the fork is bent. we take photos from the other side round these parts
It's a low end Peugeot bike.

Hello everyone, because I am a moron I am somewhat reluctantly contemplating buying a name-brand used carbon fiber road bike from eBay: I have enough money to buy a fairly upscale road bike (though not enough to buy one brand new, and Craigslist has proven fruitless for my area), however the dangers present with buying a used carbon fiber bike without a prior in-person inspection (and relying solely on images and the vendor's word) presents obvious and glaring problems.

Does anyone here have experience with doing this? Good and bad stories? Additionally, what should...
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Could you try translating that into something readable by removing all the grandiloquent language?
>/n/ - Retards
You'll get two kinds of responses and neither useful:
>It's fine, crabbon is goat, here's a video of potheads dropping weights on a mountain bike
>You'll die, used crabbon is assploded, here's a picture of a roadie looking surprised as his bars shatter for no reason

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I saw the /sons of Neptune/ thread lately and found it quite inspiring, even though I haven't been much into boats and sailing before. So I'm a total beginner atm. Probably going to make more money than average in the next ten years and not planning on a family life any time soon so I though I might as well keep on traveling and get a sailboat to sail it around the world after saving a bit of money.

How much money do you think a good boat for that might cost?

What licenses might be needed? I heard just sailing doesn't require a license, but the radio...
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File: hylas-3-740[1].jpg (147 KB, 740x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sail around the world
>How much will a good boat cost

This is REALLY hard to answer, there are a number of questions you will have to ask yourself and factor in. What are your demands, for example, on things like speed, comfort, size and so on.

Will you be sailing alone or bringing a crew? If you're bringing a crew you'll need to pay more initially for a bigger boat, but you'll probably be able to find people willing to split...
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File: 8433049_orig.jpg (346 KB, 1066x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well regarding comfort and size I'm not too picky. I went from hiking to bike travelling and now this is my next plan, I think I can get along with a relatively small boat. I'd like to travel long distances (e.g. the whole world) so it should still be able to do cross an ocean from time to time.
Also I'd like to travel alone with the option of taking someone else with me from time to time so it would need to easy enough to handle for one person alone.

Hopping from port to port is less my intention than to ge to places away from civilisationsand spending...
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I understand.

I'm a multihull kinda guy, but with that said I'll share some of my experience/information with you. Take it with a pinch of salt, these are my opinions and experiences, and the "facts" that I've been able to source from various online forums, fellow boat owners and crewmen.

It doesn't really matter how big the boat is, if it's set up correctly then it can be single-handed. Conversely, a 30-footer can be impossible to single-hand if the right equipment isn't on board.
I'm talking about stuff like bow thrusters, self-tacking jibs, self-tailing winches, autopilots, halyards and reef lines being lead into the cockpit and so on.
So the trick is to find a boat within your price-range that has all of these things, or can be equipped with all of these things after you purchase it.

With that said I will give you a few pointers to boats that continuously pop up in these discussions, and I'll tell you my personal opinion of them.

For starters I'd want a boat above 30 feet for crossing oceans and living aboard. Not only will it be faster and more comfortable, but safer as well.
I know there are several Island Packet boats that are held in high regard among "live-aboarders", both solo and couples.
From what I can gather (I have no personal experience with these as they don't appeal to me), they are well-built boats with great sea-keeping abilities.

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I've been looking for an alternate source of exercise and I liked riding my mountain bike as a kid through the woods until some shit stick stole it. Anyways, I've been looking into getting into mountain biking. I know it's expensive but so are a lot of things, I can work on it over time. Anyone have any advise or experience with mountain biking and what some suggestions on bikes/gear would be?

I'm not sure if it makes a difference for the bike itself but I'm 6'4 240lb.

Thanks guys
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old ten speed, op
File: yamers.jpg (499 KB, 1709x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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getbike,, ride.
,blah, blah,, corect fit, color,,schwalb prostitute tires., also, BBG.
,but, now thatyour HERE!, local CL and inseam.
,,but, mostly, GETBIKE!, thislow board soill wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I genuinely and legitimately don't understand a thing you say or what the joke is (if there is one) behind the way you post.

File: IMG_20160608_090557780.jpg (533 KB, 2267x1276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bikes are for faggots. If you showed up at my job on a bike, you'd be laughed off the dock. But then agin, I have a big boy job, not a little bitch sit in a cubicle job.
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>I never finished school: the post
>implying manual labour is better than a desk job
I hope you get locked in a shipping container full of chinese dildos and shipped to eastern europe.

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